Valkyria Chronicles II Demo Available on PSN Today

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Howdy Valkyria Chronicles fans – the time is almost here!

As Valkyria Chronicles II gets close to its August 31st release, we’d like to give you all a little sample of the game to try out and play for yourselves! If you’ve been wondering how Valkyria Chronicles II holds up to the first game, today you can experience the glory of getting those lovely headshots on a rebel (or ten) while on-the-go.

Valkyria Chronicles II Demo Newsletter

If you loved the first game, you’ll be glad to see that the feel of battle has been not only preserved, but also improved upon greatly. The new multi-field battle layout also adds another level of strategy, giving some missions a number of paths for you to send your squad through. Jeff and I also talked about the multiplayer in one of the recent blogs here, which offers both cooperative and competitive play in addition to the full RPG storyline.

Valkyria Chronicles II may be a PSP game in relation to its older PS3 brother, but trust me when I say not to take it lightly. This little gem not only manages to do justice to one of my favorite RPG Battle systems – ever – but also brings back the CANVAS system for a beautiful watercolor finish that looks just as good as it plays.

blue flames

Finally, I’d like to include one other confirmation here on the blog: We’ve added a few new exclusive items to the Western version of the game! Among the many stickers that you can get for your tank or vehicle, we’ve added in a few brand new ones that both old and new SEGA fans are sure to smile at. Those of you who loved the first game will also be happy to note that we’ve included a few original characters as unlockable Easter eggs, just like in the Japanese version.

I could write about my love for this series for pages and pages – but the easiest way to experience Valkyria Chronicles is truly to play it. We hope you all will enjoy the demo when it goes live later today, and I’d love to hear what you guys think.

As always, hit us up with any questions or comments below, and I’ll do my best to respond to them all. All the best, and have fun!

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  • The first game is still on my top three games on the PS3…I’m extremely excited to give this a go.

  • Avoiding all the trophy for VC1 requests, huh? Can you avoid this:

  • I know trophies aren’t happening for VC1, but I would buy a brand new copy if they did.

    Still an amazing game regardless.

  • Thanks! I’ve been waiting a while for a US demo.

    Oh,to the guys crying for trophies. Try playing a game because it’s fun for once.

  • The original Chronicles is one of my favorite games of all time. I have my pre-order slip in my wallet, ready for the drop on the 31st!

  • Woah. I didn’t know that a demo was coming so soon.

    I’ll be sure to download it and pass the word on to everyone I know. Thanks, Ruby!

  • @Jeigh

    I don’t buy games used unless there is no other way to purchase them. Trophies were added to Disgaea 3, and I bought a brand new shiney copy. Trophies were added to Bionic Commando, I bought a new copy.

    Fact is that the Demo was terribly boring and lacked story. Even with fans cheering praises, I’m not going to drop $60 for a game I don’t think I’ll like. But all of the talk of “the Demo doesn’t do the game justice” has me on the fence. Maybe I would like the game if I played through it. But why purchase this game over something else? Especially one that lacks a feature that I’ve grown to like?

    That is the mentality of some of us who haven’t played the game. Trophies would be that last step to get us off the fence. And yes, we’d buy fresh new copies. A bigger fanbase means more sales of the new game, and the possibility of a longer living franchise.

    Wouldn’t you like more support for this game you guys love? Well, you could have that support. We just have one small request: Add trophies. That’s it.

  • The best art in a PS3 game. I don’t understand the Trophy collectors, but to each their own, if you are letting Trophy support stop you from playing one of the best games for the PS3, artistically and Tactically, then it is your loss.

    Now I can play the demo hundreds of times before the game comes out.

  • Scott Pilgrim and Valkyria Chonicles 2 Demo? Oh man.

  • Too bad its only for PSP =(

    How sweet would that have been if the original VC got a trophy patch with the release of this game.

  • @LokeSTL

    I do admit that sales to SEGA mean more games, so I would hope that more people buy it. If it would take trophy support for them to gain another 500K in sales, I would like to see it happen. But I suspect that the Trophy crowd that is on the fence for this game is maybe 5K people. I don’t know the economics, but I suspect the cost might not be recouped.

    I totally see your side of it, and actually understand. I have been there before, except not over Trophies. Do I purchase this game or that game. I like this genre over the other and will likely go with what I know I will enjoy over an unknown.

  • I had issues with the first one but loved it all the same. I will pick this up day one and hope those issues are resolved but undoubtedly love it all the same, regardless.

  • Truly epic! cant wait! also please make Valkyria 3 on PS3!

  • would you please kick “ruby” in the face? cos of him and his “if the dlc sells we might talk about a trophy patch” made me buy the dlc on my frinds consols.
    needing the trophy patch and a second game on ps3.
    still, thanks for the yakuza love to the us/eu.
    damn i have this crazy love/hate thing with sega :)
    going to buy a psp for this .. and kingdom hearts :)

  • @Sindred

    Cry me a river. Are you saying that I should just take your word that I’m going to love the game? That’s not how the world works.

    And you’ll be missing out on an extended fanbase that could guarantee many more sequels. So it’s your loss as well. All because they won’t add an easily patchable feature. One that could be attached to the medal system that is already in-game.

    Quit being a blind fanboy and realize that this would help the series. TROPHIES = MORE SALES = LONGER LIVED SERIES.

  • This should have been a PS3 game T_T

  • This is really awesome news! Thanks!

    Quick question: Is the pre-order bonus only available at Gamestop with a physical purchase? Or will it be available at other retailers or for the PSP Go/PSN store version?

  • Umm… YES.


  • @Twindad

    I really don’t think the cost to patch trophies is very high. It’s a few icons (some use the same icon for everything, just 4 colors) and a couple weeks of code. If the got $5 for every game sold at $20, they would make $25,000 on that 5,000 copies sold. And that is being very low end. I’ll even offer to design all of the icons for free(I am an Art Director) to help out.

    But my guess is that our requests aren’t being passed along, or are passed along to someone who couldn’t care less. It’s not hard to see that one in three posts ANYWHERE about this game request a trophy patch. Whoever is dropping the ball on this one is missing some serious marketing potential.

  • Thanks, you better be back on the blog soon to promote PSPo2 Aaron!!

  • @48-Sindred, very well said. I agree with everything that you posted. Valkyria Chronicles is an amazing game and I will be purchasing VC2 as soon as it comes out, and I don’t even buy that many PSP games. Everyone should try it, it’s only 20.00 dollars new and that’s a steal.

  • I don’t know if you’ll see this comment here on the 2nd page (most comments don’t get replied to behind the first page in blog posts) but just in case…

    Thanks for brining us a turn-based game! I really enjoyed the first game on the PS3. I wish this one would have been on the PS3 also, but I’m still happy to see it coming.

    I don’t know why most developers have stopped bringing turn-based games to NA but in a quote stolen and modified from Field of Dreams … If you build it, we will buy it!

    I second the comment about making a new shining force game also *hint hint* =)

  • Great game. We gave it our GOTY in 2008 when it came out over at Diehard GameFAN. I have to admit I’m a bit bothered that some dead characters in VC1 are playable in the sequel since it takes away from the emotional impact of the first. It won’t keep from playing this though.

    HOWEVER, since this is a Sega WOW game, when are we going to see some of their other games released Stateside, most noteably the first few Sakura Wars, the Sega Ages Phantasy Stars and the like. A Saturn compilation with things like Blazing Rangers, all four Shining Force three scenarios (including the mail away(, Panzer Dragoon Saga, both Dragon Forces and others would be nice to see as well… It’s the 15th anniversary of the Saturn and it would be nice to get a retro compilation for that system.

  • Can’t wait. I have the game on Preorder as well.

    Good to see you posting this, Aaron!

  • Hello! I have a qusetion regarding the Phantasy Star Portable 2 extras in Valkyria Chronicles. In the Japanese version I believe there were some Phantasy Star 2 Character cameos that were obtainable if you had a save file for Phantasy Star Portable 2 (I may be wrong about that part.) Will these extras still be included in the English release for Valkyria Chronicles 2? Thank you!

  • i kind of wish there was some epic book or figure they would give me if i reserved the game… -__-

  • You know who is buying this? I am! I wish it was on the PS3 though. Are there going to be any preorder bonuses? I liked the artbook that came with the first one. I still remember them giving it away to someone who didn’t preorder so my friend complained to the district manager to get me one =O

  • Now this is exciting!

    VC1 helped me get through those late nights with newborn baby #3 :) Fantastic game with great story and characters.

    Agreed…the 2nd one is an instant buy, but I’ll download the demo tonight as well. Will the Demo save game be able to be pulled into the actual game?

    Add me to the list of wishing there was a trophy support patch for VC1…would give me even more reason to go back and play some of those missions…after finishing VC2 of course :)

  • is there an option for jap voice acting like the first one ?

  • Hi Aaron!

    Thanks for bringing to the PSP an amazing sequel to an amazing PS3 game! I have the first and definitely enjoy the blend of strategy action with a third person shooter! It’s a unique game that I really love!

    My question is this. I just powered up my PSP here at work as soon as I saw this article, logged onto the PSN and checked out the store via my PSP and I DO NOT see the Demo anywhere to download. Am I missing something? (I’m in the US, so if it’s Japanese only I’m bummin!)

  • I love the first game! I bought two new copies and the DLC. I am so happy to see a second game! Day one purchase.

    I saw you mention Phantasy Star Portable 2, any chance we will see the first one on the PSN?

  • @CoyAndChris

    You’ve gotta wait until the store updates. It’s every Tuesday between 3PM – 8PM CST. Another couple of hours and it’ll be there.

  • @lokeSTL

    I would like to see a break down of the complication of the Trophies patching. It is possible they could make a profit, but SEGA would have done a study, hopefully of the costs and the payoff. If not they just decided that the programmers are better off working on other projects.

    Maybe it’s a request for a behind the scenes for Jeff and Rey.

  • @LokeSTL

    Thanks a million! It’s a shame. I have a few hours to kill here at work and wanted to check it out.

    Ah well, guess it’s back to PeaceWalker for a bit then (which by the way, is an ASTOUNDING achievement in gaming for handhelds). :)

  • Great! I’ve wanted to try it before I buy, because I’ve never tried the PS3 version.
    How much space will it take up?

  • @38: There’s no need for a trophy patch for VC, it’s pretty much a perfect game as is and has an in-game achievement set up anyway. Anyone who was actually stupid enough not to buy this game because they couldn’t get their digital gold is indeed an absolute idiot. A lot of people with your dumb mindset missed out on what I consider one of the best and most unique games of the last decade, and that’s YOUR loss. The game came out right when trophies were starting to be implemented on the PS3, and the developers shouldn’t be forced by potential (jerk) costumers who demand something that isn’t at all vital to the overall gameplay experience.

    Remember gameplay? It’s the reason we play games!!!

    Really looking forward to VC2, hoping the series will find its way back to PS3 eventually, but I’m very glad we got the sequel localized (and initially developed) in the first place. Pre-ordered this a while back, can’t wait to play the demo and then pick it up on release day. All the best to your studio Aaron.

  • Shame VC2 isn’t for the PS3, or that VC never got a trophy patch.

  • Looking forward to it. Sequel to one the most underrated games this generation.

  • saveur, people who never got VC because it lacked may indeed been idiots, but Sega would have gotten more sales from it. I’m pretty sure that at least two of my RL friends would have bought the game if it had trophies.

    When I talked to them about how great VC is, the first question would still be “does it have trophies?”. For those kind of people, just letting them see that I have the game on my trophy list would have been great advertisement and making them buy the game.

    There are a lot of trophy collectors out there.

  • Wow, Mafia 2 and Valkyria Chronicles 2? This is an awesome store update.

  • @88 No doubt it would’ve sold better, I completely agree. That fact as well as what you said in your post about your friends just make me very sad when looking at some gamers today. I’m all for games having extra things to do, and I think the premise behind trophies is excellent as they do add a lot of length to a game. However, the freakish obsession with them just angers me to no end.

    I adored VC. When I finished, I went for all the medals, and that added up to a LOT of gaming goodness. When I heard that people’s refusal to buy it for lack of trophies started to affect sales dramatically, I feared for what I hoped would become a series, and was in disbelief that gamers were shunning such a good game for such a minuscule detail. SEGA should not have to add trophies despite how easy people claim the process to be. They made a great game, shipped it without issue, supported it by localizing the fantastic DLC, and people still complain. Amazing. What kind of sense of entitlement do some of you have!?

    Those that refuse to buy a critically acclaimed “older” game because it does not have what was considered a newer feature at the time of its release just astound me. The game is $20 now. Pleeeease get over yourselves.

  • This made what was already going to be a good PSN update even better.

  • I’m not playing Yakuza until a Yakuza 1 & 2 HD collection is made. Also, where the hell is Shenmue 3? Don’t make games end on cliff hangers and not even finish the story!

  • I can’t wait until Valkyria Chronicles II comes out. I really enjoyed the first & think it is great to see awesome RPG games like Valkyria Chronicles on the PSP. I so hope the game sells well so more Sega games like Skies of Arcadia & Landstalker can come out on the PSP too.

    Thanks for making great PSP games Valkyria Chronicles, Yakuza, Phantasy Star & now Shining Hearts coming out on the PSP. I really enjoy the PSP & it is great to see some game developers still supporting the PSP system.

  • Valkyria Chronicles is AWESOME. I seriously love this series. Not only is it fun to play but I enjoy the art, characters, & story as much as the gameplay.

    As soon as I find my lost PSP :( , I guarantee I will pick this up. Beat the first VC, looking forward to seeing what happens in the sequel. Here’s praying a VC III! and for you guys to localize Project Diva, pretty please!

  • The original Valkyria Chronicles is one of my all-time favorite games and I spent who knows how many hours (over the course of the last couple of years) re-playing the maps, leveling up, enjoying the DLC, exploring character supports, etc. Love that game. In fact, the only thing that limited me at all was the lack of time I had to actually play at home in front of the console, so with that restriction removed for the sequel I plan to put as many hours into Valkyria Chronicles II as I can.

    Thanks a ton for supporting the series here in the U.S. Sony (and Sega!).

  • I absolutely love the first VC. It’s probably the best game of this generation. Still, I would love to see a trophy patch. The game now feels a bit incomplete without trophies and it would give me an excuse to play through it again.

    And it doesn’t seem like it’d be too hard to implement. There’s already the medals. Just link each one to a trophy. When you go to get your medals, that’s when you get your trophies. That way, it could possibly work with old saves.

    I love the first game. I loved it even without trophies, but with them, you are guaranteed thousands of new sales on an old game. How many other games can you say that about?

  • will the full version have the Japanese voices option available?

  • Wish I could play it but got no psp, big fan of the first one.. hope you can get the team to add trophies. ;)

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