Coming to PlayStation Plus: Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Beta and Automatic Downloads for Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light and Alien Breed: Impact Demos

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PlayStation Plus

Hi everyone,

PlayStation Plus continues to build up steam with October’s first publish. However, before that, next Tuesday Plus members with Automatic Downloads enabled will have Lara Croft’s first PSN adventure, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light pushed to their console. Square Enix will be bringing the iconic Tomb Raider vixen to the PlayStation Store on September 28 for $14.99. Also to highlight the Lara Croft release Plus members will also be offered the PS one classic, Tomb Raider at a 50% discount.

assassin's_creed_brotherhood alien-breed-impact

In early October, the betas for upcoming AAA games kick-off with Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood and Red Faction Battlegrounds. Select PlayStation Plus members will get their hands on the first-ever multiplayer modes of the Assassin’s Creed franchise. PlayStation Plus subscribers will also receive an automatic download of the Alien Breed: Impact demo. If the demo to this twin stick shooter gets your blood pumping, be sure to pick up the full game for 25% off. The newest PlayStation Plus update is rounded off by a sale on Wakeboarding HD bundle, a free download of Bubble Trubble (a minis from PSN developer extraordinaire Creat Studios), and two new discounted imports.

Finally, another friendly reminder to check out some of the content that will be pulled down from the PlayStation Plus section, including free DLC for Warhawk and UFC Undisputed 2010, dynamic themes for Warhawk and Ratchet and Clank: A Crack for Time, and a free download of Blast Off.

Another friendly reminder…our limited time introductory offer is still available. Get three additional bonus months free when you buy a 1-year package for $49.99. You can find all the details here.

PlayStation Plus Highlights for 10/5:

Push Demo and Discount
Alien Breed: Impact (25% off)

Free Games
Bubble Trubble – minis

Discounted Games
Arcade Hits: Outlaws Of The Lost Dynasty – PS One Classic Import (50% off)
Magical Drop F – PS One Classic Import (50% off)
Wakeboarding HD Game & Dynamic Theme Bundle (PS3) (20% off)

Free Themes, Avatars, and Qore
Heavy Rain Origami Dog Avatar
Wakeboarding HD Dynamic Theme
Wired Skulls Theme – Plus Exclusive
Qore – Episode 29 – October

Last Chance, Get Them While You Can – Coming down on October 5:

Free Offers to PlayStation Plus Subscribers
Blast Off – minis
UFC Undisputed 2010 – TUF Fighter DLC Pack
Warhawk: Booster Combo
Warhawk Dynamic Theme
Qore – Epsidoe 28 – September
Mystical Fractals Theme

Discount Offers to PlayStation Plus Subscribers
Ratchet & Clank Dynamic Theme (PlayStation Plus price $1.50, original price $2.99)

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  • The first month of PS Plus was amazing, since then it’s been really downhill, I doubt I will be re-subscribing. Especially as you did say ever 3 months, an exciting game will be release, LBP yeah. Lara Croft? No, it’s out of fashion by now. I was expecting something like Burnout or Fallout 3.

    In conclusion, I’m very disappointed in PS Plus.

  • Glad I bought PS+!

  • Good hting I preordered Brotherhood ;)

  • I’m not interested in Red Faction or Assassin’s Creed, is there any way I can opt out of those in favor of getting into the LBP2 beta?

  • Please send beta and demo my way pretty please

  • If i remember right. xbox live makes you pay monthly gold fee to get demos before silver gets too. If you didn’t pay for Live you got the demos a week or weeks later.

  • I platinumed Assassins Creed 2 and played the hell out of it, so I better be in this beta!

  • NICE UPDATE GRACE! please pick me! (ya ya i know its random) but please pick me! =)

  • I don’t understand why it is select Plus members… it should be all of us we all paid for it

  • Alien Breed = awesome

  • I dont regret having PS+. I regret being part of a community that complains and cries all day, every chance they get. No matter what Sony does, its never good enough, ever. Sell your PS3 and be done with it. The internet will be a better place.

  • add a poll where we could vote on things we would like to see on the update and like I said last week we should be able to choose what we want the auto update to download

  • Also could we get the early demo for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow?

  • Sarno1605 said… the “select plus members” better not include PS+ members that did 3 month subscriptions…..if these betas are only for “select” members then it should be only yearly members. And preferably those yearly members who picked up PS+ in the FIRST WEEK!

    I agree 100% with this statement, although I would like all ps plus members to be involved in beta’s since it was a phrase used to get us to sign up, we took the leap of faith early, day one in my case, and I think we should be compensated for our dedicated action.

  • I really hope “Select” PS+ users doesn’t mean what I think it means. It would be a shame to miss out on the AC beta while it gets given to other people who couldn’t care less about it.

  • Playstation Plus is just a hard sell IMO, giving people 2 games a month and then saying its only 1, whats gonna happen next month?

  • The first wave of expirations are coming so the beta promises are a way to encourage a renewal. BTW @KidCommando they also eliminated monthly dynamic themes and avatars.

  • If it hasn’t already been said, this seems to be an interim update which means there’ll still be a big update in another week. That would explain why this is a smaller update.

    I’m still satisfied with PS+. Despite an extremely poor publishing design talking about PS1 OR PSN games, they seem to be following the originally advertised format. If/when that changes, I’ll be done, but for the moment I’ll remain cautiously optimistic.

    I just wish some of the PS1 / Minis choices were better. Not that I expect to love every game, but a few of the minis have been shaky so far.

  • @113 I tried putting that on the PS BLog Share but it was thrown out yet other dumb-A ‘suggestions’ are in like why don’t we get new MW2 add ons *rolls eyes* -_-

  • PS Blog, how bout telling us how we can increase our chances of getting into the betas? I have no idea.

  • Looks like another good update to me. Looking forward to all the goodies.

  • I’m not going to subscribe again if I can’t get into a single beta. I mean if we subscribed and you said that we get exclusive beta invites (or whatever)then you should give us wha we were promised. And can we get a psn game that is new or came out in the past atleast the past year?

  • Just to clarify for people who think Plus was made for the newbies… Joystiq posted a video interview with Sony’s John Koller back in June that makes it pretty clear who the target market for PlayStation Plus is. You should probably watch it before you run your mouth about it, defending the lackluster* content provided thus far.

    * – by this I mean the fact that there’s pretty much been no “free” games that I didn’t already own, and no discounts on brand new games. This is the key issue with a service that claims to target “rabid” PSN consumers but doesn’t provide anything said consumers would find useful.

    Furthermore, to tell people to shut up, don’t voice concerns, and not re-subscribe is stupid. If you don’t tell Sony what you want, they can’t listen, can they? They can’t read our minds. And I’m sure they’d rather us tell them so they can improve and keep us as PAYING customers so that we DO re-subscribe.

    Get your head on straight, seriously. Stop acting like Sony is doing you a huge favor by taking your subscription fee.

  • Good stuff, keep it coming.

    PSN games preferable

  • guys, the reason only “select” Plus members get ACB Beta is because there’s not enough spots for all of them. Several spots have already been reserved for ppl who preorded ACB (like myself)if u live in the US and preordered ACB from Amazon or Gamestop you got a code that u put in on the ACB website and then on Oct 4th they will send u an email with a code to download it to PS3.

    the main reason only “select” members get beta access is because the ppl who put $5 or more down to preorder a game come as a priority, everyone else comes afterwards, sure u put $50 down for a premium service, but that money’s not going towards the developer’s game, so they choose to ppl who they know want the game first, then everyone else

  • Killzone 3 and LBP 2 betas for Plus members please!!! And keep up the great Plus updates!!

  • deal with it! XD

  • Why do people complain about what Sony is giving out for free with Plus? Does everyone expect them to just unlock the PS Store for free download of everything?

    Sometimes I wonder how old the average consumer is…

  • @Deviantboi We got both a PSN title and a PS1 classic this Month. Zen Pinball and Syphon Filter 3. I even got Pixeljunk Racers 2nd lap for free, but that’s because I already have Pixeljunk Racers.

  • To everyone complaining use your brain a little these are betas you cant just overload the servers and throw everyone into it its not a completed game demo a week before the game comes out its a bug testing beta months before the game comes out . YOU CAN ONLY FIT SO MANY PEOPLE. And the amount of people chosen is by the creators of assassins creed not by sony they are just trying to HELP get more people in .
    Really dont understand how some peope cant use common sense on this website

  • I bought Plus with the thought that I was going to get into betas, but now it comes down to luck for whether or not I get selected? Come on, Sony.

  • I dont know what to think? I understand PS+ is for games on the Playstation store..but I just wish we could get more “recent” games and content,I must say the Zen Pinball looks fun (=

  • I hope I get the AC Beta!

  • Great update for PS Plus! Can’t wait for the free game next Thusday through Auto download! :)

    I hope I get selected for both of the Beta tests.

  • WTF select members only? >:(

  • Once again Sony proves that they have no problem ignoring their ORIGINAL promises and screwing over those people that signed up because of it. Despite being promised montly DLC, all I have to show for it was the opportunity to download Warhawk maps I already owned for three years and a UFC pre-order bonus getting rehashed.

    What’s worse is that I have the Uncharted Siege add-on and so few people own it that I can’t even find a freaking game set on the DLC maps. The three Killzone map packs have the same problem. Why isn’t that stuff being given out for free?

    Calling customer service to get my $50 back is looking pretty good right about now. Actually having a choice of what I get is far better than getting a few poor selling PSN games, some garbage themes, and only a chance to get into a beta.


    *except what was originally promised

  • Can’t wait for AC beta! So plus gets it free? Grr. I had to pre-order to get in, but can’t wait!

  • I though one of the main draws with PS+ was getting into betas, now its only for select members? what a joke.

  • “However, before that, next Tuesday Plus members with Automatic Downloads enabled will have Lara Croft’s first PSN adventure, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light pushed to their console.”

    I’m confused. Does that mean that if you don’t have Automatic Downloads enabled, you will not be able to get the Lara Croft game from the PSN Plus area in the PNS Store instead?

  • Will we ever get the PlayStation Move Dynamic Theme PLus+ Subscribers got in Europe? Please do respond…

  • first of all , people need to brush up on comprehension skills . PS + never Guaranteed access to betas . it said members would be preferred or higher priority CHOICES . the very fact that you failed to comprehend that is proof within itself that it’s a good thing they dont include everyone . Same as with the folks who are CONFUSED by this rather SIMPLE AND STRAIGHTFORWARD POST . not only should those folks not be picked , BUT BANNED from participating in betas , why would you want somebody who struggles with basic reading and comprehension , testing your game?

  • I decided to try Playstation plus for three months and even at that price it isn’t worth it. All you guys that paid $50 for the year and say your saving money…well your not because over that year your probably going to spend allot more than the original $50 on discounted material that really isn’t that discounted in the first place. You buy it because it’s discounted but in reality you would save more by paying for material at regular price because you would be more choosey buying at full price and wouldn’t buy as much. So they got your original $50 plus all your money that your spending on stuff that’s only 2 $1 to $5 less than original price. I’ve been a loyal 15 year Playstation fan from day 1 and PS3 is in every way better than xbox360, but sony dropped the ball on Playstation plus, sorry Sony, It is a rip off and keep spending your money on it tools. I’d rather spend $50 a year on a PS3 DVR service than the Playstation plus crap.

  • @143fuzzyclutter
    “PS + never Guaranteed access to betas . it said members would be preferred or higher priority CHOICES.”
    ????????? Where did you get that from?

    “Finally, wherever possible we’ll be making sure that members are included in selected demos and beta trials before they go live to everyone else” Taken from ***

    I don’t see “SELECTED MEMBERS” in that statement.

  • Enough with “select members.” All PS+ Members, or none. You’re denying some of our privileges, and you’ve done this twice now.. And even if I do get it, thank you…but that’s VERY unfair to the other people who payed 50 dollars a year, or whatever package they bought. “Early access to betas,” was a point when it was announced, now keep that promise. You can’t change policies and / or features or whatever you want to call it.

  • I think the problem for most people is that they were under the impression that all Plus members got access to selected betas and not select Plus members get access to selected betas.

    @138 I also wish Sony would deliver on the monthly promises made to us in June.

  • @142 never, the EU manager answered that question in July and said the monthly dynamic themes are EU Plus exclusives and won’t be found anywhere else.

  • I’ll mention this again here, but Savage Moon is not available to me (& others) in the PS Plus section for $5. I don’t see it listed at all there. When I do a search, I see it come up (with the demo being the first hit, full game second hit), but when I press X to look at the full game, there is no content there. When I play the demo I downloaded last week & try the option there to buy it, the price is still $9.99.

  • All PS + members should get it.

  • @145 , it was said since day 1 , where did it say ALL PS+ MEMBERS WOULD BE GUARANTEED BETA ACCESS ? illl brb

  • ” Finally, wherever possible we’ll be making sure that members are included in selected demos and beta trials before they go live to everyone else, ”


    “Finally, we’ll be making sure that ALL members are included in selected demos and beta trials before they go live to everyone else,”

    It doesnt take much to realize that SCEA CANNOT FORCE devs to accept anyone into a beta … i tell ya though , they really created a monster when beta vouchers were invented .. now theres an air of entitlement to them .

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