PlayStation Plus: Available Today

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July 30th Update: The content per month isn’t determined as day one content and is content that will be made available through the month.

You heard the announcement at E3 and read even more details last week. Today, we’re excited to officially announce the availability of PlayStation Plus.

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You can purchase a three-month package or a one-year package on the PlayStation Store now. The three-month package is available for $17.99 and the one-year package is available for $49.99. We will also be offering three additional bonus months for free if you purchase the one-year package — that’s 15 months total for $49.99.

We hope you enjoy the exclusive set of features and content of PlayStation Plus. And remember to check back in each month as we continue to add new content and features for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

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  • Already on for the year + 3 months. Can’t wait for further goodies.

  • gonna def sign up for this tonight after the PS store gets updated and I see what else I need to get

  • i got my golden plus its awesome!!

  • I like my yellow Plus (+) sign…thanx!

  • I’ve been trying to sign up since last night, but i keep getting an error 80023102 when i’m at check out…

    oh and where is fieldrunners? maybe you guys are adding even more for plus members today with the store update?

  • Hey Susan,
    I have a question about PS+.
    Do I have to pay for PS+ to get all of the PSN features??…
    For Example cross-game voice chat.

  • I don’t see a single thing in the special offers that go with this that I want. I mean, come on, free or cheap DLC for games I don’t even own? No thanks. A limited trial of Infamous, a game I finished many times over already? Nope.

    Automatic downloads? Do not want, I’d rather say when things get downloaded thanks all the same.

    Just not seeing a reason to pick this up.

  • With Playstation Plus and the Video Store coming to Canada July 1st I am 100% a PS3 fanboy now. Can’t wait to see whats in the store today with that golden D Pad and whats to come next month :)

  • I’m a member :)

  • PSN+ is one of the dumbest things in a long list of Dumb things i have seen you guys pull. maybe if you actually had a good network as the foundation i would think about getting it. If im going to pay $50, i would rather give it to microsoft. You still have not given us crossgame chat. Downloading from your network is time consuming and almost not worth it. Why would i pay $50 to get free games(games you cant sell anymore), and a 60 minute trial to a game i sold to gamestop a year ago. GET YOUR HEAD ON STRAIGHT!!!! Maybe someday you guys will ad features people actually want as opposed to what you want to add. You should just give out coupons for Xbox at this point. I’ve been loyal to sony since the 90’s but im starting to lose faith in you. Now i feel better, sorry for the butt chew……..

  • i dont see whats so good about this new playstation plus. i need somebody to convince me to get it. and somebody tell me what new features come in playstation plus.

  • How long does the free 3 months offer last?

  • still thinking about getting it

  • Whoops disregard my last post, i just figured out the problem…credit card info wasn’t updated haha

  • I want to get it but I just don’t have the money for it right now

  • i purchased it today and to be honest im not really sure what a got. Let start by saying that im a pretty good customer of the sony brand and so this first months items are basically old. I already own the majority of the stuff that was given.Don’t get me wrong i like the idea of being part of PlayStation Plus but i don’t get it. If you want everyone to join i suggest you figure out how to bring cross game chat to the PlayStation 3. If really want to compete with your competitor i suggest making the PS+ experience a bit broader such as through PlayStation Home. Your marketing or lack of is not working in your benefit. You guys really should have plastered it throughout PlayStation Home, maybe even a dedicated space that explained the service, and maybe releasing a theme with the name and logo of the service to spark the interest of people who may have never heard of the service. Oh i must say the collision theme is awesome but i think you guys missed the boat…did you even think of making it a dynamic theme?

  • I have a ps3 and psp . I bought the year membership and I like it =)

  • Wow i got the Year + 3 month free membership last night and am very happy :D i already own Magic Orbz but i didnt have 2 of the addons for it and i just got them free plus Mortal Kombat 2 for $2.50 yes please! i also love that you can get the addon for fat princess for cheaper than usual i dont have the game yet but i’ve been thinking about getting it and the addon. they probably will be adding more stuff when they update today i hope:D

  • I got this last night also…I love the idea of the update pushed to my system without me having to wait for it. Next…why oh why do people spend time to post a comment that they dont like it and give an explination of why they wont get it? WE DONT CARE IF YOUR NOT GETTING IT! The post doesnt say “PSN+, are you getting it?” No it says “Playstation Plus: Available Today” Go whine somewhere else or play with your cats I dont care.

  • I, personally, am still mad at sony’s blatant lying about the 3 month trial for playstation plus. I specifically remember it being announced as the first 3 months would be a free trial…not that if you buy a year subscription, you get 3 months free. They are two totally different things, so until playstation plus offers better content and services that convince me otherwise, you won’t be seeing that money from me.

  • So content will be added to PS Plus only ONCE a month?!! That blows!!!

  • I’ve purchased PSN+, but thought there might be a section in my XMB to manage it. How does the automated Demo/installs work then? I assume users can toggle whether they want their PS3 to auto turn on to download them or not…..

  • it really would have helped if Sony validated the list of offerings for this month as they announced the Plus, I bought it but the current benefits don’t even match the “promised” content in another blog announcement few days back!

  • Bout it last night & I feel like a total sucker. I own most, the discounts are like $1 off. But it’s too late for me now. Hopefully content will get better over time.

  • What a rip off

  • For those complaining on the choice of free games remember that’s one aspect of the service another huge aspect of the service is the savings you get on items you might not have. $50.00 for a year of savings is something that will value itself out. Not to mention considering it’s for a year who knows what will be free before that year is up. I for one find it to be a great deal.

  • For as much as i love SONY, this is not very appealing to me and im a Day One Adopter of most there stuff my whole life but this PS3 is losing it lust hold on me, PSP/PS3 powerful beasts and not much support because of their busniess practices, such a shame.

    I feel like im missing out on something but i dont seem to be able to pull the trigger but i did warrenty my new ps3 640gb slim and the launch pspgo 32gb with thieir new extended warrenty, i think that was my last SONY splurge. my launch 60gb died 4x, sold it and sold psp 2000

  • I want to get the full year subscription, but Sony isn’t being forthcoming enough with answering questions about the service and providing a more detailed list of the first 2 months like EU has. Not cool.

  • Got it last night as well now I only have 15 for lunch for all week. LOL

  • I got it and have to admit I am slightly disappointed thus far. I know its one day but I already own Wipeout and when I see Japan and Europe got LBP for free and I don’t I feel ripped. Worse part though, I am scared to purchase anything now and find it cheaper or free in the months to come. PSN needs to put out a schedule of freebies and discounts for at least 6 months to encourage its plus members to buy dlc without the fear of feeling ripped of later.

  • …i too would love ESPN, NETFLIX on XMB, NBATV, HULU right on my ps3 aswell as playtv (that dvr feature ps3 has in JPN and Eu and other rigions too) here in the U.S.

    We paying more than anywhere else for less.

  • I signed up last night but I am very disappointed that we didn’t receive (as we were promised) 2 PlayStation Minis. I was really looking forward to Fieldrunners.

    Not cool, Sony.

  • Just please don’t have Plus only demos, like Live does

  • I’m not subscribing unless they give me an incentive for already subscribing to Qore. I refuse to pay twice for lackluster freebies.

  • Still on the fence. I know i will eventually crack and get it. HULU is coming to ps3 next month, and i know you will need PS+ to access it. Like XBL’s Netflix.

  • Is it worth it if i only have my PSP atm. i dont even see it on the store so i guess not. I will just wait until my ps3 gets back from repairs

  • I’m going to sign-up today, but I needed to say this: Instead of choosing what PSone games to offer us, greatly decreasing the value of PSN+ for some, how about giving subscribers a choice? Maybe not of the entire library, but maybe you can select…I dunno, 5 PSone games a month to offer, and we can choose 1 of the 5? If you think about it, you can really decrease the value of someone’s membership by choosing everything for us. By giving us some choices, you can make it more value-packed for us without actually giving us more $$$. Hopefully you read and reply to this. If you do reply, please try not to give the usual “SCEA is committed to…” line that helps nobody. If you guys want us to take this service seriously, you really need to communicate with us better, okay? Thanks.

  • I can’t believe you are still refusing to pubicly disclose anything. you are sticking to their guns in the face of every single other region providing a detailed list of content for the first two months? I don’t understand it.

    Seriously, you look extremly foolish right now.

  • It’d be nice to see some of the legit questions being asked here answered :(

  • How long is the three-free-months offer good for?

  • …and as you might presently yourself fully be aware of, my grammar sucks

  • Will there be any betas for Plus subscribers? That’s all I really want.

  • The only thing that was offered in + that I liked was Xgame Voice Chat. But I refuse to pay money for that feature. I paid full price for a 80gig the same year of release which this feature should have already been on the PS3. Im sorry sony but I will not give you money for + or XGVC.

  • They said Playstation Plus subscribers get Exclusive Betas and Demos and Addons as the service is evolving its only starting out so its gonna be alittle wonky at the start but as it goes on it should get alot better and offer more and more stuff:D also IF ANYONE is having a problem with downloading Wipeout HD i had a problem cause it disapeared from the Playstation store but all u have to do is download the demo from your downloads list and then download the full game unlock and that fixes the problem

  • What if you own all they are giving away for free? Where is the incentive? “auto downloads”? I dont know, doesnt seem worth it, for what…a couple avatars? To be honest, if this is what I get throughout these months, is games I ALREADY own, count me out. I would be getting ripped off. Wipeout…OWN. Magic Orbz + addons…OWN. Age of Zombies…OWN. Cuboid + addons…OWN. This is not a well thought out idea. Maybe if they offered a discount on the price, for people who own alot of their “free” stuff, it “might” look a little better. As it sits, I’ll pass…

  • its not that bad

  • I got this last night and downloaded the unlock code for the free WipeoutHD but when I go to download the game it is nowhere to be found now…

    Plus with the service also handing out a free subscription to Qore I should be refunded or money put in my wallet for the Qore renewal I paid for when it went live the week before E-3 (6-8-2010)!!!!

  • PLAYSTATION PLUS – Your content is LOW, i see nothing good no trails, or beta or demos from a early date. Nothing about playstation plus is worth paying for is a gimmick and a rip off. If you fall for it your a sucker. 50 Dollars for nothing basically, 50 Dollars to time set downloads screw that bs. For this i will buy everything SONY USED AND NOT NEW. While i do that i’ll buy a NEW X-BOX360 250GB SLIM WITH XBOXLIVE GOLD FOR 30 Dollars- PLUS SONY XBOXLIVE GOLD DOES ALOT MORE THEN YOUR JUNK FORCE DOWNLOADING BS!!!!

  • If you think about it though your getting 15 months for $50 thats REALLY cheap thats about 3 to 4 a month

  • I’m probably going to get it… only thing is I already have so much to play in the first place.

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