MotorStorm Apocalypse Release Update

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MotorStorm Apocalypse Release Update

MotorStorm Apocalypse PS3 North American box art

Similar to news already issued from our Japanese and European territories, SCEA can confirm that we are officially delaying release of MotorStorm Apocalypse from its scheduled April 12th date. We will provide more information regarding release timing at a later date.

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  • Oh sad. Make it May!

  • You people need to have a more respect. You wonder why so people around this world hate America.

  • @dante989 i have respect and it’s horrible what happened/is happening to them, but i don’t see why it has to impact a game release. it doesnt make sense to me.

    i probably wont even buy MA…i still have the last one sitting on my shelf to play…i just am trying to understand why a game needs to be delayed because of a natural disaster.

    did japan (or any other country) delay games when the USA had natural disasters…very doubtful.

    i just dont see the correlation.

  • Never liked Motorstorm, so no big heartbreak there.

  • I feel bad for the people of Japan but this delay does nothing for them. How does delaying the game help Japan at all? People who are affected by this disaster do not have video games on their mind right now and the content of this game is meaningless to them. If you want to do something meaningful then donate a portion of the profits to the relief effort. This delay is only a feeble attempt at public relations to seem socially conscience.

    It’s fine to play war games that use real-to-life soldiers, guns, and locations but a fictitious automobile in a fictitious setting is somehow upsetting because a completely unrealistic take on a natural disaster occurs in the game.

  • well at least i downloaded the demo from the UK PlayStation Store to play until it releases.

  • I think it’s a nice mark of respect to delay it. Who knows, maybe there’ll be a launch patch or day one DLC when it comes out.

    If you’re really that eager to get it, you can always buy it online. I’m not sure which regions already shipped it, but I’ve seen copies in Hong Kong with English language.

    The only problem with imports is that sometimes DLC codes don’t work properly if you’re mixing regions, so be careful if you do.

    If you’re not that bothered, just wait for launch


    Support Japan Relief Fund on PSN Store


  • Wasnt buying it anyways either. I have the demo and its definitely better than Pacific Rift but like said earlier the game just gets impossible at the ending of the race tickets. Pacific Rift was horrible, glad i wasnt stuck with the purchase. I did buy 3D rift that i cant get rid of sadly lol. dont buy 3D rift if you have pacific rift…its the same stuff lol.

    i like the destructive environments in Apoc but other than that it seemed like the SoS, and that has double means intended lol.

    PS – Earthquakes and Tsunamis are horrible. Went through one back in the 90s in LA. Japan and the world will grow stronger because of it.

  • u guys are forgetting Sony is japan, japan is Sony so why would Sony want to release a game anywhere that has similar scenario to whats happening in japan? Try understanding….

  • A video game. That’s what we’re delaying. Not the cure for polio.

  • @dante989

    This is why people hate America??? Are you serious. If you read alot of the postings on this blog you will clearly see that most people are in agreement that thhis is an over reaction to the situation! This has nothing to do with Americans.
    I have seen all kinds of postings on other forums from people in Europe that are just as upset as us insensitive Americans that the game has been delayed because of what happened in Japan.
    They too feel Sony is over reacting D.A.!!!

  • Will we be getting a Sendai DLC course?

    Sorry, bad joke, but don’t shoot me, I donated to the relief efforts at GlobalGiving. My heart goes out to Japan, but if we lose our sense of humor, we are truly lost.

  • @ElektroDragon i also donated…. to red cross. via my discover card cashback bonus.

  • Yes, I feel for japan, how could you not? This however is dumb. Does this game feature earthquakes exclusively or are there other disasters in it as well? Medal of honor featured soldiers dying in a conflict that is still ongoing, but all anyone talked about was how ridiculous it was that they were going to ban it on military installations.

  • it would make more sense to me if they came out and said that there are members on their development team who are from Japan and out of the need for them to focus on their priorities, we’re delaying the game. That seems understandable, completely. If you can’t support the game post-launch because people are focused on rebuilding their family, yes, do not release the game yet.

    But if they are not releasing it because they are afraid of some backlash or media scorn, then shame on them. It’s a game. I don’t think the guy who just lost his family due to the natural disasters even has this game or any game on his radar. I don’t see how the two relate. We have wars going on, do FPS games not get released because it’s too similar to war, no.

    Having said that, all the best to the people of Japan. The way your people are conducting themselves during this tragedy is noble and should be an example to other nations.

  • I feel horrible for everyone affected by every tragedy, but why does this one in particular delay/cancel games? Haiti Earthquake? Who cares. New Zealand Earthquake? Pfft. I don’t see any shooters ever getting delayed/canceled, definitely not after the Arizona Tragedy. So, I’m guessing you’re just waiting for the “right time”. When is that? May? June? What happens if another earthquake happens in that time? You going to keep delaying it? Just release it and get it over with.

  • @OldKai agreed, as do most of us on here. when will the right time be????

    it’s not like it was supposed to come out this week, it’s scheduled for next month and they are probably just sitting in a warehouse somewhere.

  • I thought it already came out? O.o And I can agree with the war decline of those types of games and soldiers are dying daily..but anyway.

  • To all who think I have been to selfish:

    I have watched in horror all the videos that the press posted about Japan and I have literllay cried about it!
    It was the worst thing I have seen since all the videos I watched about the World Trade Center here in the states.
    It was awful and my heart goes out to all those people that have to deal with a loss that I could never imagine in my whole life!
    I just don’t understand why a racing game with earthquakes in it would be concidered in poor taste. If the game was about people fleeing for their lives and running from destruction well than of course kill the game I get it but a racing game???
    I think this will hurt Sony in sales but they are a Japanese company so they probably could care less because their entire focus seems to be on not disrespectiing the Japanese.
    It just seems more logical that they would still release the game at least in Europe and North America and have part of the proceeds go towards Earthquake relief in Japan. I don’t think anybody in Japan would have been offended by that.

  • Sucks that it’s being delayed, and it’s great that you are showing respect for Japan. At least I won’t feel bad about not getting this day 1.

  • Completely understand the reasons behind the delay. Getting ready to donate some cash to the Red Cross this weekend. I can wait patiently for this game. Good move, Sony.

  • Well you just lost a day 1 purchase here. I’ll be waiting till it’s 30 bucks or less now. Oh well at least my amazon preorder was easy to cancel.

  • I understand Sony, hope is not to do with the Blu-Ray Disc manufacturing issue. And those that are complaining, you are a bunch of (word here)*

    * especially a anatomical part of the male body that is pronounced in a vulgar way, get over it and donate to Japan.

  • noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyways i understand , got 2 copies already payed in full ,i will be waiting patiently no matter when the game gets released , ohhh and please make a Motorstorm NGP game too!!!!

  • Well, I hate to be the one to say it but, if activision has the gonads to release CoD games yearly when innocent people are dying in wars all day long everyday, then Sony needs to wear a cup and get out there with some games all the same! Sony has become the MASTER of delays this generation, and it’s finally getting on my last nerve! Either release the games on time, or do not give release dates!

    Now I’m finally understanding why we have the DelayStation. Because any decent game that gets a release date gets postponed on PS3 at the last second, for nothing more than ridiculous nonsense. Just like the LBP delay, and GT5, and HAZE, and a ton of others! This is nonsense Sony. We get earthquakes in CA all the time, and yet I don’t see any other games getting a delay due to “Earthquake Activity”.

    My heart goes out to those dealing with the tragedy in Japan, but postponing a game due to this is just the dumbest thing I can imagine. We might as well cancel Easter soon also, and call off Christmas, as they will still be rebuilding at that time.

  • :(

    It’s understandable though.

    Hopes goes to Japan.

  • Well I was wondering why I got a promotional code to access the demo on the 15th and it wouldn’t work.That sucks. My sympathies go out to the citizens of Japan.It is unfortunate.

  • It just annoys me because my friend in Europe has had it since the original European launch date. >:(

  • Okay, so when there’s an earthquake in a country like Japan a game like MotorStorm Apocalypse might not get released in some territories (or not at all), but when an earthquake happens in a country like Haiti and the effect is a lot worse per capita, the game is kept in development and no one cares?

    And, when a game like Call of Duty or Medal of Honor is made and there are people murdering each other for (oil), um, peace keeping, no one cares and keeps making the game?

    Wow, the video game industry is really, really immature.

  • Amish, get your twisted leftist views out of here. Haiti doesn’t produce any video games. Sony is having a lot of trouble, they are a Japanese company, and it is there decision. They postponed the release in Japan for obvious reasons, and decided that releasing in the US on time would give them impression that the US didn’t really care. Not to mention they might be having logistics issues with the release due to the disaster. So it sounds like you’re one being immature in their political views.

  • I agree how is it ok to come out with war based shooter after war based shooter when were in the middle of two wars with thousands dying, and yet a racing game that has a little similarity to a tragedy in Japan gets postponed?

  • Wow, you guys are stupid. No, not Sony. Most of you people commenting on this. You really have no idea.

  • Hopefully now you can fix those bad shadows in the game.

  • mtymouse, the wars you speak of were entered into by CHOICE, no one chose to have this natural disaster happen to them. There is a very big difference. Not to mention that wars, like it or not, are common place, and try to minimize the casualties of the innocent. This, by contrast, MAXIMIZED the casualties of the innocent by its very nature.

  • Fair enough. I’d rather see sales be contributed to relief efforts but I understand the subject matter is very unsettling at a time like this.

    I will continue to wait. Please let us know when a new date is decided.

  • OK. I guess I can wait.I will just work on my backlog in the meantime.

  • My heart goes out to Japan. I hope this delay doesn’t last very long as I was really looking forward to getting this.

  • I love Motorstorm and this sooooo hurts. They talk about it Playstation Weekly’s netcast. I kind of agree with them, but not sure. What do you think about their outlook? It’s at

  • ElektroDragon, tell the innocent families in Iraq and Afghanistan that they chose to have their communities ripped apart. And yes there is a BIG difference between a game that depicts earthquakes and disasters while racing and a game where the whole point is to kill people.

  • GOD WHY WWWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYY!!! well now i have more time 4 Socom4 and don’t think of releasing it near Infamous2 ok

  • Instead of delaying, why not rush the release here, get it out in Europe and send some of the proceeds to the relief effort. How does delaying a game help in anyway. I think this fails in every way. You can’t make the tragedy go away. I think its insensitive to think delaying a game somehow helps the process. The gaming industry makes no sense. Why don’t we delay all games with death. How about the killing in Libya, should we ban all Middle east war games? Grow a pair Sony. Take this head on, make it part of the helping process not, instead of just trying to hide it under the rug.

  • it seems every game i preorder now has been getting delayed hope it doesnt delay for too long i was looking forward to this one

  • NOOOOOOO….compared to the original UK release date, the US date was already delayed, now we have to wait even longer

  • I m disapointed… i hate those king of move, the game is ready, release it, if you start doing thing like that, you will never release the game because there a big event like in Japan more than you thinked but we dont hear about them since they are in poor / underdevelopement country

  • @13 + mnstr8 You are wreaking of insensitive, you’re canceling your reservation for a game because they can’t release it at the time you want? That’s selfish and childish show some respect instead of ignorance, and learn some patience you won’t get anywhere with out it, it’s not like it’s never going to be released ever anymore it’s just delayed.

  • I think SCEA is right to delay it. After 9/11 would anyone have thought of buying an apocolyptic game based in NYC or Washington? Destruction is destruction. Havent thepeople of Japan dealt with enough withou putting grief about not wanting to see cities destroyed in a game? Any delays the Japanese people need to make I fully understand and support. Donate! Help Japan!

  • finally i made my mind, this delay really pissed me off, i will not buy the game new, i will buy it used instead, so you will not get any of my money and i will have the content, i was already pissed off by the delay we got from the European release date and now you add this.

    There is an average of 20 major earthquake by year, if you delay the game at each for one month, i will never play the game, i understand why you would delay the game in japan, i think the best way to end this, is by giving an amount of the profit you made to Japan, in that way people will be happy to buy the game NEW and giving Japan some money at the same time

  • This is a really dumb over reaction. My heart’s gone out to the Japanese as much as the next person, but to think the release, or non-release of this game has any relation to this tragedy is non-sensicial. I think someone in marketing over-thought this. From a personal standpoint, all I know is now I’ll just be buying Portal 2 in April, and then probably nothing else until Infamous 2 in June. Motorstorm’s pre-Portal window was just stupidly vacated. Nice job.

  • “Havent thepeople of Japan dealt with enough withou putting grief about not wanting to see cities destroyed in a game? Any delays the Japanese people need to make I fully understand and support. Donate! Help Japan!”
    OMAOILRIAN- What’s that have to do with us here in America? The game is fantasy, like all games. Let’s stop showing disaster movies because disasters happen- makes no sense. Once again I call upon Sony to do something positive instead of acting delaying this game helps in anyway,

  • On February 22, 2011 there was an earthquake in new Zealand that killed 166 people (confirmed, so far).

    Sony apparently felt no apprehension in releasing MSA on March 16, 2011 in UK. That’s 3 weeks after the New Zealand Earthquake.

    Will Sony wait more than three weeks from the Japan earthquake to release MSA?

    March 11, 2011 plus 21 days makes April 1, 2011 a possible release date.

    The point is that if the people of New Zealand were worthy of no more than 21 days of sensitivity then the people of Japan are too. Right?

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