Watch the reveal of NGP and PlayStation Suite in 1080p HD

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Watch the reveal of NGP and PlayStation Suite in 1080p HD

You may have seen snippets and short clips around the web of our PlayStation Meeting we held in Japan earlier this week. I’m happy to finally share the historic event in it’s entirety in glorious 1080p HD. Witness and relive the moment when we unveiled to the world PlayStation Suite and NGP (Next Generation Portable).

PlayStation Meeting 2011: NGP and PS Suite Reveal PlayStation Meeting 2011: NGP and PS Suite Reveal

Other memorable and show stopping moments, like the real-time Uncharted demo and Call of Duty announced for NGP can also be found in the playlist above, which is divided into six parts for your viewing pleasure. Gather in-front of the warm glow of your computer screens and make yourself acquainted with the true revolution of portable gaming, NGP. Share your thoughts and favorite moments below, we’re eager to read your feedback.

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  • Can’t wait till they announce Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Volume 2 on the new UGP!!!

  • Also, 1st day buy for the 3G model!!!

  • is it me or does the music in the unveil video sound a lot like a p0rno song ? Its like watching tech p0rno.

  • Awesome, I’m really hyped for it.

  • …I’d rather have the original audio+subtitles, tbqh.

    I don’t really like her voice.

  • I want the xmb back

  • Please tell me that the Uncharted isn’t touchscreen only. I wouldn’t buy it if it is…
    OK, I WOULD still buy it, but you get the idea.

    • It’s really up to the player how he chooses to play. NGP has dual-analog sticks and buttons for a reason.

  • No mention of EA? interesting!

  • +1 for wanting to see this on PS Store. Much more convenient (and better looking) than YouTube.

  • I think the NGP should be called the PSP HD. What do u think?

  • it’s funny reading about NGP some places. they talk about the psp like it was the n gage or something. i’m looking forward to it if not at launch close to it.

  • Day 1 buy for the wifi version. I remember getting the original PSP years ago for Christmas and how fun it was. Now with the PSP2 (NGP) i can finally buy another PSP system and be confident it will bring that childhood memory back. I only have a few requests. Pleas have the price below 300 Dollars!! the other request is that the dual analog sticks should not wear down after a year. I had to throw away my original PSP because the analog stick did not work great and it kept sticking like the Dualshock controllers. Please prevent this from happening on the NGP or at least package some kind of cleaning material i can use to clean the analog stick ( and screen)

  • It looks like a nice device but the price is going to sink it.

  • Is this gonna up be on NA PlayStation Store (the reveal)?

  • It would be cool if resident evil revelations can be playable in the psp 2

  • Muahahah! Awesome, glad we get to see it in such awesome quality! I’ve re-watched the crappy cut up pieces over and over now.

    Also, I really dig that Rey puts a lot of effort into answering gamers here on the blog. One of the best at it bro, keep it up.

    • Thanks man! Jeff and Sid do a great job too! We feed off youe feedback (lolz, get it), and happily deliver it to our team at PlayStation. What you guys think is extremely important to us. =)

  • :D (speechless moment)


    (P.S. is there any info on it’s battery life? nothing worse than the perfect portable system running for only 1 and a half hours)

  • NGP is far beyond what i expected and hope on seeing it in my hands!!!But i have a question will a lot of this new features like playstation suit and others add to past psp systems like the psp go.

  • Awesome videos so far! I’ll have to watch the rest tomorrow.
    The NGP sounds like it has a lot of potential and is looking very impressive. Can’t wait to get my hands on one when it comes out!!
    Most likely a day one purchase. Can’t wait for E3. Sony is going to rock the house this year!!

  • I was excited back in march 2004 when the PSP was announced. I lost sleep on march 23rd 2005 , I couldn’t wait till the next morning to pick my NEW PSP…then Nov 17th 2006 my NEXT BIG system, PS3…wow has it been 5 years!!…I feel like its 2005 again…!!! NGP?…PsP2? Day One, I’m there!!

  • My request is that Netflix works in 3g and wifi please and the playstation video store, some kind of output so i can plug it up to a tv and watch a movie when i’m in a hotel, and please have a facebook/twitter/playstationblog app

  • how does the 3g work? do you have to pay monthly?

  • The 1080p is ruined by YouTube’s expert quality squashing. Oh well, I can still see a little…

  • LiveArea’s features faarr outweigh the xmb’s

  • [Unorganized pre-thoughts]
    Wow after watching all of this, I cannot wait until Christmas 2011! I don’t know about another Call of Duty, but on the third-party side of games, it has brought me and my friends closer than any other game of this generation. What I see as a viable reason to leave outside with an NGP is the feature that let’s you see what game is popular in that area! this is a slight opportunity to meet more gamers and be able to socialize with them in person instead of having to build bonds with each other over months and months of playing over the network. Some games I really cannot wait until I get my hands on are the obvious which are Killzone, WipEout, Uncharted, and Little Deviatns among many other NGP exclusives. Some games I wish would get remade for the NGP are games like CoolBoarders, Twisted Metal, Jet Moto, Spyro, Crash, Syphon Filter, Tomba!, and last but not least, SOCOM!

    as a last comment, this will be the perfect product for anybody that has built a large digital collection on the PlayStation store! I am glad that I will be able to play all of my Digital PSP games as well as my PSOne Classics and if I ever start buying minis, those as well!

    ~that is all!

  • DO WANT!!!
    What’s the name of the song that’s shown during the Games Showcase?
    Or about 12 mins in to the second video.

  • I want the NGP!! I just hope that I can play japanese games and that it’s at a low price.

  • Man im so gettin this!

  • @Sonicfan11589 shouldn’t be hard…just back up on your computer or if it is just media your ps3

    can’t wait….just got the psp-go a little while ago, but have been waiting for so long to have 2 sticks on the psp

  • great features on the NGP, but pricing this time is important to me this time around, there is nothing that you will do to make me buy this new device is you price it higher than $299, gamers have learned their lessons, and plus competition is strong you cant beat them with just more features.

  • $249.99 wifi , $299.99 3G and they will sell like hotcakes lol

  • Hey rey, could you tell me if well be able to use the NGP in place of a DS3? You know how cool that could be? DS style gaming on PS3. Your map and items could be on your NGP screen, Or you could use it as sights for call of duty or killzone. It’s almost endless. Plus if you could get the price down pretty low you could include them as a dual shock replacement for the PS4.

  • I need this super device in my life. E3 is going to be off the friggin hook!

  • The unnecessary and ridiculous change of name will bite you; “PlayStation” and “PSP” is a well-known brand; NGP is just an empty, meaningless word.

    But I must say that I like outer design and specs of the new PSP. I was afraid you were going to mess this up and bury this console because the “leaked” images looked awful. Change the name to PSP2 and be true to the XMB and all that is “PlayStation” and I’ll buy it =)

  • Btw: Is this a mobile phone too? Can the PSP2 make mobile phone calls?

  • MONSTER HUNTER Portable 3rd for NGP nice nice

  • Ugly Interface.

  • Thank you.

  • You guys, need to learn with Nintendo.

    So much things, in the end, is the same of nothing.

    What is the real objective of this?

    What is the main attraction?

    That’s the basics in creating a new product.

    So many games, but only trilogy games, you need less realistic games, games that can last forever, like Zelda, Mario, Pokemon.

    Seriously, if it continues, sales will be low, very low.

  • Another thing, be less predictable, it’s a good start.

  • Sweet, this is going to be the best psp system to date, I mean what more can you ask for?

  • is SCEAblog associated withe videos on the PlayStation store? I wish i could downlaod this like they dow ith E3 and TGS, but still thanks so much for uplading this! I really apreciate it.

    One thing i dont get with sony though,I think this device is perfect but now a days kids wants DS becsue of gimicks like nintendogs, cameras and 3D, and even harder the iPhone. With the iPhone 5 coming out, i think most people dont care about controls, i really hope sony does well with the NGP. And Sony, please make a Birth By Sleep Volume 2 on the orignal PSP :( i cant wait for this XD i wonder how the NGP will be able to standa gainst apple .

    btw last comment, I LOVE YOU SONY, especcailly you jack Trettona nd Kazuo Hirai. I wish i could meet you in my life :(

  • im wondering if the NGP will have playstation home and facebook so you can chat with your friends nd that if you can play ps3 games on the NGP like call of duty black ops that would be awesome nd sony would make a lot of money

  • The NGP is amazing! If it’s $299 or less, then I’m buying one!

  • I see where playstation suite will be a ting where other ppl will have access to the playstation like gaming. I’m wondering if this is to have a open network with playstation as root? still trying to get ma head around this but for some reason i see something not righted happening. though it can be amazing as in it seems playstation gonna be more open as such ppl who has game ideas can create and advertise it easier to get a full game contract. but soem missing.

  • I’ve got an iPad and can’t watch this video:( please convert to HTML5.
    I’ve got an iPad and can’t watch this video:( please convert to HTML5
    I’ve got an iPad and can’t watch this video:( please convert to HTML5
    I’ve got an iPad and can’t watch this video:( please convert to HTML5
    I’ve got an iPad and can’t watch this video:( please convert to HTML5
    I’ve got an iPad and can’t watch this video:( please convert to HTML5
    I’ve got an iPad and can’t watch this video:( please convert to HTML5

    I’d love to watch this video:) NGP looks amazing!

  • please make it like a little ps3 kinda where you can play some of the ps3 games on your ngp like uncharted 3 and vs. ppl from the ngp to the ps3! and make it so that you can mssg ur freinds from ur ngp from ur ps3

  • oh only 1 problum would it be to big to fit in ur pocket? and the 2 joysticks dont those poke out 2 much to fit in ur pocket? lol

  • Awesome news !!
    Please support the Facebook page of the NGP, all the news and all you need to know will be there in one place :

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