MotorStorm Apocalypse Release Update

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MotorStorm Apocalypse Release Update

MotorStorm Apocalypse PS3 North American box art

Similar to news already issued from our Japanese and European territories, SCEA can confirm that we are officially delaying release of MotorStorm Apocalypse from its scheduled April 12th date. We will provide more information regarding release timing at a later date.

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  • damn bro, it must really suck to have been making this game and then the thing in Japan happens. Ahh well i agree with this, people need some time before they see another destruction happening especially in 3d lol

  • Is this game fun?

  • Noooooooooo! Release it secretly, I won’t tell anybody.

  • This is good news. Coming so quickly after LBP2 and Killzone 3 collectors editions would have made this game a pass due to the wallet for me.

  • same as #2 above:

    that sucks, but when it does come out i’ll be ready for it.

  • Due to the recent catastrophe in Japan, it’s understandable that certain games with sensitive content are being delayed and others even cancelled (IE Disaster Report 4). But hopefully we will get some news on the updated release date now. Priority now though is for us to help and support Japan in any way possible.

  • Oh, well. I hope that the delay will give the developers at least a little more time to either further polish the game or put in little more content to make it a little longer. Maybe both. Who can say? The fans will just have to chill out just because the game is delayed in America, too. I can accept the fact that a little more waiting for Motorstorm Apocalypse to be released will be worth it, Anthony. Thanks for the heads up!

  • So um… Did the beta start already or are they not doing that right now?

  • Motorstorm Apocalypse avatars please!

  • Understandable.

  • I don’t mean to sound like an insensitive ass but why exactly does an earthquake in Japan have anything to do with a game that has earthquakes in it in the U.S.A? I can understand to a point about not releasing the game in Japan but why Europe and North America???
    I have been really looking forward to this game and reserved it a long time ago and now I’m going to cancel my reservation on it and buy something else! Good call Sony!

  • Im disappointed but I understand at the same time

  • @13

    Its insensitive for the same reason that releasing a game on September 11th, one that has you pilot terrorist aircraft into towers in NY, would be.

  • This is nonsense.

    There are horrible wars going on too but I notice you’re still cranking out all the war games and war game DLC like hotcakes.

    I guess only certain victims matter.

  • that’s ok, the game is going to suck balls anyway!

  • Anyone know if Sony or the PSN will have some kind of donation system? I’ve already gave a few bucks here and there but put something on PSN where you get a game, a mini, a theme or a demo and the proceeded go to Japan that’d be the way to go.

  • Post-apocalyptic games are not to blame for what happened…it’s just a bad coincidence. This is just a GAME, no one is going to be pissed at Sony for releasing it.

    If I were hit by an earthquake/tsunami, the last thing on my mind would be videogames. People die in automobile accidents all the time…should we start banning all racing games as well? If Sony really wants to sympathize, how about sharing a part of the proceeds to a relief fund? This type of censorship is disappointing, disrespectful, and stupid.

  • @mnstr8
    What about Hawaii? They’re part of the US and got hit by a tsunami caused by the quake. Granted it wasn’t nearly as devestating, but the people living there likely had their share of worries and grief caused by it. Delaying Motorstorm 4 is a nice gesture to all kinds of people. Geez.

  • Right. Because people can’t separate games from reality. Lame.

    Guess that cash I had saved up is going somewhere else.

    @16 exactly

  • … it’s not really an update to tell us stuff we already know.

  • I have no problem with any delays on any product coming from Japan. A major disastor happen and it will take some time to get back to normal. Though maybe the reason for the delay is due to stamping the game rather than “sensitivity” issues.

  • I’ll be very disappointed if this delay is any more than 1 week. I can see why you won’t want to release the game a day before the month anniversary of quake. What I’m more worried about is the fact that the game has already been delayed in the UK, and this is even worse news because it means the delay is longer than I thought it would be. I really want to play the game! It has no significance in the real world, even Japanese people are saying that their games and anime need to be released and not cancelled!

  • make an affordable collectors edition for this awesome game

  • I am okay with a delay. Lots of other games coming out. It seems like the right thing to do, considering all that has happened in japan. I will be picking it up on the new date though.

  • only thing that sux, is us the buyers have to wait and play this gem, while the p.o.s hackers get to play this game already, it is release already on the torrents sites, its 18gb, just in case you think im lying

  • @22 I doubt that the delay is due to stamping/logistical issues stemming from the quake. Notice that the demo (which is distributed digitally and wouldn’t suffer from those issues) for the game has also been delayed in the US (and was pulled from the Europe stores, apparently).

    So they are very clearly pandering to all the politically-correct sobbing [DELETED] out there who can’t tell the difference between a game and real life.

    I could understand EU being delayed, but the US?

  • It is understandable but i really don’t like it. Don’t delay it too long, don’t fall into the two worlds two trap.

    we can’t the earthquakes and the tsunami’s win

  • Can I say I saw this coming. Not to be an ass but we are being way too sensitive about things. I don’t even understand the indefinite delay in Japan (a temporary one I can understand) , cancel the whole game forever!? This won’t be the last earthquake and it sure as hell wasn’t the first. Why don’t do something worthwhile like donate a percentage of the game’s profits to the victims instead of throwing the hard work of the people who created the game in the trash.

  • uurghh.. im nt a big fan of this idea but i guess the demo makes it look gd so the accuall game should be better.. shame on the release fail. :(

  • @megamixer

    There aren’t tsunami’s in motorstorm!!!

  • all u guys who r sad r kinda greedy we need to help japan and the playstation family if they need to delay a game to give us 100% game thts good i dnt want to ply a game which was not given 100%

  • This is a Good thing and a Bad thing for others.

    To me its a good thing because I wasn’t going to buy this game due to it was launching around a few other games I want to get such as Mortal Kombat Kollector’s Edition and Socom 4

    I’m a Big Supporter to PlayStation Exclusive games.

    I find most PlayStation Exclusive game are a better quality of games on the PlayStation 3

    Some people commenting on this post need to keep things to them selfs.

    Japan is one country that I care about because most smart people come from Japan that come up with great games and technology.

    Thanks for Reading Skater_Ricky

  • Respect Japanese and European territories. Too many games for ps3 in 2011. I want to focus my life such as study, future plans, etc. I don’t have a time much playing video games. OK.

  • How much do you think I’d get on eBay for an unopened copy of MSA, ready to ship on Monday?

  • @31

    Google: “Video – MotorStorm: Apocalypse – ‘Waves Of Mutilation’ Tsunami Race”

    Earthquakes and Tsunamis. The only thing they’re missing is a nuclear meltdown. Seriously, show some respect.

    P.S. I hadn’t watched that video till now, and tragedy aside, the game looks ace. Might be my first racer in ages.

  • There are terrible things that happen everyday in all countries but it doesn’t usually affect the games industry.
    Also to the remark earlier of crashing an airplane into the twin towers in a video game, when the hell has there ever been a game where you can do that???
    That is also a very specific event and also a terrorist attack not a natural disaster!
    It’s like RickDiculous said. “There are wars going on but it doesn’t stop war games from coming out”.

  • Great. Just great

  • @slycooper22

    They are not remaking the game they are just delaying it out of respect for Japan. It’s going to be the same game you see right now on Metacritic.

  • so what about the demo? i got a code from gamestop saying i could use it on the 15th, but it didnt work.

    i don’t understand why it’s being delayed. it’s not like there are tsunami’s in the game, unless they added them recently and it didn’t get leaked.

    i wouldnt want people in japan (or any other country) not to be able to buy a game if the USA has a natural disaster. it just seems strange to me.

  • I’m really looking forward to this game. I’m kinda glad it’s delayed though… now I can save up for it! = P

  • I respect that the game has been delayed. Look at Disaster Report 4; cancelled. I was looking forward to that game coming west-side but I can understand cancelling it entirely. It’s not respectful to release it. One of my most anticipated games gone so I don’t see why people should complain for a little respectful delay.

    Dear Evolution Studios, can you please patch MotorStorm: Apocalypse to include support for D-pad steering? I used that throught the series and I don’t see why it should be removed. I have been hyping this game all over for it being one of my best driving games ever. Now I’ve decided to stick with my PacificRift if there is no patch. I guess it won’t bother the developers as it is just a measly one person. I hate to accept that but I have a lot of patience so I can do without Apocalypse.

    This is already turning out to be a disappointing year for me. I just hope The Last Guardian, Way of the Samurai 4 and others don’t get messed up as well.

  • Sont pulled the demo!!!! My code doesn’t work either! This is just plain stupid. It is total over reacting.

  • I am looking forward to the game but I do understand and support the delay in release. My heart and prayers go out to those in Japan. A special prayer goes out to the response workers.

  • @Seiryuki2002 why would u want d-pad steering? that would kill your thumb pressing on the hard plastic all the time. use the analog sticks. so much better. i hope they dont have d-pad support because that is just dumb.

  • @ Seiryuki2002

    Maybe you can ask sony to patch motorstorm so there is nothing cool in it at all. Maybe they can have it so you are driving in a field of flowers where puppies and kittens are running arouund playing together in peace and harmony and you can pull over and pet them and maybe pick them up to get them out of harms way of the other racers driving by!!!!

  • :\ bbut my friend is playing it and is almost finished with it..

  • While I’m very simpathetic towards the Japanese and what happened, I don’t really think it was necessary to delay Motorstorm Apocalypse in North America or Europe….especially the U.S. because it wasn’t expected until about another month here anyway. Delaying it in Japan I could totally understand due to the Apocalyptic nature of the game correlating with the earthquake disaster in Japan last week.

    I guess the delay in Europe and the U.S. is just out of respect for what happened in Japan.

    Bought the first Motorstorm in 2007, then skipped out on Motorstorm Pacific Rift, but I think I might get Motorstorm Apocolypse…probably will wait until I can get it for $30 bucks or so first though…just not in a hurry to get it to be honest.

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