Latest Update on PSN Outage

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While we are investigating the cause of the Network outage, we wanted to alert you that it may be a full day or two before we’re able to get the service completely back up and running. Thank you very much for your patience while we work to resolve this matter. Please stay tuned to this space for more details, and we’ll update you again as soon as we can.

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  • Oh boy, thats not sounding good. I just bought a PSN card to get a few of the down loadable games. Great thing is I have way to many single player games to catch up on. Thanks for the heads up but getit working asap please and thank you.

  • sony needs to get some hackers to hack the hackers

  • just got mortal kombat yesterday too.

  • Oh no! Now I will have to go outside and talk to real people. The horror of it, unimaginable!

    good luck getting systems back up. been there, don’t envy you whatever the cause.

  • If I start the Portal 2 campaign right now will I be able to sync my achievements to Steam once the PSN is back up or do they only unlock on Steam if I am signed in to PSN?

  • Playing some of my “UNFINISHED” games LOL

    Motor Storm:PR
    Final Fantasy XIII
    Mirrors Edge (Still In shrink wrap ^,^)
    Fall Out 3

    Take your time SONY…I always have something to play on my PS3

  • PS3: It only does outages.

    For all those posting ‘FML’, ‘Kill Anonymous!’, ‘Easter is ruined!’ etc. etc… you could always, y’know, go outside/get a girlfriend/read a book or something. It’s just a bloody games console. :)

  • Fail – perfect timing. Out of Sony’s control I guess, I just hope this gets resolved soon.

  • While it sucks that psn is down cause I can’t watch my mlb tv on it,I’m not worried about it . Tons and tons of games to play anyway . Most of which I haven’t finished the offline portion of .

  • Hey Sony,
    bet you wish you’d left the OtherOS function alone now, right?

  • People…QUIT YOUR CRYING. For the love of Christ you WILL survive. Find something better to do with your lives besides complain about not being able to live online for a day or two. SMH PSCommunity

  • Just occurred to me though, if this is the result of a DDOS attack or hacking, those responsible (and Anonymous has said it’s not them) are probably doing Sony a favor.
    I mean, PSN runs at a loss – despite overpriced DLC and other microtransactions – so the longer it remains down, the less bandwidth is consumed and, thus, it’s actually saving Sony money.
    Hackers might be smart with computers, but I don’t think this has been fully thought through.

  • on Anonymous IRC, it states…

    “#OpSony (webchat)
    Submitting credit card details will allow you to use PSN again”

    LOL…like anyone will hand over their credit card info to a hacktavist group…lol..

    it may just be a faction of Anon doing this, or it could just be a power failure in japan…lol…who knows…

  • I wonder if Anonymous decided to attack the Qriocity Network(used by Bravia TVs and Sony Blu-Ray players) but not the PSN. The problem is that since April 1st, the two networks were entirely merged but no one in the group knew this. So… the IDIOTS attacked the Qriocity network only to find that the PSN went down with it. OOPS… I wonder why they have been silent…

  • Aww, and I wanna update my trophies! :P
    Maybe the overall server overloaded because so many great online games just came out, and too many people are playing at the same time?

  • Well, at least I have a good/acceptable reason to bring Eyepet back out. Haven’t played it since Christmas, and was meaning to get back to it.

  • Hope all this rumors are fake and hope they dont mess with my credit card info…

  • Maybe its that crappy Cinavia software you put on the Bluray player. I though it could play everything?


  • I wish Sony would admit wat the REAL problem is instead of saying its just maintenance, rite now alot of ppl are assuming its hackers which is most likely the issue. I just wish they would give us an up front answer to this

  • the hackers are poor person and are crap in the video games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Here’s the problem when people informs the truth about anything and i mean anything. It causes a riot and also chaos. If anyone informs anything about whats going on. then it only takes one person to take that truth and STRETCH it out. Making a really big issue. so in this case you don’t really want to say what the situation is due to that reason. yes it would be nice but you really don’t want to worry the fans now would you? and besides it gets these people on there toes and you hear the most interesting assumptions.

  • Jesus! So many messages, lets get real though people. This is Sony, do you think their going to admit “hey, PSCommunity, we got hacked again”? No, they’re gonna try and cover up as much as possible. I can’t believe this is seriously gonna take a full day(or two). I wanted to play some Socom 4, Killzone 3 or MK online, but I guess I’ll just play EyePet, and try to platinum it.

  • Madness! If this is because of the hackers, then they are to never be trusted. After they stated that they will not attack PSN and leave us gamers alone, this would be a display of a lack of trust. If they want to prove a point, leave us out of it. Jackasses.

  • At least you guys are aware of the issue. hopefully we dont have to wait too long, but ya im getting an error too. i tried to long in today (my day off) and it keeps giving me the same error. again i hope you guys are able to slove the problem.

  • I think a lot of people are forgetting that their games have SP :/

  • So why can I comment here but not login to psn on my ps3? also, Im very very close to tracking down a few of that BS KIddie group the A Name or Nots, anons. Bloody fools, alot of other hackers play video games, this just gives me more time to research who the main people are. I already have what may be one of the main starters of the group. And there will be attacks against them. Come on hackers who love their games and PSN, lets attack them right back at their precious and likewise FREE network IRC . Lets ddos the carp outta IRC. I know I will.

  • If the hackers mess with credit card info then they can easily be charged. i hope they get sued anyways. bunch of jackass’s. if you dont like sony than buy the other box don’t ruin gaming for other people

  • I’m bored and I want to play DH:A, but need co-op help to get past some of these *@&*##_&@ bosses. :D

    Least it’s nice and sunny out today. After 40 minutes of my eyes adjusting to sunlight, it was fantastic. :p

  • just allow me to gain access to netflix

  • Unfortunate…. Portal 2, Socom 4, and Portal 2 online are a huge deal to me this week. Oh well, at least Netflix works.

  • **** it is probably the hackers. They’re so stupid. I was having a heart attack thinking I lost my account or it was hacked

  • I didn’t know what happened because I was in Hawaii for 2 weeks. The stars mean agitation

  • Okay we’ll least i know im not the only one.. the past couple of days i would sign online. and it wouldnt let me on PSN. Then i would try again and it would work. but ever since yesterday it wont let me on at all. So hopefully they are fxing this problem..

  • Hm oh well just get it back up as soon as you can. Anyways if I were Sony, I would not tell the truth because it always leads to more trouble.

  • Thank god I got Portal 2 and MLB 11 The Show to hold me over, but still c’mon Sony I would love if you guys could keep your act together for a solid month

  • @sid4peeps what do you want SONY give us free games and DLC??? you are crazy and about Playstation Plus, Sony not put you a gun in your head to buy it… you buy the Playstation Plus if you want and of course we pay Playstation Plus for better service and free stuff, if you want free stuff and better service join Playstation Plus and people please stop blaming Playstation Plus.

    Definition of hacker = the hacker is a poor person and is a crap playing video games

    The hackers are crap!!!!

    and finally…

    i want play Socom 4 online!!!!!!!!

  • I don’t play online much atm so I don’t care too much about this, been playing single player mostly nowadays. Hope they fix it soon though because I do like to play me some online every once in awhile.

  • Hope these aren’t those hacker morons.

  • with the lot of games i have it will hardly be noticeable. if this is due to anon attacks they should burn at the stake for this. moron hackers ruin EVERYTHING

  • my friend blackhawk has a bone to pick with you sony. he has no life and all he does is play black ops and he can’t because of the outtage.

  • Is this in any way, shape or form related to the Amazon EC2 outage?

  • and I’m sure SONY PSN+ users will be offered an extension of their benefits due to the lack of services provided. please do something about us who bought into this service with some kind of perk.

  • anonymous…..they are using BLACKMAIL tactics to scare PSN users, Don’t these attacks resemble Terrorism? Time to get the FBI and CIA involved, heck CSIS, The Kremlin and the rest. As for the dude who said hes part of Soviet Security Tech then have at it. I even found the site that anonymous uses to spread news amongst it members. My list of names, websites and i.p. addresses is growing. I intend to catch them myself, even if nobody else is willing to help out.


  • Fortunately for me, I have a lot of campaigns to finish for my offline time. Also the first thing I did on Tuesday was set up my PSN/Steam sync and activate my Portal 2 PC code.

    I’ll probably just finish up my socom 4 campaign and play portal 2 on the pc until this is resolved.

  • Oh my. It’s not going to kill you guys to go outside and see the sun, or talk to actual people.

  • 3 words: STOP BEING VAGUE!!!

  • oh come on and i just got spring break

  • Perfect time to catch up with my ever-growing PSP backlog (although I still want to finish Persona 3 Portable a few more times before that).



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