Coming to PlayStation Plus: Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Beta and Automatic Downloads for Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light and Alien Breed: Impact Demos

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PlayStation Plus

Hi everyone,

PlayStation Plus continues to build up steam with October’s first publish. However, before that, next Tuesday Plus members with Automatic Downloads enabled will have Lara Croft’s first PSN adventure, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light pushed to their console. Square Enix will be bringing the iconic Tomb Raider vixen to the PlayStation Store on September 28 for $14.99. Also to highlight the Lara Croft release Plus members will also be offered the PS one classic, Tomb Raider at a 50% discount.

assassin's_creed_brotherhood alien-breed-impact

In early October, the betas for upcoming AAA games kick-off with Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood and Red Faction Battlegrounds. Select PlayStation Plus members will get their hands on the first-ever multiplayer modes of the Assassin’s Creed franchise. PlayStation Plus subscribers will also receive an automatic download of the Alien Breed: Impact demo. If the demo to this twin stick shooter gets your blood pumping, be sure to pick up the full game for 25% off. The newest PlayStation Plus update is rounded off by a sale on Wakeboarding HD bundle, a free download of Bubble Trubble (a minis from PSN developer extraordinaire Creat Studios), and two new discounted imports.

Finally, another friendly reminder to check out some of the content that will be pulled down from the PlayStation Plus section, including free DLC for Warhawk and UFC Undisputed 2010, dynamic themes for Warhawk and Ratchet and Clank: A Crack for Time, and a free download of Blast Off.

Another friendly reminder…our limited time introductory offer is still available. Get three additional bonus months free when you buy a 1-year package for $49.99. You can find all the details here.

PlayStation Plus Highlights for 10/5:

Push Demo and Discount
Alien Breed: Impact (25% off)

Free Games
Bubble Trubble – minis

Discounted Games
Arcade Hits: Outlaws Of The Lost Dynasty – PS One Classic Import (50% off)
Magical Drop F – PS One Classic Import (50% off)
Wakeboarding HD Game & Dynamic Theme Bundle (PS3) (20% off)

Free Themes, Avatars, and Qore
Heavy Rain Origami Dog Avatar
Wakeboarding HD Dynamic Theme
Wired Skulls Theme – Plus Exclusive
Qore – Episode 29 – October

Last Chance, Get Them While You Can – Coming down on October 5:

Free Offers to PlayStation Plus Subscribers
Blast Off – minis
UFC Undisputed 2010 – TUF Fighter DLC Pack
Warhawk: Booster Combo
Warhawk Dynamic Theme
Qore – Epsidoe 28 – September
Mystical Fractals Theme

Discount Offers to PlayStation Plus Subscribers
Ratchet & Clank Dynamic Theme (PlayStation Plus price $1.50, original price $2.99)

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  • PSN Plus users reaction to AC: Brotherhood Beta selection decision:

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  • 7. Genuine feedback on this “blog” would be more appreciated and effective than marketing slogans. Reading through replies, one gets the impression that actual issues are ignored, while comments about how great a game is are followed with garish corporate-speak. Please try to answer the questions posed instead of telling us that you are “continually working to improve the service and satisfy the customer”.

    Tell us how you are attempting to improve services. Maybe you could feature the techs trying to get Cross Game Chat to work. A little info as to what they are up to could settle mindshare and get rid of the inevitable post: “Where is Cross Game Chat?”

    I stayed away from PS3 until recently due to past experiences with Sony Customer Support. While the hardware is good, my impression of services and support is that this is the same old Sony.

  • I am a PLUS member who purchased PS+ on the first day, I got the 3 month subscription, then 15 days before that was even over I think that subscription ends sept 29th, I got the yearly subscription so my subscription ends Dec 30th, 2011… pick me! pick me! lol

  • Now this is why I signed up for PlayStation Plus!

  • I read it twice and am still confused what am I getting?

  • i subscribed to plus specifically for beta invites so i expect to get in grace. i am sick and tired of you “people” saying one thing and then doing the next.

    i have no problem canceling.

  • I like PSN+ for what it is. I have found plenty of value in the service but I can see where the frustration from some suibscribers is coming from. What I don’t get are the people that don’t subscribe that feel the need to pop into every post on every message board and whine louder than everyone else.

    Aside from the beta ‘selection’ issue this is a pretty good update. With out knowing the details of how many Plus subscribers there are vs how many testers can be supported in the beta it’s not fair to throw stones. It’s possible they had to change from ‘all Plus subscribers’ to ‘select Plus subscribers’ because they had a better than expected number of Plus subscribers and most betas can’t support them all. I’ve been beta testing games for a long time and I miss being selected to test games based on experience but I’m not going to sit here and cry if I am not in the random selection.

  • omg Alien Swarm!!! This is an amazing game on Steam, I wonder how much it will cost due to it being free on Steam.

  • Im not sure what to think cause im still a bit confused… I know im in for the AC Beta but whatever im not even going to try and understand this, what I want to know is what ever happened to PS+ getting Savage Moon for $5? -.-

    also Sony should try maybe every 3 months letting us vote on (from a list of content) what we want discounts on that month or something, just something to give us more of what we want and/or get the PS+ community involved.
    honestly since becoming a PS+ member I havent felt a diffrence like I wanted DeadNation Beta (didnt get one) idk how to explain it but im starting to feel like we aren’t getting nearly what we were promised. and I hope that changes.

  • what a terrible service and things being offered. you should be ashamed sony, But then again you’re a company a first and foremost. Keep acting like Activision/Micrososft. Bunch of money hungry rejects.

  • You people complaining and bashing PlayStation Plus, don’t see it, do you?

    Let me explain it to you.

    PlayStation Plus is for users who NEVER bought/buy ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING from the PS Store.

    PlayStation Plus subscribers ARE NOT ACTIVE BUYERS or at least active buyers aren’t meant to be the target for PS+. Why would someone who buys lots of content from the Store buy PS Plus, for automatic downloads and some random privilege one odd month?

    Would you be actively buying stuff from the Store knowing one week or the next that content could become “Free” or “discounted” for you? No of course not. But if you are the type of user who isn’t buying anything at all, then it’s good enough for Sony if they can get ANY money from you by feeding you these small hook-ups every odd week. And you already paid $50 for a year, which was more than you ever spent in a whole year before or would spend if didn’t have Plus.

    It’s my understanding that if you are not the kind of consumer I described above, PlayStation Plus is not for you. Excuse me Sony but until you sort out this conflict you won’t get many hardcore PS Store buyers signing up for Plus. I just guessed that’s the point. You don’t want us.

  • lol@alien breed….i downloaded that this morning from xboxlive, all i can say is thank god for demos.

    i will be turning off that auto download feature because i dont want that filth on my ps3.

  • This is the reason why im getting my xbox back on christmas..

  • I’m sick and tired of Creat Studios being promoted every month.

  • Please clarify – is it possible for PS+ members to have stuff automatically downloaded to us that we would be charged for? I don’t EVER want to see a charge on my account for a purchase I didn’t specifically authorize beforehand. Free stuff is fine, download away and I’ll delete what I don’t want to make room for more, but I think I can speak for everyone here that we don’t want to pay for stuff without requesting it first.

    [FYI to PS+ members – you will be charged via auto-renew when your subscription is up, I recommend turning that off now.]

  • @64 Oh geez thanks for that! They hid that one pretty well! I didnt even realize that menu existed lol.

  • The beta is funny, they say it’s for ps+.
    But it is actually for people who pre-order assassins creed brother hood.
    It will be given to everyone who pre-orders the game.
    And it will be out the 4th of october, it will have 2 maps you can play on mp.

  • After reading the post about 5 times, it looks like this is the normal 2 week in advance Plus notice, but Tomb Raider is being “auto-pushed” next week b/c that is when the game is releasing. What is not clearly stated anywhere is if the “auto-push” is for a Tomb Raider demo or the whole game.

    It really bothers me that a “senior manager” for the store can’t explain things clearly. Maybe an executive assistant should write the blog, or at the very least proofread it? Where’s Jeff?

  • Nice, i hope i get into these awesome betas!

  • Its a raffle it seems. PS+ gets you a chance, laying down 5 bucks at gamestop, getting your code, and canceling your pre-order 2 weeks later gets you a guarantee. I’ve been guaranteed into the ACB beta for more than a month so its all gravy lol.

    Also I got the full game(demo and unlock key) of Lara Croft Guardian of light on a separate account free(Lol thanks gamespot, not your fault, but thx anyways.)

    PS+ is good for newer users, but useless to hardcore gamers. Also I like to OWN my games, that way I can ALWAYS come back to them. I don’t think paying them money for rents of random content is a good deal for anyone who purchases semi frequently off the store.

  • Oh yeah for anyone wondering whether its the full game or beta the 3rd row on the left on the PS+ menu on the store says “demo coming 9/28”

    So its a demo.

    Gamespot was giving away demos yesterday, but they goofer and gave away copies of the full game lol. A few of us snagged our codes before they cut it off.

    The game is very good by the way with many non traditional puzzles. No ‘move various blocks to make a path’ BS and good replay value due to challenges and scores.

  • Magical Drop on PSN is a win!

  • Again with this “selective” crap. Why couldn’t you guys have made it clear when you first announce Qore that only a selected few will get into the betas.

  • @60 Sony themselves said that Plus was targeting the “heavy PSN consumer” not the newbies who haven’t spent a dime. Just because that’s what it’s turned into doesn’t mean that’s who it was targeting.

    Why would they want to penalize the heavy PSN user, like myself, by giving those who are light/casual users early access to demos, beta invites, and so on? It doesn’t even make sense.

    They do need to fix this, and if this Lara Croft thing isn’t just a demo, then that’s a start. I was buying it day one, but if they’re giving it to us, then Plus is finally going to be doing things right. It was only a matter of time, really. I figure the first three months were a throwaway, since they gave them to us for free anyhow.

  • It’s been about a couple of hours of people asking for clarification regarding the Lara Croft game push – demo or full game?

    Answer would be nice.


    @74, and MANY OTHERS

    THE PUSH ON 9/28 IS A DEMO!!!



    I hope that clears it up for everyone

  • I’m starting to get much happier with PS+.

  • I love my service, but this is getting ridiculous with these ingrate moronic comments CONSTANTLY being posted. I tend to stay away from the comments on the blog, and I understand why Sony tends to as well, all of you are nothing but complainers.

  • Yea, pretty underwhelming, less meaningless minis and push demo content and more actual features.

  • I have plus and as of now I don’t really wanna complain but if we payed 50 bucks we should have access to games weeks before regular users no betas nothing alot of hearts are gonn be broke when a SELECT few get to played assassins creed

  • It clearly says in the heading: “Lara croft and alien breed DEMOS will be pushed to ps+ users”
    Great work. I have really enjoyed PS+ so far. Kinda makes me wanna buy a psp just for the minis and ps one games.
    @Grace I was wondering what was attempting to be pushed that was 5 gigs to my ps3 yesterday. I didn’t have room at the time, but now i have plenty. Any chance of getting whatever it was pushed agian? Thanks for the news and all your hard work.

  • @77 toasty_hoodie
    1. a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.

    2. a personal view, attitude, or appraisal.

    3. the formal expression of a professional judgment: to ask for a second Medical opinion.

    4. a judgment or estimate of a person or thing with respect to character, merit, etc

  • @80, I bought a PSPGo just for my miniS and PSOne Classics. It has paid for itself and then some.

    Also, let it be known, I’m not a heavy PSN purchaser, yet I’m not a person who rarely buys anything.

    I’ll spend quite a bit if I see something I want.

  • @81

    When the opinions of other users are nothing but attacks to those who post the content, it is hard to take any of them seriously.

    If you want your opinions to be heard, try being more pleasant about it instead of the pure anger I see behind so many of these posts.

  • @83 toasty_hoodie
    It’s the world we live in. DEAL WITH IT!
    Everyone who purchase PlayStation PLUS have a right to speak their opinion on the service. It doesn’t matter if they express in with double rainbows or of pure anger. People are clearly unhappy with the service they paid for and the false marketing used to lure them into paying for it.

  • FROM:
    “one PSN classic AND one PSN game a month”

    “one PSN classic OR one PSN game a month”

    If a month comes along that doesn’t include a free PSN game, I will be calling customer service for a refund. You can’t just change what is offered 3 months after the service starts.

  • Hey Grace Chen keep up the great work, I’m really excited to see what content comes in the distant future. I’m happy too be a day 1 yearly subscriber.

  • @ toasty_hoodie

    Please go away.

    I asked nicely, so by your logic, it should work.

  • @75- toasty_hoodie – You can calm down a bit. Convoluted writing, like the first paragraph of this blog post will create question that are much better answered than not. I saw the two ads in the online store yesterday and was wondering what that was all about. Quite frankly, a demo kinda sucks and I was hoping the ad was for a discount. I’m at work right now, so I can’t go back to my PS3 and check to see what it is, therefore, I asked. I work as a community manager for another industry, and I always thought that promptly answering questions like that would be standard policy. Community interaction is a big plus, and a somewhat lackluster service like Plus (which I have) will sometimes be offset by an image that the powers that be care. (a better engaged community is a happier community)

    Also, I’m a frequent reader and this is the first time I comment – I had no complaints about anything, but just the one confusing paragraph and would have like a quicker response. I’m not asking for anything absurd.

  • @85 BlooodyStool

    It’s a sad world that people have nothing better to do with their lives than complain in pure anger about a service they are unhappy with.

    If I was unhappy with my PS+, I would cut my losses, deal with it for the rest of my subscription, and not renew. Either that, or attempt to get a refund and cancel.

    I have more important things to worry about than spending all day complaining about something I’m obviously not happy with.

  • This is a little better, thank you. Would like to see every +’er get the AC Beta, though.

  • @90 EnderBean, Quite honestly, I would have logically assumed that it was for a demo. The store clearly states it’s a demo. The title of this blog post clearly states this is a demo. I wouldn’t think there’s a question about it.

  • @92- toasty_hoodie – I did assume it was a demo, after reading the post. That’s on the first page of comments, but requesting clarification is not the end of the world. Assumption does not equal surety.
    On another note, and unrelated to this post, Netflix in October is looking awesome! Don’t know if people are reading the next post being bogged down here, so heads up on that. =D

  • I personally am really happy with PS+ been wanting to get qore for a while but haven’t so that is $25 off the price right there add in all the free games that i have downloaded and it’s well over the $50 annual fee. i agree that plus could be better and so could the pushed download service but all in all I am very happy. I have enjoyed a lot of psn games that i wouldnt have bought or played otherwise it is an awesome service and I will be renewing next year when my subscription is up. I do hope they put up some movies or tv shows in plus in the future and maybe more exclusive content for members.

    And to the people that complain are you also complaining about having to pay $50 for xbox live every year to be able to play online? at least sony is letting you do that for free. if your not happy with what you bought ask for a refund and cancel simple as that.

  • @90 toasty_hoodie
    nice name calling. You complain about the maturity level of the other members that are complaining, yet here you are calling other names like you are in pre-school. Congrats dude.

    “It’s a sad world that people have nothing better to do with their lives than complain”
    I know right. Here you are complaining about the complainers.

    “I have more important things to worry about than spending all day complaining about something I’m obviously not happy with.”
    Ironic isn’t it? You are unhappy with the complainers and here you are complaining about them.

  • Why is the demo for Plus when the game comes out the 28th? Do you not want people to buy the PS3 version? Oh wait, Square doesn’t since online CO-OP that was to launch day 1 isn’t included.

  • @94

    Starting November 1st, it will be $60/yr for Xbox

  • Thanks Sony for making my buying purchases easy for me. As a matter of principle i consider demos what they are meant to be, marketing tools and as such if they are provided early to PAYING people then I, someone who doesn’t pay, will not buy the game. So no more Lara Croft, Enslaved or Alien Breed. Luckily SW:TFU2 is already a must buy for me so it’s fine.

    So Developers, thank Sony for losing your money because they make people pay for early demos. Remember people demos are marketing tools to get people to buy the game, not a reward for paying customers.

  • @96, The demo is for everyone. It isn’t a PS+ Exclusive…just the demo push is for us.

  • Stop giving only Minis as the free games if you want us to actually buy Plus!! How about Namco Collection free? Or that Anarchy racer, etc?

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