SOCOM 4 PlayStation Plus Beta is Live, Play Schedule for 3/22 to 3/28

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SOCOM 4 PlayStation Plus Beta is Live, Play Schedule for 3/22 to 3/28

SOCOM 4: Bomb Squad

Our first week of private beta testing for SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs has been incredibly helpful. Though the participants were limited to the “invite only” crowd, their feedback has been phenomenal — with tens of thousands of posts filled with opinions, suggestions, comments and more pouring into our beta forum.

Starting today, it’s time for PlayStation Plus members to get their turn as they join the existing testers for the next phase of our pre-release examination. Though similar to last week’s schedule, this week’s agenda is a bit different. Here’s what game types you can expect to see starting today:

· Tuesday (3/22) – Suppression, Classic Suppression, Scrum (Custom), Community Day Classic (Custom)

· Wednesday (3/23) – Uplink, Classic Uplink, Suppression, Classic Suppression

· Thursday (3/24) – Last Defense, Classic Last Defense, Uplink, Classic Uplink

· Friday (3/25)Bomb Squad, Classic Bomb Squad, Last Defense, Classic Last Defense

· Saturday (3/26) – Sniper Alley (Custom), Last Defense Run ‘n Gun (Custom), Bomb Squad, Classic Bomb Squad

· Sunday (3/27) – Scrum (Custom), Community Day Classic (Custom), Sniper Alley (Custom), Last Defense Run ‘n Gun (Custom)

· Monday (3/28) – Suppression, Classic Suppression, Scrum (Custom), Community Day Classic (Custom)

SOCOM 4: Bomb SquadSocom 4 Screen 5

If you missed last week’s post, the multiplayer beta includes two maps, Port Authority and Assault & Battery, and offers a variety of built-in game-types and custom game-types:

Suppression: The SOCOM take on team deathmatch.

Last Defense: Capture controls points, discover the enemy base and destroy it.

Uplink: Steal enemy data and deliver it to your base.

Bomb Squad: Defend your bomb technician while he disarms enemy explosives.

Sniper Alley (Custom): An 8 vs. 8 version of Classic Suppression with higher damage. Weapons are limited to sniper rifles, shotguns, smoke grenades and poison gas.

Last Defense Run ‘n Gun (Custom): Faster movement speed and reduced damage are applied to 16 vs. 16 Last Defense with weapons restricted to only shotguns and SMGs.

Scrum (Custom): Suppression is given rule tweaks of no respawn, faster movement and higher damage, while sniper rifles, frag grenades, concussion grenades and poison gas are disallowed.

Community Day Classic (Custom): A medley featuring Classic versions of all four game types (Suppression, Last Defense, Uplink and Bomb Squad) with increased speed and weapon restrictions placed on ranged explosives. Each game type is played over 11 five-minute rounds.

All built-in game-types (re: not “Custom”) will be playable in both the Standard and Classic variations. Standard mode closely mimics the single-player experience, while Classic harkens back to older SOCOM titles with increased movement speeds, round-based play, no player respawns and the lack of health regeneration. Our Custom types mix and match a number of game settings, delivering fresh takes on our core rule sets.

As before, after you’ve had a chance to play the beta, we’d love to hear your feedback! Once you’ve downloaded the beta and played a complete match, you’ll then gain access to our private beta forums on where you can share your stories with other players and leave us your feedback. SOCOM has always been a very player-driven franchise and your opinions are very important to us, so please let us know what you think! We’ll see you again next week on the SOCOM blog with an updated schedule, or you can keep updated on our latest agenda through our in-game news feed.

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7 Author Replies

  • I agree John but it’s just not the same

  • Just an FYI, anyone with the march issue of qore can download the socom beta now.

  • Once again SCEE customers get shafted. I should of got a SCEA Playstation Plus account as we just get treated like crap across the pond. The 22nd was when we were told all Playstation Plus members could play the beta and I should of known from experience that SCEE couldn’t deliver on that.

  • High damage weapons kinda suck. It’s CoD’s biggest weakness.

  • So here’s a question. Those who bought Killzone 3 and received a beta code with it, when do we get to use our beta codes to get access to the Socom 4 beta?????

  • looks like i will be up all night tonight ^_^.

  • I have to wait another week to use my code that came with Killzone 3. :( Hows the beta anyone who is playing it?

  • i am really proud to be a PSN Plus member!

  • When can we expect a patch for the beta? The servers seem to be struggling to handle the large amount of PS+ players today.

  • Love the new stuff on it. Hope they bring back Demolition

  • wow… can’t wait.. when I saw it was less than 500mb.. I was ready to play… but later an update.. less than 35mb.. but now… downloading a big update and I’m watching tv.. :( I really can’t wait… lol… :P I really hope it works… I’m still unconfortable about past week demo of crysis 2 mp

  • I’d love to give feedback, I’ve run into some glitches and have suggestions, but I can’t sign into the SOCOM forums. ;_;

  • i ended up downloading the beta instead of waiting til tonight when i slept, now im at 78% so it paid off to do it early! ill be apart of the fun within the hour! currently shopping for a 3D TV while i wait : )

  • Screw this game all because of the wait and cause of the silence of when the beta was going to be up and running to find out my code from KZ3 still didn’t work even after the release of it to PS Plus subscribers that never bought KZ3. My money goes to Mortal Kombat on the 19th and nothing else

  • I’m already paying for DCUO monthly which is a great investment and plus is just asking for too much.

  • @62: Um…the KZ3 vouchers don’t work until the 29th.

  • played for 10 minutes then deleted it, i tried it before on the ps2 but i didn’t like it, too much campers, some glitches, and the respawn delay when you join a game, come on, its team deathmatch not search and destroy from cod (crap of shooters). you could atleast put people in diffrent lobies that hasnt started or atleast a limit of people to kill in team deathmatch like in most shooters. btw the move controls are horrible and i died 1 minute after i spawn

  • Downloaded. I hope it is good. or great will do.

  • Darn! I am a veteran from Socom 1 but I a not a PS Plus member and I was not invited to the beta!

  • Dammit it has 1.5GB of update after installing the damn beta. BS. Cancel out.

  • I am still waiting for the updates. The game was pretty quick. The 1.01 update was fast. But timing out the first few percentage points suggests about 90 minutes for the in-game update.
    Not Happy!

  • Played the beta and it reminds me of call of duty just with 3rd person view.I’ll be skipping this game which is sad as I was intending to buy the edition that came with the sharpshooter and move accessories.

  • Played it at my buddy’s house, it definitly is missin the lean on the d-pad and the regeneration health gotta go! We need realistic games! Not COD again! Stop copping cod and stick to the script! The origanal makers of socom my be laughing at this.. Come dude work out some more mods before release. It’s ok but needs drastic help. Stay away from idea of the last socom start off fresh minded old school mixed with new school is always cool!

  • wheres the friggin beta for us in the uk knew it was too good to be true

  • the game play is tight!!

  • Very nice! finally being a ps+ member i finally got into a beta (hopefully more to come with that since i wasnt in the past betas….)

    but yes very nice. i played about 2-3 games today and it seems very nice. i just suck at the game lol. anyway keep up the good work. this may be a buy for me.

  • when you start the game there is always a massive update. it was the same with mag. playstation plus owners have automatic download for updates will that include the update when you boot the game? (its 1561 mb)

  • it’s awesome that you guys over at zipper are making sony exclusives. please show some love for the NGP when it launches. playstation forever!!(-: i have a xbox 360 but it’s unplugged all the time because i’m always on my ps3 and psp… that says something about which console is the most attractive option, doesn’t it?

  • Played this with sharpshooter and in 3d and holly effin crap!!!! Better than Killzone. This game is absolutely georgeous and 3d is best by any ps3 game by far !!!!!!!!!!

  • Well, I’ve been playing the beta since day1 and I still can’t access you’re beta forum. You guys still didn’t fixed it…

  • the code that came with my killzone3 never worked

  • when is de Beta for Europe coming ?

  • is this just for usa or will it be out for eu playstation plus subscribers? looked today nothing so far

  • what time is the post for EU? been waiting all morning

  • Downloaded the 400+mb, then a 43mb update, after that came a 1.5gb update? WTF!
    On top of that I have to download it from the servers and it’s taking a lot of time. 4 hours and still at 53%.
    You didn’t learn from the MAG beta Zibber.

  • @81 the beta start next week for killzone 3 purchase, read up it was already posted

  • the beta is everything i thought it was when i played it @sxsw. im sold : ) it feels so M.A.G.G.Y. in a good way tho. i love M.A.G. LVL 46 SVER FTW!

  • @85 QUIT CRYING BOO HOO. its a big file because the game is gorgeous to look at and there’s no issues with this beta at all, no lag, no disconnect, so appreciate how far Zipper has come. you should be thankful they’re even giving you an opportunity to play it before release. if it was up to me, i’d take it away from you.


  • @79 I agree it looks good in 3D, but ill wait til i play Killzone 3D first before i say this one is better.

  • Sorry but these updates feel like punishments more than a privilege. : (
    Mag did the same thing in beta :( but a lot worse just kinda wished you fixed
    this zipper.

    Still tho don’t let the updating sway you from these awesome games people just voice my thoughts to PS blog!

  • Mann I understand COD sold 13.8 million copies and Zipper wants to get into that money but they put us hardcore Socom fans on backburner really does respawn make it into standard mode and classic is for Socom fans..y isn’t classic the standard mode and respawn secondary?? Your selling us out because of money and its not right..we’ve stuck by Zipper for 7 years now and they treat their community like pawns..I hate fps and Socom is for me but its wrong how us fans who have stuck by you for so long and u hand us the real Socom experience on the backburner..and respawn is Standard lol what a joke

  • Have to agree, Zipper is totally in love with CoD fans with this version of SOCOM. In a nutshell if your a CoD fan or enjoyed MAG SOCOM 4 is for you. If your a fan of tactical combat like in previous SOCOM’s then you might as well save your money. Just my opinion..

  • Socom Dies 04/19/2011 it will never be the Real Socom Experience it once was..Thanks for ruining my favorite game of all time Zipper..Thanks..

  • Well…Well…Well, I am totally disappointed at what Zipper has done with the best shooter I have ever played. I have been playing Socom since day one. It is a gong joke within my clan and online friends; that we called it SOCRACK. Well Zipper has ruined that completely. This is not a Socom game!!! It is those other shooters I have been playing to calm my itch for the Socom. I purchased the Socom 4 Full deployment Edition, and I am really feeling I have wasted $140 bucks!!!! I played this Beta for about an hour last night, and I am totally disappointed at what has happen to this game.

  • i have finished playing killzone with the sharp shooter and now i cant wait to try this when i get home. PLaystation Plus is really paying me to play these early betas. Thanks Sony!

  • Please put in the grenade arc. It’s so difficult to get these campers out cause they either go too high or too low. Second is the cam, it needs to be pulled back. Also the sharpshooter controls need some tweaking, it needs to be a bit more fluid like in killzone

  • man all you guys that complain about DL large files should really get out and do something while its downloading. I DL yesterday morning and got to play it that evening. i have never been into the socom games but ive played this one and ill be pre ordering it.

  • I just became a PS+ member a couple weeks ago and getting this beta was awesome…

    Anyways, I love SOCOM from back in the day but when i played confrontation i was really dissappointed.

    Last night i tried the beta and I was happy with it for the most part. I’m still learning the controls but from my first 10 game i like the controls and look of things. I enjoyed playing the mode where once you die you are out for me i like that mode as it gives me some time to rest between matches.

    I will try the beta again tonight…maybe give the move/nav a try also.

  • This is why im not playing the beta right now. Apparently I suck at removing a sticker from the beta voucher that came with my Helghast Edition. *sad day

  • downloaded the beta, im loving it so far, cant wait for the other modes to play during this week, i got bored with crysis2 real fast, idk its just me, something about crysis2 isnt……what i thought it would be…cant wait for socom4, the beta will keep entertained, THANKS SONY, THANKS ZIPPER INTERACTIVE kudos

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