PlayStation Move Bundle: Final Retail Unboxing

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You may have seen some new impressions of PlayStation Move recently. A number of sites, both gaming and mainstream, received their press kits last week, hence the new reviews. We’ve been linking out to many of them on the sidebar, and we’ll fully recap on Sunday’s What We Read.

But what about you, the customer? How will your Move experience begin? We just got in the final retail packaging for the PlayStation Move Bundle. Here’s what you get in the box:

Like we said in the video, the included demo disc is so stuffed with content – 11 games! – that we decided to make a whole seperate post on it. Look for that one soon.

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  • will the demos from the disk be on the psn as well?, iv already got 2 ps eyes

  • People at work are counting down the days that Halo Reach comes out.

    I on the other hand am counting down the days when I will get my 320GB PS3 Move bundle.

    This is a great piece of technology that you guys have come out with and I’m excited now and for the future of this new gaming innovation.

  • Would be good if this bundle came out here in England…..

  • I have a bit of a dilemma. I have the PS Eye already. I want the value of the bundle but I already have the camera. Sure I can buy the move controller for $49 and then Sports Champions for $39 but I miss out on the demo disc.

  • @#25, The cable for the camera is approx 4 or 5 feet. When I bought the camera (in the eoj bundle), I needed to buy an extension USB cord because my ps3 at the time was too far away…

    I’d recommend getting the geek squad one at bestbuy, they’re like $20-$50 for an extension cord.

  • Jeff thx for checking, I think you should add the demos to the store or maybe make them a Plus exclusive offer?

  • @ #53 –

    Or do what I did. Sell the PSEye that you already have (I managed to get a pretty good buyer price so its like I’m not losing anything) and go for the bundle.

  • Does the Move Bundle come with a refund of my PS+? Cause the PS+ was a horrible investment on my part, and Sony thinks they are good job with it.

  • @53 you could always buy the bundle and then sell the camera online to recover the cost. I really hope the next PS3 or PS4 has USB ports on back, would make life so much easier with the Eye and entertainment cabinets.

  • @57 you mean the missing dynamic themes and avatars from PS+?

  • Oh Jeff, are we getting Plus icons added our blog avatars? EU Blog has them, we should too. Thx

  • I thought sports champions comes out on the 7th, correct me if im wrong about that.

    Great video guys, you should defiantly keep doing these unboxings!

  • You guys should definitely consider the people with PS Eyes already like me, I want a Move+Nav bundle with the demo disc, I really want the demo disc without having to buy the bundle you guys just featured.

  • I own eoj, and I too want that demo disc….was considering buying the bundle and just having an unused ps eye, in case something should happen to my current one, but I don’t really want the sports game.

    I’d rather buy a bundle that was simply: The Fight, One Move Controller, and the wonderful demo disc. No price discount, just $89.99. Obviously, you would need to buy a seperate move controller to buy the game. So it forces the customer to spend near 100 dollars to get the demo disc. People obviously want it, we just don’t want to have two cameras…

  • Awww, I already have an Eye but I guess I better change my preorder to a bundle so I’ll get the demo disk

  • Hoping for the PS3 bundle for my b-day. My original PS3 is gonna explode any minute now!

  • @ PSEye Owners

    Or you could hold off until they make a bundle that better suits us. I think these Eyes (and the many, many YLOD’d launch PS3s) are evidence enough that early-adopters get a kick in the pants.

  • Can I just get a PS move controller and the demo disk? I don’t want the game and I have a PS EYE. Also are the “test” games on the demo disk?( the fire ball, the sword, the flag/window screens, the blue square/rectangle, ect.)

  • Looks great, but I am a bit confused on the date. In your video you say September 19th, playstation’s official website says the 17th, and various websites that have the item for pre-order are saying different dates, could we get some clarification on that Jeff?

  • playstation eye would be a lot more useful if the ps3 had skype support. This is a considerable sum to spend on a webcam I can’t use to talk to my friends abroad.
    Sony has been completely silent on this issue. Why?

  • I already have the PSeye so I hope I can get the demo disc somehow

  • I’ll be un-boxing my PS Move on release. I’ll be sure to wear my PS Move T-shirt I got from the meet-up when I open. ;) Already have Sports Champions preordered and I’ll preorder Eyepet.

  • Hey Jeff, Whats Your Favorite Sport on Sports Champions?

  • Does the demo disk also come with the 320 GB Playstation 3 Move Bundle? (That’s what I’m getting.) I think it would be cool if there was an unboxing of that too, but I’ll find out what it’s like soon enough.

  • Why does the UK only get a demo disk in the bundle?
    and will there be more bundles realeased within the year?

  • I am pretty sure all those Move demos will come to the PSN as downloads.

  • This is really a good deal for $99.99. Can’t wait for the announcement of the games on the Demo Disc.

  • does anyone know why the controllers are coming out 10 days after the software (eye pet, sports champions stand alone, start the party, kung fu rider) that require Move to play? I’ve asked Gamestop and they don’t know. It seems a bit…well, dumb.

  • do you think people will camp out for PlayStation Move at launch?

  • Do you have to buy a 2nd Move to experience some of the games?

    Demos such as archery, I see people with 2 Moves to experience it…

  • @43 I’m in the same boat as you. I want the demo, but I already have the Eye.

  • I hope it requires less distance than Kinect!

  • I’ve pre-ordered 2x PS Move motion controllers, 1x Navigation Controller and a copy of sports champions! Can’t wait until Sept. 17th! I already have the PS Eye from Eye Pet. Also, if any of you are in the UK, get it from, £5 cheaper than any other site!

  • I am really liking the new awesome look of the PSB videos that you guys do. the intro is slick, and it just feels like the overall quality of the videos has just skyrocketed! Can’t wait to see more, thanks guys~

  • Wow I just can’t wait to try MAG out with the move!

    Already own an Eye so $50 gets me into PS3 motion gaming. Can’t wait!!

  • Cool…looking forward to this!
    Will this $100 PS Move bundle be available on the Sony Rewards site? I am asking because I want to get four Move controllers, but I don’t have enough money.

  • I am not getting this til next year…. when sorcery, killzone, and socom come out..

  • There needs to be a bundle WITHOUT a PS Eye. Some of us may already have those- remember when there was going to be titles released for it once upon a time? Maybe a bundle with 2 Move Wands and Sports Champions or Wand + Sub-controller with SC? I’ll need at least 2 Wands, one sub, and this title to begin with. Make a bundle for the people that are true PlayStation enthusiasts- the people that actually spend money on products like this as soon as they become available and get excited about new hardware (ie: PS Eye)! Once again, seems like another case of Sony catering to new customers and not acknowledging it’s longtime, loyal consumers. :/

  • Ahh, the PlayStation Move, something I was looking forward to purchasing…Unfortunately, September 1st, 2010 at 7:00pm, my Fat 60gig launch model PlayStation 3 has passed away…Luckily I was able to remove my Killzone 2 disc from the unit.
    Sad face…

  • OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! I am SUPER Excited!!! I hope LBP2 demo is on the disc!! ALso would the Ratchet and Clank:All 4 One demo be on the disc?Or is it too early for that game? I hope hope hope hope HOPE that one of the two will be on the demo disc! Can you respond to this? Also when will the post with the details be made? Cause it comes out in less than 3 weeks, I would have thought all of this stuff should have been announced by now.

    But i cant wait cause my birthday is a couple days before the release! Also Gamestop says it comes out on the 17th of September, not the 19th. Who is right?

  • Wtf i thought we were getting sports champions full game with the bundle.

  • jeff Rubenstein // salesman/social media manager
    mmm scratch social media manager

  • Did you buy an early Sony HDTV that doesn’t support 720p? Oh, you want to play a game on the PS3 that is 720p only? Sorry.

    Did you buy a PlayStation Eye outside of the Move bundle? Oh, you want to get the Sports disc? Sorry.

    Sony! BAD DOG! Stop treating us early adopters like crap! I had to buy a $200 upscaler to play 720p games on my older Sony HDTV! Now I have to pay extra again to get the Sports disc even though I have a PlayStation Eye.

    If I didn’t hate Micro$oft so much, I would get an XBOX 360.

  • I am looking forward to buying the Move. I just have to figure out what bundle to get as I already have a PSEye. But, call me cynical, isn’t it odd that this blog, which in essense is all about selling an expensive piece of hardware, has the most responses from a Sony representative. Good to know that when they want our money, they respond to questions posted by the using community. Too bad, they dont do that more regularly on other blog posts.

  • I read the IGN Move review.
    The guy that reviewed it said basically it doesn’t work very well when there’s sun light coming through windows and light behind the player. He also said it works best in bright lit rooms and much of the games have horrible Move support.
    Jeff, Is the builds of the games of what IGN has is older than the retail versions???

  • So by already owning the PSEye I am basically screwed? I’ll either have to buy something I already own and try to resell it or buy them all separate? Man that sucks.

  • Definitely need to make a bundle without the eye. I have a perfectly good one here as do many people responding and I won’t consider paying almost the same price for a move controller and game as the cost of the bundle…with no demo disc no less…

  • Sept 19 is a Sunday since when is Major Media/ Entertainment of any sort released on a Sunday? Im confused by this…

  • Are there going to be any updates for sports champions? Such as a better way of handling calibration..etc.

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