PlayStation Move Bundle: Final Retail Unboxing

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You may have seen some new impressions of PlayStation Move recently. A number of sites, both gaming and mainstream, received their press kits last week, hence the new reviews. We’ve been linking out to many of them on the sidebar, and we’ll fully recap on Sunday’s What We Read.

But what about you, the customer? How will your Move experience begin? We just got in the final retail packaging for the PlayStation Move Bundle. Here’s what you get in the box:

Like we said in the video, the included demo disc is so stuffed with content – 11 games! – that we decided to make a whole seperate post on it. Look for that one soon.

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  • i cant afford a move this year unfortanetly Jeff can i get a free one pleeease

  • are all the demos going to be on the psn as well. I already own the eye so i do not need to pick up the bundle but is there anywhere i will be able to get the demos?

  • Lol nice I think this is Sony’s first-ever official unboxing of a product. If not first ever then surely first on the PS.Blog! :) My Move controller’s been pre-ordered for a while (already have the Eye thanks to EoJ), contemplating if I should get the Nav controller in place of my DS3…

  • already pre-order my Move controller!
    cant wait for playing Time Crisis!

  • Is Socom 4 on the demo disk?

  • got my move for over a month now having fun with tumble

  • Confused about the release date… seems every store will have this for sale the 17th not the 19th as mentioned in the video. Has it changed?

  • It’d be nice if the controller came with a game seeing how I already have a PS eye….

  • you guys should add a countdown to launch on the blog

  • Yep can’t wait already preordered and ready to go. Online demos would be nice though

  • Will the demo’s eventually end up on the PSN? I already have the PS Eye so I won’t be getting the bundle. I hate to miss out on the demo’s.

  • I already have a PS Eye, is there a bundle without the Eye?

  • Why is there not a usb cable in the box? It should at least be in the starter kit. If the bluetooth headset can get one, so can this.

  • @12 There is no bundle without the eye but you can get the controller and the game separately

  • i hope i can get this the day it releases.

  • Put down the money for the 99.99 pack and a nav(traded in my 360 for it back when the slim 360 first came out).

    I’m wondering what’s on that disck

  • It’d be interesting to see someone playing with the Dualshock in one hand, since they say that bundle is “all that you need”.

  • Why NOT include the ALL important Analog controller??? That is sony Nintendo of Sony.. I hated the wii for a reason, everything I wanted in the first place out of the box cost an extra fee… :-(

    I MAY get this since I already have a ps eye from EoJ which btw, I haven’t played eoj since a week after i got it.. when it Launched.. So thats why i’m waiting on this one.. I do like it for having something to hold unlike XB Kinect.. But at least give us analog controllers, I dont wanna hold my ds3 in one hand, i might break it..

  • disregard the 19th release date the official release date is the 17 i asked the sony guy that goes to the store to clean up the ps3

  • I meant to say that is SO Nintendo of

  • Will the demo disc have trophies?

  • So will the demos from the demo disc be available on the PS Store? I already have the Eye so I’m just gonna get a Move (maybe 2) and Sports Champions (wish it had online).

  • @austinite04 all PS3 consoles including this bundle come with a Dualshock 3

  • I heard a rumor that the evil p!r@tes found a security hole in the Move that allows you play unsigned games.

    Firmware 3.50 will include a patch to disable all Move functionality to protect the system.

    Yeah, I’m still bitter about the loss of OtherOS functionality. And this is obviously not true (yet) but I wouldn’t put this past Sony.

    Of course Karma reigns supreme, and you are going to get what you deserve. You know, since you can now officialy copy games to a hard drive. You dug your own grave, no sympathy here.

  • How long is the USB cable on the PS Eye?

  • Y is sports champions eye pet and so many other games releasing on sept 7 when the ps move n navigator are both releasing sept 17 or 19 one those 2 days. Well neways why are those games been release a week early when it requires the ps move. Pretty st**** if u ask me big fail only Sony would do that

  • Will all of the loyal early adopter types who already have a PS3 and PS Eye be able to get the amazing demo disc in some way?

  • im getting the 320 gig ps3 move bundle can not wait to pick it up

  • cant wait for it to come out

  • Ah.. well, I already bought the PS Eye much earlier in the PS3 lifecycle, because of the promises that it would provide so many awesome gameplay opportunities.

    ….then… yeah, not a whole lot came out for it.

    But then the Move comes out! Awesome.. But… I guess since Sony assumes no one bought the move, anyone who already has it has to buy Sports champions at FULL PRICE…


    That’s okay Sony, I don’t feel TOTALLY RIPPED OFF!

  • lol PS Move looks like a wii. Just sayin. Also Imma get me CoD Black Opps when it comes out so I wont have enough for move.

  • Im seriously looking forward to Move, getting the $99 bundle

  • it suck i juss got my 250gb ps3 an the 320 is coming =(

  • Cool video;) Wish the PlayStation eye was wireless? Or the PS3 had some USB ports at the back to. I hate wires! :D

  • In today’s terrible economy, couldn’t Sony have made this a little more affordable, or, include some kind of incentive or discount to purchase it at a lower price?

  • Also, don’t you think $400 is too much to ask? I mean, what’s your real target with that bundle? Not casual gamers trying to decide for this instead of $200 Wii, are they?

    I suggested you should have made a bundle matching 1:1 everything the Wii packs inside. That would mean leave the Dualshock 3 out, include a Move controller, a Nav controller, PSeye and Sports Champion. Why 320GB for the casual audience that isn’t going to appreciate that kind of value? Bundle a 40GB PS3 if anything (10x more than the ridiculous 4GB X360) and it’s 100% more storage than a Wii for sure), and let them know they can easily upgrade the HDD.

    Sell that bundle for $300, and you’ll see how you catch some of the Wii’s audience, and at the same time you’ll sell more Dualshocks which retail higher than the Nav controller. The important thing here is building up a installed base quickly, and you’re giving the potential customers everything they actually need for a competitive price. Save costs on HDD and that DS3 which is expensive and rather clumsy paired with the Move, and lower the costs to capture the audience you should be entirely focused on with the Move.

  • i have to get black opps.that game is sickkk

  • Unfortunately, one thing that you may or may not acknowledge in those reviews you are touting is that most say that the experience is only partial/incomplete without a second Move controller. One thing you SHOULD bring up is that most say that the Nav controller really isn’t necessary- just optional, which should at least put aside some of the complaints about pricing.

    My ideal bundle: 2 move controllers and The Fight or Sports Champions. $100-120

  • I’m waiting for some retailers to put together their own bundles coughCOSTCOcough or for Sony to release a bundle that includes enough controllers for more than one player.

  • I wish you made one more SKU Move+Navigator+Game bundle. So does the Move itself also come with the demo disc? Or is the disc exclusive to the bundles?

  • I see a reoccurring theme of LBP Music. Keep it up!

  • I would love to get the demo disc without buying another EYE.

  • Jeff I want demo disc! I already own the PS Eye and I’m ordering this mess separately because I don’t need 2 of what I already own. Anyway you can help a guy out and ship me the demo disc or make sure others like myself can download those demos from PSN?

  • i dont need the bundle..i already own the camera..but like everyone else is asking ..will the demo be available separately or atleast on PSN..which im sure they will do so.anywho..ima get the MOVE day one…sucks TIME CRISIS wont be out till a few weeks later..

  • inFamous music :)

  • Is that LittleBigPlanet music im hearing?

  • I already have a PS Eye, but I’m interested in the standalone Move and Nav controller.

    Is there any way I can get my hands on these demos?

  • Cant wait to play at the fight lights out :]
    i hope its one the demo disc
    brrrlaaap brrrrlaaaappp

  • Definitely looking into buying PS Move

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