PlayStation Move: By The Numbers

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Whether we’re talking Trophy Level, KDR, or NPD, us gamers are a pretty stat-obsessed lot. Last week, we announced that a million PlayStation Move units have been shipped in North America. This morning, have a look at some more stats about the first month of PlayStation Move’s availability.

Move Momentum

Later this week, we’ll have more Move stats for you as the Sports Champions team will share some interesting gameplay tidbits.

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  • @15

    Up-Scaled 1080i-p, you smart A__!

    Also, Hook up your PS2…. play a PS2 game and a SD tv and than play it on a HD tv… Than find someone with a PS3 with BC and play the same game, Now dont you feel better that you kept crying for so long over something you thought was so darn important?

  • From reading the comments I’m not the only one calling BS on this stupidity. No clue given how or where these “statistics” are gathered. Without citing references this so called “data” is bogus and thats on its best day. People are wanting cross party chat, LBP2 and especially GT5 which I’ve long since given up on. People want other features restored like SACD, BC (via software at least), and OtherOS but no, you waste our time with blatant propoganda. I mean come on NOBODY who owns a Wii wants move, and unlike you at the sce propaganda ministry I know many Wii owners. This is nothing more than a sad lackluster attempt at covering SCE’s marketing blunders.

  • BTW, remember the Atari Jaguar? unlike move it was a great system but it also failed christmas of 1995 for one reason. Atari didn’t read the market just as SCE is failing to do so now and failed to do any real marketing that christmas season other than getting it placed in a few major retail chains. Of course promptly did NOT sell and was returned by retailers in january of 1996 putting Atari out of the console business permanently. to be brutally honest both SCE & Microsoft have utterly failed to learn that lesson. The moral of the story is instead of being a me too copycat of a years old product come up with something original. For that matter just come up with what you promised YEARS AGO and are still failing to deliver

  • I bought the Move and have Sports Champsionship and The Shoot. And both games reinforced my utter hatred for motion type of gaming – gimmicky, finicky, and simply not fun. I should have realized it when I had purchased a Wii and aside form parties, never turned it off. Oh well, motion gaming is not for me. I’ll stick to real gaming thank you very much.

  • Terrible numbers. I am embarassed for Sony, they continually have the best hardware, best exclusives, yet get outsold by MS due to one thing, MARKETING. Sony, your marketing is a joke, Kinect is everywhere, its going to sell because of a massive marketing push by MS. MS can sell a turd, Sony, your marketing is a joke. Move, PS3 is by far better, but your lack of marketing of Move, and your exclusives is leaving you in third place and massive lose of market share. Smarten up Sony.

  • Funny that companies always think in fiscal years. But guess what – you are not selling to companies. Other than that, nice numbers, although I’ve yet to see the one killer app Move game. I have to admit after having some initial fun with Sports Champions the Move doesn’t get much attention now. It’s beyond me why Sony doesn’t push this hardware with an exclusive AAA title. And no, I’m not talking about Sorcery which looks nice but doesn’t really qualify as AAA.

  • ok sony i love the move there is just one thing missing from your move marketing bundles. so i have to ask why is there not a game plus ps move controller bundle, by that i mean whys is there not a game and single move controller bundle. the reason i ask is because i have a move, a nav controller and i already had the ps eye, but i want a second move and a move game like sports champions. it would be nice and alot more conveinient to just put a bundle out with a move game and a move controller for like $70 or less.

  • Cool,i will be buying my playstation move,eye and sub controller sometime early next year. Looking forward to playing my RE5,maybe heavy rain and definitely Sorcery when it launches.

  • Every game should have move support!

  • Seems like a PR spin more than anything else… especially with the lack or real figures (masking them with percentages instead) and “purchase intent?”

  • Thanks! We gamers love charts! I call it “level up complex”! ^_^ I was suprised that the average age is 28 (I’m not feeling old anymore!). I have no doubt that in long term Move will win the Motion Wars:
    1) Is has the most accurate movement detection, people will get tired of cute, short and physically demanding minigames quickly.
    2) Hardcore games (MAG, RE5, Sly Cooper, Killzone 3)

  • i bought the 320GB system only because my original 60gb died… so, i was a reluctant buyer and still not sure im sold on Move… but glad to see there are people out there who were curious enough to buy it… just hope that translates into worthwhile games…

  • I don’t like seeing the Move safety tips before a Move-compatible game loads up when I don’t even own a Move.

  • Wow, if it’s only 1 million “shipped” then Move can’t be doing very well. How many were actually sold? Likely a fraction of that million. On top of that, it’s likely that many households purchased more than one set of Move controllers (which would mean even fewer households actually bought the thing)

  • “I wonder how many people want BC for PS2 games? It would sell more than move. LOL:)”

    Agreed. Blog.share has it as one of the top most requested features. Sony should start doing those before anything else no one asked for (ie: Facebook crap)

  • the move is great can’t wait for more shooting games i think more people will use the move. tumble is a great party game we made a drinking game out of it

  • @omega_alpha-619 LOL I guess $399 move bundle is your idea of cheap. if it wasn’t for ps2-Ps3 whould never be here. deal with it. I play all Playstion games to bad you don’t:P

  • lol… your whole comment made no sense, i play ps2 games… ON MY PS2 stupid… not sure what your move bundle comment was about.. but w/e thats what I should expect from an idiot.

    Try harder if you want to make a point… this time all you did was fail.

    p.s. ive been playing PS since the 1st “Twisted Metal” back in ’95.. and gaming since atari 2600 and C64… so dont speak about me. You dont know anything about what I do. Ignorant.

  • Oh and Sony will NEVER bring back PS2 BC in ps3 , but why
    dont you hold your breath till they do just incase. haha = )

  • I proved you wrong about playing ps2 game in 1080i on PS3. And Ive been playing since 84. And been play Playstion for 15 years also. so whats your point

  • Proved me wrong?… maybe you should look back at the comments…
    it was you who was proved wrong by another person who commented.

    Im done with this, there is no point arguing with you. You think your right even
    when your not. Reply as many times as you like. Im no longer interested in what you think.

  • How can anyone say the Move isn’t doing well? Go try to find a stand alone Move controller anywhere….I’m just saying!

  • I really like the Move and want to see it adopted by more games– but adopted WELL. One thing I have noticed is that several games have different methods of calibration, and vary widely in how well they utilize the controller. In my opinion, “Start The Party” wins hands down for ease and accuracy.

    The only number I really care about as a customer, is how many REALLY GREAT games will support Move in the near future. At present, pickings are slim. I am looking forward to Sorcery and Little Big Planet 2.

    I am severely disappointed to read that Portal 2 is not planned to support PS Move, and have to wonder if Sony is giving developers enough support/initiative to integrate it into their games.

  • “Whether we’re talking Trophy Level, KDR, or NPD, us gamers are a pretty stat-obsessed lot.”.

    100% Agreed. Please show this sentence to the team responsible for updating public trophies for new games. No Vanquish? No New Vegas? Hell even castlevania and F1 2010 won’t show.

  • well is anyone else having trouble with the head tracking device wen you calibrate your ps move on lights out???? and it should be a good game but you have to punch so slowly otherwise it goes wrong!!! also how do you get the move avatar on ps home to access the move room? plz help tx

  • i agree and also the so called head t5acking dont even work!!!!

  • boo at all the people bashing on move sales, sony already said that they had to increase production several times already so that means that the 1 million shipped in N.America will be sold already, not to mention single moves was sold out for ages at first
    move is doing really well and i love it, now excuse me while i go play on some games

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