Free Realms hits PSN today with Voice Chat, Trophies

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Free Realms hits PSN today with Voice Chat, Trophies

Today, as a PS3 gamer, you should ask yourself only one question: where can I race a demolition derby car against my friends, build a fun house for my friends to come play in, battle monsters as a stealthy ninja, own a parrot and talk like a pirate, raise a dragon pet that poops hot coals, and ride a rainbow unicorn off into the sunset?

Starting today, the answer is Free Realms! That’s right, Sony Online Entertainment’s popular online virtual world makes its way to the PlayStation Network today and you can all play it for FREE. Free Realms is the first casual, free-to-play MMO ever to be offered on the PlayStation Network and definitely has something for everyone to play, adventure and experience.

Free Realms PSN: DragonFree Realms PSN: Seaside

Players can take on endless amounts of roles including ninjas, warriors, or wizards, while participating in a variety of activities such as adventuring for treasure, playing a soccer game, decorating their player house, or even entering a demolition derby! If you are seeking a totally different challenge, you can participate in minigames and quests that include decorating your player house, constructing a maze, or exploring the terrain on the back of a cool T-Rex Ride.

Much like the PC and MAC versions, Free Realms on the PS3 features the fun minigames, robust player housing system, adventure, and exploration that millions of gamers have come to love. The PS3 version adopts the console’s interactive capabilities: You can now use voice chat to communicate with your friends at the coolest dance parties and earn Trophies in combat instances or for completing collections. Be on the lookout for hidden Trophies while you’re at it!

Free Realms PSN: Demo

If I’ve piqued your interest, download Free Realms for free from the PlayStation Store and immediately immerse yourself in a rich fantasy world perfect for sharing with family and friends. Join us and be a part of a whole new online gaming experience for the PlayStation 3 in a world where you rule!

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  • Cross game chat :(

  • What about Europe? We have our Free Realms beauty too?)

    • Of course. We have love for Europe too. We don’t have a firm date yet, but we’re hoping to get you your Free Realms PS3 fix soon.

  • Stephen,

    Is the trophy listing available yet?

    Are the 46 trophies all available under the free play or is a subscription required to unlock all of the trophies?

    • Hi!

      I don’t believe the listing is available just yet. We’re just waiting on the PlayStation Store update, which should be happening any time now.

      You will need to be a member to earn trophies, so upgrade to a monthly or lifetime subscription and enjoy all the benefits of membership!

  • How big is the download? Does it have huge update downloads in-game?

  • So how many of the game’s trophies will be available to people without subscriptions?

  • Voice chat! Excellent! I was wondering about that but couldnt find any info. Thanks! :D I have been waiting 2 years since I was in the PC beta for it to come to the PS3 lol.

    Now since there are trophies, will it be a full trophy list w/ platinum? And since it is an ever expanding MMO can we expect trophy add-ons later?

    Plus, Any idea of the file size for download? I expect it will be a rather large one.

    • Yes, we’ll have a full set of 46 trophies including a platinum. We don’t have any current plans to expand the set, but I wouldn’t rule out the possibility.

      As for download size…last I checked, it was roughly 3 GB, but the initial download is only 750 MB to get into the game.

    • Correction. 29 MB for the installer and 804 MB for the initial download. Sorry.

  • It’s a little too “disney channel” for me. =/ I wish Sony would release a free to play MMO for more mature audiences.

  • Will the card game be available in the PS3 version?

  • i will try this when i get a new lcd tv since mine was busted a couple of days ago.anyways, these types of games are good if you want to socialize with fellow gamers or dont have anything else to play

  • The answer for the 1st paragraph should have been “Home” since a while. Sadly, i never turned to be.

  • Do you guys know if it will have a spanish translation? :3

  • Cant wait, Just one more thing from sony that I can immerse myself into. My poor son is never going to want to get off the PS3. I will have to bride him to get him off now!

  • When will this be added today?

  • Any news on this arriving anytime soon in the UK And Europe for us across the pond? :)

  • I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time.

  • will try it

  • Try and hook kids on those empty and soulless virtual mmo’s early huh?

  • Cross game chat :(

  • Can’t wait to give it a try – I’ve never played this before.

  • I only have one question. Exactly how much does this FREE to play FREE Realms game cost?

    • Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Zero.

      You can download the game and play for free. The membership upgrade is optional, starting a $4.99 per month. Membership grants you unlimited access to all jobs, as well as premium content such as housing, trophies, exclusive items, and monthly members rewards.

  • Gump_ ,

    Shut up and go back to your RRoDbox and its Eye Toy ripoff.

  • @Zarxce, it will be free with to play as long as you want, with limits, or you can pay for month, months, or life time membership with no limitations.

  • cant find how to download game. any suggestions…

  • yes how does this go for playstationEU ?

  • I’ll give it a try but I think I just might stay with Home or Second Life. And @PaulyCox, do you mean you can’t find the download? The store hasn’t updated yet.

  • They posted $4.99 per month or $34.99 for lifetime but that there would also be three and six month offers.

    • Correct. The monthly membership option is $4.99 and it’s $34.99 for lifetime. There are also 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month terms as well for $12.99, $24.49, and $29.99, respectively.

  • Will the trading card game be incorporated with the psn FR as well?

  • @AddisonW whats with the hostility? I think everybody would love Xgame voicechat. As an owner of all 3 systems (ps3/wii/360) I can tell you that the Kinect cam is no eyetoy ripoff. It is legit. Just cool down a bit.

  • It looks way to disney just like the previous comment mentioned. MMOs are my thing anyway…

  • Voice chat? Ew. Will there be keyboard text chatting as well?

  • I tried out the PC version, its kinda “meh” but for free it can’t hurt to try right? Pretty smart on Sonys part to include trophy-support. Most of the traffic will be caused by us trophy-gatherers…assuming we can get the trophies without any sort of subscription payment.

  • i already have too many games to play and not enough time to play them and you put free stuff in my lap, what am i to do?

  • Looks fun. But i may just play for an hour and move on. I like endings.

  • I swear this cross game chat stuff is getting really annoying… Can’t it be considered as spam as it has NOTHING to do with these posts…? Just another feature people so desperately need but will almost never use.

  • Hey, free is free! Thanks SOE & SCEA! Hope I won’t have to clear up my hard drive too much, though. Running low as it is!

  • Will this release in Europe too? Just say yes or no if you are even thinking about releasing it for us too.

  • Cool, will download as soon as I get home! Not a MMO player (shooters FTW!) but I’ll download anything that’s free from the PSN haha.

  • Looking forward to free trophies… ha.

  • is it FREE?

    trophies unlock only in paid? or both?

  • trophies are available to whom ever download. Will th ere be subscription only trophies? we shall wait and see. Its also been confirmed it does have a plat!

  • Not free.

  • waaaay to child like, but free.. I like free, and trophies :D

  • it is free. Read the post….

  • Nice!!! 8)

  • Nice me and my family have been waiting sometime for this. Now if the store will update to show this on it it would be nice.

  • Yay! I want to try this but I think it’s gonna be huge.

  • Cant use my already PURCHASED account from PC on here? Nope sorry not again. You can bury this thing for all i care now. Which is a shame.

  • Does this game have an underwater area where your character can explore & look for sunken treasure or befriend dolphins, manatess, etc?

    If not, then please seriously consider including an underwater area in a future update.

    • There’s no underwater area in the game currently, but that does sound like a great idea for a future update.

  • I’ve been searching all over the internet and i can’t seem to find out how to dowload, and I’ve checked the playstation store and its not there!!! if anyone knows can they tell how, and if it is in PS store can u explain where???

  • cant wait hopefully this will replace home because after it opened to the public i had lost intersest

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