Latest Update on PSN Outage

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While we are investigating the cause of the Network outage, we wanted to alert you that it may be a full day or two before we’re able to get the service completely back up and running. Thank you very much for your patience while we work to resolve this matter. Please stay tuned to this space for more details, and we’ll update you again as soon as we can.

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  • Please keep us updated, thank you.

  • at least give us a date cuase im going crazy had a clan match in killzone 3 and want to win already

  • + datastorm98632, what do you mean with positions?

  • Dear Sony,
    I am a loyal fan of your products (especially PS3) and I would like to Request that you HIRE Multiple Snipers to Assassinate every person involved with that Anonymous Group who is Boycotting Sony and who is probably causing all this heartache to all your fans. Who is with me!?!? :)

  • WOW Sony needs to hurry up lol just think no operating system and they still get smacked around just give me my online.I need my socom dont buy the gun edition it sucks to touchy use your controller

  • sony stop jerking us

  • Three major releases this week and your network goes down. Shame on you Sony, shame on you.

  • -_- Two day?! A day I could deal with but two? That’s pushing it!

  • + F-L-Y-F-I-S-H I´m agree, sharp shooter it´s a good device but it really sucks to play with it, I love controller.

  • Flyfish you are wrong on the move controller, if you dont know how todo the simple calibrate and or sensitive settings then shhhhhhh…

  • @Kaizer-Tempest
    I think it’s been down for longer than that. I can’t get into the PS Store since about a week or so now.

    At first, all I got was an error message saying connection was timed out. And starting today, I get this error message with a bunch of numbers.


    With a lot of big releases that come out as well as some DLC stuff, Sony sure picked a great time to have their network shut down.

    I find it ridiculous that Sony doesn’t have like a back up system in case the network goes down. They really need upgrade their hardware & software and make sure that their security system is better and they need to have a back up plan in case something like this happens. Going offline for like 1 or 2 is ok IMO. But when I can’t access it for about a week now, that’s when I start getting angry.

    Maybe I’ll just get a Wii or something.

  • +xxnike629xx I think you don´t have idea how many users are in PNS and a network complexity as like this.

  • Hope all gets fixed soon

  • Objection !

  • ARRRRGH i just got my psn to work now its going to ba an extra one or two days why????????

  • Im a fan of PSN online content and its access being free. It was one of the primary factors in my decision to buy PS3 and fits in with my view of it being wrong to charge extra for such things. Im bummed that its down for the moment and would really like to know why. A part of the picture here (possibly) if I understand things correctly is SONY being hell bent on protecting its copyright interests and those of its partners. While I wholeheartedly disagree with passing laws that ultimately limit users rights and invade users privacy I also disagree with people taking advantage of things and using their skills to take down networks and wreck it for those of us who just wanna play our favorite games for bit. Hackers hack!!! and keep doing it but please don’t use your skills to wreck things for your fellow citizens. Protest laws and watch out for violations of your rights.

  • Oh yeah and this might help too… first get about 120 billion dollars, use it to hire lobbyists and lawyers and take your case to capital hill. Then partner up with lots of wealthy companies and individuals and let senate, congress and your governors know you’re all really peeved. In time you’ll have laws passed that make doing things you don’t want people to do illegal while the corporate world stops their feet in frustrated and powerless protest…. You see, money really can buy happiness and insure your prosperity and growth.
    Like it or not we are all part of a system in which money matters more to the people in our government and corporations than anything or anyone and where too much is never enough. In a word greed.
    Sorry for the sarcastic commentary everyone… it will be interesting to see how this is outage is presented to us.
    Here’s to a speedy return of the mighty PSN. Hopefully no one gets hurt in the process.

  • @+ xxnike629xx if you haven’t been able to access in a week … that’s your connection . everything worked fine for most up till yesterday .

  • Yes … everytime Sony makes a new product a kitten dies .

  • Am I still on here? Sheesh. Time for single player again!

    Just hope all the trophies I’ve earned in the meantime get counted. :D (Flower, after playing it and getting trophy…for long time away, heh….checked list afterwards, and it was only trophy….pfft…hope not but not like I wont play it more, great game!)

  • I bought plus for a service that is worth 50 bucks per year. The content is great but the only reasons I am happy with plus are automatic downloading and cloud saving. I hated booting up a game only to wait for a huge update before I could play it, and I hated having to spend three hours backing up my entire system every time I made progress in a new game. Now both of those issues have been solved by PS Plus. This inability to utilize a service I pay for is another issue entirely.

  • I hope this outage gets fixed real soon. In the meantime it is kind of great that browser works and Sonys Crackle website is available with tons of free shows and movies. Right now I am watching one of my favorite movies called Snatch.

    PSN: stennex.

  • According to this link, The issue is coming from Japan. I wish them the best at finding a fix and soon as I just got a new HD for my PS3 so I can download more store stuff! :-)

  • Considering a lot of you guys have NO CLUE what “Upgrade your servers” even entails… “A backupsystem” would be buildings full of servers…. that being said…the “network” you are all crying about is FREE. If this was Microcrap’s servers you might have a leg to stand your argument on. But you don’t, so be patient. Trust me.. I just bought one of these new games, and I’m dying to play it too.. But when you boo hoo like the world is ending, people like me just find it comical.

    Good luck Sony getting the system back up.. I’m sure there are a few Tech’s beating their heads into the concrete about now fooling with it..

  • Do you see now why online-only games are a really bad idea?

    Offline single-player will never die, specially with things like this…

  • Why am i here? I should be playing single player!

  • No…No i don’t + SkyNet003 , given that event’s such as these are not common place . and the fact single player has limited replay value … they both have caveats that pretty much justifies the existance of the other .

  • 24hrs ago I was playing SOCOM4 online now Netflix tomorrow yard work if it’s still down saturday LBP2 with the kids

  • wow its still down
    ive just managed to create more awesome stuff in lbp2 xD


  • Ive got a cooler full of beer and i want to own noobs dammit!

  • Oh yea, of course. We play on a free service and ask for money on top of that… lol.

  • Some of you people need to get a grip, seriously. “My life is over because I can’t play Black Ops for a couple of days. I’m gonna assassinate Anonymous. This is the worst thing that’s ever happened in the history of videogames (EA’s PS3 port of The Orange Box nothwithstanding), Baaaawwwwwww!”
    Me? I’m going to read a book and/or make out with my girlfriend until the nightmare is over. :)

  • Reading books is for pussies.

  • this is a post from the Anonymous FB page…
    Status Update
    By Anonymous
    Take a break from online gaming for a while… will help your skills, your health, and your emotional levels, which by the way are a bit out of order if they are being shackled by the PSN being down. We have no qualms about our actions, even though it may affect fellow anonymous or supporters… we hope they understand the bigger picture.

    yet, the #opsony channel on their irc states that they did not take down the psn?

    to me, it seems like Anonymous did in fact do something that not all members were aware of… ???

    who knows…this is getting lame from both Sony and Anonymous…

  • This wont help my skills at all! drinking beer impaired of senses will help me play better. Curse you hackers you have deprived me of precious beer drinking and gaming training!

  • w00t, now I remember what I used to watch at night. Helloooooooooooo Futurama in 15. :)

  • @229 Heh, Anonymous has an FB page? Kinda seems a little out of character :P

  • So be it, 1 or 2 days is nothing, well, gonna play some RDR.

  • Maybe we’ll get lucky and after this whole lovefest or whatever it is, we’ll get an early store update with some uber sales. :)

    lol…i said uber. :D

  • Jeesh it’s not that bad. Two days of offline isn’t going to kill anyone is it? I mean before the PS3 and Xbox360 basically all games were offline so this is a minor set back, it’s not going to take a month to fix just a mere two days. Me, I’m going to finish up some trophies on some games that require single player and other things, this isn’t going to slow me down.

  • To anyone that’s responding on behalf of sony.. yeah we know your cool but you don’t speak on behalf of everybody. We all have a right to complain, so go wave you fan boy flag somewhere else because this is the only place where we can actually give feed back to the company about how we feel about this outage.

    Most of us just want the problem rectified while being heard at the same time. I know I didn’t sit through a huge up date awhile back just to agree to some new terms… when they obviously can’t enforce what they’re preach.

    Its an embarrassment to all sony product owners to be subjected to this…

  • I think people need to just stop and breathe. It’s not the end of the world. If you are this hysterical over this then I’m pondering how, you made it through your lives thus far to be honest. Stop being over emotional and acting like a fool. So, the PlayStation Network (PSN) went down. Was it the notorious “Anonymous” group? Who knows. Anyone who believes those morons have a “FaceBook” page much less commiting crimminal acts of agression in our name and for “us” needs to seriously get some help for themselves.

    Stop jumping on the bandwagons and stop acting like mindless nulls and drones. Be rational and think for a moment. I know for some of you that is something of a challenge. I think you can do, it (maybe.) Grow up people. Life will continue and for the most part while this is an inconvenience you’re normal life will function just fine anyway.

  • Though not having online is too bad..I want to play Assasisn’s Creed Brotherhood online…it’s my most favorte online game since MGO (metal gear online).
    Oh well I can live w/o online for some days. Good thing got Mortal Kombat to play with :D

  • I really don’t think this outage is hacker related. Just days ago, Mortal Kombat, Portal 2, and SOCOM came out along with the new Steam service for portal 2. It’s possible that Sony wasn’t ready for this new flood of online traffic and the server simply broke down. This isn’t unprecedented as it has happened in the past. For example, does anyone remember America Online’s outage circa 1998? That wasn’t hacker related. Basically, my point is that this could, in fact, be hacker related, but there could also be many other explanations for such an outage. Whatever the case may be, once this is fixed, Sony will more than likely lie right through their teeth about what really happened.

  • I can’t even activate my Portal 2 copy. This is crazy, it completely hampers my weekend.

  • @240 (GalaKnight): If I recall, I didn’t have to activate Portal 2 to play it on the PS3. You only have to get online to link it w/ your Steam account (so you can download the game to your PC), if I recall.

  • That’s what I want to do, play it on my PC.

  • FAIL


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