Valkyria Chronicles II Demo Available on PSN Today

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Howdy Valkyria Chronicles fans – the time is almost here!

As Valkyria Chronicles II gets close to its August 31st release, we’d like to give you all a little sample of the game to try out and play for yourselves! If you’ve been wondering how Valkyria Chronicles II holds up to the first game, today you can experience the glory of getting those lovely headshots on a rebel (or ten) while on-the-go.

Valkyria Chronicles II Demo Newsletter

If you loved the first game, you’ll be glad to see that the feel of battle has been not only preserved, but also improved upon greatly. The new multi-field battle layout also adds another level of strategy, giving some missions a number of paths for you to send your squad through. Jeff and I also talked about the multiplayer in one of the recent blogs here, which offers both cooperative and competitive play in addition to the full RPG storyline.

Valkyria Chronicles II may be a PSP game in relation to its older PS3 brother, but trust me when I say not to take it lightly. This little gem not only manages to do justice to one of my favorite RPG Battle systems – ever – but also brings back the CANVAS system for a beautiful watercolor finish that looks just as good as it plays.

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Finally, I’d like to include one other confirmation here on the blog: We’ve added a few new exclusive items to the Western version of the game! Among the many stickers that you can get for your tank or vehicle, we’ve added in a few brand new ones that both old and new SEGA fans are sure to smile at. Those of you who loved the first game will also be happy to note that we’ve included a few original characters as unlockable Easter eggs, just like in the Japanese version.

I could write about my love for this series for pages and pages – but the easiest way to experience Valkyria Chronicles is truly to play it. We hope you all will enjoy the demo when it goes live later today, and I’d love to hear what you guys think.

As always, hit us up with any questions or comments below, and I’ll do my best to respond to them all. All the best, and have fun!

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  • If you guys don’t have a psp, this is the game to get one for. Played the demo and its awesome.

  • How about the anime? When is the anime being dubbed in English? I hate reading subtitles.

  • I would definitely like to see Valkyria Chronicles 3 on PS3.Somebody make it happen.Please Sega

  • When the first VC came out, my wife and I were a little strapped for cash, so we had to limit our holiday buying. She’d asked me, if I could only have one game, which one I’d want. I told her VC. I was not disappointed.

    I’d love to have seen a PS3 sequel and, hopefully, there will be one in the future. But in the meantime, the idea of being able to bring Gallia wherever I go has its appeal too.

  • Guys your killing me, SUCH a great game on PS3 easily one of my fav’s where is the PS3 version? Come on… its bloody awesome, if i have to id buy it on psp but PS3 is where my heart lies!

  • Very possible I buy a cheap used PSP Go only to play this game.

  • I don’t see the demo on the Australian store. When is that getting updated?

    I just purchased a PSP mainly to play this game because I loved the original VS so much (well .. they’re running a pretty good deal atm as well.)

  • You guys are committing suicide by moving the game to the PSP and not making a PS3 version. You’re dumping your audience.

    I loved the first game. I even have a PSP. And I feel let down. I want this game on my PS3.

    And I think a lot of people are going to feel the same way.

    You seem to be narrowing your audience to people who 1) played and loved the first game, 2) own a PSP, and 3) don’t mind seeing the game moved to a weaker low rez platform.

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