MotorStorm Apocalypse Release Update

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MotorStorm Apocalypse Release Update

MotorStorm Apocalypse PS3 North American box art

Similar to news already issued from our Japanese and European territories, SCEA can confirm that we are officially delaying release of MotorStorm Apocalypse from its scheduled April 12th date. We will provide more information regarding release timing at a later date.

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  • There is no need for a delay…. The game was not made to disrespect Japan as it was in development way before the tragedy. Did Sony ever consider putting a screen at the beginning that says something like “This game is dedicated to the people effected by the Tsunami” or anything to that affect? I doubt anyone will be offended by this game and if they are, its as simple as not buying it. Sometimes people are way too sensitive. Also if they really want to help, donate some of the profits like other people mentioned

  • What is not to understand here? Sony is a Japanese company. They respect their heritage and are delaying a title that could seem a little sensitive to the Japanese people. I can understand it. Don’t say I agree with it. But I can respect it.

  • I think was the right thing to, Sony being a Japanese company or not. People are hurt, people are stressed, the last thing they need right now is a game where the horrors that happened (and that everyone has seen) are played for fun in a game. The game will release at some point, and people will enjoy it no doubt, but to release it now would be a terrible, terrible idea. So good job, Sony.

  • You know, I’m sympathetic but this is getting absurd with all the game cancels and delays. It would make sense to be delayed (or canned) in Japan, but in North America this is absurd. It’s not being insensitive but are we now going to have to start removing disaster movies from our stores? Should war games not feature “war” now? Is inFamous 2 going to have tone it down with it’s destructible environments?

  • A good time to work out those extra kinks so there won’t be any patches later. :)

  • i was expecting this but its still sad anyway…was looking forward to this game.

  • GREAT! Now I might be able to get my PS3 fixed and finish Killzone 3 before this comes out

  • If you are going to delay the release of the 3D game I have been looking forward to the most, you can at least take the time to patch Pacific Rift for 3D. There’s only so much I can do in 3D Rift before I get bored with it.

  • Some of you guys are confused.

    The games are already pressed and some stores already have even have them and some of those some are even selling it on shelves (confirmed in EUR). Sony is doing this for either for one reason or both. 1) Sony HQ is in Japan and a lot of Sony Employees were directly in the affected area. 2) Media attention.

    Games don’t care about media attention, normal people do care.

  • Since so many game developers these days seem concerned solely with profits, I appreciate tremendously that SCEA and Evolution Studios are being sensitive to this issue but can’t help but feel that this may not be the best way to go about it. Why not release the game on time and instead include a message expressing concern for the thousands of people affected by this catastrophe? Perhaps a donation link to help support our friends in Japan could be added to the game’s homepage. Alternatively, perhaps Evolution could release a DLC pack with vehicle skins whose proceeds would go towards relief efforts. This could help raise funds from those who otherwise might not go out of their way to contribute. Instead of withholding the game for for fear of media reprisal, you could use the media attention it will undoubtedly generate to help turn the focus to those in need.

  • I’m from Singapore and we got the game as scheduled (18 March). Sad about Japan (my prayers to you!) and to those who can’t play it.

    It’s even worst that the earthquake can’t hit North Korea. If it does, it’ll bring a sigh of relief.

  • @109

    Isn’t that cruel to say? No matter what nation, a country as a whole doesn’t deserve to have a “sigh of relief” because a tragedy happened upon them.

  • I just dont understand….why arent any other games delayed in the US? Plus what about other disasters such as Hurricane Katrina?

    (Best of wishes to Japan, I love em) Im just trying to understand why I havent heard any game being delayed for a reason like this and why its just MSA (as far as the USA releases). Anyone care to explain this to me? Thanks

  • Yeah, hope Japan pulls through. BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! I really wanted to play this game in April, ain’t nuffin else comin out duren then time! At least for me anyway. Welll…YEPPER!

  • It’s a game revolving around earthquakes which happen frequently around the world (although not to this magnitude, but you have to have assumed that it could have been controversial at anytime. The game is done and was already shipped to suppliers over in EU, so why not just realize it? If you’re that concerned about the impact on Japan and trying to be sensitive, then realize it and donate a percentage of the profit to the relief effort, as opposed to waiting a few months (when as others have pointed out, the earthquake and tsunami will still be fresh enough in several peoples minds anyways) and keeping all the profit for yourselves. Just a thought.

  • lol. I got the game on March 19th :)
    I have already 44% of the Trophies :P

    I understand the changed release in Japan; but why in America ???

  • This is stupid! I want to play this game and it doesn’t matter what happened in Japan in relation to this game! This game is not made in Japan and it was not the U.S. that had this earthquake! I want to play this game and there is no sense in this! This delay is just going to hurt the sale of the game. I may just move on to something else!

  • @ 101,
    Speak for yourself! The people affected by this are not going to be playing it anyway. A lot of them don’t have electricity and even a home. The last thing they are going to do is be playing video games. Get real!

  • I’m glad they are delaying this. It’s out of respect for Japan and people need to get over it. There are far more important things in this world than a game’s release date.

  • Too anyone that really wants to play this game just import it to the US you can find it on amazon right now and there are still a ton of people that are playing it online. and if you dont believe me you can check out the gamefaqs message boards bunch of people on there talking about it.

  • I think its a great decision. Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat both are heavy hitting titles, and they come on the week before. I would have passed on motorstorm for both of these titles. I would of bought the game no matter what, but maybe with a later release day I will get it on day 1.

  • Look you lot u don’t get it. The Factory that makes this game was damaged and they stop printing the disc’s and need to find one before they can release game and in europe some disc’s got shipped to shops before the quake happened and the shops got told not to sell yet. Because if they did sell they would run out of stock in a week or so and get a fine.

    So my heart goes to japan and this delay is bad because of japan and good because shift 2 is out and i can get it.

    So i just gonna wait till it out but please please don’t release it near dirt 3 thank you so stop complaining and wait till it comes out

  • @122
    That is not correct. Get your facts straight before posting.

  • Haha nice, it’s released the same day Rush comes to Chicago…I NEED THIS GAME!!!

  • what that sucks

  • So when will we learn the new release date? The UK had it delayed for two weeks with the release date now set for Mar 31st. If 2 weeks was enough for Europe, then the US release date should be unchanged. If the issue was being sensitive to the disaster in Japan then surely 2 weeks after it’s okay in Europe it should be okay in the US. I’m eagerly awaiting some news about this as this is looking to be one of my favorite purchases this year.

  • cmon sony how is dis possible plzzzz it better be sooon pls i changed from xbox 2 ps3 for a better experience and i have played motor storm on my 3d tv and is amazing pls bring dis game out so we can be stronger than xbox gears of war is coming and i want the ps3 2 be even more outstanding so cmon and release the apocalypse

  • I’m just so outraged right now, I’ve waited since E3 had announced it. If it gets cancelled, I swear to God I’m gonna be pissed off!!

  • (Sigh) i was gonna buy this for my friend for his birthday on the 13th… he was really excited for this game, i hope it isnt released like a month after it was supposed to.

  • Guess what…. Its releasing on September 1st cuz i just preordered at gamestop and they told me it releases on the 1st and i wuz like wtf? I also asked about Twisted Metal :D which also releases on the 1st at gamestop. I think ill pass Sony.

  • WOW. This is stupid. Honestly. I’ll tell you why, people on my list who live in the UK are playing it RIGHT NOW seriously right now as I speak. So much for a delay in the Euro territories huh. While America has to sit here without the game not only early but not even on release day.

  • please give us some news about the new release date. if it’s not coming soon, i’ll import… i just want to know. thanks

  • @ speedfreak I highly doubt they are releasing it in Sept. That is more than likely just a hold date so they can get your preorder money.

  • While it’s terrible what is happening in Japan, why should all of the North American fans who have been eagerly awaiting this game be punished over an act of nature. This is political correctness gone to freakin’ far. How about you release the game and for the first few weeks of release give a portion of the sales to organizations that will help Japan and it’s people.

  • when will it come out!?

  • well this is news to me i went to pick it up yesterday and it wasn’t there. well now i know

  • This is going too far, because an earthquake and/or a tsunami happen in the game, it gets delayed? I feel for and pray for all the people affected by this horrible event in Japan, but delaying the game because of it is Political Correctness TOO FAR. There are supposed tornadoes in the game too….should we not release the game in Kansas or Oklahoma because some people may have had their lives ruined because of a tornado? Should they stop releasing Call of Duty games that glamorize warfare when our brothers/sisters/sons/daughters get killed in these awful events? come on, how about you donate proceeds from these games to help those people? Sorry SONY but you’ve gone overboard here.

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