“Machete” Molds You Into a Badass in The Fight: Lights Out

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When we got our first beta build of The Fight: Lights Out, we were ecstatic to find that Danny Trejo was in it, starring as your trainer, Duke. You may not know the name, but you’ve probably seen this bad-ass in movies like Con Air, Machete, and From Dusk Til Dawn (where, as a vampire bartender, he was awesomely impaled with a cue stick).

So when we met him recently, it was a treat to find out that he’s not just some paid celebrity shill; he could pick up a pair of PlayStation Move controllers and wipe the floor with dudes in The Fight: Lights Out. And as a guy with some boxing experience – in prison no less – Danny had some fight tips to share with us.

The Fight: Lights Out is available tomorrow, exclusively for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Move. If you’re a fan of Mr. Trejo, stay tuned to our Twitter feed. Danny signed some posters for you PlayStation fans, and we’ll be giving them out soon.

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  • @67 – awesome idea, you should submit that to the blog share…

    The loading screen for Tumble is awesome- how the move sphere shifts colors…brilliant.

  • oops, i meant @#64…. S-E-G

  • I’d like see Danny trejo in “el karate kid” but instead of karate or kung-fu hes teaching “putasos”
    LOL XP

  • With the IGN review of 3.0 and the lack of ability of Amazon to get a copy shipped, I have canceled this stinker!

  • I’ve been playing this for 2 hours straight and it’s a blast! The head tracking doesn’t work in my setup for some reason, but that hinders nothing as far as I can tell. The reviewers mostly must have been too lazy to build up the character. You aren’t going to ‘Feel’ a 1:1 correlation until you up your stats, either thru training or unlocking. This is a great game, reports of the trophies not ‘showing up’ are true, I’m sure that will be patched soon? Danny Trejo makes an awesome tutorial / Trainer .. it’s cheeky but in a good Rob Rodriguez kinda way.

  • I bought the game, and it really works you out! It’s a decent game if you like to workout, but the funny thing about the game is the coolest thing about it is the cut scenes with Danny… The rest of the game just feels like such a workout that it drains all my energy… and trying to get the lighting in the room right after the sun goes down, no matter how many lights are on, I cant get the dang thing to follow my head movements anymore.

    I kind of wished I bought Sly Collection instead but I didn’t see it in the store. Oh well, the 3D mode on this game is pretty neat and the price was acceptable. Plus having some FMV cutscenes for the first time in a game in years is nice to see also.

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