Watch the reveal of NGP and PlayStation Suite in 1080p HD

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Watch the reveal of NGP and PlayStation Suite in 1080p HD

You may have seen snippets and short clips around the web of our PlayStation Meeting we held in Japan earlier this week. I’m happy to finally share the historic event in it’s entirety in glorious 1080p HD. Witness and relive the moment when we unveiled to the world PlayStation Suite and NGP (Next Generation Portable).

PlayStation Meeting 2011: NGP and PS Suite Reveal PlayStation Meeting 2011: NGP and PS Suite Reveal

Other memorable and show stopping moments, like the real-time Uncharted demo and Call of Duty announced for NGP can also be found in the playlist above, which is divided into six parts for your viewing pleasure. Gather in-front of the warm glow of your computer screens and make yourself acquainted with the true revolution of portable gaming, NGP. Share your thoughts and favorite moments below, we’re eager to read your feedback.

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  • AWESOMESAUCE! Thanks Rey!

  • Any chance we will get this on the Store? It’d be nice to watch on the big screen.

  • Will trophies be obtainable in-game in the NGP and will you launch something like “PS2 classics”?

  • I think Chuck Norris soiled himself when he saw this.

  • Part 4/6 is not showing up on the sceablog YouTube page… is that one coming?

  • Part 4 is still set to private. =/

  • better late than never !!!! hey Rey when are we gonna have more info on NGP games ? i saw 2 sackboys on screen at the same time in the LBP video footage , Who is developing Uncharted , Killzone , Resistance ? Little Deviants looks really fun , i like the way its supposed to be play , very kool , are all the games part of NGP launch line up ? man im really excited to know more about NGP

  • Rey are we gonna be able to talk , send messages to our psn friends ? even though if they are using ps3s?

  • I’m super excited for PlayStation Suite. Now with Kotaku reporting that FW 3.60 will have “Online Saving” for PlayStation Plus users that makes me even more excited. I love how Hideo Kojima mentioned that during the meeting.

  • yes sony to come to the android market!! i cant wait

  • i’m excited by this device.just like i said in another post gonna wait ’till things are sorted out…stuff like: price and battery life. i must say that the processor on this thing is a monster but i’m also wondering about if the device will be able to handle its power without overheating. i hope that this new psp will have enhanced remote play or something like know it’ll be cool if you could watch a dvd/blur-ray from your ps3 using the remote play.lastly, another reason that i will hold out is that this thing is probably not going to come with many games to play with it…:0

  • What’s the revolution you’re talking about? is that what you call the shift in focus away from original ips and onto ps3 direct ports (also known as same old [DELETED] or the opposite of a revolution, stagnation)? Because if that’s the case i’ll stick with the other big revolution in portable gaming until this particular revolution focuses more on original ips than just trying to emulate what has already been done better on the ps3. In addition, it will be a while before i get this device if the price without 3g is greater than the ps3 or the 3ds.

  • Nice, as long as the advertisment is nothing like the NGP trailer you showed at the playstation meeting. That trailer didnt even have the ngp in it. Kinda reminded me of the horrible playstation 3 commercials at the beginning of the systems life and the horrible euro commercials “playstation life” that didnt even have the ps3 in it, but real actors. What is up with the marketing? Keep it simple or at least kevin butler’ish.

    • The first trailer was a teaser spot, setting the stage and introducing “Play Life.” Think of it as an opening act.

  • Thanks man!

    Falling in love with the PS brand

  • Thanks, this video has way better sound than what gamespot posted

    • I was shooting with two cameras, the main one you see here was rigged to our primary Sony camera, which has an amazing on board audio mixer. You’ll spot the second camera in my video with Jeff and SCE Group CEO Kaz Hirai soon!

  • Day one purchase!!!

    If Sony lives up to what they said, cross platform gaming, taking saves of similar games (i.e. RTTS or Franchise in MLB ’12 The Show), and then re-syncing to your PS3 to continue on, cloud saving, etc etc then…

    They are going to revolutionize hand-held gaming. I am on board!

    Uncharted, MLB ’12 The Show, Killzone, etc etc in some gorgeous OLED presenting graphics… /droooool

  • Looks great. :)

    But what happened to part 4?

  • Thanks for your efforts to Rey and all involved, but i think this should of been posted with hours of the actual event, just like Apple do.

    It also kinda helps you guys take the power back (i already watched a complete translated vid of the conference on gamespot yesterday, and i was day late)

    Dont take this the wrong way tho, your efforts are still appreciated, but i thought i’d give you a heads up for next time.

    PS: Next Gen Portable is going to dominate!

  • Part 4 not there! :(

  • If we can get this downloadable from the PS Store that would be awesome! But for now YouTube will do. Thanks Rey!

  • Doesn’t work with the fail PS3 browser.

  • i don’t understand why talk about it if it isn’t coming out here until next year. i hate when sony and other publishers do that crap. lets talk about something that isn’t even coming out this year.

  • How about giving us a browser in the ps3 that can actually play this video .

  • will there be an easy way to transfer all digital content and game saves from old PSP/PSP Go’s to the NGP, hopefully it won’t get complicated, such as using a cable.

  • this was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Please tell me Sony is thinking of a trade in program for UMDs to Digital copies!!!

  • Very detailed and just what I wanted to see.

    Looks like NGP will do extremely well, depending on the price it’s set to sell at.

    Thanks very much Rey for taking the time to let us all see this !

  • Nintendo

  • if this is realy all its said to be, then im sold. its said to be a little bit bulkier than the 3000 but with the new second anolog stick im thinkng it will feel like a your carrying around your ps3 in your pocket.

  • cool i’m still buying it but i hope the 3G for NGP is FREE, thay shuld call this pspPRO

  • Are you aware about that Part 4 is still private?

    The NGP looks amazing, SCE always brings out first class hardware to the consumers and that is the reason I love everything with the PlayStation brand.

    The price, date and software lineup will be critical if the NGP will be a great success or not. I will definitely be buying just because the hardware is worth more than $599 just from the specifications.

    I also wonder why it isn’t called PlayStation Portable 2?. But I have a theory, Kazio Harai have teased about tablets and smartphones and he mentioned this is just the first announcement in the press-conference. I believe SCE is planning to release a lineup of different portable devices and PSP2 will be just one of them … I believe we will see both a tablet and a smartphones down the line but I would not expect them to launch in 2011. I expect them to launch maybe in the second or the third iteration NextGenerationPortables when the consumer demand have lowered.

  • Rey, question.

    Does anyone know if the NGP will use the onboard keyboard, because I’d think most would want a physical keyboard instead of having to scroll to the letters you want to type ?

    If not a physical keyboard, then maybe one on screen and then just use the touch feature to type.

  • I was reading the live blog chat this night and was excited like a kid on xmas morning, now to watch the conference is even better, thanks!

    • I hear yah. Five years ago, I’d be sitting in front of my computer only dreaming I can actually be there, and now — to be part of the show and see all your reactions is far more rewarding.

  • Oh boy! Sony sets the bar again! Will NGP have access the the entire Android market? And please Sony, Allow the NGP and the PS3 to communicate threw messaging and video chat! Oh one more question,any idea on what wireless carrier we could see the NGP on?

  • Anybody know how to watch the 4th part of the video?

  • am really looking forward to more info on how PlayStation Suite will work on android phones. Thanks Sony!

  • omg.. this is a dream come true. the NGP looks awesome, the phone is pretty cool too. Cannot wait for the NGP though, I like the psp thats out now but this is a million times better. Hope to also see in the future after launch a Resident Evil game and Assassins Creed would be pretty cool. The lineup so far is amazing, keep it up Sony!

  • now am i goin to be able to use this store content w/ my moment 2.1 or am i gonna have to buy another stupid phone just to get android 3

  • You guys need to make part 4 available to everyone…

  • Love it, will buy on day one. Please continue to support psp1 by putting ps1/psp games on the store. (Why isn’t one of the biggest psp sellers on psn? (Crisis Core). My next phone will be an Android phone for sure.

    You have a lot of support in this community regarding recent legal battles, but please get the issue below resolved:

  • Can I download videos via PS Store

  • Hey Rey, there was an interview with Kaz Hirai that said “Sony is currently in negotiations to get software makers to actively release download versions of their PSP games.” Any confirmation for US PSP games?

  • E3 announcements in the work? Really looking forward to more about this.

  • Is there a Sub-only version? I don’t feel comfortable with Translated “dialog” (meaning English voiceover overlapping the Japanese audio).

    • No, sorry. =/ But there will be a live theatre version with shadow puppets. Preview showings start next week. I will play the part of the NGP, can you guess who Jeff and Sid will play. =D

  • I think I im love…..
    But the Saying love don’t cost a thing isn’t applicable here lol…..
    This Will cost me a leg and two fingers but I WILL GET IT!!!
    Ily Sony 8)

  • How much will the battery life be?

  • Love the design. I had issues with the original PSP’s single nub, it wasn’t very comfortable to use in 3D games. So the NGP having two actual analog sticks is most appreciated. Connecting trophies and other info to our current PS3 IDs is neat too.

    Right now, I want to see more of Gravity Daze.

  • i really hope that it’s not going to be called NGP… that just doesnt work at all… its basically the PSP2 so it should just be called that…
    with that said, it will be a long debate as to whether ill even pick one up, giving how long it took me to get a PSP and my relative disappointment in that system..

    lastly, i certainly hope the speakers in this system are better than the PSP speakers were… my cell phone has better sound than the PSP, easily..

  • I find the video pretty neat, however, I just don’t understand why some people, (like Rey), use an avatar of some nerd that looks like a punk young kid version of Balki Bartokomous on Perfect Strangers? It’s just such a lame looking avatar. lol

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