Update on PSN Service Outages

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Update on PSN Service Outages

We’re aware that some of you have been experiencing intermittent service on PSN today. We’re working on finding a solution, and will report back here as soon as it’s resolved.

Thank you for your patience.

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  • These hackers are a joke. Why don’t they use their talents for the grater good instead?. This isn’t freedom of speech, this is an attack against all of us not just, Sony.

  • Certain people will pirate or steal no matter how reasonably price something is. The sense of entitlement of people is astonishing. Attacking users in a crossfire was one of the worst things they can do. Making all hackers including the good ones shown in a bad light. I hope Sony wins and teaches these people a lesson.

  • So I was just in the chat room anon is using to communicate and it seems they can’t get enough ppl to help attack Sony . I guess the douchbags didn’t realise how serious ps3 fans r.if u want to mess with anon there’s a link in an article about them on n4g that leads to there chat where you can piss them off. I have been . Enjoy

  • The articles something like ps3 gamers spam anon or something close to that

  • Oh, BluRay format is great. We’re fortunate that BluRay won that Format War.

    Without gettint too into it, HD was essentially an unnecessary in-between point in the jump from DVD to BluRay that would have merely delayed BluRay for a number of years of consumers buying a lesser format. It would be like, instead of going from VHS to DVD, we had also had a technological stage where we were sold dual-sided magnetic tape VHS-like machines and videos.

    If you think of BluRay in terms like a record player, the DVD player has a thick, red needle, while the BluRay has a much thinner blue needle. Since the blue needle is so much smaller, the data on the disc can be that much smaller, which means more data can fit on the disc.

    And I’ll honestly always be glad for Sony (et al) succeeding in that format war. Thing is, I’m no more loyal to them than they or any other corporate entity would be loyal to *me*.

  • I couldn’t sign in yesterday or today WTF man, anyway -> I love online gaming so i hope this is resolved.

  • I hope they dont start stealing our wallets if they fail with this stupid attack.
    Sony please arrest them, or maybe make a better security system to avoid these hackers.

  • i quest that you should have listen to Anonymous now i can’t log into my account i want compensation for this

  • I can’t sign in, i wanna get angry birds, whats the deal?

  • can’t sign in with mine or my fiance’s account in Canada. Anonymous wants to stick it to Sony, while also attacking the legit consumer. How sad.

  • I can´t sign in now….it´s the same issue… whats wrong??

  • Can’t sign in again… This absolutely blows.

  • I can’t sign in either. This is just not right. During the day is the only time I have to play. And they have taken that from us. What the heck did we ever do to them?

  • I want to restate that I am not angry at Sony for this, nor do I blame them. This is 100% the fault of Annon and I really hope they are punished for this.

  • waaaaaaggggggggggggghhh 2oth time singning in (well trying to) you know what every body ill play next week see if this problem been resolved during this week im a be on X-BOX 360 if any wants to play well i dont have gold just 4get it

  • error 80710036 how long i gotta be patient for?

  • these guys are bustin my ba***

  • DEAR Chuckbait,

    i have a diffrent error code 80710d36

  • yes, that’s what my error is as well, sorry.. I misread it originally.

  • An error has occurred. You have been signed our of PlayStation Network. (80710D36) doesn’t give me the possible solutions options as it did a couple days ago.

    whats up with that? whats up with that

  • Dear community

    and sony what does the media server do or why i cant acces anythingi could see the thing it say well pc

  • i reeally dont know chuck but my stuff is still downloading soooooooooo.////


  • finally was able to sign on…. after maybe 35 attempts. Now i can DL angry birds. yey e yey



  • What immature brats these hackers are.
    Punish them to the fullest extent if they are behind this.
    People like that should be locked up since they are pathetic and just out to cause trouble.

  • @xmbeamer YUP. But now they are f-ing with the gamers and thats wrong.

  • I was about to make another account, but as along as Sony fixing it Im ok about not playin online for a bit.

  • Yo i hate Hacker!!!!! >:0 why would these hack one of the best conosle like come on STOP JAILBREAKING THE PS3 >:0 i feel soooo sorry for sony

  • Anonymous is powerful they will wage war they will not surrender unless SONY takes them on on their terms. I know about Anonymous they are enforcers they are really good guys they just got a bad boss. I used to work with Anonymous but when they did this they made not just an enemy of me or SONY but a army of hackers that thought of this as a breach of the code and that ahas left them week all SONY needs to do is tell hackers to take on Anonymous on one field and SONY take them on the legal field that will let them put them off-line for good. Though talking with Anonymous will be all it takes to fix this, but for everyone out there that disagrees understand hackers rule the web from behind the scenes and in the open you just don’t know it.

    7|-|3 {0[)3 1$ 7|-|3 14\/\/
    7|-|3 02[)325 2(_)135 2 920″|”3{“|” (_)5

    (The code is the law.
    The order’s rules protect us.)

    ~The words of the f1rst th3 l4st and the wis3

    “It means that Anonymous has broke the code and the orders rules. they have few friends this will pass.”

    ~ f1n4l c0d3 leader

    These are words that were spoken by a hacker who are mad at Anonymous we just need to sit back and let it pass.

  • man i dont know if its the server or the games im playin but it keeps kickin me out in the middle of the game its says its my connection but i checked and its at 100% it first started when i was playin homefront then when i play bad company2 then killzone3 …….idk but sony you guys gotta get your S@&t together or start handing out free stuff!!! if anyone else has this problem still let me know please and if you agree for sum free stuff lol

  • Yeah my connection has been troubled today also but restarting my playstation3 seems to work I wonder if the ps3 slim can’t handle having an open connection for almost the entire day every day lol I don’t realy know I just play alot of LBP2.

    Thanks Sony for the Ps3 and medea molecule for the LBP’ Games :P

  • Has the problem been fully resolved? It does get annoying when I can’t log in!

  • Still major PSN outages. It was down all day yesterday and today is looking the same so far. I was able to connect a few times last night but, it was intermittent and laggy. For the past week my Auto sign-on has been giving DNS errors. Usually, if I manually sign in it works.

    This is getting old!!

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