Update on PSN Service Outages

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Update on PSN Service Outages

We’re aware that some of you have been experiencing intermittent service on PSN today. We’re working on finding a solution, and will report back here as soon as it’s resolved.

Thank you for your patience.

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  • Thankfully, I’m not having any problems with PSN or the PlayStation Store. Thanks for the heads up for those that are unfortunately dealing with this. Hope it gets resolved fully soon.

  • I couldn’t sign in a few hours ago, but I checked again about an hour ago and everything seemed fine. Let’s hop this gets fixed soon.

  • I’m one of those…can’t sign into or access my account. Wanted to add some funds before tomorrow’s PS Store update!!

  • That’s the explanation? Well most of us are well aware of what’s really going on and while I don’t agree with it I just hope there is a resolution soon. The hacks won’t seem to cease so hopefully Sony figures out something

  • Thanks for letting us know your working on a solution Patrick. Hope it fixed ASAP!

  • damn so i seen on kotaku that anonymous is attacking the psn i was wondering why i got home from work and couldn’t sign in i had to reset my damn router :(

  • you guys are doing a fair enough job handling the issue, I was only unable to get on for about an hour and a half.

    Ya we don’t really know what is going on or if anon is behind it. One things for sure they’ve (or random person X posing as anon) crossed a line.

  • Ok, i didn’t wanted to play online today, but Netflix… REALLY??? Can’t see any movie if I’m not signed in. That’s unfair.

  • oh thank god i thought there was something wrong with my card, i couldn’t add any cash. somewhat great that its you guys side and not me

  • I am one of them it has been very laggy and it is not my connection and I had a hard time to connect I can’t even access the store right now on media go not sure if can on the ps3 haven’t tired it yet

  • yea when i went to use netflix and VUDU i wouldnt let me, good thing i download the Ford Focus Rally first 5 episodes to watch after my yankees did there thing!!

  • Hope you guess contain and fix the issues with the sites and PSN and deal with the people in this “Anonymous” group. And by that i mean find them and put them behind bars. Go Sony!

  • Maybe it was a bad idea to slap a guy with lawsuit built around a heavy-handed eight questionably legitimate claims, then taking great pains to ensure an inconvenient trial jurisdiction.

    Maybe it was a bad idea to handle OtherOS so shoddily once a niche group found an ultimately reparable vulnerability.

    Maybe a totally free market is a market free to totally exploit the consumer.

    Maybe the downtrodden are truly the architects of change.

  • @12 Yeah, doubt you would be saying that if the money they maybe losing for piracy came out of your pockets.

    Maybe you would be more understanding about the situation.

    Maybe you would see this from Sony’s perspective as opposed to your own.. do you want the PS3 to end up like the PSP?

    Maybe you would figure that piracy is bad any way you put it, everyone loses money.

    Maybe you would read the agreement that you accepted once you created your PSN account.

  • P.S Also, maybe you might want to start using other words than maybe? :)

  • I really hope Sony crushes the hackers that screw with their network earlier.

    GO SONY!!!

  • whats going on with the ps home waterfall terrance its not letting me add furniture on it just wanted to let sony know whats up cuz i can add furniture to my other spaces but not on waterfall terrace

  • @13

    You’re very naive if you think that they do not already pad their product prices to offset imagined losses due to piracy.

    ProTip: People do not pirate things that are fairly priced.

  • All i can say is
    Go Get Them!!!!

    we all now why the PSn had trouble today, is ok.
    You guys deliver a lot of great games and products, keep them coming

  • @17 So, you would want to buy a console for $1000 in order to get cheaper games? they lose money on consoles and MOST of the time, they make it up on games. Not to mention the money that developers are losing.. yea they pad their products in case of piracy? have you seen how many studios have gone bankrupt? You are very ignorant. Really? people pirate things because they aren’t fairly priced? so if you had a meal for $60 or for free which would you pick? even when games were cheaper there was piracy so it isn’t about price.

  • @17 There are games on the iPhone for $1 and people still jailbreak them.

  • Anyway, I hope that this issue is solved quickly.. was having some issues before, but it seems fine now.

  • @Poloruv
    Just try to sign in and let it fail, eventually Netflix accepts that you can’t sign into the PSN after 1 or 2 tries then falls back on its own credential checking to verify your membership. Only reason Netflix wants you to sign on I believe is due to software updating is still done through PSN.

  • The only issue here is that Sony didn’t announced this maintenance period in advance. People saying hackers were the cause are clearly uninformed. I don’t know if anybody here ever played Phantasy Star Universe, but a couple of times after coming back online from maintenance so bugs or errors occured which prevented some servers from being online even though others were. This is what PSN experienced yesterday as seen by the fact that not everybody was locked out of it.

  • I would hate to see what you guys manage to contrive when electricity goes out at home… how bout something as simple as ” something busted and needs fixed “… why always all downtime is attributed to some international conspiracy ???

  • @19

    Nice straw man.

  • A Hacking group calling themselves “Anonymous” are the ones to blame for all of these issues..

  • @Myself
    Man, if I’m making that many typos I really need to go to sleep lol.

    Anyway… in before every future maintenance period that goes unannounced by Sony (for people who are new or have short-term memories: this wasn’t the first time!) is blamed on “hackers”.

    “Playstation websites were also down!” Again I defer to Sega and PSU. There were times when their websites were knocked offline due to errors during scheduled cleanup and whatnot.

    “There was that manifesto!” There are numerous text over image generators on the web, wouldn’t be surprised if there’s one to make manifestos. I or even Sony *gasp* could take all of ten minutes to create one of those in MS Paint. Who wants to paint so-called hackers in a bad light? Sony. Who would be the first to know when one of their routine server cleanups went wrong? Sony.

    There is also the fact that Sony laid off half of SOE (the people that among other things built PSN) just days ago. Laid off employee sabotage is certainly not out of the question here. But hey, why not take the easy route and blame invisible boogiemen!

    Yup. Something as simple as air-conditoner failure in a server room can be a reason to turn then off until it can be replaced.

  • Hope IT gets some sleep we should all thank them for there hard work keeping our pleasure of sitting on our couches and chairs and playing video games and complaining we can’t play a game online.

    Way back when Nintendo and PlayStation and Sega didn’t have online games did we complain we couldn’t go online no.

    My point is go play a offline game for awhile try something new. Draw, paint, write, read a book. Sometimes its good to get away from games for a little bit. Heck even myself if I was unable to go online for awhile due to this I’d catch up on movies.

  • Wow! Not only PlayStation website is messed up up all other PSN log in affiliates as well… I cant log on or see my info anywhere… I hope its a counter safe method and that everything will be fine and back to normal soon… :'(

  • Well, I couldn’t login to PSN for ages last night. Kept getting booted. Then was able to get in after a while. My son was on this morning, so I know it’s working for him. But can’t login to the Playstation Community Forum or their official website. This is the closest I can get to logging in there since yesterday without getting a ‘Server not found’ page; as if I typed the URL for the login page wrong, which is impossible to do from just pressing the link alone.

    Not gonna put the a** in assume and come up with the ‘why’, but thanks in advance to Sony for the fixage when I can login properly.

  • i hope you shut down these hackers for life. go sony!

  • did not try to log in working now but I will in 6hrs (lunch time) but I’m backing Sony all the way. Hackers U mess with my games Real Cool.There are dumb people in this world go figure.

  • I’ll be honest with you. My MLB.tv account is NOT working on my PS3. As someone who JUST bought the season a few days ago, I am very concerned. I am looking forward to hearing of a resolution to this issue.

  • glad to know sony is trying their best to fix the problems that anonymous has cause to sonys sites and psn. i know sony fixed some problems already with logging into this site, cause i couldnt before now i can. i dont think all hackers should be put on the line of fire, cause their are good ones. but the ones like this when they do something that doesn’t effect just not Sony but the whole community of ps3 owners is where i draw the line. i hope sony finds some of them, but no one really has yet i dont think, but if they do press so many charges even get the fbi in evolved and make sure the hackers that cause problems like this get life sentence or bullet through the eyes.

  • Hacking on any sort of video game network should be considered a cultural taboo, atleast if any takes place on matches, etc. I mean cheating on a game offline is one thing and can be fun occasionally, but when it’s somehow acheived on an online game, that’s when the line is drawn…..it just sucks and it ruins it for everybody.

    I know this minor rant is sort of off topic, but it’s late and I felt like voicing some kind of opinion. lol.

  • I would also love it if you could solve Free Realms download issue. I can’t download the game, it downloads like 1MB in an hour – so I stopped it.

    When will this be fixed?

    NOTE: Every other download/multiplayer game works great. I usually get 1MB/sec.

  • please hurry and fix it….i have the need for speed!!!!!!

  • You reap what you sow.

  • This is a prime example of why using Netflix on the PS3 should not require having to sign into the PSN. Unlike Netflix on Xbox requiring Live Gold, it is not tied to anything PSN related so why is it necessary. Before it was integrated into the XMB, and we had to use a disk, it was not required.

  • Anonymous needs to frikn move on. What they are doing now is COMPLETELY HYPOCRITICAL of what they supposedly set out to do. Now through d0vchebaggery they are trying and in some cases succeeding to prevent the PS3 owners whom they said they were looking out for from using their PS3’s online. MAybe its inadvertently but still it is….. THey R LAME… just saying

  • I had issues. If it was due to the Anonymous hacking group, I hope you punk’d their asses for those of us that experienced the down time!

  • It seems every month SONY gets a kicking :-/ (if this is the hackers that is) I fully support SONY and always will;)

  • @ 42 I agree. Sony Supported till the End.

    Message for Hackers: Go hack FailBox360!! LOL!

  • Anonymous head this warning. Some hackers on the right side of the Law will be coming after you Anonymous, and for this valid reason. While you attack company’s like Amazon and Mastercard you didn’t attack the fan base of the company’s before you. With Attacking Sony you have recklessly attacked a fan base of people who also no the way around computers and will take action against you. Be warned Anonymous soon your sites and Youtube pages, twitter accounts and more will fall.

  • Playstation [DELETED] sucks. This has been happening to me for a few a weeks. I couldn’t sign in a few weeks ago, had to create a new account and now I can’t sign on again, for 2 [DELETED] days. I don’t care what the problem is, FIX IT. Shoulda bought XBOX

  • @43, “lol”? you are so funny.

    Anyway, as long as PSN is fully functional later today, I don’t care. It’d be nice if Sony would state what the problem is….

  • LOL for ALL

  • Don’t worry guys! I’m still standing! :P
    Last night I couldn’t sign in at first, but after about an hour I did. I hope this is resolved soon…

  • Is this because of the hackers getting mad at Sony?

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