Call of Duty: Black Ops First Strike DLC Coming to PS3 March 3rd

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Call of Duty: Black Ops First Strike DLC Coming to PS3 March 3rd

The wait is nearly over! Treyarch and Activision are happy to announce that the Call of Duty: Black Ops First Strike Content Pack launches worldwide for the PS3 on March 3rd, 2011. Battle it out in four all-new multiplayer maps including Berlin Wall, Discovery, Stadium, and Kowloon. Expand the cooperative fight for survival in Ascension, the latest chapter within the terrifying Zombies saga.

First Strike - Berlin Wall 1
Berlin Wall features combat on both sides of the imposing wall

First Strike - Discovery 2

Discovery is a desolate, frozen German outpost in Antarctica

First Strike - Kowloon 1
In Kowloon, battle in the rain along the rooftops of a towering Chinese sprawl

First Strike - Stadium 2

Stadium is an intense locale with Zombies Ascension

The battle for Democracy expands to new territories in less than one month!

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  • MOST PSN users wont buy this DLC because

    1.) COD on the PS3 is super laggy hit detection is atrocious. And you have to use the Ak74 mostly to cut through the lag

    2.)Killzone 3 will be out and possibly the S4 beta

    3.) The fact that you gave MS timed exclusivity is a slap in the face

    4.) And that Black OPs is a ported POS oh wait I think I said that already :/

  • The game is in noway broken, why you guys keep saying that?

  • I can’t in good conscience purchase these maps. Not only for the truly lousy job your team did in making the PS3/PC versions of Black Ops, but also because of the news today regarding the DJ/Guitar Hero developers as well as True Crime.

    What goes up must come down and all that… I’m sure Activision will milk CoD dry much like they did with Guitar Hero.

  • haha heres a solution to those ofyou who seem to think is a mess… get a better internet connection/router

  • Screw activision, screw infinity ward/treyarch, and screw CoD as a whole. As for Jeff, your just doing your job.

  • Sorry but I’ll be using my money for Killzone 3 instead.

  • Booo

    Glitches, lag, crap pricing.

    How come your post doesn’t say that? NO thanks. Not falling for this CoD stuff again.

  • @48

    So a better internet connection will fix the SD resolution and wavering frame-rate?

    Who knew?!

  • i was about to buy it today

  • in xbox 360 you have to pay for download or what tell me pls

  • @poseidus. It’s not a bad router that is the problem, people with top notch AAA routers, like myself, find horrible connection, lag, glitches, and a large amount of hackers in CoD games. But notice how this guy didn’t reply to anybody. He’s not going to admit that KZ3 > CoD. He’s not going to admit they only released these maps on xbox first cause microsoft payed them.

  • That is to long y is it always xbox 360 to get the map packs first i just dont get it .

  • That FPS somebody made in LBP2 is more fun (and less glitchy) than Black Ops.

  • Seriously, this timed exclusivity crap is ridiculous. If PS3 users want to get away from this stupid trend DON’T BUY THE MAPS. It’s not that difficult.

    It’s funny, half the people saying they won’t buy the maps WILL buy them. I’ll tell you now, I am NOT purchasing these maps for this BROKEN game, ESPECIALLY for that price.

    Get off your high horse, Activision. Maps are NOT worth 15 dollars when you have independent developers who work their *** off to produce quality titles and charge 15 or LESS for ACTUAL QUALITY GAMES.

  • Activision missed it’s chance. The only map on there anyone cares about is “Ascension” the new zombie map. Killzone 3 is coming February 22nd, so Black Ops will be dead. Already sold my copy of Black Ops. Come on Feb. 22nd!

  • Nice, fire 500 people, then turn around and post news on a $15 map pack that was available on XBL last month to fatten your wallets.

    Activision is killing the gaming industry.

  • Too late :(

  • LMAO right usually the poster will shoot a few replies to the commenter’s all I hear is crickets. They wont be gettin my money #FAIL

  • No thanks its a bit too late and trayarch seem to care more about Xbox then us + ill be playing Killzone 3 so f of orlin.

  • Hey Josh, I have two quick questions: will there be any new trophies added with this new DLC? Also, can we expect a second double XP weekend when this releases?

  • COD:BO…. zzzzzzzzzzzz
    Bring on KZ3!

  • I will skip this. Black Ops is not that intresting I don’t see why people spend all day on this game. Not fun

  • Didn’t buy that trashy game Black Ops and so I obviously won’t be buying this garbage DLC that goes with it.

  • What #58 said, and many others said.

    Black Ops is broken on PS3, its a cheap port; and these map packs are
    1.Way too late for other systems
    2.Over priced
    3.Killzone 3 will be out, and the socom 4 beta
    4.The maps tend to suck extremely bad, seriously.

    If Activision wants to get Playstation fans back, they need to stop with these delayed map packs (but that won’t stop till 2012) they need to stop making crappy ports for the PS3, and they need to make COD how they used to, COD1-COD5.

    COD on all systems started sucking after World At War.

  • Like you guys give a crap about the PS3 version. No thanks, I will stick with developers who treat all their platforms equally.

  • cool ill definitely be buying this especially for the new zombie map. I love zombies! Josh Olin dont listen to all these butt hurt people you guys are doing a great job

  • Ive played the maps already. On a friends 360. If purchasing, prepare to get camped on….. but then again, i was playing xbox.

    The only upside to the pack without a doubt though is the new Zombies map. I as most will be purchasing Killzone 3 though. Anyone feel free to add me.

  • hey mr Josh Olin did everbody over there at Treyarch and Activision had there brain in the right place when they dicided to release this on the ps3 one week after killzone 3 come out? giving all your attention to mircocrap hope that dlc sold well with that xcrap360, even a monkey would know this is a sticky situation. killzone 3 all the way baby guerrilla

    ps… you guys need a better community manager if you release the maps last month you would make a ton of money now killzone kick you off the ps3

  • ill waste my money on killzone 3, now THAT is a real shooter…

  • No thanks, I’m done with Call of Duty and Activision as a whole. Worst Company Ever.

  • i wish we had “like” button on here lol

  • Stop crying it wont do anything. They will still make there money, you guys will still buy it. Not me though, lol!

  • I would have bought this if they released it before Killzone 3. I will not be playing COD anymore once KZ3 comes out.

  • lol at the rating

    CoD is not welcome here!

  • Dear Treyarch COMA, you have lost the PS3 Community for a GOOD time, so i wont buy this maps, ill be playing a better FPS, Killzone3, in my Opinion, COD is not what it used to be

  • Why they never put it in 3D……

  • I Pity the fools who buy COD every year and then these maps, crap games for the dumb 12 yr olds. I don’t support yearly rip-offs or devs who take MS money in timed exclusive deals, support the PS3 fully or don’t get a dime. COD is crap, anyway.

  • @81: because they’re cheap lol

  • This should be free to all PSN+ users since we had to wait a month, plus, why pay for DLC for a game where it’s ported and the servers aren’t even that good.

  • No thanks. The game is a crap factory.

  • IF/when you guys decide to fix the server issues, i MIGHT consider buying this. that is if im not stuck to MVC3. MW3 is around the corner too, so enjoy your last few months Activision.

  • this suck ill be playing killzone.

  • @iwannaslyde: right!, that’s what i said too on the first page lol

  • are the servers going to be fixed before launch!?

  • wow so many hate comments if u dont like it dont post u fkin tards yea KZ3 is coming out i’m gettin for sure but u dont hav to hate on BO the AK74 needs to be less powered and yes they need to fix the servers but not how u think they need to fix the invite system and they need to get a better hack protecter and they need to fix the crapy knifing but the map pack is going to awesome. I truely hate when xbox players come on the PSN and hate about the PS3 if u dont hav a PS3 u can shut the fk up there just game systems nothing more i mean yes the PS3 has free internet but with the Xbox thers less hackers. Well if you hate PS3 so much dont show your face around here and for ppl that hate Black Ops all u hav to do is NOT PLAY IT so shut up

  • lol haters gonna hate

  • Why didnt these come out the same time as 360? This is no way to treat your customers.

  • lol Black Ops

  • #84 umm for what i read this is a page on Call of Duty Black Ops so shut up and #85 is right Cod is not wat it used to be i mean after MW1 Cod went sorta down hill but its still good

  • This is why I didn’t support this game. The devs. that are money hungry and don’t give [DELETED] about Sony owners! We don’t want this DLC and we will being playing better 1st party games by then. Peace and come back when you are not a sell out!!

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