Coming to PlayStation Plus: Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Beta and Automatic Downloads for Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light and Alien Breed: Impact Demos

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PlayStation Plus

Hi everyone,

PlayStation Plus continues to build up steam with October’s first publish. However, before that, next Tuesday Plus members with Automatic Downloads enabled will have Lara Croft’s first PSN adventure, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light pushed to their console. Square Enix will be bringing the iconic Tomb Raider vixen to the PlayStation Store on September 28 for $14.99. Also to highlight the Lara Croft release Plus members will also be offered the PS one classic, Tomb Raider at a 50% discount.

assassin's_creed_brotherhood alien-breed-impact

In early October, the betas for upcoming AAA games kick-off with Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood and Red Faction Battlegrounds. Select PlayStation Plus members will get their hands on the first-ever multiplayer modes of the Assassin’s Creed franchise. PlayStation Plus subscribers will also receive an automatic download of the Alien Breed: Impact demo. If the demo to this twin stick shooter gets your blood pumping, be sure to pick up the full game for 25% off. The newest PlayStation Plus update is rounded off by a sale on Wakeboarding HD bundle, a free download of Bubble Trubble (a minis from PSN developer extraordinaire Creat Studios), and two new discounted imports.

Finally, another friendly reminder to check out some of the content that will be pulled down from the PlayStation Plus section, including free DLC for Warhawk and UFC Undisputed 2010, dynamic themes for Warhawk and Ratchet and Clank: A Crack for Time, and a free download of Blast Off.

Another friendly reminder…our limited time introductory offer is still available. Get three additional bonus months free when you buy a 1-year package for $49.99. You can find all the details here.

PlayStation Plus Highlights for 10/5:

Push Demo and Discount
Alien Breed: Impact (25% off)

Free Games
Bubble Trubble – minis

Discounted Games
Arcade Hits: Outlaws Of The Lost Dynasty – PS One Classic Import (50% off)
Magical Drop F – PS One Classic Import (50% off)
Wakeboarding HD Game & Dynamic Theme Bundle (PS3) (20% off)

Free Themes, Avatars, and Qore
Heavy Rain Origami Dog Avatar
Wakeboarding HD Dynamic Theme
Wired Skulls Theme – Plus Exclusive
Qore – Episode 29 – October

Last Chance, Get Them While You Can – Coming down on October 5:

Free Offers to PlayStation Plus Subscribers
Blast Off – minis
UFC Undisputed 2010 – TUF Fighter DLC Pack
Warhawk: Booster Combo
Warhawk Dynamic Theme
Qore – Epsidoe 28 – September
Mystical Fractals Theme

Discount Offers to PlayStation Plus Subscribers
Ratchet & Clank Dynamic Theme (PlayStation Plus price $1.50, original price $2.99)

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  • Still not worth it.

  • so you are wasting my space on a demo that I didn’t want the first time. I’m fine with auto download for firmware and updates but don’t waste my space on crap I don’t want when there is not even a discount on it… This update makes me regret plus….

  • When you say “Select PlayStation Plus Members,” is there any way that we will find out just exactly what separates those groups of people? A lot of people signed up for PS+, so is it just random or are there any criteria that must be met?

  • Automatic download has proven itself a complete disappointment. Turns out, it IS in fact a tool for pushing SCEA-selected/preferred/approved content. The way features like this are SUPPOSED to work is that it gives the people PAYING a tool to use.

  • Wow sweet. I hope plus members will be getting into a kz3 beta.

  • Why is it select members??? I thought all PSN+ members would get what they paid for?

  • People who buy Plus then complain should drop dead. Just shut up. Delete the demo if you don’t want it, you baby.
    Great Plus updates coming.

  • Defininitely worth it!

    I have gotten so many games and DLC packs as part of my PS+ subscription that I have really enjoyed playing but wouldn’t have bought earlier due to the cost of getting them all. Next month seems to be as good or even better than previous months. I’m particularly looking forward to the AC2: Brotherhood beta.

    Rental or not, $50 a year is more than a fair price and I fully intend to re-subscribe next September to continue recieving great content.

  • I don’t understand why people are complaining about PlayStation Plus. It’s a sweet deal! I have already saved about 35$ and PS Plus has only been out for a couple of months. Keep up the great content Sony!

  • Motorstorm PR ADD-ONS for plus members please pretty please:)

  • FYI! Sony has no control over third part BETAs. That means third party developers have the power to select only a few people.

  • I find auto pushed content great. If you do not want demos pushed to you, just disable Automatic Downloads. You still have to install the firmware manually when it auto downloads. Playstation Plus is just getting better. Playstation Plus members are getting playable content for a yearly fee. The Xbox Live guys are paying yearly fees just to play online and you get no “free” playable content with the subscription. Thanks Sony!

  • I might have to pass on renewing my PS+ if all the betas are for “select” members. That is one of the MAIN reasons why I signed up. Granted I don’t care about Assassin’s Creed, but I want to play Killzone 3 Beta and if you pull that…talk about alienating the people who are trying to support you…

    On a positive note, this means Alien Breed PSN finally has a release date!!!

  • So, the Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light for Plus members is a demo? I’m asking because that’s not specified within the content of the blog, although it says demos in the title. I would be much more excited if it was a super secret download of the full game. I already plan to buy it anyway, but getting it free would be super! =D

  • Glad I didn’t subscribe. You burned my once changing Qores value proposition without warning and you’ve done it with Plus already going from:

    “one PSN classic AND one PSN game a month” to
    “one PSN classic OR one PSN game a month”

    Push demo’s shouldn’t be a premium feature. Being marketed too isn’t a feature, it’s something everybody should have the ability to opt in to if they want.

    I subscribed to Qore for the free games and they got taken away, but at least I got to keep the ones I already had. I’m not subscribing to plus because I know you’re going to take the free games away again, it’s only a matter of time.

    *awaits “we still think Plus offers good value for money” spinning*

  • I would trade you two of the free minis that you’ve given me in the past month for a $5 discount on one of those $15 PSN games.

    @6 People who didn’t buy PS+ and complain should be the ones shutting up. I paid for it, I have a right to complain. Sony said that every month they would give us a PSN game and a PS1 game. Then they changed it to just one or the other in a month. Anyone not complaining about that is a fool.

  • Awesome stuff. May have to pick up wakeboarding. Not exacty sure why people seem to complain all the time. When it comes to games, though, people have a passion and the right to speak out even if people don’t always see eye to eye or always want to here it. I will gladly stick with playstation and playstation+ as I never intend on picking up a console I have to pay to play online.

    Quick question, though. I have 7 brothers and 5 have psps and 4 are extremely excited for patapon 3. Can u tell me a release date?

  • This sucks. No cloud saving = no buy. I wanna back up my saves.

    Also why is LBP only available to Euros? Why can’t we get LBP on the PSN Store?

  • LBP is developed by Euro developers.

  • Agreed, so far I have scored enough decent stuff to keep me busy… Lara Croft yes….that alien breed thing no.

    People are not going to sign up just for a few games. There needs to be apps or something special that get utilized.

  • Does this mean that Ubi backed out of the Gamestop preorder = possible Assassin’s Creed Beta? If so that is sad, I doubt this is the case but I’d like to double check.

  • I think PS+ is really starting to come on. A bit bumpy at the start, but the recent adjustments Sony has been making show they are listening to the users….they just can’t please everyone so some people are always going to feel ripped. For example, I don’t really care about Betas, its not why I subscribed, so that does not affect the service value for me negatively. I signed up for free playable content and that’s been pretty good and getting better. Would like better free and dynamic themes though.

  • I dont even like Assassin Creed so can i give it to somebody else who wants it or just skip it

  • We should be able to choose whether demos are included on Automatic Download or not. And it should download all demos, not just one every two months. Also, when are you going to include a beta that more than .00001% of subscribers can join?

  • I disagree. I don’t know what you were expecting but Sony is giving us great content in my opinion and it will evolve. Even though I have purchased a lot of the content offered already, I don’t have all of the stuff they’re offering within Plus so I get to freely explore my curiosity with some of the other titles. My question to you ppl that say it is not worth it, what did you expect with this service? Every AAA game sold on shelves to be in plus?? Get real. It’s obviously more related to the power of the PSN to bring us these downloadable and disc based games, NOT TO GIVE YOU EVERY GAME SOLD IN RETAIL! Get real people PS Plus is not stellar (it would be if you guys added the movie store within plus) otherwise, PS Plus is great! I know that it’ll get better over time. I only wish that we got Castlevania: LOS too… but anyway, good job Sony you can’t please everyone.

  • well, it’s a good thing i already pre-ordered AC Brotherhood, just waiting on ubisoft to email me the code to get into the beta

  • “next Tuesday Plus members with Automatic Downloads enabled will have Lara Croft’s first PSN adventure”

    Don’t you mean TWO Tuesdays from now? We got content yesterday.

  • PSN+ is a rip off , glad I didn’t bought it.

  • I hope I get the Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood beta.

  • Good update, can’t wait for Lara’s latest butt-kicking adventure.

    @#25 me too. I think we’re getting them early next week b/c the deadline is sept 25. see ya there and I hope to assassinate you.

  • Is the blog web page going to be update, so our avatar can have the plus symbol? Eu ps blog has it!!

  • ok well on the last one you guys said that we were getting battelfeild bete and the only reason i got plus was becuz you guys said plus members will get exclusive acsses u guys never said anything about select plus members getting them so i take that as fauls advertizing and further more when are u gunna start givin us discounts on some good games hey ps1 was great in its time but come on now we would really like some newer stuff we show you guys love everyday by downloading or buying games from you guys show us some in return

  • Terrible service is still terrible service. Why even bother asking your customers what’s wrong with this nonsense service if you’re just going to do the exact opposite?

  • What do you mean by the Lara Croft being pushed? I mean, is the entire game pushed for free or just a demo? Also, do you have to have Auto download on to get it period? It’s not listed in the list above.

    PS: I love PS Plus :P

  • select members? I better get the beta.

  • Hey Playstatio choose me please i want this beta

  • I noticed that there’s no free PSN or PS1 on the list. The next update for the month is on October 19. Does anyone really think they’ll give us both a free PSN game *and* a PS1 game? Remember, they changed the rules on us after only two months: they’re under no obligation to give us both anymore.

  • sooooo wen can we expect free games coming from plus that are multiplatform or from 3rd party developers?

    so far its been nuthin psn exclusives coming straight from 1st party or developers affiliated with sony..its weird how u have one decent line fer tha upcoming weeks and then crappy one afterwards… i’d be happy tu replace all avatars and themes fer free 3rd party games like thexder neo, crystal defendrrs, or even possibly Puzzle Fighters

  • sony you guys did not say only select plus member will get betas?
    if that was the case why would i pay for something just to wait and see if i randomly get pick? just like the hulu preview i didnit get pick so no renewig for me. whit everyday day go by psn plus look worthless

  • I think PSN+ was a waste of my money.

    I assumed since they said this was for the “Hardcore” gamers that it would be giving me something I didn’t already have. (Hence the +)

    So far I have only been offered items I already had. Maybe my definition of “Hardcore” differs from Sonys?

    Lara Croft demo wooo, but since I care 2 whiffs about video games I already got the “beta” (full game woops) from Gamespot.

    Assassins Creed beta seems cool, except for the fact that only select members will get in the beta. I was unaware “gaining access to exclusive betas” meant being put in a raffle.

    Some crappy discounted games, some worthless themes (we can make our own, why do we need skullzzz?), some worthless avatars.

    The thing is if people really wanted some of this crap, they would have bought it when it came out, a 50 cent avatar is not something you wait months for a discount on, and if you wanted a full game you’re certainly not waiting multiple weeks just to see if you can get a 2 dollar discount.

  • This is full of awesomeness! I am praying that plus members get in on the Killzone 3 beta as well!

  • Plus just isn’t worth it to me, sorry folks. I want additional features, not filler content. And the whole “random” push thing really doesn’t make any sense to me, personally. I think you should have a window where you can check off the genres and types of content you are interested in, and that is what gets pushed to your console.

    And yea, obligatory cross game chat blah blah blah.

  • Lol I see the Lara Croft ad on PSN but I can’t click on it, haha =P

  • plus needs features for online play. you know what I’m talking about!

    by the way what happened to the ” in-game exclusive content ” I didn’t see any.

    any ways good luck and keep on making PS3 the better choice.

  • the “select plus members” better not include PS+ members that did 3 month subscriptions…..if these betas are only for “select” members then it should be only yearly members. And preferably those yearly members who picked up PS+ in the FIRST WEEK!

  • i appreciate the AC: BH beta!

  • More vague comments from Grace.

    1) Is Lara Croft free? How will it be pushed to us automatically if it costs 14.99? This needs to be clarified.

    2) What is the selection process for the betas? Most of signed up for Plus for ONE reason, and nothing else. If you’re not going to give ALL Plus subcribers a fair shake at this, you have royally screwed us and should be ashamed of yourself (not to mention the backlash will literally ruin any chance Plus has of being successful.)

    Once again, Grace is terrible at her job.

  • @Grace: Finally, I can say that I’m very pleased with my PS Plus subscription due to the fact that Zen Pinball was made available as a free game.
    Thank you very much!!!

    However, I’m very concerned about your statement that the betas for Red Faction: Battlegrounds and Assasin Creed: Brotherhood will be made available to “select Playstation Plus members”.
    What criteria are you going to use to determine which PS Plus members to select for each beta?

    I’m a day-one purchaser and player of Red Faction: Guerilla and I’ll be very upset if I’m not invited into the Red Faction: Battlegrounds beta.
    I have no interest whatsoever in the Assasin’s Creed series so I don’t want to participate in the Assasins Creed: Brotherhood beta.

  • 1. Playstation Plus was sold with the idea that we would be included in Betas. (All comments below acknowledge that the ToS included the “Subject to Change” clause.) I just did not think that things would change for the worse so quickly.

    2. The Change from one PSone Game and one PSN game to an Either/Or situation is the first foul.

    3. Can you stop trying to sell that trash known as Wakeboarding HD to us? To make it worse, you have bundled the dynamic theme with purchase of that awful game.

    4. New and AAA titles that I can buy in a store (not this PSN nonsense) would be appreciated as trials.

  • 5. It would be nice of Sony to let those of us new to the PS3 world know that a PS3 game can mean. It is either a game that originally retailed for $60 or a $10 dollar download, which I had not considered. Pinball, Critters, and Mushrooms are nice 5 minute distractions, but hardly what I would consider a full PS3 game.

    6. The deletion of Qore downloads is disappointing. I assume this is due to the TerRover incident.

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