Valkyria Chronicles II Demo Available on PSN Today

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Howdy Valkyria Chronicles fans – the time is almost here!

As Valkyria Chronicles II gets close to its August 31st release, we’d like to give you all a little sample of the game to try out and play for yourselves! If you’ve been wondering how Valkyria Chronicles II holds up to the first game, today you can experience the glory of getting those lovely headshots on a rebel (or ten) while on-the-go.

Valkyria Chronicles II Demo Newsletter

If you loved the first game, you’ll be glad to see that the feel of battle has been not only preserved, but also improved upon greatly. The new multi-field battle layout also adds another level of strategy, giving some missions a number of paths for you to send your squad through. Jeff and I also talked about the multiplayer in one of the recent blogs here, which offers both cooperative and competitive play in addition to the full RPG storyline.

Valkyria Chronicles II may be a PSP game in relation to its older PS3 brother, but trust me when I say not to take it lightly. This little gem not only manages to do justice to one of my favorite RPG Battle systems – ever – but also brings back the CANVAS system for a beautiful watercolor finish that looks just as good as it plays.

blue flames

Finally, I’d like to include one other confirmation here on the blog: We’ve added a few new exclusive items to the Western version of the game! Among the many stickers that you can get for your tank or vehicle, we’ve added in a few brand new ones that both old and new SEGA fans are sure to smile at. Those of you who loved the first game will also be happy to note that we’ve included a few original characters as unlockable Easter eggs, just like in the Japanese version.

I could write about my love for this series for pages and pages – but the easiest way to experience Valkyria Chronicles is truly to play it. We hope you all will enjoy the demo when it goes live later today, and I’d love to hear what you guys think.

As always, hit us up with any questions or comments below, and I’ll do my best to respond to them all. All the best, and have fun!

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  • Can’t wait to give it a try before I buy. Thank you

  • Oh yeah.

  • Here is a old question, a while back we were told that if enough people ask SEGA they could perhaps be convinced of making a trophy patch for the original PS3 game. I’ve been looking to no avail for a way to reach SEGA with this request. Who and how do we ask of this?


    • An old question but a good one. While there’s no news about a trophy patch for the original game, I do know there are tons of people out there who would love to see one, and I’ve passed that on as far as I can within SEGA.

  • Whoa, tonight’s PSN update is going to be great.

  • Finally able to get the 1st one some time ago so ill be picking this up when i’m done with it

    • Congrats on picking up the first – as everyone here will tell you, you’ve now got one of the PS3’s best titles among your library.

  • Wow, what a pleasant surprise! Valkyria Chronicles is one of my top played PS3 but not only does it have the gameplay to support it, it also has the story, the characters and fantastic visuals too! Can’t wait to see how this turns out on the small screen so I’ll be checking this out for sure. Thanks!

    • Right on – I think you’ll be really impressed, even with the small taste of the game that’s in the demo. I was blown away when I first got my hands on the Japanese version.

  • M

  • My play through of the first game are some of my best gaming memories, can’t wait for this one!

  • Awesome! This game is the only reason I still own a PSP.

    • Good to hear! Depending on what you like, Phantasy Star Portable 2 might also be worth a look-into in the near future. I’m also working on that game, and it’s essentially a free fully online multiplayer RPG with a complete offline story to go with it.

      If you ever heard of or played the original Phantasy Star Online, it’s also very similar to that. I give it my personal stamp of awesome recommendation. ;)

  • So does having the demo confirm that VC2 will be available for download on the 31st from the Store. On that note, does Birth by Sleep coming to the Go?!

  • when time is store being updated. ‘tonight seems late’ hoping before 12 pm eastern .

  • Awesome! I know what I’ll be downloading tonight! :)

  • With this and Scott Pilgrim dropping later today, I’m going to be very happy!

    It’s funny that the demo should come out today… I just tried the PS3 demo over the weekend and was very impressed. I’m looking forward to Valkyria Chronicles II, but I may also need to get the first game too now!

    Quick question… What’s the difficulty level like? I haven’t played a lot of strategy games before so I’m concerned that I may not be able to see the game throught to its conclusion.

    • There are only a couple parts in the game that gave me a real challenge on normal mode in the first game, and in Valkyria Chronicles II you can also adjust the difficulty from the beginning.

      VCI has a couple chapters that are pretty difficult the first time around, but once you figure out the trick to them, you can get past easily. One other thing to note is that you can save during turns of the battle, which will be a huge help to you in those missions.

      If you end up breezing through the original missions in either game, there’s also additional levels of difficulty that you can take on. Some of these, like the original Valkyria’s Hard mode EX, are quite satisfying if you enjoy being put against 1000:1 odds and trying to come out alive. There’s essentially something for players of all skill levels!

  • Can’t wait to try out the demo!

  • So what time would this typically go up?

  • YAY, it’s great.

    but where is the trophy support for the original game? I mean, really, what’s wrong with you? that game is a masterpiece, it deserves better attention.

    • Glad you’re looking forward to it! I mentioned this above, but with regard to trophy support: I’ve passed on for a long time now that fans would love to see it, as shown by the many comments asking for it. It isn’t a decision I can make personally, but I’ve pushed as many people as possible to let them know of the support out there for it.

  • Please update VC1 with trophies!

  • So many questions! Will we be able to save and transfer our data to the full VC2 game in any way? Also are we getting a PSPo2 trial version like with the original? Lastly is there a confirmed release date for PSPo2 yet (in the UK)?

    • Good questions! Let’s see…

      – If you have save data for the original game, there might just be a special gift waiting for you when you play VCII!

      – For Phantasy Star Portable 2, I’ll check on both the trial version and see if our UK team has locked down their date yet.

  • Can’t wait. Loved the first, liked what I played of the Japanese demo for VCII, and would loved for the series to make it’s PS3 return with stuff they couldn’t do in the 1st 2. Definite buy :)

  • Looking forward to it. VC2 really is the reason why I have PSP.

    On another note, I really do hope that we can get trophy support for VC1.

  • YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait for this!!! Thank you so much for making another game in this series. Valkyria Chronicles is still my favorite PS3 game ever made! :D

  • Oh and I wouldn’t mind a trophy patch for the first one. Not because I’m a trophy hoarder but I’d love to keep that Valkyria Chronicles icon at the top of my list so everyone could see it! ;)

  • Hah, like you needed to convince us with the Demo. This game was purchased the moment it was announced.

  • Does any on know around what time do they add games and demos?

  • Are we going to see post launch DLC over here like Japan has been getting for the game?

    • There’s a lot of great DLC for the game, and we’re planning to release a ton of it to support the title. We’ll have more news about this soon!

  • Hey Aaron, can you ask the guys responsible (or at leas plant the seed in their minds) to give us a Shining Force game with the guts of Valyria Chronicles. :D

  • OMG!!!!!!!

    I am so excited for this game!

    By the way, I heard that there was a Valkyria Chronicles anime. I don’t know if you have anything to do with it, but can you bring it to the PSN Video Store or pass it on that there is some interest?


  • PLEASE add trophies to my favorite game on the PS3!!! VC2 is going to be a day-one buy for me!

  • Awesome, thanks for the answer. Now get to work on getting the Yakuza PSP game released over here! ;)

    • No prob! For Yakuza, we’re all eyes on Yakuza 4 right now, and trying to make sure we do the best we can with it.

  • Is this going to be released on PS3 too?

    • Valkyria Chronicles I is a PS3 exclusive, and Valkyria Chronicles II is a PSP exclusive. Taking a game from the PSP and updating for the PS3 is a pretty huge process, and I don’t think there are any plans to do that currently. An interesting question though!

  • I doubt it since I seem to be the only one who liked her, but will Catherine O’Hara be one of the easter egg characters? She was my favorite sniper, though everyone else seems to faun over that chick with the emo hair.

    • There are a ton of great characters from the first game, so while only a special handful will appear in the second game, I totally understand the love for everyone’s own personal favorites.

      On my end, I personally really want to see Vyse, Aika, and Fina show up again. :)

  • Yeah yess yess yesssss!!! :) :) :)

    And some people say PSP has no games. PSP has tons of games for real gamers!!! Sega has been VERY generous with games western audiences aren’t the strongest target for, like Yakuza and Valkyria. I admire their persistence and hopefully the market for this games will keep growing.

    All PSP owners support Valkyria! Everybody Support Sega! I don’t take all this [DELETED] the Japanese videogame industry is dying, they make lots of great games, fun, diverse and much more innovative than the shooter/open world-infested western market! In a time when games rival hollywood movies’ storytelling, it’s the japanese who are traditionally story-centered that can deliver the most engrossing experiences!

    Support the great games and more will follow! Thank you Sega!

  • I kinda want to try this game but I don’t have a PS3 and never played the first. Will I miss out on a lot if I just pick up VC2?

    • There are a few characters and story references that are cool to see in Valkyria Chronicles II after the first game, but they’ll explain everything important so that you don’t miss a beat.

      My personal suggestion: definitely give it a whirl. If others agree, I’m hoping they’ll also chime in below!

  • Any idea on the pricing for Valkyria Chronicles 2 on PSN? I have $60 on my account and i want to get this and PSP2

    • It should be similar to the retail version, but I’ll check for you to find out the exact pricing. Good call on PSP2. :)

  • I wanted this to be a PS3 game :(

    ALSO re-release the first game with all the DLC and trophies :)

    • I originally wondered how it would hold up considering the difference in power of the two machines, but I was really impressed when I played the second. They did a really great job at not only keeping everything intact, but also on actually improving the gameplay.

      I hear you on that sentiment though. :)

  • I would LOOOOVEEE a trophy patch for this game. I bought the game, so SEGA already has my money…but if my friends see a trophy list, or see me playing, they may be more intrigued in buying a copy of their own.

    This is how you sell games, by supporting your customers, and having your customers sell the game for you.

  • Very exciting! I hope the final and full game is available on PSN for us digital consumers

    • Indeed it will be! Check out the newsletter above for confirmation that you can find it at both retail stores and also via PSN. :)

  • Add trophies to the first one, and I’ll buy it. If I like it, I will THEN buy VC2. If you continue to ignore this request, it is your loss.

    Doesn’t matter if the devs or the fans “understand” why some of us want trophies. There is potential for sales there, so it makes sense to follow through.


  • Thank us? Silly. We should be thanking YOU! You come bearing gifts and we brought nothing. For shame. Though I do have3 something… might actually be the opposite of a gift actually, but:

    It’s been hard getting votes for anything past the first 200 ideas that were posted- blog.Share isn’t the best system- but the ratio of positive votes isn’t bad…

  • @31 Go to youtube and look up all the cutscenes, or better yet a “let’s play” of the game. that’ll get you all caught up.

  • Can we expect the actual game to be released on PSN? Far too often it seems that either a new game is released with no PSN presence at all, or a game demo is released on PSN but the full game never is. That has made for a rather untenable situation for PSP Go owners.

    Given the mention of more DLC for this title, can we expect this one to actually be released via PSN for PSP Go users?

    • Great news: If you’re the kind of person that would prefer to get it via PSN, we’ve got you covered.

      As the newsletter above mentions, the game is being released both physically and digitally. Whether you’ve got one of the original PSPs or a PSP Go, you can still enjoy Valkyria Chronicles II goodness wherever you go.

  • Thanks for the demo, can’t wait to try out the game in English!

  • Also is the demo the same as the japanese version?
    I was hoping for a special ad-hoc version for the US..

    Cant wait to get stuck in to this game!

    (About the pricing just reply back to the message if you find out, ill keep checking here)

  • will Valkyria Chronicles II if sold well on the psp come to the ps3?

  • @LokeSTL

    Are you guaranteeing you’ll buy a NEW version from an actual retailer so that they actually get the money? As you are clearly not a supporter, I doubt it.

    Trophies were introduced AFTER Valkyria Chronicles was released and they’ve apparently come to the conclusion that the benefits don’t warrant the cost. (It’s not as simple as just typing “Kill 100 enemies” into the code.) VC didn’t exactly arrive to warm reception either- it wasn’t until after it dropped in price that most started paying attention even though pretty much everyone could tell you it’s a gem. If you can’t appreciate it for what it is, you don’t deserve it.

    Or, hell, perhaps you should be asking for more DLC and have THAT include the trophies.

  • Woohoo! A little taste of love while waiting for the 31st! I hope the store updates really early today!

  • Trophies are a freakin’ lame reason to avoid a game, and it sux that Sony found it necessary to emulate Xbox’s virtual pat-on-the-back, as now everyone expects them and apparently will avoid one of the best titles on the PS3 because he has no way to virtually boast to his/her friends. I’d take a well-made DLC (which Valkyria has supported) over a lame virtual C&$@.

    Actually LokeSTL, if it’s anyone’s loss, it’s yours. You’ll be missing out one hellova a game, for something that affects the quality of the game in no way at all.

  • I would have gotten this on the first day. But its on PSP. So like Peacewalker I’ll never have it.

    I just don’t have faith in PSP. Sony doesn’t either seeing how they pretend the Go doesn’t exist anymore.


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