Free Realms hits PSN today with Voice Chat, Trophies

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Free Realms hits PSN today with Voice Chat, Trophies

Today, as a PS3 gamer, you should ask yourself only one question: where can I race a demolition derby car against my friends, build a fun house for my friends to come play in, battle monsters as a stealthy ninja, own a parrot and talk like a pirate, raise a dragon pet that poops hot coals, and ride a rainbow unicorn off into the sunset?

Starting today, the answer is Free Realms! That’s right, Sony Online Entertainment’s popular online virtual world makes its way to the PlayStation Network today and you can all play it for FREE. Free Realms is the first casual, free-to-play MMO ever to be offered on the PlayStation Network and definitely has something for everyone to play, adventure and experience.

Free Realms PSN: DragonFree Realms PSN: Seaside

Players can take on endless amounts of roles including ninjas, warriors, or wizards, while participating in a variety of activities such as adventuring for treasure, playing a soccer game, decorating their player house, or even entering a demolition derby! If you are seeking a totally different challenge, you can participate in minigames and quests that include decorating your player house, constructing a maze, or exploring the terrain on the back of a cool T-Rex Ride.

Much like the PC and MAC versions, Free Realms on the PS3 features the fun minigames, robust player housing system, adventure, and exploration that millions of gamers have come to love. The PS3 version adopts the console’s interactive capabilities: You can now use voice chat to communicate with your friends at the coolest dance parties and earn Trophies in combat instances or for completing collections. Be on the lookout for hidden Trophies while you’re at it!

Free Realms PSN: Demo

If I’ve piqued your interest, download Free Realms for free from the PlayStation Store and immediately immerse yourself in a rich fantasy world perfect for sharing with family and friends. Join us and be a part of a whole new online gaming experience for the PlayStation 3 in a world where you rule!

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  • ya. I started bout 5min-7 ago. now 400 left!

  • 5 mins in and I already downloaded 300 megs of it

  • @rjejr
    Not sure if I understood your question correctly. But there is no ‘offline.’ And you could have multiple family members playing as long as you have multiple PS3s. Doesn’t sound like there will be local MP.

    No cross platform play. Mainly due to the submission/approval process that is required for PS3 updates.

    It is very possible for cross platform play. The problem is as I said above, the submission/approval process. Unless SOE wants to hold back PC/MAC updates a month while each PS3 update is approved then it’ll never happen. Some mobile games actually do this as to not break multiplayer and to allow cross-platform play. Dungeon Defenders: First Wave is one that does this, they hold back Android updates while Apple approves them for iOS. This isn’t too bad in this case as the approval process is only ~1 week for iOS.

  • 300megs left

  • looks really good! cant wait to give it a try.

  • it only took me to about 14mins download the 800mb update

  • it wont launch so it isn’t live yet dang it

  • The update hasn’t even hit here yet.

  • just search for free realms on the ps store to download it

  • Honestly… don’t even listen to kingc_2008. He obviously is a teenager that doesn’t even know how the PSN works.

    “dose the ps store update if your playing a game??”


    Anyway, downloading now.

  • make the servers live already I have it fully downloaded

  • @*Fusion13 To correct my self it’s in the store like @etur0 said just search it. The game will update when you launch it not the ps3.

  • I think i will stick with Playstation Home lol that does look a little two cartoony for me. I will give it a try thou

  • game won’t play for me yet :(

  • @114 I know I finish downloading it about 20 mins ago and it wont let me play

  • Is this what Home should’ve been?

  • this sucks the servers arent up yet

  • I know they should have put up the servers before we could have download it they will probably put it up when they update the ps store

  • thats stupid most companies open the server a week or two before the release

  • Yep. Entire store now updated, it’s just not on the PSN ‘front page’ yet. Free Realms downloading and Comet Crash for + users!

  • guess I’ll just watch netflix

  • sorry that was my lil bro my bad left all my stuff logged in i dont even play kiddie game hahaha my apolgy to anyone who is suffered any mental damge from this dumb ass

  • nvm I’ll download other stuff from the store

  • ^ LOL at Kingc you tool. “that was my brother” sure sure.

  • @kingc_2008, thank you for clarifying. I had a feeling someone younger than usual was commenting.

  • Looks legit to me. Just worried about the download size. My poor 80gb has too much stuff already.

  • lol k its cool
    but i aint not fing tool bro

  • lol I will probably be done with downloading the stuff that I want from the ps store before the servers goes live

  • um i dont think we need two HOME’s…PS HOME is and shouldn’t just implemented FREE REALMS ideas..and save us some hdd memory..but no..they want a HOME version for kids >:/ well atleast it wont be all that will keep all the lil annoying kids off HOME..and thats a good thing IMO :p one more guys say its TOTALLY FREE but somehow the word FEE keeps coming up..WTH :? ooh well it doesnt matter because i wont be spending any of my hard earned cash on this “FREE” REALMS game…ima HOMEBOY for life..:p

  • Is anyone able to log in? I downloaded but keep getting “Could not launch the game.”

  • Ok, I have 3 kids and 2 PS3s.. I use a master account with a sub account for the kid’s PS3. Now how will the membership work if I download to both units?

    Do I need to buy memberships for both consoles?

    Can you make multiple characters using one account?

    Not a big deal either way, but I would like to know for when I start handing out chores to pay for their memberships. :)

  • /Facepalm at the ignorant masses mentioning ‘Home’ in any way.

    Really. I just don’t even see a purpose of even pointing out the obvious.

  • see I’m done downloading stuff from the stuff and it is still not up what gives

  • maybe the servers are broke haha, who knows. i’ll dl and play episode 2 of back to the future and try again in the morning

  • <70 MB left.


  • this sucks i was looking forward to this cuz my comp sucks and i can play free realms on my pc without a crap load of lag

  • Well the background looks good but it is failing to load at the moment. I downloaded from the Store the 29MB installer, then the 804MB “update” and now it comes back with “Could not launch game.” and a large X for RETRY button. It is here that I am stopped from entering the Realms of Free…

  • …and I hit a notice that says “Could not launch game.”

    Well then, guess I’m not playing it now.


  • cant* sorry

  • when will the servers be up

  • idk

  • I got a question??

    lets say i buy one month and after that month i cant get trophies until next subcription or it will keep letin me get it??

  • idk i dont even know if the trophies are subscription only or not

  • hell youd be better off buying a lifetime membership anyways

  • alright :) childish

  • Well AOTS is on, I will try again after that.

  • lol this is how they get u the free game servers only run 5 min a day. to play when u want you need to pay :)

  • that does it I give up on trying to play the game I’ll try later today or tomorrow I was hopping that I would be among the first to play it on the ps3

  • Free trophies! yay ^_^

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