inFAMOUS 2: See the E3 Trailer Now!

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E3! It’s finally here, and those of us from Sucker Punch couldn’t be more excited. Today we’re getting a chance to show off the first trailer for our new game (you guessed it) inFAMOUS 2.

In inFAMOUS we told the story of Cole MacGrath, an ordinary guy who gets superpowers. This time around in inFAMOUS 2, Cole starts out as a full on superhero and only gets more and more powerful. It’s more visceral, brutal and personal experience that commands you attention, making you feel the part of the superhero in every decision you make… be it for good or evil.

Get ready for the hell of a fight right off the bat. At the beginning of the game Cole meets a civilization ending villain who’s too powerful to beat. Looking to get stronger powers for a rematch Cole is forced to head south to New Marais, the town where the Ray Sphere was designed and built. Like I said, Cole starts out the game as a superhero over the course of inFAMOUS 2 he’s going to become a super super hero (that’s right double super).

If you check out the new trailer you’ll get an eyeful of steamy New Marais; it’s a town inspired by the great cities of the American south, particularly New Orleans. My father grew up there, when I was a kid he would tell me stories about the place: man eater alligators, creepy buildings, jazz music, river boat casinos, above ground cemeteries, and people going crazy at Mardi Gras. He made the town sound larger than life, full of overpowering beauty and scary stuff in every alley, what better place to set a superhero story?

While watching the new trailer you’ll also get a glimpse at Cole’s new threads, the perfect outfit for jumping across rooftops on those humid New Marais nights. Actually Cole’s going to be doing a lot more than jumping this time around; his parkour and electrical powers continue to grow, providing him with more and more ways to fluidly race through the city.

He’s also picked up a fine, fine new weapon to bash enemies with; it’s basically two heavy pipes with some stored up electrical charge between the poles (sorta like the world’s biggest cattle prod). Laying into villains with this baby is exactly the kind of thing I’m talking about when describing inFAMOUS 2 as more visceral, brutal and personal. You can feel the pain Cole is dishing out when the weapon connects with a enemy’s skull.

Anyhow, there you go. I look forward to posting more stuff once we have it ready for the public. inFAMOUS 2 is the biggest, baddest game Sucker Punch has ever tried to pull off… stay tuned for more from on inFAMOUS 2 in the near future.

Nate Fox

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  • im entirely excited for this game…but if u guys plan to change cole…pls give us options for customizing his outfit or sumthing…so ppl who like him can keep it and people who dont can change it..?.thks luks amazing tho…ice?…does that mean he can go on water?

  • Oddly enough I didn’t like the first Cole’s VA when I first heard it but after finishing the game that was Cole. Sorry, I’m another one who doesn’t like the new guy. Guess it’s too late to change it back? Also, the sequel seems to be heading into Prototype territory. Just remember, Infamous was the better game.

  • WOW One of my favorite ps3 games of the year and was so excited for 2 and now…… i dont know if i will be picking it up game looks good but the dark atmosphere and the TERRIBLE “Cole” is a GAME BREAKER for me. Call him Cole all you want…. that is not COLE!!!!!!!! So disappointed one of my favorite games feels ruined it so unsettling. Hope the new fans like it as you lost an old one, looks like a bargain bin buy for me if anything.

  • This looks pretty good, but this character is not cole. Cole had shaved hair looked different and sounded different. This guy also has some sort of swords and didn’t really even shoot lightning out of his hands. Come on keep with what you started with, just with a new scenario, background, and story.

  • Sucker Punch – exactly what fans of InFamous are experiencing in looking at InFamous 2. Take a great comic style brooding superhero and make him a lisping Disney show frat boy. All of a sudden I’m reminded of waiting 16 years for a Star Wars prequel and then seeing Jake Lloyd and Jar Jar Binks. Yeah, it’s that bad.

    Sorry to post a second negative comment, but I *really* loved the first game. It’s still in regular rotation more than a year later. It was so well done that I’ve only finished the “evil” side once because I felt guilty about how the NPCs and story reacted to what I was doing. It is easily in the top 5 of all time PS3 greats. Heck, I even liked Zeke.

    Sucker Punch, please listen to the majority of the comments on here and revise the approach to the sequel. Please reassure us that the development is ongoing and the changes are not final. Otherwise InFamous 2 will be less of an improvement like Uncharted 2 and rank instead with Devil May Cry 2.

  • I actually like the new Cole look. He looks younger, leaner, and more athletic. Loved the first game and will definitely get this second game.

  • You know, I wasn’t going to leave a message, but I figure, if Sucker Punch is going to read any comments, it will probably be those from official boards/postings.

    Unfortunately I have to add my +1 (or is it -1?) to Cole’s new look. Actually, his clothes changing I really don’t mind, I can get used to that, the dude is allowed to wear whatever he likes, but the rest is just … ugh.

    I think the main reason most of us are upset is due to the fact that the character we fell in love with (so to speak) in the first game, is literally, figuratively and physically not present in the sequel. The only remaining semblance between the two characters are his lightning powers (and even then I am merely guessing, as I am sure some of those have changed also).

    I can only fathom why Sucker Punch changed voice actors, top of my list would say financial squabbles, but was it really impossible for them to find an actor that, at least, resembled the old Cole? Personally speaking, his gruff voice really sold the character in the first game, along with the comic book cut-scenes (which I adored), pulled me right in to their ‘comic book’ world.

  • One thing that really doesn’t make sense, especially given Cole’s personality in the first game is his hair. Sucker Punch states that he is wearing less clothing now because he is in a hotter country, fine, cool, believable! But! Speaking as someone that keeps his head shaved, moving to a hotter country would NOT make me want to grow my hair out, I keep it shaved for a reason, because I sweat and because I hate lengthy hair. And when I say length, I mean of any measurement. Growing his hair out is just a logical fallacy in my opinion.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think I understand the decisions for and against on a technical level, but within Cole’s world it just seems wrong.

    Finally I have to approach the issue with the weapon.


    What can’t Cole do with his powers that he can now? Or, adversely, what CAN he do now that he couldn’t before? Hit people on the head? Once again it makes no sense. inFAMOUS was never really about melee combat in my opinion, Cole’s powers always seemed to put him in a more long range combatants role.

  • I suppose I can understand why Sucker Punch would want to give him more melee options, but if you are a dude that can toss lightning as easily as breathing, what reason do you have for wanting, nay, needing, to get up close and personal with someone? That and the weapon just looks weird. Dainty almost. . .

    Ok, so that is the bad, what is good?

    The city looks great, I really have to quarrels with that, it even looks more lively which is great! Ice powers look fun, though as someone else mentioned doesn’t make too much sense given Cole’s aversion to water (which I always found odd, I would have thought he would thrive in water…because, I mean, how does a dude that eats electricity like cheerios get electrocuted?), and the story, from the few tidbits revealed thus far sounds like it will be interesting.

  • One of the things I think Sucker Punch could have done to combat the new direction for Cole is to make the main character, not Cole… One easy solution to this would be some sort of catastrophe taking place in the beginning of the game whereupon Cole explodes, ala the bomb, and in turn transfers his power, albeit weaker forms (solves the super powered hero issue), to some “random” individual that had the poor fortune to be in the vicinity. The new dude would wake up to the raging catastrophe (whether it be natural or monster based) wanting revenge, etc etc.

    I am sure their plot weavers could easily come up with something.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am stoked for the game on a purely gameplay level, but character-wise (which is usually the driving force in games) I am less than enthused.

  • And I am done…

    SORRY, I didn’t think it would turn in to an almost 1000 word essay.. We gamers are passionate, that is for sure. :P

  • I think the new look is cool. It’s a step up from the plain short hair and full bodysuit. Maybe something similar to the explosion happened in the New Orleans style Environment that causes him to leave. Maybe there is another person that could have the same type of new found powers as cole has. Think about it.

  • So he’s not rasping every line and at he slurs a word at the end, that’s supposed to be proof he has a new VA? I’m pretty sure that’s the same voice actor, and I don’t hear a lisp.

  • i love the redesign. now i can take cole seriously. ignore the whiners, they’re so 1999.

  • OMFG wow cant wait for sequel….loved the first one….ummm just one thing…release date???

  • WHY DID YOU CHANGE COLE?!?!?!?? Both a new look and a new voice actor… this is not the same Cole! Did he always have those horrible tats hidden under his leather jacket? I love the first game but I’m really concerned that by changing the main character so drastically it will feel like a totally different game.

    When I heard about the first inFAMOUS it looked much too dark and gritty for my tastes, But I downloaded the demo before it came out and fell in love with the game play and style forcing me to purchase it as soon as it came out. I haven’t been this concerned about a game in my life!

    PLEASE CHANGE COLE BACK OR AT LEAST GIVE US MORE TO GO ON ABOUT THIS “COLE” CHARACTER, WHOEVER HE MAY BE. What’s the reason for the change of BOTH the look and the voice actor? Cole isn’t even his same foreboding/brooding self it seems.

  • If you were going to change Cole at all, I like the one in those original leaked pictures. The one with the beard. This one isn’t even Cole anymore…and what’s with that voice actor? Bring back Jason Cottle. He was the man. Or make this new guy have a different name…please? I’m sure deep down everyone hates this.

  • This is not inFAMOUS 2. It’s not Cole; it’s not Empire City. Nothing is the same expect for some of the powers. If you guys wanted a new direction and a new character with new powers (like ice), why not just make a new IP? Instead, you take everything I liked about the first inFAMOUS and wreck it.

    I LIKED Cole’s gravelly voice from the first game. I LIKED his messenger bag outfit. I LIKED that he was the now-cliche wisecracking video game character.

    And now he is exactly what I do not want.

    If there is time to rehire the first voice actor and redesign Cole to look like, well, Cole, then do it. If not, delay the game. I would rather wait and have Cole back than get it faster with a dumb version of a character I liked.

    It doesn’t look like Cole, talk like Cole, or act like Cole. So why even bother?

  • When I said “I LIKED that he was the now-cliche wisecracking video game character” in comment 117, I meant that “I liked that he WASN’T the now-cliche wisecracking video game character.”

    Just to be clear.

  • There is a reason why Sucker Punch did this. First off, they changed the orginal voice actor who was Jason Cottle and got a new voice actor ( David Sullivan) to make Cole more compellng. For you “Zeke fans” he will also be back but redesigned and also with a different voice actor. So there you go folks.

  • Btw, I like the new design a lot didn’t make him beilevable with the deep voice IMO.

  • SOLDx1000!!! 8)

  • Hey Sucker Punch, I loved inFAMOUS 1 and will definitely pick up part 2. The big issue is Cole’s redesign. I was a fan of ASPECTS of Cole’s character in the first game, and I can appreciate aspects of the new character model and voice. At the same time, old Cole’s voice sounded incapable of being nice (heroic), while the new Cole sounds like he can’t pull off having a dark side. Hopefully, the actor can put energy into both good and evil dialogue sounding unique and fitting.
    I have faith that Sucker Punch can wow people as they did before, this time on a new level as befits a sequel. And I can’t wait to get the Sly Collection, I can finally play those games!

  • One more thing, Cole from inFAMOUS 1 never had a vividly yellow jacket, like the concept art or even boxart showed. That was disappointing. And if nu-Cole doesn’t have those flappy-flaps on his backpack again, the entire redesign will be unforgivable.

  • They need to change the voice actor back right away this one sounds British lol and read my comment from before.

  • I say we should rise up and try to contact sucker punch they make great games just this one needs to be fixed up a bit just by getting the old voice actor back can make the difference who’s with me dose someone have sucker punch’s number ether that i might call up Sony and ask for it cause there located in CA.

  • Looks silly. Too silly.

    Why don’t you guys just say this an official reboot?

  • Can’t believe there are any negative comments about this. The first one was a complete success. Brilliant visuals, tons of fun, replay value and just an all round great game.

    This looks like the same but with everything turned up to 11, yeah that’s right, 11. Bring it on!

  • The first game held my interest for a little while then it felt like it was repeating over and over. I hope the second one has a little of prototype, crackdown, and cloverfield mixed in…which it kind of appears to have, so now I am interested in the game again, and the No More Heroes looking weapon is quite cool!!

  • awesome cant wait
    ice, ice, baby!!

  • @alexk423
    same here


    You don’t need to go down the route of making him the wise-cracking sarcastic hero out of his depth. Did you PLAY the first game? It was about the moral choices that came because he was over powered! He could do whatever he wanted, and wasn’t out of his depth! The game was making him ready for this installment.

    Why have you given him tatoos :( why would you do that? He looks like he’s 18. Sucker Punch you’re killing me here.

    Just make it good k?

  • “EXTREME sports star – like Travis Pastrana, Tony Hawk or Chris Sharma – what would they be like if they had super powers.”

    Seriously??? Seriously that’s what you’re going for?

  • Two things. I loved the control scheme in inFamous, how every power was available all the time – no menus, every button had a purpose (and few if any awkward combos). When adding more powers, *please* keep the control scheme simple and straightforward!

    Speaking of that, the one thing about the controls in inFamous that got complaints was how Cole would cling when trying to climb *down* a building. Please make it so that holding the ‘drop’ button keeps Cole from grabbing onto the next ledge or whatever!

    I admit, I’m not thrilled about the character updates… but I’m willing to cut some slack and see what you do with it. SP earned a lot of credit for making inFamous so good.

  • Cole grew some hair and purchased new clothes, what’s the big deal here?

  • Are all of you really suggesting that you’ve already decided you HATE this game and WILL NOT buy it NEXT YEAR just because the first glimpse of the character’s look and voice don’t 100% match the original? At least wait until you play it before you decide you HATE it.

    Come on, everyone. Radical changes like this happen all the time and it doesn’t affect the quality of the product as long as the heart of the piece is still intact. Look at Battlestar Galactica! Look at Star Trek! Look at James Bond! How many people have played him now? Do you all really hate every James Bond since Barry Nelson (1st Bond… Casino Royale, 1954… look it up).

    This is your first glimpse. Not even an in-depth look. Just GLIMPSE. Wait for more before you make up your mind. I’m holding out for some gameplay demos and more plot info before I decide I’ll buy it or not. And then I’ll hold out to PLAY IT before deciding if I hate it or not.

  • where is the story ending where Cole was force buy himself to get ready for a super nemesis that will destroy Empire City? what with sexy conduit Sasha? what hapen to Alden and his vendetta against Kessler(futer Cole)? I dont get it. probably the game needed a new look and better grafics but the story was really great, without complication and a great clifhanger. SuckerPunch should call the game inFamous Too or inFamous begining not inFamous2.

  • Bring back the old cole. this isnt right. at least make his face look the same as the first infamous..

  • wow he grew some hair but he looks like nathan drake

  • @#136 AMEN TO YOU MAN! haha
    have you guys noticed the guy speaking on the poidum (bertrand?) has like black electric design thingso n his sleeves and pant legs? I read on gameinformer’s july issue that the main villain is THE BEAST…..hmmmm connection?

  • Not exactly sure about the recasting of Cole, but it could work (anyone else thinking about voice changes in the ratchet and clank games?) Apparently there was a good reason for the change of city, something to do with the “beast”. should be sweet.

  • lostNOTforgotten

    I loved the first Infamous and i absolutly cannot wait for the second. I really wanna wail some faces with that cattle prod lol. When i heard they were changing the voice i was ok with it. Yes Cole from Infamous 1 was a bit shadey but thats what made him who he was. When i saw the new face i was dissapointed. Why the heck would you change your main guy? Voice, ok, but looks? Comeon! Sucker Punch should at least add like an Old School Cole skin that players chould switch to.

  • it gets old when u go everywhere a new game is announced and some1 always says “i cant wait for this” seriously thats the most annoying and used up thing to say, but anyway infamous 2 looks way different. i liked how cole looked and sounded, maybe he sounded a little too detached from the world but it worked out. its hard to believe that thats cole but i guess new town new cole…though a skin for the original cole should be available in this game just for those ppl who liked the first cole and are not too fond of this new one =)

  • I can handle the new look but wtf why change the Cole we know and love i cant take the NEW voice and facial design. For the love of god bring back Cole. My plans for electrifying the crap out of people in infamous 2 were stomped on . Hope you know what you guys are doing at Sucker Punch. -1 customer

  • The first infamous was great with that great electrical powers. But now with ice powers!!!!!!!!…. my godness what amount of powers, Cole will explode soon.and of course Cole’s new look are awfull makes him looks so stupid.

  • I hope you can use the yellow jacket from the boxart for the first game, and still have the flappy things Cole wore because they were awesome for all the jumping.

    We know nothing about the game really, other than they changed the location, and the main characters face, voice, clothes, personality, powers, and fighting style.All of those but face are acceptable in games IMO, the voice actor was replaced and he needs to be given more than a minute to change our minds (Cole 1.0 had a game, COle 2.0 had just over a minute, we are GOING to prefer 1.0 for now :P)The clothes don’t look as awesome and he has weird tattoos but maybe they will have normal Cole DLC?. The giant cattle prod looks awesome if hes trying to be super-super! :D

    I will buy the game. I just hate that he has a different face… I will be expecting him to have a Journal and start exploring uncharted Islands! Please let us have Coles face back? Please? You don’t make someone more relatable by copying Nathan Drake, that just alienates Cole Mcgrath fans

  • hey sucker punch i loved the first game even played it twice,this one looks good and i’ll buy it.but please bring back cole this guy looks like nathan drake.if it was just the hair that would be ok but the face is completely different.that was a bad idea.

  • New Look. New Voice. Ice. Bike Fork. New City.
    A lot of changes.
    It’s hard to say if I’m enthusiastic about all of them.
    It’s probably his son or something. Can’t be Cole.
    Makes no sense to change his look that much!

  • Actually i think the new Cole looks and sounds like Harry Flynn from Uncharted 2.I cant find any similarity with Nate though.

  • Sucker Punch don’t listen to these people there was nothing at all appealing about the old Cole.

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