Latest Update on PSN Outage

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While we are investigating the cause of the Network outage, we wanted to alert you that it may be a full day or two before we’re able to get the service completely back up and running. Thank you very much for your patience while we work to resolve this matter. Please stay tuned to this space for more details, and we’ll update you again as soon as we can.

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  • I hope it’s not related to those hackers. This has got to stop!

  • A day or two.

    Could not have picked a worse time, lol.

  • Jeebus! A day or two? Hope everything’s resolved by then. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Man and I just got the infamous 2 beta yesterday

  • man, why the madness, sheezus!

  • lol, i really want it back up today hahaha good luck though getting it back up

  • Are you serious–it takes a a day or two?? Talk about timing.

  • WHAT???? MORTAL KOMBAT just came out and now i cant play online. I cant play 80% of my games that have online functions.

    Seriously SNEA, you guys need to be more forthcoming about what is going on, and the steps you are taking to correct the issues.

    Not telling us what is going on and why these things are happening is not a good look.

  • @4

    right i got the inFAMOUS 2 beta too

  • Well, keep plugging away. How about some RPG posts to tide us over while we wait? One day, people will remember that they like other genres. Market will probably crash before that though, on account of shooter-saturation and consumer fatigue.

  • Netflix was still working this morning. Is that still functioning? There have been a couple of times where I couldn’t get into PSN but Netflix worked. Just curious.

  • Btw: The network downtime has something to do with Japan. So says N4G and various twitter posts.

  • this is totally bogus, i want to play DCUO. i just made a new character recently and i need to work on getting them the good gear. if this is related to those hackers they need to stop as this is seriously annoying. someone needs to shut them down

  • Sony should really tell us what the problem is. I think we deserve it.

  • Wondering if it has anything to do with the Steam integration in Portal 2? Everything was working fine on launch day – managed to download my PC copy and everything (not that my non-gaming laptop was able to handle it, of course!) and now the whole network is down.
    People who are blaming Anonymous are probably barking up the wrong tree. The Anon ‘splinter cell’ that was DDOSing PSN stopped doing it a couple of weeks ago when they realized is was undermining their cause due to disgruntled PS3 owners.

  • @4 thanks to you i just check my email and i got the inFAMOUS beta also! HURRY UP psn!! lol

  • a Day or TWO?? Geeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzz…..

  • ohh great

  • I don’t think sony would want to say anything as this would show them being weak to hackers… probably is hackers as they havn’t gave an excuse such as are servers have been crashed due to technical reasons…. If they are saying nothing this mean they are hiding something. please stop asking about what the problem is plllllllzzzzzz

  • Thanks for the update. I’m sure you guys will figure out who/what is responsible and get it fixed ASAP.

  • Hopefully it will be back up by tomorrow morning. I’ve only got a 5 hour window to get fast internet and buy/download FFIV CC, so I’m really hoping that you figure this out soon.

  • “It may be a full day or two?”

    Really? This kind of major meltdown on Easter weekend?
    I’ve had some time of today. I’ve bought Portal 2 and wanted to connect with Steam, I’ve been waiting for hours. I understand that from time to time there will be problems but this is not good if you are ‘investigating’ and don’t know what the issue it. I would prefer a paid for PSN if it means incidences like this did not happen.

    Over 9 hours without comment is not good. Please can you let us know the cause and give us a proper update?

    Thank you

  • @ hogwild333 how do u get all themm cool avatars???

  • -_-Wow I want to play portal co-op!!!

  • Dissapointed.

  • Wow a day or two, thats a bit much…..

    On a second note if has to do with the Hackers. these people need to get a life.

  • DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM a day or two. Dam. well thank you for the update. Please Patrick Seybold you are the only one who tells and gives info on the current situation. I will really appreciate it if you kept us posted on the situation every 8 hours if it’s possible. Pretty Please with sugar on top :). I am serious becuase I serioulsy cannot remember the time that the PSN has been out for this long. Please Patrick reply. thank you very much

  • I just dont understand why people want to wreck other peoples things. whats the purpose.

  • Wow, and right after 3 big releases along with the inFamous 2 beta.

    Very disappointing.

  • Thanks for the updates on the status though.

  • Sony how about you just be honest with the people and tell them the overhaul is due to Mortal Kombat and SOCOM 4. This sucks because I have both games and this is suppose to be a huge week in the gaming world in which you now are killing for us :(

  • Some actual info would be nice, Sony.

  • This is the price of a free service.

  • Is there an Android app that we can get that will send a msgupdate when the PSN is available? I really like having something like that for MMOs when they do maintenance.

    Although, if PSN comes back online and welcomes me with GLaDOS’s voice, i’d be both excited and terrified. Did GLaDOS assume control of PSN and shut it down as an experiment for science? Hope her next experiment won’t be shipping out retail PS3 discs covered in neurotoxin.

    Good luck with the repairs, hope its up soon!

  • OMG I can’t sign into the PSN! I’m so sad, I was gunna play some KZ3 all day today :(

    Hurry up and fix this, Sony!

  • wow, through the lifespan of the ps3 i’ve never heard the psn be down for a full day or two.. considering all the releases this past week and my incredible 10 win streak on king of the hill in Mortal Kombat last night….im depressed, lol but i’ll play Socom 4 single player until then

  • Are you kidding me? A day or two? I pay for PS Plus and play DC Univerise online! and you’re telling me it will be down for a day or two?!?! I don’t care what happened over there, being this unprepared is totally ridiculous

  • Pretty sure this has nothing to do with any sort of hacking and everything to do with Sony just botching something on their end.

  • @ Robotronfiend lets hope not because I have that same dics. lol

  • Ah well, such is life. I’m not nearly up to date as you all are. I’m still trying to get Socom 4, but I still play CODbo, I’m disappointed that I can’t. :(

  • If this is the cost of freedom then where do I pay?

  • Had to be on April Vacation. Like really? I wouldn’t mind if this happened last week but now. If its a hacker ima be pissed off.

  • @41 (XMbeaner) lol somehow i agree

  • well this sucks.

  • Yeah but does this power outage have trophies? If not I want no part of it.

  • Anonymous team you better disappear for ever for what you done idiots this is BIG jail sentence

  • Lol at all the stupid assumptions. . . play some single player for a day or two.

  • Damn you anonymous!! Guess I’ll play single-player then.

  • A day or two, and it’s holyday here =p yeah I got screwed…
    But well…time to offline multiplayer then Xp

  • going to kill myself !!!!!!!!!!! 1or 2 days???

    this sucks…

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