Coming Next Week to PlayStation Plus: God of War: Ghost of Sparta Early Access Demo, Warhawk Game Trial and More

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PlayStation Plus

Hi everyone, here’s a peek at what’s being offered next week for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Also, moving forward, we’ll be providing these updates on free, exclusive and discounted PlayStation Plus items roughly 2 weeks in advance. So look for another update next Wednesday for the September 21 publish of PlayStation Plus content.

Next week we will have a full game trial for the multiplayer classic, Warhawk. Download the full game trial and take to land and air in an all out war between the Eucadian and Chernovan armies. Also, get an early sneak peek at the newest God of War title, God of War: Ghost of Sparta. Answers will be revealed for the events between God of War and God of War II in Kratos’s newest PSP adventure.

As a friendly reminder, be sure to check out last month’s PlayStation Plus content, including a free copy of Aero Racers (think top-down WipEout) and sales on High Velocity Bowling and WipEout HD Fury DLC, before it gets taken down next Tuesday.

Not a PlayStation Plus member? Our limited time introductory offer is still available. Get three additional bonus months free when you buy a 1-year package for $49.99. You can find all the details here.

PlayStation Plus Highlights for 9/7:

Full Game Trial

Free Games
Blast Off – mini – FREE

Early Access Game Demo
God of War: Ghost of Sparta (PSP Demo)

Game Discounts
Ratchet & Clank Dynamic Theme (50%)

Free Game Add-ons
UFC Undisputed 2010 TUF Unlock Key
Warhawk Booster Combo

Free XMB Themes
Warhawk Dynamic Theme
Mystical Fractals Theme

Free Media
Qore September Issue

Last Chance, Get Them While You Can – Coming down next Tuesday (9/7):

Early Access Game Demo

Free Offers to PlayStation Plus Subscribers
Minis: Aero Racer (original price – $2.99)
Themes: Nebula Tunnels (original price – $1.99)
Qore: August Episode (original price – $2.99)

Discount Offers to PlayStation Plus Subscribers
Wipeout Fury HD DLC – 20% Off (PlayStation Plus Offer – $7.99, regular price – $9.99)
High Velocity Bowling – 50% Off (PlayStation Plus Offer – $5.00, regular price – $9.99)
Uncharted Eye of Indra comic bundle – 50% Off (PlayStation Plus Offer – $1.25, regular price $2.49)

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    Sony has PlayStation plus auto renewal set to on by default
    if your not planing on renewing PlayStation plus when your subscription is over, you may want to go and disable it before they push another year on you without you even knowing it, go to >> Account Management >> Transaction Management >> Services List and look for PlayStation@Plus, click on it and disable it from there.

    just goes to show you how greedy they can be.

  • What an effing rip-off. The EU PS+ members are getting the entire season of Sam & Max. The free game we’re getting is… a mini?

  • Still nothing that makes Plus worth it for me. Hope something good comes soon that makes me change my mind.

  • Plus=Sparta? No demo + no plus + digitalman123=:(

  • Warhawk? that game just celebrated its 3rd anniversary! how about something new? What’s exactly the point of a Warhawk game trial, revitalize sales for a 3-year old game, c’mon…that’s not a PLUS at all!

  • I think the only thing I’ll be nabbing this time around is the Ghost of Sparta Demo. There isn’t much more on there for me.

    It’d be really nice if they got some new release games on there for Trials & Purchase because I own every game up there so far (and I already rented Red Faction and didn’t like it, but LOVED Red Faction 1 and 2 on PS2). It’s just a thought Sony.

    Didn’t see the PSMini there, I’ll be nabbing that too. But honestly I can’t stay on the mini’s for much longer than 20 minutes at most.

    It’s been ‘good’ as a PS+ Member so far, and I don’t regret my membership, but I do hope the quality ramps up over time. Free stuff is always fun, but lets see some Exclusive features, and others of that sort.

  • WoW this is ridiculous, have nothing more to say…

  • Americans get so much stuff compare to EU

  • @ famousmortimer

    Agreed. Except, you’re discounting Qore- it might’ve just been “early” to them.

    I really wish we’d just drop this discount/freebie… “stuff” and start getting things that we couldn’t have gotten otherwise: Betas, features, Betas, services, personal-play-time with developers and execs, Betas, expanded profile options, Betas… This doesn’t feel like a premium service. It’s not “building on top of the current PSN”- it’s handing out little sections of what’s already been built.

    I actually submitted an idea (Blog.Share) on small improvements that would’ve been relatively simple to implement such as longer profile-comment limits (and several others I can’t remember anymore) that apparently wasn’t deemed worthy of being posted and voted on. (And this is far from the first original idea I and, apparently, many other have submitted that never appeared.)

  • that’s more like it. thank you much *smiling*

  • @51

    How is it greedy if Sony makes it crystal clear that it is set to auto-renew in bright yellow text on the page you purchase it from?

  • You probably thought GOW was enough to give Plus people this time around, but all you had to do was give the R&C theme for free and it would have turned me from Meh to Yeah!

    But sorry, still meh.

  • Being a member has its priveleges.

  • Like the look of this update. I was lucky and didn’t get a lot of the early PSN games and stuck mostly to disc-based. As a result I have got my money back. REALLY like the support for the PSP with the Ghost of Sparta demo. Like others I would like to see this continue. Thanks.

  • An advance demo is nice :D keep up the great content

  • Bleh the slide downhill continues for PS+ so much hope the service would have held up to the promises, and the first months content.

    Warhawk? You’ve got to be kidding right? At this point you should just give it to everyone for $4.99

    A PSP demo? I didn’t join PS+ for PSP demos. Why not a Demo for the “Upgraded GOW 1 & 2”, that might convince me to buy those old PS2 games.

    Where is last months Dynamic Theme and Avatars?

    You know for the most part I’ve enjoyed some of the games on PS+, and for that part of it got my money worth, but you don’t come through on your promises for Avatars and themes it’s not a good sign, and not giving me what I also joined PS+ for.

    Why not put up a good, recent game like Joe Danger once every 3-4 months? I know you can’t offer new games all the time, but the serious lack of “free” content the last two months sucks, and if this trend continues I won’t be buying PS+ next year.

  • STILL no reason to get Plus. :-(

  • meh, this is why i got the 3 month sub instead. will not be renewing. as others have said all the content is either way too old or things i just don’t care about. ps+ seems to only be relevant to new ps3 users who haven’t owned the console for several years like the rest of us.

  • yeah, 1 hours trial to FORCE PS+ users to buy…
    Whit NO SALE and exactly the same price as everyone non-PS+ users.
    Give 50% sale for PS+ “game trial” each month!

  • Blast off and Qore will be a nice download for me, but I personally would like to see some Plus exclusive content, and various new releases be discounted. Many of the things released with plus are games that have been out for a while, and i have many of them, so new release discounts would be great for me and I believe many other Plus people too.

  • i prefer suscripbe to Qore for the “Free games” you keep all your life.
    not this renting BS method…

  • Being a PS+ member is becoming more of a inconvenience than ever. I want to “BUY” Mushroom Wars but instead I’m forced when adding to the cart to accept it at the $0.00 “FREE” but with strings attached to being a subscriber. I don’t take part in downloading any games for free as a subscriber because I don’t plan to renew next year. It’s very annoying I can’t even buy games/add-ons that are free from PS+ anymore at their normal prices and have to wait until they are off the list. I might have to circumvent Sony on this one and buy it from

  • the worst is the games trial,
    they make us download 8gb and we have to pay the same price as everyones “non-ps+” if we want the game…

  • the funny part is now at least the sell warhawk and give the add-on to “complete” the game.
    why you din’t do the same for Red Faction, where’s is my free add-on for august, why you din’t put red faction add-on for sale at same time so we can have the FULL GAME.

  • Woot, this sounds like a very great update! I’m looking forward to it! :)

  • no too excited about warhawk since i tried it once…..but….liking gow very much. when can we expect more avatars? aside from it all….very happy.

  • why people gettin all exited only for a demo… :S

  • it’s like spoiling your game before playing…
    you know GOW will be awsome you dont want to play that game before you have THE OFFICIAL in YOUR HANDS!

  • btw i already bought warhawk for 14.99 this april fool fever sale.
    so now do we expect this game at full price (29.99) for PS+ Users ONLY! LOL! Right!?

  • and what’s for next month… wait i know; Socom Confrontation.
    and the free add-on will be probably someting not relative to the game… LOL

  • Europe’s 1 month of PS+ content craps all over every piece of content that American PS+ subscribers have been getting. I guess this service is to only give us scraps that nobody buys in the first place. We still haven’t got a free retail game and now this update is giving us an early PSP demo? Can I play this PSP demo on my PS3? If the answer is no then this piece of content is worthless to me and the majority of the people who have PS+. There isn’t even a free downloadable & PS1 game in the list. It’s just a bunch of junk that wouldn’t be worth the money in the first place.

    I would advise people not to waste money on PS+ unless you live in Europe.

  • =/ I can’t be too upset. i only bought Plus for betas afterall.

  • wahhhhhh wahhhhhh wahhhhhh wahhhhhhhh wahhh wahhhhhhhh

    this blog really needs a filter. there’s not one blog post on this site that has everyone saying something positive.

    QQ moar.

  • YAY dynamic themes!

  • I already own-

    Blast Off

    You guys almost had me with the God of War demo.. but I’m guessing the public demo is coming pretty soon so I’ll wait… Still looking for a reason to opt in.

  • I hope our free game for September isn’t just a mini o.O

    Still hoping to see Little Big Planet show up.

  • @ProjectInfiniti
    yeah we need filter for peoples like you,
    happy for a simple demo…

  • Well, while a lot of whiners are running their mouth about Playstation Plus, I for one had liked every PS Plus update. Now this is a really good one 2 as I get to try the new God of WAr for PSP, test this free minis called blast off, Qore September issue although I already have an active Qore Subscription bought before PS Plus, and try out WarHawk (Full Game Trial).

    For those who say there is already a demo for WarHawk, yes there is but this is a FULL game trial so all features are unlocked for the hour you play.

    You people whine to much, just like what is offered and right now I actually enjoy every Playstation Plus update made. :)

  • hasn’t Warhawk been out for a while, & how does a PSP demo help those who don’t own a PSP? If Sony would let PS+ members pick one free game each month, I might consider getting it

  • @84
    You mad! Not my fault you rushed in buying Plus. lol @ youuuu!

    Good luck getting a point across posting back to back 7-8-9 times. HA!

  • was so hoping we’d get Castle Crashers. Something new and decent

  • Not digging the $2.46 combined discount you spread over 6 titles (most were $0.21 off- really??) this Tuesday for Plus+ members. That’s all we get this week? Some clearly deceptive, miniature discounts designed to incite impulse purchases? What a joke of an update. I feel a bit insulted, actually. Not a happy Plus+ subscriber this week..

  • Gamers sure do whine a lot.

  • The early access to the demo for God of War: Ghost of Sparta is one of the only few reasons why I like PS Plus. Other than that and a few other things, PlayStation Plus is still mediocre. I wish Sony would also stop taking down old discounts as well; that just kills the purpose of subscribing to it in my opinion.

  • @90, if we didn’t whine, if we don’t let our voices be heard, then the industry would never move forward. Sony doesn’t want to read how happy people are with the service, they often skip over those replies. What they look for are complaints and ways to improve upon the service.. Us whiners spur changes.

  • hmmm lemme see last time i checked , 1.25 represents 50% of 2.50 … grace didnt get pwned by anybody . just a couple of people who thought themselves smarter once again proving to the world how stupid they are … heres your helmet , wear it at ALL times .

  • once more for posterity: I’ll shell out the cash as soon as cross game chat is implemented. That’s all I want.

  • I got my PSN+ account for the few month trial for this exact reason. This update is a joke. I dont own a PSP and already own the warhawk game and theme. Screw this.

  • I love PS Plus more Free Games

  • Really gotta get myself Playstation Plus soon. Alot of great content coming to the service or is it?

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