Coming Next Week to PlayStation Plus: God of War: Ghost of Sparta Early Access Demo, Warhawk Game Trial and More

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PlayStation Plus

Hi everyone, here’s a peek at what’s being offered next week for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Also, moving forward, we’ll be providing these updates on free, exclusive and discounted PlayStation Plus items roughly 2 weeks in advance. So look for another update next Wednesday for the September 21 publish of PlayStation Plus content.

Next week we will have a full game trial for the multiplayer classic, Warhawk. Download the full game trial and take to land and air in an all out war between the Eucadian and Chernovan armies. Also, get an early sneak peek at the newest God of War title, God of War: Ghost of Sparta. Answers will be revealed for the events between God of War and God of War II in Kratos’s newest PSP adventure.

As a friendly reminder, be sure to check out last month’s PlayStation Plus content, including a free copy of Aero Racers (think top-down WipEout) and sales on High Velocity Bowling and WipEout HD Fury DLC, before it gets taken down next Tuesday.

Not a PlayStation Plus member? Our limited time introductory offer is still available. Get three additional bonus months free when you buy a 1-year package for $49.99. You can find all the details here.

PlayStation Plus Highlights for 9/7:

Full Game Trial

Free Games
Blast Off – mini – FREE

Early Access Game Demo
God of War: Ghost of Sparta (PSP Demo)

Game Discounts
Ratchet & Clank Dynamic Theme (50%)

Free Game Add-ons
UFC Undisputed 2010 TUF Unlock Key
Warhawk Booster Combo

Free XMB Themes
Warhawk Dynamic Theme
Mystical Fractals Theme

Free Media
Qore September Issue

Last Chance, Get Them While You Can – Coming down next Tuesday (9/7):

Early Access Game Demo

Free Offers to PlayStation Plus Subscribers
Minis: Aero Racer (original price – $2.99)
Themes: Nebula Tunnels (original price – $1.99)
Qore: August Episode (original price – $2.99)

Discount Offers to PlayStation Plus Subscribers
Wipeout Fury HD DLC – 20% Off (PlayStation Plus Offer – $7.99, regular price – $9.99)
High Velocity Bowling – 50% Off (PlayStation Plus Offer – $5.00, regular price – $9.99)
Uncharted Eye of Indra comic bundle – 50% Off (PlayStation Plus Offer – $1.25, regular price $2.49)

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  • Well that’s a good thing for plus members but still not ennough for me to get it.

  • LOL we get one of the oldest ps3 games for a trial. Whats the point of plus for me?

  • jesus a warhawk trial? um isnt there a demo already aaaand i have owned this game for what now 3 years, its awesome dont get me wrong but wtf….anyways i have plus so im not complaining

  • also since when is 1.25 50% off the price? regular price 2.00 for the Uncharted Eye of Indra comic bundle

  • wow thanks for including psp a lil in playstation plus. I’ll enjoy the demo!

  • Game Discounts
    Ratchet & Clank Dynamic Theme (50%

    Theme = Game ???

  • Yes, Ghost of Sparta Demo!

  • @4 You are wrong, the regular price is $2.50!

  • Hey Grace, any news on Playstation Plus getting Uncharted Discounts/Content?????

    Also, any word from valve on a PORTAL 2 demo/beta?????

  • please litle big planet for ps3 full game

  • I’m up for a Ghost of Sparta demo.

  • Now that’s what I call tending to the PSP crowd!

  • Grace Chen: I’m getting pretty bored of Plus now, I hope we will get beta keys for KZ3, LBP2 and FFXIV.

    work your magic.

  • Ghost of Sparta = Instant WIN for PS+

    Proud PS+ member :)

  • I’m looking forward to this update, but considering that we have gone from weekly to bi-weekly updates I would like to see more. Particularly on the beta side of things… There are lots of very exciting games on the way, and early access to betas was one of the original selling points for Playstation Plus.

    Thank you for providing something for the PSP though, it’s something I’ve wanted to see since launch!

  • I can’t say I’m thrilled with some of the content choices (2xtreme, Warhawk trial, Rally Cross), but as someone who was upset that month 2 didn’t include any avatars, dynamic themes, and add-ons, I’m pretty pleased with this, even though I already own Warhawk and it’s add-ons and have no plan to buy UFC.

    Keep this up and I will be a happy Plus subscriber.

    One request though. Get US subscribers access that Metal Gear Solid 50% off deal that the European version of Plus has. I’d buy that in a heartbeat.

  • YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! Finally !!!!!!!!!!! first time i will feel good about owning PS+ and it is not that i think the content you guys are providing isnt good its because i already owned everything you guys were offering but now that you guys are offering the demo of my most anticipated psp title EVER !!!!! i do feel really good about owning PS+and im very glad to finally see excellent PSP content on PS + , you guys have no idea how happy i am right now , thanks a lot !!!! and dont forget that you guys have another system besides the ps3 on the market so please start supporting it more !!! Ghost of Sparta demo is a superb way to start , thanks a lot once again , this is coming from a true God of War fan
    Every End Must First Begin … now if you guys can get me the OMEGA psp strip would be even better lol , i know im pushing it

  • Lol how is 1.25 the 50% of 2? haha

  • God of War is great, but trying to impress us with Warhawk is just plain bad business.
    WarHawk was a great game years ago…why not get a LBP or Modnation trial? At least something decent.

  • When does this 3 month bonus offer end?

  • Underwhelming update to say the least.

  • Yea, I’m done, when my PS+ expires there isn’t a single chance I am going to resubscribe. This is absolute garbage. Were getting a trial, to a game that already has a full demo, and is three years old, bs. Then a early access demo to a game for a system that isn’t even a part of PS+, and has nothing to do with the PS3… Garbage…

  • You guys don’t see what is happening? Have you not noticed that they have been pushing Warhawk more the last couple of months? I think it is obvious that they are trying to pull in new PS3 owners to get the game, because the sequel (maybe Starhawk) will be announced soon. Get more people into the original now and make the buzz for the sequel even stronger.

  • Where are the monthly avatars? That Ratchet dynamic theme should be free since we never got any dynamic themes last month. Otherwise good update, and glad to see two weeks notice coming next week. I hope the 9/21 update includes another dynamic theme, thx.

  • This could be the crappiest ps plus update yet. Keep up the good work guys!

  • I pretty much already own everything I want on the PSN.

    Between Gundemonium Recollection, and Scott Pilgrim, I have the most fun games available on the PSN.

    Of course for back up I have some 60+ other games like Flower, Flow, Echochrome, SSDHD, Pixel Junk (title), Burn Zombie Burn, Every Day Shooter, Fat Princess, etc…

    I can’t even come up with 50 dollars worth of PSN titles I want, short of giving me discounts on that Record of Agarest War.

    But all that misses the point. PSN plus isn’t for level 14+ people with trophies from over 100 different games. It’s for the level 1-5s who hardly have anything and this is a perfect place to start. The game trial lets them unlock trophies, and continue progress with the full game, rather than play a 20 minute demo with no permanence.

  • YES!!!!! FINALLY i feel good about being a ps+ subscriber , it is not that i think you guys arent providing good content , it is that i already owned most of it or at least the best of what you are offering , but now that you guys are providing me the demo of my most anticipated psp title EVER!!!! i am really happy about it !!! , its good to finally see some psp content on ps+ and what a way to start doing it !!!! dont forget that you have another system besides the ps3 on the market , im extremely happy to finally see some psp love on ps+ , please dont stop the psp content and thanks a lot from a true God of War fan!!!
    Every End Must First Begin

  • I’m 100% STOKED for the Ghost of Sparta Demo next week! I’ll be grabbing all of the themes and a few other things too!

    As far as Warhawk goes, I’ve never even heard of the game, and I’ll be glad to try it out. This is one of the first updates that I’m actually downloading everything.


    The PSP is an integral part of PS Plus, all the PS1 Classics and miniS titles are optimized to be played on the PSP. You should go buy a PSP and join in on the awesomeness that we have!

  • Thanks for the update, but could we possibly get more than one Game Trial a month? It seems like an incredibly slow way of putting full games on PSN.

  • we’re our promised avatars.

  • wheres

  • The idea of “early access to a demo” is complete BS and you guys know it. If PSN+ didn’t exist everyone would get the GoW demo next week. Instead, you intentionally hold it back from people to give the illusion of us “getting it early.”

    I am a Plus subscriber and in general I like the service quite a bit, i liken it to Amazon prime but for the PSstore. But these kind of shady marketing tactics remind me of your main HD rival. Don’t stoop to that level. And don’t try to tell me Im getting something early when we both know that if there was no PSN+ we would all be getting it next week.

  • I’m still not convinced to subscribe to PS Plus. Great bargain for those with a small library.

    I’m going to stop buying PSN games for awhile. Then PS Plus might be a bargain for me.

  • @27 doesn’t help however that you can’t sign up for PS+ on PSP or Media Go. You have to do it from the PS3 Storefront last time I checked. Though the discounts and such transfer over to the other storefronts. Really, to have the best options is to have the synergy between a PS3 and PSP. Now if only they would throw a free PSP game on there besides minis.

  • free warhawk booster combos!? Too bad I already got mine

  • Yeah i know what demo im playing next week. And it rhymes with Mod or Core.

  • Uncharted Eye of Indra comic bundle – 50% Off (PlayStation Plus Offer – $1.25, regular price $2)

    Grace Chen == not a math major



  • I hope Qore is better than last month, it was garbage last issue.

  • ok what about free add on content?

  • oh i c the warkhawk add on. Comeone give us a free addon for a greatgame, or a third party game like RDR?

  • Uncharted Eye of Indra comic bundle – 50% Off (PlayStation Plus Offer – $1.25, regular price $2)
    ^^No comment^^

    @37 I3rand0
    Grace Chen got pwned = Confirmed

  • I was actually hoping to get Warhawk for free not the trail :(

  • Awesome God of War:GoS!!!

  • @41 that-acmilan-guy
    Or better yet, a game that isn’t 3+ years old

  • GOW demos is super sweet! ….Can we get some more PSP Legacy buy mocks me with cheap UMDs :)

  • Oh man… Terrible. Warhawk is an amazing game. I bought it 3 years ago… Didn’t pay $50 for PSP demos. More mini junk… PSP needs to be seperate from Plus. Don’t waste your money people. Sad to say but Plus is absolute garbage!

  • I remember when I used to come to the PS Blog and get excited. Now it seems every time I come here, its just more disappointment.

    I gave you guys $50. You’ve given me nothing but games I bought months-years ago.

  • Ok Sony. 2 more months of these lame PS plus offerings and you will solidify me not renewing my year subscription. Haven’t gotten 1 single worthwhile thing that I’d want, or don’t already have because everything has already been discounted 60% already.

    So far the only benefit I’ve gotten was saving $1 on the fat princess dlc…..

  • Qore is a bloated download (1.5GB d/l avg.). The video/slide-show packaging should be a-la-cart. The beta invites and free games should be emailed with an unlock code.

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