“Machete” Molds You Into a Badass in The Fight: Lights Out

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When we got our first beta build of The Fight: Lights Out, we were ecstatic to find that Danny Trejo was in it, starring as your trainer, Duke. You may not know the name, but you’ve probably seen this bad-ass in movies like Con Air, Machete, and From Dusk Til Dawn (where, as a vampire bartender, he was awesomely impaled with a cue stick).

So when we met him recently, it was a treat to find out that he’s not just some paid celebrity shill; he could pick up a pair of PlayStation Move controllers and wipe the floor with dudes in The Fight: Lights Out. And as a guy with some boxing experience – in prison no less – Danny had some fight tips to share with us.

The Fight: Lights Out is available tomorrow, exclusively for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Move. If you’re a fan of Mr. Trejo, stay tuned to our Twitter feed. Danny signed some posters for you PlayStation fans, and we’ll be giving them out soon.

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  • @2


  • Danny Trejo is such a badass, he can make anyhting look cool. Even Move.

  • LOVE Danny Trejo.

    I am in the camp of GT5 beggars too. Not every blog post but this is agonizing.

  • also LOVE Danny Trejo…
    ask him if he knows the gt5 realease date pls…

  • Ahahaha yes this is amazing, I’m picking it up!

  • danny trejo is kettle.


  • Comments to do with GT5 being deleted? If so can somebody clean up the comments in the ModNation blog post?

  • It really is awesome that he is being featured here. Such a class act.

  • Yes please, delete them all Thank You

  • I heard Danny Trejo is a big fan of GT 5 and that he demands a release date.

  • Very cool. Can’t wait until tomorrow!

  • I know its part of the gig, but he seems like such a humble guy.

  • I just want you all to know that we here at PSN Store feel your frustration at not being told more about the release date of GT5. While I can not confirm the exact date that all of you will be able to purchase the game in store I can tell you that it will be released shortly after Xenogears is available for download in the PSN Store. I have been playing GT5 for the past 2 days here in SCEA PSN HQ and I can assure you it is worth the wait.

    Deal with it.
    (not actually G.C.)

  • When the lights come back will there be a copy of Gran Turismo in my PS3?


  • man this game looks great the graffics, story line, just wow. this game makes Wii Boxing look bad.

  • So, is this game good or not?

  • hey SONY ON TV not he web. we all know about this game its the people that own ps3’s but don’t follow PS3 news that you need to target not us. We follow the Sony news we know about your games.


  • In before GT… oh wait.

  • Congratulations Sony, by outselling the Xbox 360, even though the MS console had a whole year head start !


  • Damn, sounds like danny had a couple of drinks. The Fight looks great and I WILL have it tomorrow.

  • sorry I will say darn from now on. I apologize.

  • Thanks for the interview Jeff, did you see that vandy game? 55-14 chomp chomp chomp…

    Anyway I can combine/edit these posts into one?

  • Are You A Bad Enough Dude To Play The Fight: Lights Out?

  • i’ve seen reviews for this game; i’ll pass.

  • You guys remember Danny in Heat??
    He doesn’t look that much different since Heat.

  • They need to advertive this stuff on TV more offten, me telling people about in the stores (i work in retail) is all I can do.

    P.S. Make target put the interactive displays back in all tagets! Its making it very hard to sell anything for any console.

  • I hope it becomes available via PSN, i’d always rather download and play off hdd then off disk, i baby my BD Drive lol, Jeff i can see even u were buggin talkin to Danny lol meaning u were like smilin’ like this dude wild or something and the Blog vids in the Home Theater are good,

    I always lke the blog vids in the Playstation Home Theaters, Great quality.

  • I agree. You might as well shut this blog down until you are ready to post the GT5 release date.

    Get your act together, Sony. This is Amateur Hour stuff. You used to be good at product launches. You’ve kept us in the dark too long. The fans are upset, and you just pretend like you don’t hear us, which just upsets us more.

  • @36…head tracking was shown by PD over a year ago…it isn’t ‘news’.

    @23…no, the PS3 has not outsold the 360 in total sales

    As for this game…reviews have been less than stellar…which I don’t understand…if move is as accurate as advertised this type of game should have been a slam dunk to make.

    Still waiting for the first ‘must have’ move game.

  • And Danny actually looked more nervous and uncomfortable than Jeff in his first video here on the blog.

  • Of course it isn’t new per se but it shows the function in a different environment.

  • Looks good, I’m def getting it. I understand motion controls better than most of those snarky reviewers out there.

  • Trejo is the man!! He was cool in Preators. cant wait to get the Fight!

  • Can’t wait to try this, nice to have Danny Trejo doing this.

  • Demo? tomorrow?

  • This game has been getting lambasted in just about every review I’ve read, but I’m still interested in giving it a try. Most reviewers weren’t too keen on Wii boxing either, but I love it, and this looks to be an upgrade from there.

  • Also I would like to get on the “where in the name of sweet holy monkey h3ll is GT5” band wagon. Give us a release date. Preferably for tomorrow.

  • that was epic

  • its sad that the game received bad reviews :(

  • $40 seems like a great price for this game…I just wish I could play a demo before I end up inevitably picking it up tomorrow =/

  • @51 from what I saw it got better reviews than Medal of Honor =P

  • Damn this comes out on the same day as Black Ops!? I guess Black Ops will have to wait. Danny Trejo FTW!

  • LOL!!!! “If you see this symbol, you’re not doing it right cab***!” That made me laugh. I had no idea there would be cussing in that game, especially not spanish cussing.

  • Hey guys, have you been looking at Sony Style Online Shop ??
    It shows there, release date set for november 30th.

    Does Sony need to tell anything else ?

  • Please Sony,
    right now we don’t want sema updates on your site.
    I admit it’s nice you all do that ,
    but please…
    The only thing we want right now is a new release date.
    Everybody is waiting for it.
    Announce it already

  • Jeff, Jeff Here … Not to be negative on the boards, I’m cautiously hesitant to pick up Lights out due to several negative reviews … IF there are really ‘Control’ issues … would we see a forthcoming patch for the game. I never know if reviewers are just too impatient to calibrate correctly or if their really easy an issue with a title. The first time I played the DEMO for Tumble it was horrid. I gave it another chance, and once I learned to press ‘o’ to recenter, and re-calibrated whenever it felt ‘off’ it was awesome and I bought the title. Any thoughts?

  • i’ll pass on this one, i guess my move controllers will stay on the charger and collect more dust, but i did find another use for them, they make great night lights, can you guys at least code an app to launch on the ps3 to make them slowly change colors, also have the ps3 play nature sounds, (rain, waterfall, birds chirping, fireplace, etc..) and from the pseye mic, when it hears me snore, it would automatically shut down the ps3, thanks.

  • How come this game is not available anywhere? all the local stores I called never even got copies in, and it looks like even amazon and online retailers are ‘sold out’. was it’s release pushed back, or did you only press like 5 copies of the game?

  • man, I’ve been waiting for this one, can’t wait to play online!!!

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