PlayStation Plus: Available Today

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July 30th Update: The content per month isn’t determined as day one content and is content that will be made available through the month.

You heard the announcement at E3 and read even more details last week. Today, we’re excited to officially announce the availability of PlayStation Plus.

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You can purchase a three-month package or a one-year package on the PlayStation Store now. The three-month package is available for $17.99 and the one-year package is available for $49.99. We will also be offering three additional bonus months for free if you purchase the one-year package — that’s 15 months total for $49.99.

We hope you enjoy the exclusive set of features and content of PlayStation Plus. And remember to check back in each month as we continue to add new content and features for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

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  • Wasn’t Fieldrunners Mini suppose to be “free” as well? Or am I thinking of the Euro list?

  • anything psp related besides minis and old psONE games ?

  • I can dig it… and therefore, I dug it! I mean… $50 isn’t all that much. I spend more on beer and wine each WEEK! Besides… I love surprises. This is like having a box of surprises every month. Sure, some of them are going to suck. But I’m in it for the thrill.

  • I literally got about 33 dollars (or more) worth of content today for around 6 bucks total thanks to freebies and discounts. Anyone that says this isn’t a fantastic deal is foolish. I may not have bought all of this stuff if it hadn’t been free/discounted. But it is stuff I wanted, Magic Orbz DLC for free, Smash Cars DLC for free. Reduced price on the Fat Princess DLC. Rampage. Great great stuff.

  • Great now when will you implement the features requested in PS Blog Share or do we have to go to Xbox 360 to get improvements?

    -Context Sensitive PS Button would be a huge help when getting messages/invites/trophies in game to jump right to the spot. This is so fundamental it should be added immediately.

    -Cross Game Voice Chat. Where is it? I won’t buy PSN+ until this is offered.

    -Netflix, Internet Radio Streaming, ESPN, Hulu? Where are any/all of these services? Live offers them with their $35-50/year Live subscription.

    -Improved Web Browser, it crashes my PS3 often, flash 10.1 is needed, along with modern HTML/CSS/Javascript engines. Facebook and Youtube barely even work now.

  • Only one of my friends have Plus. I like how PlayStation gives you the choice. PSN will remain free for me.


  • Question: How long is the 15 months for $50 deal going? Is it just this week?

  • I was kind of hesitant to sign up at first, but I finally gave in to give it a chance… I really hope I’m not making a mistake. Either way, I believe Sony will pull through on this and not abandon us like the PSP Go Community.

  • this doesnt do much good for people like myself who are already on their 2nd year of Qore & have already purchased TONS of items from the store!!

    i want to support this but its kind of like re-buying alot of things i already had, can anything be done? i really do want to sign up but………..

  • Query.

    If I decide to sign up for Plus next month will I still all this months content?

  • As long as you are a true hardcore PS3 gamer, and that’s your only platform, it’s worth it. The bad thing is that you will have to pay forever, so if you just want a couple of games from PSN+, you are better off just buying them.

  • Blah. Please put in cross game voice chat already. Come on! We’ve only be screaming about this for years. Xbox Live is still the king. To all those that say this new Playstation Plus is better than Xbox Live, I say fire up a game on both platforms and invite a friend. You’ll be chatting and playing the game with a friend for a good 20 mins, before you figure out how to work the nasty as all hell PSN XMB.

  • I can say I definitely won’t be buying this. Getting screwed out of bonuses the other regions get in favor of extra time (which costs you guys nothing) is a big downer. Not to mention I’d have to say most people are morons to pay for what turns out to be a glorified rental service. Offer some real perks (exclusive games? Maybe some PS1 stuff like Suikoden 2 that we can KEEP.) or you’ll risk having another Qore. No thanks.

  • I will only pay for one on-line service and since my xbox live has just expired, my money is going to sony. I don’t even remember the last time i turn on my 360. Probably out of fear of the RROD, or just because i have more fun on PS3.

  • Is the 15 month-deal available in europe too?

  • well i wanted to join, but everytime i hit the confirm button, i get an error message, my card is good. oh well

  • I think got it tonight ;)

  • What happend with DLCs ? are for free? or not..? Is HOME include in the pack..? Normal Games are cheaper..? I mean, SOCOM: confrontation(now, Greatest Hits) for example..All themes & Avatar are for free..?

  • Sony, I did sign up, however the Game-Trials should also include a game you know.. newer than 1yr old!

  • i already have infamous……..give another game like little big planet
    with playstation plus…………or any other game………..

  • I don’t want to get the firmware because I’ve heard some games do not work since the update. Care to Comment, Sony?

  • Very nice. I’ll subscribe tomorrow or the day after it. Good stuff though.

  • Well I signed up for PSN+ and already things aren’t what was promised? both Qore and Fieldrunners are missing from the PSN+ part of the store, now it may be that this will be fixed when the store updates but with an already shakey history of only half supporting things (aka psp go) this doesnt bode well. I do think it’s cool for Sony to offer Wipeout HD for rental but considering how popular it was, I’m sure a lot of people have it already so how about offering an alternative game to those who have what’s being offered?

  • plzzzzzzzz uncharted 2 golden weapons code with playstation plus

  • Even though I initially complained, after seeing what was on the psn, I’m on board. I’m looking forward to what’s next.

  • So what happened to that 3 MONTHS FREE OFFER? kinda strange not to see it mentioned in the post about the debut of the service…does the offer still exist or was it all a dream? Update the opening post with this info, please.

  • Other request…go to PSN Forum.

  • hope i can win something once in life :)

  • @70 No one will EVER comment on any problems. They stick their fingers in their ears and go “LA LA LA LA LA LA LA”. SOny has the WORST customer service in the US of any game company. On the phone they are horrid, online you are ignored. How do these people keep their jobs? If only, Kevin Butler was real….

    Did you know Sony has a “F” on the Better Business Bureau rating site. PRAY nothing EVER goes wrong with your account, and that’s why Plus is so scary.

  • I agree that if you already own a lot of psn games, then the plus service would be a complete waste of money.

  • I’m already subscribed to Qore which started off ok but has been a steadily declining disappointment, especially this year. Is PSN+ going to follow the same road?

    None of the perks of PSN+ interest me, so I won’t be signing up, especially since we’re not even getting the 3 month trial that was mentioned in E3. The least you could do is let us TRY the service?

  • what happen to the cross talk and also why is sony picking our ps1 games shouldnt we be able to get a list of classics to choose from. you put like 6 games but what if we already own them or dont even like them then what we paid 50 bucks for a ps1 game we could of went to game stop to buy for a dollar come on now only reason i bought this was cuz of the updates free stufff and my main concern was cross talk wheres that please reply soon

  • Got it right when it came out last night. I like it a lot. I’m disappointed to not see cross-game chat out yet. But overall, it’s really cool. (Age of Zombies is very addicting.)

  • No thanks. I don’t really buy enough stuff off of PSN that this would be helpful.

    I appreciate the free online play though, and always have. <3 Sony

  • Utterly worthless. $50 for fluffers we mostly already get. As has been pointed out many many many times its not “free” games its rentals. I can go to blockbuster get a better selection better prices and actually get value for money.

  • I’ll wait a “LONG TIME” for this service…Right now it’s not worth it.

  • Just bought the 1 year subscription fee including the 3 bonus months last night. I’m really liking the service so far.

    Hey Susan, will there be any features that benefit on the PS3 soon?

  • I have a question about PS Plus.. So my brother has his own PSN account (master account) and I have my own (sub-account) which I use for both PS3 and PSP. If he subscribes to PS Plus will I be able to play the Minis or PS one classics on my PSP go? Also how about the ability to upgrade from sub-account to master account? it’s been quite a few years now since I first got my PS3 and now I am old enough for it

  • @50 Qore is avaiable to Canada and has been for a long time


  • got mine last night

  • Got it last night and am enjoying Wipeout HD!. Also I do hope you guys will saturate us with more content and discounts. Also what happened to Qore being included with the subscription?

  • Hey is it only for Ps3 users or for psp 2?

  • @78 – Word.

    i had to replace my blu ray drive on my OG ps3 twice, so i hear ya. :)

  • I was interested at first…until I heard that you lose it all if you stop paying. So basically, if I buy it now but later on can`t afford it or my system breaks, I`m screwed? I lose all my free content? That`s kinda cheap, what was the point of paying then if I can`t keep the stuff?

  • like it but where is “QORE”…tryin 2 wacth it…but cant wait to what comes next

  • It would be nice if the video store was included with playstation plus.

  • ill get this as soon as you update pc page with 4.30

  • I like it! Age of Zombies is awesome!

  • I got it last night, and for the most part, I’m happy with it. I started with a 3 month subscription, I didn’t want to get a year and than become frustrated and unhappy with it like I was with my Qore subscription.
    The 3 month subscription has already half paid for itself, because I was planning on buying the Magic Orbz DLC, and instead I got them for free!
    The only disapointmenmt so far is, in the PlayStation Plus: Your Questions Answered blog post, it says that we were supposed to get Fieldrunners. I didn’t see Fieldrunners under the Playstation Plus catagory in the store. Are you giving it to us later today, or what? Because if you guys start this whole thing by lying about what game we get, I will not re-subscribe. I won’t tolerate another Qore bait and switch.

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