Watch the reveal of NGP and PlayStation Suite in 1080p HD

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Watch the reveal of NGP and PlayStation Suite in 1080p HD

You may have seen snippets and short clips around the web of our PlayStation Meeting we held in Japan earlier this week. I’m happy to finally share the historic event in it’s entirety in glorious 1080p HD. Witness and relive the moment when we unveiled to the world PlayStation Suite and NGP (Next Generation Portable).

PlayStation Meeting 2011: NGP and PS Suite Reveal PlayStation Meeting 2011: NGP and PS Suite Reveal

Other memorable and show stopping moments, like the real-time Uncharted demo and Call of Duty announced for NGP can also be found in the playlist above, which is divided into six parts for your viewing pleasure. Gather in-front of the warm glow of your computer screens and make yourself acquainted with the true revolution of portable gaming, NGP. Share your thoughts and favorite moments below, we’re eager to read your feedback.

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  • PLEASE PLEASE AND PLEASE Add NGP Game trailer in HD to store (the one which include gravity daze,uncharted and resistance not Play LIFE trailer )

    official blog is for PS fans to reach guys who inside in PS business so please add this awsome trailer in HD i watched meeting in HD but want to see trailer alone in HD in full screen

    Thanks soo MUCH

  • Thanks for the Vid post!! Now I can see and understand what is going on! Watched yesterday but have comments and questions today. First off I see that remote-play will be available Freakin sweet! Cause I have been looking forward to Battlefield:Bad Company on the go since leaked News of NGP, At least I hope! Second I see only one output connection… Was he charging the unit??? What accessories will it have for this connection, hdmi, t.v. tuner (no US support booo), sound-station, car charger and so on? Specs say bluetooth so maybe a possibility of PS-Move support, dualshock controller (rumble and L2-R2) and mic support? Last will we be able to play our own music, videos, and pics not just PS-Store content(If not remote play will help :) Sony always Thinking Beyond! If You can not answer I understand and will wait for E3! Thank You for your Time and Effort!!!

  • Looks awesome can’t wait

  • Awesome! Sony has raised the bar, once again! Thanks, Rey for posting the videos for all to see!

  • I saw the NGP in action with Uncharted and instantly went “Holy ####!”. Seriously the NGP looks amazing to say the least. From the VERY pretty graphics to the nifty touch pad and screen and the second analog stick, this looks to improve in every way from the PSP and brings in some new things I didn’t see coming that sound really cool! As long as it doesn’t cost more than $350, I will probably get one as soon as possible. Nice work!

  • awesome! thanks for the HD vid, english voice over ftw!! Now ill get to understand it as well!

  • Please allow multiple PSN accounts to sign in and earn trophies on one NGP. I can’t justify the purchase of two if these , when my wife and I already have a PSP3000 , PSPGo and our OWN PS3s.

  • Here are some of my ideas of what it might be called post NGP codename: PSP 2 Go, PSP Life, PS Live, PSP Live, PS HD Live, PS Globetrotter, NGPSP, PSP Turbo (Which will be followed up with ‘Alpha’, PS Vision or PSV (I like that).

  • I have a question, Is there going to be an Ngp bundle with Little big planet?

  • Will the browser support flash this time? That would be so awesome!!! I have been waiting for this announcement since the last E3 :)

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