Free Realms hits PSN today with Voice Chat, Trophies

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Free Realms hits PSN today with Voice Chat, Trophies

Today, as a PS3 gamer, you should ask yourself only one question: where can I race a demolition derby car against my friends, build a fun house for my friends to come play in, battle monsters as a stealthy ninja, own a parrot and talk like a pirate, raise a dragon pet that poops hot coals, and ride a rainbow unicorn off into the sunset?

Starting today, the answer is Free Realms! That’s right, Sony Online Entertainment’s popular online virtual world makes its way to the PlayStation Network today and you can all play it for FREE. Free Realms is the first casual, free-to-play MMO ever to be offered on the PlayStation Network and definitely has something for everyone to play, adventure and experience.

Free Realms PSN: DragonFree Realms PSN: Seaside

Players can take on endless amounts of roles including ninjas, warriors, or wizards, while participating in a variety of activities such as adventuring for treasure, playing a soccer game, decorating their player house, or even entering a demolition derby! If you are seeking a totally different challenge, you can participate in minigames and quests that include decorating your player house, constructing a maze, or exploring the terrain on the back of a cool T-Rex Ride.

Much like the PC and MAC versions, Free Realms on the PS3 features the fun minigames, robust player housing system, adventure, and exploration that millions of gamers have come to love. The PS3 version adopts the console’s interactive capabilities: You can now use voice chat to communicate with your friends at the coolest dance parties and earn Trophies in combat instances or for completing collections. Be on the lookout for hidden Trophies while you’re at it!

Free Realms PSN: Demo

If I’ve piqued your interest, download Free Realms for free from the PlayStation Store and immediately immerse yourself in a rich fantasy world perfect for sharing with family and friends. Join us and be a part of a whole new online gaming experience for the PlayStation 3 in a world where you rule!

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  • Lookin forward to tryin this & gettin a few trophies, looks like fun, also will it be possible for PC players to play with PS3 players like DC Universe Online?

    • No, Free Realms is not compatible across platforms, so you’ll be playing exclusively with other PS3 players.

  • @ #49 batesyboyboy1

    u gotta wait later today for the PS Store to update

  • Fantastic news! I have been looking forward to this. However, please bring the card game to the PS3. It is my favorite feature of Free Realms on the PC.

  • Lla era tiempo Sony, my typing en español esta rusty, so is my spanglish lol!!! 8P 8)

  • im pretty pissed stayed up last night till 5 am waiting sony i swear if you dont hurry up im freak out but i love you guys for bring freereals to ps3 now plz give me the time it will really be avaible

  • i tryed updating system telllll me whats wrong

  • I’ve decided to give this game a chance. I’ve never played a Freemium MMO before, but the only reason I quit playing subscription based MMO games is because I felt that I wasn’t playing enough to justify the monthly fees.

  • Any membership discount for PlayStation Plus?
    is 4 levels restriction still have trophies support?

    • We’re working on incorporating additional membership benefits for PlayStation Plus. Hopefully, we’ll get those in soon.

      Trophies are not restricted by levels, but you do have to be a member to earn them.

  • when EXACTLY will this be available? unless im blind and just cant find it any where.

  • Anyone know what the download size will be?

  • do you have to have ps3 on for the ps3 store to update also dose anyone know if there having tech problem and why the delay an answer would be appreciated

  • Freerealms!! Yeah!!

  • @ forzanerazzurri, im not sure. the pc version runs off the browser i believe and only downloads around 60mb to your pc.

  • omg i cant find it i have been looking for like an hour now grrr!!!!

  • soo dose the playstation have to be turned of to be updated

  • The store does not update until sometime after 4:30 P.PM PST most of the time.

    Launching without the card game is a true bummer.

  • @54

    It’s nice to see someone practicing their Spanish :)

    You were pretty close, actually: “Ya era hora, Sony.”, with the “Y” instead of the “Ll” would make it a bit more authentic in a a Spanish-speaking country :)

    We use “hora” to refer to a specific point in time (an hour), as in “What time is it?” (¿Qué hora es?) as it’s the direct translation of hour.

    We use “tiempo” to refer to time in a more abstract and general sense.

    Perdón por esta innecesaria (y seguramente arrogante) cátedra. Buena suerte con tu español :)

    Sorry for this unnecessary (and surely arrogant) lecture. Good luck with your Spanish :)

  • lol its 430 no game

  • should my ps3 be turned on or offfff help lol

  • OMG you guys. It’s coming with the PS Store update in a few hours. Be patient.

  • gonna give a test ride,…. :)

  • plz shut up lol ps contacted me boout my french

  • dose the ps store update if your playing a game?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • free realms is free 100% of the way

  • @kingc_2008
    The store updates around 4:30 PST (7:30 EST). In other words, you have a couple more hours of waiting to do. And the Store will update regardless of what you are doing.

    Not exactly. You can level up each job to level 4 without a subscription, to level them any higher you will need a subscription.

  • thank you god somebody anwsers the mfq

  • According to this IGN article , The level cap is 5 for non-subscribers and YOU DO NOT EARN TROPHIES WITH THE FREE CONTENT. This is of course assuming the information here is correct.

    Personally, I hope it’s true. All users of an MMO would want is a bunch of trophy hunters playing just to boost levels and move on. I have never played the game but it seems like they give you plenty of content to decide if it’s worth paying. Also $35 for a lifetime membership is less than buying a new game with most of the time less content.

    The article also comments that although it is kid friendly, it’s not a dumbed-down “kiddie game.” Should be interesting to see exactly what it consists of.

  • @kingc_2008 Chill out, you’ve probably spammed half of this page of comments. A simple google search would’ve found you your answer. Having to look through your comments was just plain annoying.

    But anyways, I’m really glad that we get to play this game. I’ve never played it cos I don’t care for PC gaming, but it did look cute. I may end up getting the lifetime subscription if I like it enough. I just wish we knew if the trophy set involves paying for the subscription to get some of them. Guess I’ll find out in a few hours!

  • @ Thanks!

  • @ fadaching Thanks!

  • Not 100% of the way free, it limit’s your level, items, jobs, etc.

  • “perfect for sharing with family and friends”

    I know this is an MMO so you need to be online to play with other people, but as all of our family live in 1 house can more than 1 person offline play at a time online? If only 1 at a time, well then it would be far from “perfect”. In my families case it would be useless. Seems like a great way though to get my 2 sons knowledgeable about online play. We play alot of LBP2and Castle Crashers together but I haven’t allowed them to go on line yet.

  • As I have been playing Free Realms on my computer for 3 months and stopped playing for those 3 months, I AM HAPPY and I thought that you had to pay for the PS3 version. Is this a HD redefined version of the PC version or is it the same?

  • Does this have a cross platform system where you can play not only PS3 players but PC and Mac players

  • this for everyone esp canada??

  • its is not able to cross platform yet it is still virtually imposible i am just regergutaing what ps has told us

  • How much is it?

  • What about Europe?

  • can’t wait to download it, hurry up and update the store please :)

  • @ 2. You’re the only region with a WKC2/ WKC PSP announcement, so count your blessings :) I know which games I’d rather have (hint: not Free Realms).

  • Its now up. Search free realms. The intial download is 29mb. Update is 804mb. ENJOY!

  • @88 that means the ps store update should be out soon has well

  • wow downloading now :)

  • @89 yes not all of it… but its starting to come out slowly.

  • I love my 50mbps connection

  • lol…. i got 500mb left.

  • im gonna download this today!

  • just started under a min ago and already did about 100megs

  • dang it it slowed down way down now I’m only getting like 500kbps

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