Latest Update on PSN Outage

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While we are investigating the cause of the Network outage, we wanted to alert you that it may be a full day or two before we’re able to get the service completely back up and running. Thank you very much for your patience while we work to resolve this matter. Please stay tuned to this space for more details, and we’ll update you again as soon as we can.

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  • Sony if you need Russian IT security guys from Canada to investigate call me this is a big call

  • Also anyone who signed up for the infamous 2 beta check ur spam mail cause thats where i got my code from

  • Ester weekend is goin to suck completely

  • @52 (Ed243) why did you tell me that..NOOOOOOOOOOOOO LOL I just found the code, had it for 2 days and now the network is down!!!!!!!!!!!!! geeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzz lol i hope they extend it

  • I was really looking forward to playing some Portal 2 co-op, but I guess I’ll just finish up the single player campaign. I guess I could also get the last three trophies I need to get the platinum in inFamous.

    @ UnchainedT

    You can never be prepared for everything, things can and will happen that are out of your control. While many people may be upset that they can’t log on to PSN, just imagine how angry and frustrated the people at Sony are right now.

  • this is killing me Sony your killing me im dying to survive these few days without demons souls multiplayer is such a CRYING SHAME!!!!!!!!!!! make haste oh Sony to rescue us from our miserable REAL LIVES

  • I just got the Infamous 2 Beta code and the network was gone!

  • well i guess i bought an iPod Touch yesterday lol.. thatlleasily gt me through for now…. still waiting for my NGP!

  • WWHHHYYYY!!!!!!!!

  • Everyone calm down a bit. Whynot play some single player games. Anyone who got got MK,portal 2, or socom 4 just play the single campign or pratice in MK and play tose test your games, Their should be some games u guys can play for single player or some splitscreen games. For me I got disgaea 3 to take my time away til PSN gets back workin again.

  • This is what happens when you like Steam and the Playstation Network together. Pretty obvious who’s behind this – GLaDOS .

  • Like = link! Doh! No edit button, Sony???

  • I just hope that when I get to go back online that the deal on Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes for PSN + members is still on. Because I want to buy that game but if it is not on sale any more I will pass on the game. Because why would I want to buy it if it is not on sale anymore.

    So I want to know how will this effect game sale on PSN & PSN+ game sales? Will they be on sale for an extra week because of this. Because I would hate to miss out on some game sales because of the issues with PSN.


  • How bout we all spend some time outside for a change

  • Well, it had to happen sooner r later i guess..fml…it would of been a great day as well

  • Just saying

  • @64 crackxkills only if it were spring. we’re still getting winter in the seattle area.

    gonna spend time on the other console for now…

  • No problem, I just play some single player games and finish up story mode for these games.

  • With the PSN being down, we can’t even sign into our Qriocity accounts. :( If this continues on, I hope they give us paying members complimentary free time for our premium subscriptions. (I’m just hoping for a matching/fair amount of compensation time for the paid service; it’ll make up for the significant downtime.)

  • *gets up off floor and back into chair*

    Sucks yes, but at least we got some information and a general timeframe. Let me say THANK YOU. That’s all we ask for. :) Hopefully if it’s going to be down for a few days, when it comes back up, “we” won’t have to deal with these rolling blackouts from PSN we had for weeks now.

    Guess I’ll keep playing single-player. Just finished COD:BO so hmmm, still feel like shooting….maybe Borderlands…almost Platinum time. :D

  • AWWWWWWWWWWWW comn, I just got my socom 4 game today, i wanted to play online with a few of my friends and ahve a good time today and friday =( I gotta work on the weekened , tonight and tommrow morning are the only times I can play. Im so SADDNED by this outage. GET IT UP NOW!

  • At least NetFlix still works :)

  • Great… some big releases come out and i cant even play them *sigh* well back 2 ME2. Hope they find out wat the problem is.

  • I don’t hink this is related to Anonymous. They said they would not attack the PSN again because they want to harm Sony and not the players.

  • You guys are great. Thanks for the hard work.

  • Just got MK9. C’mon fix this already. THis freaking sucks.

  • The PSN was hacked. Not by Anonymous.

    It was made so that the hackers were adding funds to peoples wallets and allowing games to downloaded for free. Sony took the whole system down themselves, all of their game servers which allowed items to be purchased in order to fix the security hole. Some people will find that when the servers do come back up, they are missing items they purchased, money in the wallet is gone or added etc, just my guesstimation…because 2-3 days down means they need to find the exact time this issue occurred to roll back store transactions.

    Good work Sony, after the threat from Anonymous, didn’t you do a system integrity check to look for these problems? This is what paying for PLUS access gets us?

  • If i see ever see someone bragging about being one of the hackers responsible for this I will hunt him down and kill him myself.

  • Looking at all these comments it goes to show how technology is taking everyone for a storm. It goes to show it take one or two days for a person to lose control over a network that no one knows what the problem is. Theirs other stuff to do until its up and running so find that something else to do and let Sony do there work.

  • Why are you blaming the hacking community? Yes, a group or person may have hacked in to get free stuff, but Sony knows that they are now a target because of the way they run their business and trying to operate a closed source system. Telling us gamers, that we are “renting” the hardware/software from them. They kinda started a war with their fan base and this is what happens. I don’t support either side, but Sony, having made millions/billions off of us, should have invested something in their system security and integrity. Plus, some pay for their service now with a PLUS membership. The hackers, never made this info available, Sony could have fixed the affected accounts live, but, thinking this may be leaked and the info handed out, i’m assuming they panicked and took down their own networks to protect their money maker.


  • Just a guess at to what is happening atm…but coming down for 3 days is a bit much for a ddos attack or even a hack.

  • Uh, hey guys. Many businesses/websites are having server issues, not just Sony. This has nothing to do with “hackers”. Not the first time certain clusters of the internet have bricked and it won’t be the last.

  • oh…maybe it was anonymous…….WHOA…

    did you know this?
    All IPs that viewed the jailbreakPS videos/info from youtube etc and sites that sold this item are being collected by sony?

  • Well i only play pool anymore on home, but dammit i do watch Netflix and expect it when i pay for it. I think when you guys changed your personnel, that a disgruntled worker has exacted revenge. Btw that worker deserved to be replaced and maybe the current ones also.

  • I guess this is why I couldn’t add funds to my account for Arcana Heart 3 last night, huh?

  • This sucks……. btw RANK 16TH IN TAG MACTHCES!!!!!!!!! and i hold a 17 winning streak !

  • Phew…luckily I have a life outside of my PS3. So my weekend of camping and having fun with real people is still approaching full-speed ahead!

  • Well, guess I don’t got much to do now but wait and play offline instead. If it was those hackers…grrrrrrrrr. I just hope it’s perfect by the time the Uncharted 3 beta goes live.

  • @sid4peeps lol U make my brain hurt!! what are U talking about sorry I miss it:)

  • ok, so it seems like Anonymous did make a threat to Sony very recently…at the end of the video they state this…, “Sony, prepare for the biggest attack you have ever witnessed, Anonymous style”

    they are ticked off because Sony was granted access to Geohots paypal accounts and Sony can see who donated money, also, Sony has been granted the data containing the IP addresses of people who watched his videos on youtube, visited his web blog etc…

  • Sorry to bother you again. But I was wondering will my account’s money be safe. I had seventeen dollars & some change in my account. So I hope that will not be lost when PSN comes back online.

  • there is a video out there, which cannot be posted here, and this is what it says at the end of the video…this is a recent video…

    …at the end of the video, “Sony, prepare for the biggest attack you have ever witnessed, Anonymous style”

    google helps…

    hope they get the PSN up soon…if this was anonymous, thats kinda low…do not target us users if you are angry at sony…

  • a Homeling without a Home … ):

  • Just tell us if this is a hack??? Im sick to death of thrse idiots ruining everything.

  • Time to venture outside for the first time since the release of LittleBigPlanet 2…
    ….argghh! The SUN! It burns, it burns!

  • While you guys are it, is there any way to fix the lag that’s going on Black Ops or is Treyarch’s job to do that on their end?

  • Wow, some of you are really misguided as to what you think your Plus memebership gets you. We don’t pay our Plus membership for more reliable network access, we pay for Plus to get lot’s of games and other content at an immense overall discount. Being a paying member has nothing to do with this. We’re all “suffering,” even our non-Plus fellow gamers.

    On topic, if the network HAS to be down, then I kind of hope it is hackers. I think it would be fuel enough for even more of the gaming population to turn against them.

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