SOCOM 4 PlayStation Plus Beta is Live, Play Schedule for 3/22 to 3/28

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SOCOM 4 PlayStation Plus Beta is Live, Play Schedule for 3/22 to 3/28

SOCOM 4: Bomb Squad

Our first week of private beta testing for SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs has been incredibly helpful. Though the participants were limited to the “invite only” crowd, their feedback has been phenomenal — with tens of thousands of posts filled with opinions, suggestions, comments and more pouring into our beta forum.

Starting today, it’s time for PlayStation Plus members to get their turn as they join the existing testers for the next phase of our pre-release examination. Though similar to last week’s schedule, this week’s agenda is a bit different. Here’s what game types you can expect to see starting today:

· Tuesday (3/22) – Suppression, Classic Suppression, Scrum (Custom), Community Day Classic (Custom)

· Wednesday (3/23) – Uplink, Classic Uplink, Suppression, Classic Suppression

· Thursday (3/24) – Last Defense, Classic Last Defense, Uplink, Classic Uplink

· Friday (3/25)Bomb Squad, Classic Bomb Squad, Last Defense, Classic Last Defense

· Saturday (3/26) – Sniper Alley (Custom), Last Defense Run ‘n Gun (Custom), Bomb Squad, Classic Bomb Squad

· Sunday (3/27) – Scrum (Custom), Community Day Classic (Custom), Sniper Alley (Custom), Last Defense Run ‘n Gun (Custom)

· Monday (3/28) – Suppression, Classic Suppression, Scrum (Custom), Community Day Classic (Custom)

SOCOM 4: Bomb SquadSocom 4 Screen 5

If you missed last week’s post, the multiplayer beta includes two maps, Port Authority and Assault & Battery, and offers a variety of built-in game-types and custom game-types:

Suppression: The SOCOM take on team deathmatch.

Last Defense: Capture controls points, discover the enemy base and destroy it.

Uplink: Steal enemy data and deliver it to your base.

Bomb Squad: Defend your bomb technician while he disarms enemy explosives.

Sniper Alley (Custom): An 8 vs. 8 version of Classic Suppression with higher damage. Weapons are limited to sniper rifles, shotguns, smoke grenades and poison gas.

Last Defense Run ‘n Gun (Custom): Faster movement speed and reduced damage are applied to 16 vs. 16 Last Defense with weapons restricted to only shotguns and SMGs.

Scrum (Custom): Suppression is given rule tweaks of no respawn, faster movement and higher damage, while sniper rifles, frag grenades, concussion grenades and poison gas are disallowed.

Community Day Classic (Custom): A medley featuring Classic versions of all four game types (Suppression, Last Defense, Uplink and Bomb Squad) with increased speed and weapon restrictions placed on ranged explosives. Each game type is played over 11 five-minute rounds.

All built-in game-types (re: not “Custom”) will be playable in both the Standard and Classic variations. Standard mode closely mimics the single-player experience, while Classic harkens back to older SOCOM titles with increased movement speeds, round-based play, no player respawns and the lack of health regeneration. Our Custom types mix and match a number of game settings, delivering fresh takes on our core rule sets.

As before, after you’ve had a chance to play the beta, we’d love to hear your feedback! Once you’ve downloaded the beta and played a complete match, you’ll then gain access to our private beta forums on where you can share your stories with other players and leave us your feedback. SOCOM has always been a very player-driven franchise and your opinions are very important to us, so please let us know what you think! We’ll see you again next week on the SOCOM blog with an updated schedule, or you can keep updated on our latest agenda through our in-game news feed.

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  • Sweet I’ll be on it today

  • Can’t wait to try this out later tonight!

  • OH YEAH!!! PlayStation Plus is paying off with these early betas! I love them, gonna boot up my PS3 right now to download it. This will determine if I will be getting the full game or not because I’m also keeping an eye on the Socom Bundle and the Mortal Kombat Kollector’s Edition.

  • On the Receiving Updates download page now. Can’t wait.

  • Just to know it’s up and running, plan on getting it a try in about 30 minutes. If’s features like this, that make you proud to be a Playstation Plus subscriber. Good job Sony!!!

  • Download is finishing now

  • Downloading the update of the beta right now. I just can’t wait any longer. It’s been a long time since I’ve played Socom 3 online.

  • add recoil take off lasers on clamores give me my detonator take out the cover system and experience points and regenerating health and ill try this game

  • Sweet! But too bad I got a private beta code last week. :/

    Also, I wasn’t too impressed with the beta. Elimination is a TERRIBLE game mode for a first impression. I couldn’t stand the way the camera/reticle moves either. It’s nearly impossible to aim correctly to shoot the enemy.

    • Make sure you leave any and all feedback in our beta forum.

      However, we don’t have “Elimination” mode in SOCOM 4. The modes and gametypes we have in the beta and on launch day are listed in the schedule above.

  • Wait so Plus member’s only?

    • Private beta testers that were introduced last week will also be in the beta playing with you. Once you’re in, you’re in!

  • yes so sweet!

    i have been waiting anxiously to use my Sharpshooter in this game

    to Zipper:

    Please dont bring the knife like in MAG. That knife is ridiculously powerful, even more than bullets to the chest amd head, is just wrong

  • It’ll be interesting to see the shift between classic mode and the standard gameplay of the new Single Player. I was not a fan of Confrontation and was let down by its lack of single player. That said, I’m looking forward to seeing what this game is offering to old Socom players.

    • We definitely hope you enjoy the finished game when it hits on April 19 and also hope that you leave your feedback in our beta forums so we can collect it. This is our first PS3 SOCOM, so we’re anxious and excited for people to play it.

  • WOW!!! can’t 2 play n pre-order

  • WOW!!! can’t wait 2 play n pre-order ;)

  • No offense but the zipper Update servers are crappy. 1.5gb update going at like .25mb/s and I have a 15mb/s connection but this is nothing new MAG always took forever to update to. O well Zippers worth it

  • This is a HUUUGEE going to watch some TV and check in like 2 hours…Cant Wait!

  • Is it available for UK too?

    • From the information we’ve received, European PlayStation Plus members will have access to the beta tomorrow

  • Here’s hoping you guys are actually working on some the suggestions in the feedback from the forums. There seem to be a handful of things that just about everyone wants.

    • Absolutely. We’ve already changed a number of things since the private beta began (round lengths, round counts) and we’re collecting and collating all of our feedback to make sure that we understand the comments fully; be they positive or not so.

  • AWAT IS BACK HOME (Advanced Weapons And Tactics) can’t wait to get my clan going again, we have been waiting for 2 years for this game, we are finally getting ready recruit new members and get new friendships going and good times rollin!!! Join today. Add me for details

  • Take socom off the cover of the game and then people will be happy! There is no socom feeling in this game, just bunch of shooters mashed together.

  • Being waiting 4 these..Respect to all U.S Navy SEALs..Im on as soon as it doawnloads..

  • Jeremy how about a classic BEYONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNND

  • Almost 4got..Yes it is Zippers 1st time in Socom.I loved MAG since beta time.I did not like Confrontation at all even if i try to,ZIPPER make SOCOM4 really fresh & cool pls..I just hope controls are faster reacting in SOCOM4, cause that’s a most 4 me in any game,specially in multiplayer.Thankxzz

  • I will get to try it after work, hope it’s better than the Crysus 2 demo, that game was BAD. Can’t Wait!

  • I wish I knew how you guys chose people for the private betas, because being a G.A.P member since 2004 apparently doesn’t count any more.

    And I am sure that you know somehow that I have had the PS Sharpshooter since day one.

    Wish I could get hooked up.

  • Just finished downloading… to find out about that brutal 1.5gb update! I figure that i will let my automatic download feature get that and then i will hop on and play (with my Move) tomorrow :D I am really looking forward to this game, and can’t wait to try it out. thanks for the update Jeremy.

  • PS3 is [DELETED] now and psn and sony is [DELETED] im never playing another PS3 again Xbox rules your [DELETED] turf!!!!! muhahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!.

  • yeah the 1.5gb install pulled me away from it for a moment, ill miss today’s events but ill download it when im sleep early to stop gaming right now -_-

  • You guys MUST play this…I am a closed tester and I tell ya…Once you learn the mechanics of a tactical third person shooter (most of you have never played one) You will see how third person view allows you to not concentrate on only yourself and gun and gives you a better scope of what is going on around you and the battle field..
    GO JEREMY…Your the MAN..I just need my Legendary Socom avatar now and I’m set!!
    I support zipper all the way..I always have!!!..

    PS..notice how it does not feel like a beta…

  • Glad the PS Plus newbies finally joined us in Beta testing! Now I have more butt to kick. :D

  • Downloading the beta now, hopefully it lives up to my expectations

  • Download 400 MB client, then download 1.5 GB update. Nice one Zipper.

  • where are all the socom veterans at in the beta? i played like 3 games so far where absolutely NO ONE had headsets on and my team got stomped over and over

    heck back when i burnt rings into my socom 2 disc you got voted out of the game 98% of the time if you didnt have a mic

    love the game but it seems over run w/ people i run into on CoD that never communicate and in socom i thought it was pretty much a golden rule

  • HAHA @footballrule…BTW..Hes not lying..Hes REALLY good
    Lets go get em football….

    Plus newbies…hehehe…

  • They really need to create the classic version made up by us the fans of socom, to be able to play SniperxxxNocrossing. That’s when we all agreed who joined the game, to stay on one side of the map as the other team did the same and each team agreed not to cross over to the other teams side to practice stealth and sniper skills and that was a personal favorite. So many people joined those rooms daily! If a person decided to cross over to the other teams side there own team vote that person out the game. People can run side to side in the front of the halfway line but don’t ever cross it or get voted! I loved it because it showed honor of sniper gaming skills. That should be a real game as an option from playstation to play! Bring snipe><nocross Back Guys!!!!!!

  • I have been busy and I forgot about this and I don’t how I could big Socom fan here oh well I’m downloading it now

  • Zipper, please do consider having D-pad lean in this game. It is so very useful. It will please many SOCOM fans, like myself. :)

  • @RUNNAMUCK360 you will never see me play that I hate snipping and I hate snipers they are cowards

  • i’m not a plus member but when will it be released for us regular people? or when can we expect a demo?
    pretty please with a cherry on top :)

  • Thank you for this PS Plus!

  • @station3fever in 2 weeks they have already announce that

    first week is the private invites
    second week is ps+
    third week is kz3 buyers
    and the forth week is everybody

  • startin to seem like i gotta play most of the maps like i played fish hook on socom 2.. put my back to the wall and try and win the game myself because im pretty much in the dark w/ not being able to to talk to my team

    just by not being able to work out some sort of layout of what people are doin ruins it for me which was what made me spend years playing soocm compared to the other shooters like medal of honor and call of duty

    idk maybe when more of my friends get in on the beta maybe i might play it more but we’ll see

    coming from someone that has owned pretty much every socom except most of the psp ones 4 does bring back what made socom what it is but w/o that “communication is key” aspect its down in the list where i rate call of duty

    2 is still easily 1 of the best shooting games out

  • I’ve just checked the Playstation store(UK). The socom beta hasn’t hit for me yet?

    I’m PS Plus member, anyone know when this will be up?

  • I’m so excited to get this Beta under way….sadly I have to wait for the 1561.27MB update before I get into the game :( The wait will be worth it!

  • Really don’t appreciate this BS Sony! I participated in the KZ3 beta preordered the game for how great it is including the Socom Beta to find out my code still doesn’t work. On the other hand, plus subscribers who never prordered or purchased KZ3 already has hands on. WTH kind of bs is this?! At least XBLN got something right and that’s coming from a huge fan of the PS3. The Bulletstorm Epic Edition comes with a beta code for Gears of War 3 and believe me that I will get hands-on day one

  • That’s because you have no patience and sniper skills. I’m a run n gunner too but to be able to test your skills in stealth online is very hard for alot of people. To each his own.

  • Who Evers making these socoms are not grasping the concept of the socoms from ps2 and that sucks. There making it there own new version. Hard to be a fan now. Keep tryin guys. It’s not gonna sell just like the last one. Smh…


    socom 4 is a great game from what i’ve gotten out of it so far MP wise but it’s prob gonna end up like my copy of resistance 2 when i get it .. after i beat the SP and CO-OP i’ll probably shelf it because 98% of the people i play games online with dont play it anymore..

    theres way too many fair-weather fans out there that just flock to every new title anymore and alot of great games are left in the dust..

  • no it is because it is boring and way to easy

  • what is the best way to play socom 4? move or dualshock 3?

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