PlayStation Move: By The Numbers

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Whether we’re talking Trophy Level, KDR, or NPD, us gamers are a pretty stat-obsessed lot. Last week, we announced that a million PlayStation Move units have been shipped in North America. This morning, have a look at some more stats about the first month of PlayStation Move’s availability.

Move Momentum

Later this week, we’ll have more Move stats for you as the Sports Champions team will share some interesting gameplay tidbits.

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  • Sold != shipped.

    Although this is a nice attempt from the Sony marketing/PR dept. Keep up the fight against Kinect.

  • wow that’s some interesting statistics. 25% over the age of 35 and the average age is 28. Wouldn’t of guessed that.

  • I love these charts for some reason lol. :D

    Anyway, i have 3 Moves. >.>

  • It’s kind of pointless advertising how many games will be available by the end of the fiscal year if people don’t know when Sony’s FY ends, isn’t it?

  • @4

    Good point. It’s March 31st.

  • Just out of interest, who is this flyer/poster aimed at? Is it aimed at retaillers (buyers, etc) or at customers?

    • At anyone who has an interest, really. We decided to put it here just because, as I said, gamers do love stats.

  • Playstation Move FO’ LYFE!!

  • I have to admit i love the move controller. Kids love it and I like using it for shooters, can’t wait to see what else it is good for in the future.

  • So 30% female is another way of saying 70% male? lol Not surprised :D

  • Out of those 1 million, how many were actually sold? 200,000? Probably less.

  • More games please!

  • Yeap. Still no GT5 release date

  • Who cares? GT5 release date please.

  • Please playstation, give us a release date for GT5.
    We are getting crazy!

  • I wonder how many people want BC for PS2 games? It would sell more than move. LOL:)

  • Just buy a ps2 for your ps2 games
    jeez they arent expensive.

  • the photo is private on the flick website. I also wish you guys would announce official total sales :(. Congrats on the success though.

  • @15 ok but I can’t play PS2 in 1080i/p on old system. jeez

  • You cant on new system either…
    even most PS3 games are only 720p
    Only a handful are 1080p.

  • @18 what are you talking about you can’t play ps2 game in 1080i/p I had 60 gig system that is dead it ran FFXII in 1080i

  • I’m sick of playing GT5 prologue. Please release GT5 before christmas:)

  • Doesn’t the bundle cost one penny more than buying the PS3 and a Move bundle separately? Shouldn’t there be savings on a bundle, not a premium?

  • 60 percent of the world population already own a wii

  • I wish I had some interest in Move, but it just does nothing for me. But I hope those that are buying it are enjoying it.

  • @19 No it didn’t run in 1080i. It upconverted the resolution. Thats all.

    PS2 wasn’t capable of running anything above 480p

    Also, give me a GT5 release date SONY.

  • Some interesting stats.

    I still can’t wait for the industry to either outgrow motion controls or actually justify them as being functional enough to justify not favoring a standard issue controller though.

  • I’m 28 and I own a Wii and I’m a parent.

    I’m a model statistic here lol.

  • Also. How exactly does one go about gauging the public’s “purchase intent” of a product? That seems pretty much impossible unless you’re somehow probing our minds.

  • I’m also not convinced that “Family” is a game genre. But I guess you have to shove the EyePet into something.

  • @puppetShoJustice

    Would you like to take a survey?

  • @24 Yes it did run 1080i upscaled just like they upscale DVD movies. sure it looked like crap but it looked beter than a regular ps2 480i display.

  • Now the NPD data is no longer available were stuck with Sony giving us Shipped numbers instead of Sold.
    I own a Wii and have 2 kids I’m not at all interested in the Move because Sony just doesn’t have the games to support the peripheral.

  • So.. when do we get better games to buy? Sorry if that’s something completely unrelated to the PSmove.

  • no good games for move right now
    i have move, but it’s been sitting on the charger for a few months now, sorcerer looks cool but who knows when that’s coming out.
    all 60% of you should probably stick to your wii’s lol

  • LOVE IT!!!!

    I still have to get the Eye Pet for my kids and looking forward to Tim Crisis.

  • Thanks for providing the best motion control setup out there, Sony. Currently doing Heavy Rain and Tumble with it.


  • I bet you M$ will say Kinect sold 10 Million in a day then :D (when it comes out)

  • sony’s attempts at bolstering their motion controller credibility by exaggerating sales as units shipped is likely proof that its not actually doing so hot (e.g. i have shipped out over 30 job applications in the past month and havent heard back from a single one).

  • We need a GT5 release date…hope to #$%@ they didn’t mean it was coming out before the end of SONY’s ‘fiscal’ year…

  • “intend” is the key word here

  • Sweet data, I hope it continues to do well and beats out that kinect nonsense.

  • I’m still waiting for the move and game buddles then I’ll buy. If they have a few differant game and move bundles it would be even better.

  • I own 2 moves controllers, and will buy another 2 for the split screen fight lights out!!!


  • i cant wait 2 buy my move set so i can ply my fav. game all over again MAG n all the new coming soon games like Killzone3, Socom4, n much more ;)
    TAKE THAT Kinect!!! Kinect is wasted of money 4 a truth gamer

  • An interesting thing to point out:

    “in the first 30 days since its release, 1 million units shipped”

    That statement would lead me to believe that the units that were stocked at or before the launch day are not counted here. with that in mind, I think it would be safe to say that Sony has sold way more than that 1 million (I believe there have been new articles claiming around 2.5 million + sold world wide in the first 30 days).

  • Looks like an interesting success. :) I’ll get the Move eventually.

  • Sad.

    Shipped means hardly anything. Move is sold out nowhere.

  • I own both a PS3 and an Xbox 360. While I have to admit I spend more time on the 360, I prefer the Move over Kinect by a long shot. I just picked up the kinect last week, and so far am not a fan. I just hope you guys continue to support the Move aggressively!

  • Sweet, random numbers that are meaningless!

  • This seems to be as good a place as any to put this in (since nothing I enter into Blog.Share shows up- and believe me, they AREN’T duplicates): Devs need to take the calibration thing seriously. Many games released thus far have issues here. PAIN just recently got a patch, and I honestly don’t know how it helps in the slightly. It doesn’t determine where you are- it shoehorns you into the position it thinks you should be! In my case, the aisle between my recliner and couch. I have to get out of the chair walk over and hit the furthest target before sitting back down and playing as if it didn’t even matter. And this is a game that SHOULD be playable while sitting down. And I despise having to fiddle with the Eye since its cord makes it less than agreeable.

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