Update on PSN Service Outages

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Update on PSN Service Outages

We’re aware that some of you have been experiencing intermittent service on PSN today. We’re working on finding a solution, and will report back here as soon as it’s resolved.

Thank you for your patience.

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  • i am mad those stupid hacks called Anonymous there miss up my day the other day by attacking sony, i hate hacks, cheaters, ect but both are wrong & need to grow up more. I am big sony fan who loves there PS systems only and see how it had problems like that. I hope there find those’s hacks & there get whats coming to them, Sony i got your back all the way as long as i trust your ways are right. :) I been big sony fan sense my birth and will do anything to help you guys. You feel the same way as me then, hit me up on facebook, skype, twitter, youtube, and on the PS3. I am on half the time of then day gaming online with friends, peace out my sony fans.

  • Anon, though potentially powerful, often misdirects their “efforts” and misses part of the big picture. One of those missing parts appears to be the EULA that one must sign in order to use PSN. For example-

    “You must not access, use, post, stream, transmit or distribute any content or material that you know or should have known to be pirated or which infringes copyright, trade marks or other third party rights, any law or regulation, or contractual or fiduciary duty.”

    They can champion “free flow of information” all they want, but the truth is, it’s just not that simple. Delusions of eloquence won’t change the intent or interests of a multifaceted corporation.

    And then there is the issue of condemning Sony for trying to acquire personal information about those involved with this hacking case, only to turn around and attempt to do the same thing to Sony employees. If Anon wants to make a change, they need to start with their primitive methods.

  • ………. i dont know what to say

  • i feel stupid but good …luck….. to you sony

  • Alright… I’m about tired of this. I understand that “Anonymous” is upset because Sony is targeting hackers, but in all honesty, what did they think was going to happen eventually? Releasing that code was a very bad idea, and while many companies tolerate hackers so things like this don’t happen, someone needed to take a stand and say “no more”. This is what Sony did. They can disguise it as just giving out free information all they want, but the fact is if you are just using your console like a normal person, you don’t need said information.

    Targeting Sony’s PLAYER BASE is a very bad idea, and takes what little sympathy I had for the hackers who were caught in the cross-fire, away. Us players are not the one suing you people, get out of our gaming time.

  • Also… No online connectivity at all unless connected to your PSN account? Lame… Needing to be connected to the PSN to watch Netflix is all kinds of lame.

  • When will it be safe to sign in to PSN via the PS3?

  • i cant take this anymore……yes sony can make people mad sometimes, but LIVE WITH IT!!!!!! please leave us gamers alone!?
    im am all for putting an end to this abonation

  • track and get those hackers with the DDOS attack.. seriously. Arrest them!

  • @ #4:

    Of course Sony is well aware of who’s responsible for the outage. Why would they feed a bunch of idiots who want even more notoriety by publishing their actions or giving them their 15 minutes of fame? Sony is doing the same thing most other companies would do, give us the condensed and edited version of what’s going on without giving the attention-seekers what they want. What company wouldn’t? :)

  • You’re are getting DDOS and you report your getting intermittent service issues and hope to have them resolved soon???

    Dear Sony,

    Let us take the time to learn from our past mistakes here and tell the truth. Your arrogance with the $599 US dollars and customers will take a second job to afford your console, should end here. Tell the customer, which is what we are, the truth. Even if it means eating crow. “We are currently under attack from a group of malicious internet users. We are working hard to find a solution to the attacks, in the mean time service will be intermittent. We apologize for the issues and are working hard 24/7 to resolve the issue.”

    Is this difficult?

    For the record, I read the latest TOS for SNEA, in game advertisements? really? You also added that all lawsuits will be handled in you r own home turf? Nice

  • I welcome hackers to do their own thing, most of the time.

    However – if any of this is a result of the hackers, then they are losing any support they may have had. They are not just attacking Sony – they are attacking the PS3 players.

    Yeah, they’re not out to harm anybody – right?

  • Also, whoever it was that said people don’t pirate things that are “fairly priced” is an idiot. Everything gets pirated – price or not.

  • @Chuckbait
    “It’d be nice if Sony would state what the problem is….”
    They don’t have to state the problem. Look at the responses in this blog post and where people are overwhelmingly placing the blame. They’re reading right off of Sonys script without Sony ever having to directly confirm or deny anything (because if they claim its one thing and people find out it was something else they could be in trouble).

    PlayStation Network Temporary Unscheduled Maintenance – Blog Post October 16th, 2008
    PlayStation Store Status Update – Blog Post March 19th, 2009

    …and other issues unaccounted for on the blog over the years. OMG hackers went back in time and caused these issues!! I bet they even caused the Leap Year bug!

  • Sony you take your time and deal with the situation. What Anonymous is doing is simply childish and pathetic. I have been with you [Sony] since the PS1 and have since owned every console and handheld and have been a loyal customer. I am in no way upset with you about the PSN outtage, moreso the idiots of Anonymous who are doing a lot more harm then good. Sony, you just keep up the good work and keep us updated. That’s all I ask of you.

  • Theres many things being sad as to why PSN is really down and I’m not sure what to believe. Some articles are saying Anonymous is doing this in response to suing Geohotz.

  • I thankfully had no issues , except 5 minutes when I got signed out and couldn’t get immediately back on .

    this ‘ anonymous ‘ group are just a bunch of losers . if they really support a cause and believe in it and think they are in the right why hide ? they hide because they know they are wrong and would have to face consequences of their illegal activities if they didn’t hide their identities .

    free speech is great , free expression great , but causing businesses financial difficulties , supporting piracy and theft and claiming they have a god given right to access and manipulate code for their own personal gain is just WRONG .

    theft is theft and stealing games illegally through jail breaking is no different than breaking into your neighbors home to steal their tv because you are too cheap to buy your own

  • there might be people who would use homebrew on ps3 legitimately , and not to pirate games – but seriously we all know 90% are probably only jail breaking because it allows theft of games – do you ever hear of anyone asking where can I download a ps3 app to help me do research ? or do you see what everyone else does ? people asking ‘ where can I download such and such game free ? ‘

    people don’t pirate games because they’re overpriced , they do it because they feel entitled to free stuff whenever they can scam it and it’s made available to them .

    nobody pirated games for the nes or sega because that wasn’t an option for them like hackers make it today , and we didn’t ask how to pirate games — we just bought fewer games . they were more expensive then too , a $40 game in 1988 was 8 hours pay and a $40 game today is 3-4 hours pay for an average person

  • And yet Sony doesnt admit the truth. Anon attacked your services so you decided to take down the PSN to be safe. Just admit it. Its all over the internet.

  • @DragonRay
    “nobody pirated games for the nes or sega because that wasn’t an option for them”
    That simply isn’t true. There were pirated games those and even the old Atari consoles. A quick web search would prove as much. Yes, even back at the dawn of gaming pirated cartridges (and even arcade machines!) did exist.

    At least with digital piracy we don’t have pirates making money by selling copies as the real deal to people in the know or even not in the know such as myself (I now know there is one pirated GBA game in my collection which I bought used at Gamestop and didn’t know at the time was pirated). Pirates and gigantic corporations making money off of piracy? Disgusting. Hopefully that aspect of piracy is behind us.

  • Took about 30 minutes yesterday to connect. Too many sync errors. Today, so far I cannot connect at all. Did an internet test. My side is fine. PSN is still failing. This is so frustrating. Hackers = losers.

  • These hackers are a bunch of commie radicals.

  • This is because of that Anonymous group defending Hotz, but they are actually affecting the consumers the most. Us gamers!!!!! Not Sony that much. I usually don’t care what Anon does but when they mess with our games, it pisses me off!!!!

  • @54: Oh I agree with you on that. You know I find this odd they attack Sony but not Microsoft and Nintendo which both of them have anti-hacking and anti-mod stance for their console. They’re making a big deal with Geohotz cases. I never supported Anonymous even if they went after Westboro Baptist Church and did help the Tunisian, Egyptian, Iranians for their protests. These group are stupid and hypocritical.

  • As was quoted on several forums yesterday:

    “Why does stuff like “we have the right to” so often come from people who don’t actually produce anything?”

    I hope these incidents only serve to encourage Sony that they are doing the right thing. I certainly doubt the anon cyber attack on the Judge in the Hotz case helped the position of hackers.

  • good to know sony takes care of me and its gamers.

  • I managed to meet up with one of the anon’s hackers in PS Home on the Beach, I goaded them by calling them a noob over and over telling them to prove it to me and then they decided to show me their “Hacking Tools” via game launching. I took pictures of this and that persons psn id is A7X-GIRL-1794 I have pics of Her with some “Fix the permissions of Luan” program in game launching. She said that she is best friends with EgoShot, and that other hacker that the police stormed his house, she then threatened to shut down the psn and to hack my account. Please find this person Sony as maybe their mac address will reveal the true location of these ANON jerkwads. They are all full of themselves and this time it made one of their KEY MEMBERS slip up. I am very net savy and great at social hacking and I plan to shut down IRC forever this week. They wanna mess with 50 million gamers by shutting down the PSN. well they messed up and WE ALL HATE THEM NOW! Throw the book at this B**** and put her in jail with the rest of em.

    She lol’d at me when i said she would get caught but we will see who lol’s the loudest when she is in cuffs……

    These should be considered local acts of terrorism.

  • had issues playing games all day yesterday… D=

    this group of lil anonymous hackers have to get there undies all bundled up in there b**tys andhave to come and ruin game fun times for all of us. =/

    hope SONY fixes this issue with a wave of backhanded carrot peeler slaps to all this people who think there hackers…

    always support SONY thru thick and thin… GO SONY GO!!!! =D

  • this Anon group is all over the news, i really hope they catch these kids and haul them off to prison for the Multiple Felonies they are doing. i see a System Update coming

  • I still don’t understand why hackers are so pissy for the removal of OtherOS when most of them hardly used the feature in the first place, but whatever. OR why so pissy over a “famous” hacker? Instead of trying to make him a seem like a Martyr, support him directly or something? I dunno, but I do understand that people have the right to voice their concerns and their opinions but srsly, hacking PSN?

    Isn’t there are more productive means of voicing your anger? Why not boycott Sony products. How bout demostrating outside sony’s corporate buildings? Media/Press outlets? I dunno, something constructive that doesn’t affect those who don’t “hack”.

    Not only are they pissing off Sony but they’re doing more damage than good. A lot of people couldn’t sign on PSN. I couldn’t even sign on Huluplus to watch my shows cuz I couldn’t log in PSN.

  • I couldn’t sign in at all yesterday

  • I have a new PS3 slim and having the same problem as everyone else about not being able o log in to play-station network. My unit has always been connected via Ethernet cable to the router. I decided to unplug and use wireless connection and all seems to be working fine. Has anyone else tried this and gotten the same results?

  • Mine is wireless. Still cannot connect. It’s so frustrating. I’m seeing others connect just fine as they are sending me multiplayer requests, but I can’t do anything about it.

  • what you really need to do is get new techs. i had to deal with customer support for 5 1/2 hours calling 4 different times before i finally got a hold of someone who knew what they were doing. thankfully he fixed the situation for me. what i don’t get is how inputting a manual connection on my ps3 also fixed the connection problem with my stupid psp go.

  • I do not agree with the ridiculous hacker group at all. They are not going about this the right way.

    People just want to play games!

    But, you’d have to be a blind fool not to understand how much Sony has been angering its loyal userbase. Just look at some of the rage-inducing actions of the past few years:

    – Discontinuing Playstation Rewards
    – Removing Linux option
    – Constant Terms of Service Changes
    – Removal of PS2 Backwards Compatibility
    – Removal of card readers and extra USB ports
    – No significant XMB updates to PS3 or PSP in ages
    – Firmware updates that only include security patches and no new features
    – Total disregard for most wanted features on Playstation.Blog Share

    Give something back Sony! This is coming from someone who waited outside to get his PS3 on November 17, 2006! It’s time to give back and, no, Playstation Plus certainly does not count!

  • oh and one more thing. what right does sony have to say pirating is wrong, last i check LG is taking them to court for stealing blu ray.

  • Let’s be realistic, you don’t have to be a hacker to send DDOS attacks. Hacking requires passion and skill, these people are just brats using other peoples’ scripts.

  • @82 Of your entire list of things that are angering loyal customers, the only one that actually bothered me was the removal of PS2 backward compatibility. I would love for the XMB to be updated, but I also feel that it is fine as it is. As for the other things… Who really cares? Why does any normal person care about the terms of service? I don’t even read them, I just click accept. I don’t intend to alter my console in a sketchy way, nor do I intend to do things online in games I am not supposed to be doing, so it really doesn’t matter to me in the least. Quite honestly, most of us just want to play games. Its the .01% that has to mess with things and try to hack and steal with the console that caused this problem in the first place.

    @83 The law says pirating is wrong. Everyone knows it is. Stealing is flat out wrong, even people who do it are not so arrogant to think they are in the right and should be able to do it.

  • you make great statements but sony won’t just tell us with honest heart, if i was in there place i would not tell all my fans i am being hack or got my web page miss with and we all would the same thing. Because it will shame us and are fans would leave us to join something new gaming company with better gear and system. Even if Sony did tell us i would still be with sony no matter what, i love how there got ps3 to do many things and now NGP better know as PSP2. All of the fans only want one thing, to follow sony great cool systems not just the system but there great idea’s there come up with too. If i am being off sorry i am weird with my words lol

    peace out to all fans :)

  • @ 84, Dude you have no idea what your talking about, True Anon’s are hundreds of thousands deep, all over the globe. Running a script is one thing, spending 4 hours and getting the top 10 people working in sony’s private information leaked across the internet(SS, Home address, Family, history of everything) thats something to be worried about, and theres 3 different groups out there.

    Why not ask yourself what sony has done to angers hundreds of thousands of people worldwide? Half these comments are ignorant and 1 sided, and i partially agree with #82’s comments on how sony is stripping access and priveleges away from people who OWN a product of theirs. Sony’s already stated that we dont OWN the PS3’s we have bought, were under *Lease* now even that pisses me off, otherwise i would have just stuck with PC gaming.

  • looks like anonymous is has continued their attack on psn…

  • Consumer loyalty is hilarious.

  • lol Apparently free speech is a crime. My comment was moderated. Oh well. Enjoy your network sony. The great game brain drain has begun.

  • @18

    You can buy a song for a dollar, less than the price of a 16 oz soda…yet people still steal music online.
    Your logic is flawed. People are not running from stores with free bottles of soda because its hard to get away with it.

    People that pirate do so when they think they can get away with it because they are cheap and greedy with their money, they don’t want to pay for anything they can get for free. They will pirate a $60 game then spend $120 on a pair of sneakers becuase they look cool. It’s all about perception.

    I pay $60 for a game and can get from 40h to well over 100 hours of entertainment from. That’s cheaper than movie tickets with my date and or with kids, cheaper than a nice dinner out, cheaper than the same time I spend watching Satelite TV. Games are not cheap but they are not really overpriced either for the value you can get from them if you spend your money wisley.

    just my .02

  • People pirate music because $.99 a track isn’t a fair price for a product that is veritably infinitely producible with negligible transmission costs.

    The music industry managed an incredible victory when they tricked people into believing that a buck a song was a good value.

  • @Hooligantuan – are you the purveyor of an elegant solution to what you perceive as a problem, or do you simply prefer to deride people who do not make life choices that you deem suitable?

    I like playing games online. I play online games via PSN because it best fits my preferences as an online gamer. When a group of people who claim to champion consumer rights interrupt my rights as a consumer, their claims are negated by their actions. It’s like one man stealing the wheels from a vast group of motorists because he believes the car company has wronged him.

  • @83

    AND SONY WON THE CASE IF YOU DONT REMEMBER. Also it is very dumb to sue Sony for the bluray format considering that Sony, mitsubishi, (and other companies) created the bluray disc format.


  • Hi, I’m Sony. I will sell you a console with features that I can and will remove at the whim because you, the consumer, do not own the product you purchased.

    Sorry for the inconvenience, please continue to give us money. kthxbai~

  • @Hooligantuan

    IMO $0.99 for a song is fairly priced. Look at the price of a candy bar. Same price as a song, but will only last less than a minute, where as the song can be replayed over and over. So not only is it “infinitely producible with negligible transmission costs”, but also infinitely enjoyable with negligible replay cost.

    In regard to your earlier posts, the PS3 console is itself was a deal considering the the original PS3 cost $800+ to produce will the slim still costs $300+ to produce. When all things are considered, games are fairly priced. The money made from a game is used to pay employees, licences, online play at no extra charge. Gran Turismo 5 alone had a $60 million budget to develop the game. The remaining profit can be used to develop new games.

  • Its still an issue. Do something about it that is effective against the PSN outage or hacking or watever.

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