PlayStation Plus: Available Today

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July 30th Update: The content per month isn’t determined as day one content and is content that will be made available through the month.

You heard the announcement at E3 and read even more details last week. Today, we’re excited to officially announce the availability of PlayStation Plus.

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You can purchase a three-month package or a one-year package on the PlayStation Store now. The three-month package is available for $17.99 and the one-year package is available for $49.99. We will also be offering three additional bonus months for free if you purchase the one-year package — that’s 15 months total for $49.99.

We hope you enjoy the exclusive set of features and content of PlayStation Plus. And remember to check back in each month as we continue to add new content and features for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

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  • Not interested, I want to be able to choose my own PSone games ):

  • Got it last night. I like it so far.

  • already signed up :) Can’t wait to see next months content

  • got it last nite too

  • I’ll subscribe to a 1 year in a week or so.

  • I got it last night. I plan on buying Rampage for $2.49. I remember back in my elementary school years, my younger brother and I would play this game while eating Flaming Hot Cheetos, and our controllers ended up red.

    Those were the days. And I appreciate being able to get Rally Cross and that zombie game for free. Thanks Sony!

  • i might get it

  • ^^Red from Cheetos residue.^^

  • Just signed up! Do we get major updates (new games, deals etc.) on a monthly basis and minor updates (early access to content etc.) on a weekly basis? Thanks in advance – I was able to upload the Fat Princess update for my brother’s birthday and he is expecting to have to wait until 7pm when the playstation store usually updates.

  • I see a fundamental problem with this service. You are almost encouraging Playstaion Plus members to not purchase content from the store in case it is offered at a later date for free.
    For example I already own Wipeout HD and a lot of other high profile PSN content. What is the incentive for a user such as myself to opt in? It was one of the reasons I didn’t re-up my Qore subscription because after one full year, I was only offered one free game that I didn’t already own.
    In the services current iteration I do not see a reason or need to opt in for this service because the value add is largely negated for a user such as myself. I hope to see some changes to the service because there are features I do genuinely want (such as the auto-update) but until the issues I mentioned are resolved I will be holing onto my 50 bucks.

  • I like the idea of Playstation Plus, but what happened to the FREE three month trial for the service? It was announced at E3 just after the pricing.

  • Truthfully for the price the content offered seems pretty light especially considering what EU got. But will still probably get the 3 month plan and see what comes in the next couple months

  • I bought it last night as well. Not to seem unappreciative, because I am quite content with the amount of games, freebies and other content on offer for the first month, but aren’t we supposed to get two PSN minis a month? I’m only seeing Age of Zombies. It also would have been nice if SCEA had tossed in a digital version of LittleBigPlanet like SCEE did. Seems like they got quite a bit more bang for their buck.

    All in all though, I feel pretty happy with my subscription, and this is only the first month. Now don’t let me down by offering three-year-old games for the remaining months. :P

  • How come fieldrunners isn’t available to download even though it was promised to us?

  • Can you please actually answer our questions now.

    1) Can you please provide a complete list of content for the first two months like all other regions have

    2) Will current Qore subscribers be offered anything to upgrade/migrate to PSN plus?

    Can you please, PLEASE actually answer our questions instead of continue with the vague blog posts that explain nothing.

  • It was stated you get a free 3 months when you sign up for the year subscription, so the year sub is essentially 15 months.

  • the idea to not have to pay for any online features was the one shiny bright spot sony had with the ps3. most of us have an earlier generation ps3 that was $400.00 or better, then the economy bottomed out and being able to do certain things for free was a blessing for those of us who have suffered the government, banks, and wall street in general. now the ps3 starts to lose its appeal to me for several reasons… have to buy features that would normally be a free service
    2. some game might be free but the subscribers do not get to choose what they want, sony decides for the consumer, there goes my rights.
    3.when the subscription runs out from what i have read you lose any free content you have picked up, even though by paying $50.00 you have essentially already pretty much paid for the right to keep the game(s).
    to top this off has sony not already been making billions of dollars world wide? why the hell do you need even more money when alot of us are still suffering from the last few years in the world?

  • I’ll look into it. I might get it

  • Signed up last night. :)


  • When will you make the list available showing the coming two month’s contents for Pus? The EU Plus service revealed that info that already.

    -Why not give the option to the users to select which game (PSN,PS1,minis) they want to download free during the month than to randomly give out some game that they either already own or are just not interested in.

    -Also, can I use the avatars I get free from Plus on all my user accounts on my PS3???

  • Worth it to me just for the automatic updates, though that didn’t stop me from grabbing some of the other included freebies :) Thanks

  • i got it yesterday, figured i would give the first year a try, hopefully it turns out to be a good investment.

  • Got it last night. I hope in the future we are allow to choose one ps1 classic and minis. I’d say bonus if we could choose just one add-on as well but that would be pushing it.:)

  • im not getting it it seems like a big rip off. all the feachers are miner and shuld be free and no cross game chat yeah no thank you. thanks sony for a worthless update

  • Playstation Plus isn’t a bad deal as is…but I own most of the games that are being given out in the next two months. I’m more interested in the “extra features” PSN+ can bring…like HULU, cloud saving, faster downloads, Cross Game Chat…even a movie rental every month would be good.

    When these things start being added, then I’ll gladly sign up.

  • any idea of what kind of new features I will be getting as a playstation plus user for next month???? also, will i get another free game similar to wipeout hd??? or just the minis and ps classics????

  • When there is a PSN Brazil, will be creating my account. | Quando existir a PSN Brasil, estarei criando minha conta.

  • Ok So what are we getting in the few months just wondering like in june,july,august. can we buy a card at a store as well?not like psn card like psn plus year suscription card

  • Signed up last night for the year Subscription. Didn’t realize the extra 3 months, Very Cool. Looking forward to upcoming months and extras & BETAs. Already added some extra DLC to games I already owned. The Qore part of PSN+ doesn’t seem to be available yet?

  • @ The_Assassin03: Technically, he just said they’d be giving away three free months; he never said it wouldn’t be attached to a one-year purchase. Kind of a stinky trick, but there you have it.

    I bought my 15-month subscription last night, and I’m pretty sure I’ve already made the $50 back in free content and discounts. PS+ rules! :D

  • johnnyblades, Playstation+ members get discounts on other purchases, so there’s still incentive to purchase the service even if you buy a lot of stuff. I haven’t been able to take advantage of any of the “free” games given through Qore (because I already own them), but I’m still interested in getting the Playstation+ service.

    megalodonshark, what are these services that would normally be free?

  • Got it last night.

  • What happened to getting Fieldrunners?

  • I thought I read somewhere that they were going to offer 3 months to everyone so we could try out the new service. Now it’s just another incentive to get you to pay for the whole year. Normally I would be all over this but after the huge dissapointment that was “Qore” I am concerned that after a few months it will only be free wallpapers. Fool me once Sony…..

  • Wow and we still dont got cross game chat. Ima subscribe today or next week

  • No thanks Sony, this seems like a great deal ONLY if you like to buy a lot of things from PS Store.
    and no cross chat? what happened to it? I thought you guys said there would be a cross chat of up to 6 players?

  • I picked it up this morning. I’m still debating whether or not it’ll be worth it in the long run, but I’m all for supporting Sony’s black beast every chance I get. There wasn’t too much this month that interested me, but I’m hoping there will be more and more with each passing month. The addition of Qore will definitely help, too.

    That being said, I’m pretty bummed out that other regions received a digital copy of LittleBigPlanet and all the North Americans get is three free monthsto Plus. The price of three months is $17.99, where as LBP would cost $29.99. Lets not forget that if someone doesn’t enjoy PS+ and they don’t plan on continuing their subscription, all they get for their first-year subscription is three extra months to something they don’t like when they could’ve at least had a copy of LBP to keep.

    Just a little unfair that favourtism is shown to different regions when it could’ve all been spread around equally.

    Oh, well. I’m currently downloading my trail of inFAMOUS. That thing is a MONSTER! Close to 8 gigs! Hopefully it kicks all kinds of buttocks!

  • I can’t get this until I switch out my hard drive. 80 gig was full a long time ago.

  • Did anyone experience this?

    After signing up for PS+ last night, a friend and I (on two separate systems) each downloaded the free WipEout HD game. Great game, quite fun, etc.

    However, now when we go back to the PSN store’s PS+ area, WipEout HD is not listed at all in the PS+ area. I’ve also seen screenshots from Kotaku and such, which also show the same screen without WipEout HD.

    Did the game somehow get removed?

  • Phaze84 | June 29th, 2010 at 10:07 am

    Truthfully for the price the content offered seems pretty light especially considering what EU got. But will still probably get the 3 month plan and see what comes in the next couple months

    Yep. Not to mention you’re “renting” games for $50/yr (as opposed to PS+ EU where you get LBP for FREE AND KEEP IT EVEN IF YOU UNSUB). You have no choice in the rentals + the “discount” on the store is currently a joke.

    Let’s not beat around the bush. Only stupid people will buy the US version of PS+ because “OMG DISCOUNT AND ‘FREE’ STUFF! WHAT A DEAL!”

  • -Will Playstation Plus’s features be updated every Tuesday, or at random times?

    -Will we be able to tryout game Add-Ons before we buy it?

    -Is the stuff under PSN Plus the only things that we get deals on?

  • Will Playstation Plus subscribers get guaranteed access to the betas for upcoming PS3 MMO games such as DC Universe Online and The Agency?

    Will Playstation Plus subscribers get access to a “Cloud” method of recovering game saves & game data in the event that a user’s PS3 breaks down?

  • I got the 1 Year subscription, liking it so far

  • Hay where is fieldrunners and also only 1 dynamic theme available… will this be ready after sometimes or wht?

  • first thing i did last night after downloading FW 3.40 was to get this :D

  • looks like a joke… and not even a very amusing one… i agree with sekoku

  • I would be purchasing today, but my PS3 died last week and had to send it in, guessing I’ll miss the three free months thanks to it dying.

  • we should be able to choose monthly on add ons

  • Will people that paid for Qore already get anything speical? will Qore be part of PSN+?

  • Please answer this question: Will Qore be available to Canadians who subscribe to PS+?

    I hope there will be deals on more current content. If I have to wait months to buy the latest game to get any value out of my PS+ discounts, I won’t be resubscribing.

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