Call of Duty: Black Ops First Strike DLC Coming to PS3 March 3rd

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Call of Duty: Black Ops First Strike DLC Coming to PS3 March 3rd

The wait is nearly over! Treyarch and Activision are happy to announce that the Call of Duty: Black Ops First Strike Content Pack launches worldwide for the PS3 on March 3rd, 2011. Battle it out in four all-new multiplayer maps including Berlin Wall, Discovery, Stadium, and Kowloon. Expand the cooperative fight for survival in Ascension, the latest chapter within the terrifying Zombies saga.

First Strike - Berlin Wall 1
Berlin Wall features combat on both sides of the imposing wall

First Strike - Discovery 2

Discovery is a desolate, frozen German outpost in Antarctica

First Strike - Kowloon 1
In Kowloon, battle in the rain along the rooftops of a towering Chinese sprawl

First Strike - Stadium 2

Stadium is an intense locale with Zombies Ascension

The battle for Democracy expands to new territories in less than one month!

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  • Everyone on here is finally understanding the ways of COD franchise… Thank God! Why bother buying it.. Killzone 3 will DOMINATE and its PS3 Exclusive Hallelujah!!

  • Ooh and Death to Treyarch!!

  • This is why I didn’t support this game. The devs. that are money hungry and don’t give a s*** about Sony owners! We don’t want this DLC and we will being playing better 1st party games by then. Peace and come back when you are not a sell out!!

  • @the guy who @ed)@ me… Well whenever i’ve played using my regular house router i barely ever have trouble, just mainly on nuketown with choppers in the air

  • I don’t think i will be playing Black Ops long when i get Killzone 3. If i get the maps i’m downloading it off one of my friends i’m not paying 15 for a map pack that i might not even like, the game is frustrating with the bugs, getting kicked for no reason when the lobby is perfectly fine.

    And also the mediocre hit detection that doesn’t even work on some occasions people turn around look at me like “what the hell?” and then kill me while i’m still shooting them without missing a single bullet.

  • loleveryone take alook at comment#49!!!

  • 15 bucks for 4 maps? and a zombie map yea i’ll pass check please stacking is the same price with trophies (plus its free for me)

  • The CoD engine has the WORST hit detection Ive ever seen. $15 is waaaayyy too much for a map pack.
    Ill stick with Killzone.

  • hope treyarch is reading all of this! :D

  • It be great if the game worked. I’m trading in Blops for KZ3 anyway, so I’ll be playing that when these sucky maps drop.


  • and I have full 1080p on MP so SD resolution is the dumbest thing i ever heard. I wish commenters would post source links where they get their idiotic info. Also dont buy the game if you hate it so much or trade it for your precious KZ3 (which isnt even close to real combat) yes, the MW2 map packs were [DELETED] but Treyarc did a pretty good job with this one and the new maps are tight played them on the dreaded xbox. If you can do a better job then do it the programs are out there for the taking so….. get on it ya bunch of no life having bums

  • Can’t wait for COD to die off. Same game over and over and over and over and, well yea, you get my point.

  • Meh… Waste of time and money on Black Ops.

  • knowing them 3arc probably wont even look at this

  • Screw you guys.
    I already sold your garbage game because it NEVER WORKS.
    I’ll be enjoying something else, like Uncharted 2 for the time being.

  • Don’t waste anymore money on this broken PoS.

    Buy Killzone 3, people.

  • wow people realy hate black ops you guys need better internet

  • I’m so impressed with these 5 inch screen shots, too bad it doesn’t show the sub hd, screen tearing, lag, and >60fps me and every other player have experienced. The sad part is this is just a port… good luck trying to make me buy another Treyarch game WAW was bugged in veteran mode… and you guys still released it. and you automatically drop support for your previous games when another comes up. MW2 hacking is off the charts, and a green sign comes up that says subscribe to I hope someone is listening to my complaints…..

  • How about some more freaking weapons? Prestige is boring to level through.

  • not impressed buy the game at all! I still play MW2! Greatest game EVER!

  • pppfff, I hope they don’t plan on most of us buying this overpriced crap

  • and i will surely save my money and not buy this i dont think is worth the wait

  • I’ll be skipping this one…

  • take your dlc, and shove it up your a**. im tired of games that make the PS3 look inferior, especially when it has some overpriced DLC that costs about the same price as a small PSN game, which is probably much more fun, and with graphics that look better than your almost Standard Definition crap.

  • Yaaaaaaawwwwnnnnnn. Wish the game would have fewer major issues. The lag, the time out issues, it’s just too much. I so want to love this game, but it just doesn’t love me back. I do like it, but I have been more willing to put this one aside and play something else, than with any of the other COD games. Finally, I know Microsoft is paying you a boatload of extra dough to be able to release DLC in advance of other platforms, but a full month is ridiculous. We paid the same upfront $$ that those clowns did for the game and yet you treat us like second class citizens. Thanks for mediocrity Activision and Treyarch. We’ll have to see if I want to buy these maps…

  • and lets be truthful here, those screenshots are from the 360 version.

  • Let`s see: Black Ops Overpriced Maps with 1 month delay (xcrap fans) vs Killzone 3 and the Playstation Move Sharp Shooter… I think you know my answer Josh :)

  • Why even post this on the PlayStation blog? This is just a waste of space on the internet.

  • Pass on this. The only saving grace for Black Ops is its campaign and zombie modes, because the multiplayer is cheap meat-grinder actionn and automated killing machine killstreak perks.

    I mean, seriously, in what world are these attack choppers and massively overpowered chopper gunner good game design when there are no set spawn points? Where does good game design involve virtually penalizing good aim and aiming for headshots when spraying fire at someone’s thighs will land the mere three hits it takes to kill? Ha haha – and then, if you get hit, it makes your camera and aim jump around to better ensure you’ll get owned by someone else’s spray!

    Black Ops is one massively disappointing game. Screw the DLC, and screw it again for the price.

  • better be good zombies

  • the next map pack(you know there will be another one) should come out on PS3 first, to be fair to all the PS3 players who are patiently waiting for PS3 to come out with the 1st map pack. its pretty screwed up the Xbox 360 comes out with COD map packs before PS3 players get a chance to play it without being told by Xbox players how bad [DELETED] it is, where the camping spots are, all the secrets to the zombie map, etc. By the time map pack 1 comes out, not many people will be excited that it comes out. I wouldnt be surprised if a second map pack comes out on Xbox shortly after the first one comes out on PS3.

  • Glad to hear. Eagerly awaiting the release.

  • I believe a reward for PS3 players should come since we have to wait such a long a** time. I like the new things they added to the game, but on the same note, you still get spawn killed, you still can ” quick scope” using the variable scope, mod controllers will always be around, etc. Where theres will theres a way and theres nothing treyarch can do to stop it. I wish i could get a job at TreyArch and help with whats wrong with the games, as a computer person in the navy, theres a ton of things i could do to assist TreyArch with. P.S. creaters of COD on the PS3 side should do what Xbox does, play with the players and hear what they have to say about the game, take what they say all the griping and moaning and actually try to improve game quality

  • @95

    you know if you love 360 so much why dont you go to a microsoft blog and kiss their ass, instead of trolling in here

  • Also increase post length i type alot so it would help if you could make posts more than 1250 characters, thx

  • Isn’t it lovely that Activision signs a deal with Microsoft for an additional surplus of monies? Isn’t lovely that they’re trying to make us pay $15 for a late map pack, for a game with a completely unbalanced multiplayer?

  • just traded in today for killzone 3.. liked the zombie mode but one more map is not enough to keep me interested and i dont care about multiplayer maps

  • whew good thing i saved up for mass effect 2 instead of wasting it all on cod:bo, god that game sucks, and activision is basically microsoft’s b*tch

  • @Salacion

    i agree, the price should be reduced for at least the 1st week of sale of the “new” map pack for PS3 players to at least $9.99 then jack it up to $15. it would only be fair.

  • “Hi, I’m Josh Olin, and I suck”

  • I’m buying it.

    I don’t see the why people say the game is broken. Other than a few party system bugs, and the game crashing every once and a while, it’s not broken.

    Besides, this is different than paying $15 for MW2 map packs. 2/5 maps were recycled from CoD4 in MW2’s map packs, and Black Ops’ map packs also include new zombie maps.

    And to the one who said they were baffled how people pay $15 for these maps but complain about a $15 subscription to DC Universe. Look at the sentence, this is a one time fee, NOT a subscription. Video game subscriptions are pathetic. Why? Because I paid $60 for a game, I’d better be able to play it to it’s fullest extent without having to pay $15 more every month. Those who do so are ignorant.

  • @Berae

    your not much of a COD player are you? There needs to be variety so players dont play the same map over and over. One map would be suicidal on TreyArchs part and they would never be that stupid to create such a beefed up game to only create one map

  • i hope M$ deal was enough to cover your loses on the Sony side of things. activision won’t get another penny out of me.

  • Cant complain much, at least we dont have to pay a fee to play online like Xbox players do, maybe thats why they recieved the map packs first? think about it

  • The map is coming yupi

  • COD2: completely balanced, really fun
    COD4: relatively balanced, but was ground breaking and extremely addictive
    WAW: kind of like COD4, just different maps, guns, and ZOMBIESSSSSS
    MW2: extremely annoying, yet still relatively fun and addicting
    BLOPS: piece of [DELETED]

  • If anyone would like to Add me, im trying to find good players on both multiplayer and Zombies. Once this map pack comes out we can all calm down and mutter under our breaths about how we had to wait

  • “The wait is nearly over!”
    For Killzone 3, thank you.

  • lololol at the 2 or 3 people defending the map pack, its delay, and the price.

    haha, get out of here.

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