inFAMOUS 2: See the E3 Trailer Now!

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E3! It’s finally here, and those of us from Sucker Punch couldn’t be more excited. Today we’re getting a chance to show off the first trailer for our new game (you guessed it) inFAMOUS 2.

In inFAMOUS we told the story of Cole MacGrath, an ordinary guy who gets superpowers. This time around in inFAMOUS 2, Cole starts out as a full on superhero and only gets more and more powerful. It’s more visceral, brutal and personal experience that commands you attention, making you feel the part of the superhero in every decision you make… be it for good or evil.

Get ready for the hell of a fight right off the bat. At the beginning of the game Cole meets a civilization ending villain who’s too powerful to beat. Looking to get stronger powers for a rematch Cole is forced to head south to New Marais, the town where the Ray Sphere was designed and built. Like I said, Cole starts out the game as a superhero over the course of inFAMOUS 2 he’s going to become a super super hero (that’s right double super).

If you check out the new trailer you’ll get an eyeful of steamy New Marais; it’s a town inspired by the great cities of the American south, particularly New Orleans. My father grew up there, when I was a kid he would tell me stories about the place: man eater alligators, creepy buildings, jazz music, river boat casinos, above ground cemeteries, and people going crazy at Mardi Gras. He made the town sound larger than life, full of overpowering beauty and scary stuff in every alley, what better place to set a superhero story?

While watching the new trailer you’ll also get a glimpse at Cole’s new threads, the perfect outfit for jumping across rooftops on those humid New Marais nights. Actually Cole’s going to be doing a lot more than jumping this time around; his parkour and electrical powers continue to grow, providing him with more and more ways to fluidly race through the city.

He’s also picked up a fine, fine new weapon to bash enemies with; it’s basically two heavy pipes with some stored up electrical charge between the poles (sorta like the world’s biggest cattle prod). Laying into villains with this baby is exactly the kind of thing I’m talking about when describing inFAMOUS 2 as more visceral, brutal and personal. You can feel the pain Cole is dishing out when the weapon connects with a enemy’s skull.

Anyhow, there you go. I look forward to posting more stuff once we have it ready for the public. inFAMOUS 2 is the biggest, baddest game Sucker Punch has ever tried to pull off… stay tuned for more from on inFAMOUS 2 in the near future.

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  • Thank god for the redesign I hated the Dark Knight voice rendition Cole had going on in the first game. They gave him a personality with his character design. The Ice powers is brilliant and makes sense because during Thunder Storms and twisters there tends to be hail or ice storms. Can’t wait.

  • I can’t tell from the video – did they change his facial structure? Until I see side-by-side in-game images showing that his face is the same, I don’t think I’ll be picking this one up. I’m ok with the change in style (it’s not huge, he’s even wearing the same pants!)and longer hair, but if his face is different then it will totally ruin it for me. I’ll just replay the first game instead of buying the new one.

  • When I read in Game Informer that they were changing Cole’s look, voice, and the way he even acts from the first game, I was upset. Now that I have seen and heard the trailer, I must say I’m compleatly appaled. This not the same Cole that I have come to know and love. Bring back the gruff, wise cracking, comic book inspired [DELETED] that was such a blast to play as in the first game or you may lose the respect of those who are fans of the original.

  • Can anyone else not fullscreen?

  • I agree with 51. The gravely voice just got so annoying. I wasn’t thrilled with it. I like the redesign, and he’s finally looking like someone who does climbing. IE: He’s got muscle on him. I wasn’t feeling his costume that much last time either. And the weapon: OH YES! I can’t wait to pound people senseless with it.

  • Does anybody else like the new voice, weapon, and/or threads? I’m a hardcore inFamous player, but I will admit, love the new Cole. But I’m against the new city sadly. Wished would have gotten more urban and taller skyscrapers. Just hope is modeled on modern day New Orleans. So just a guess… in addition to lightning changes based on Karma, will ice powers be good Karma and fire powers be evil? If so will be VERY psyched. As it is I’m stoked!

  • Dear Sucker Punch, Your one of my favorite ps3 dev’s. Im super excited about the sly cooper collection(day 1 buy for sure) but not to be mean but………..why!! why did you hire a new voice actor and redesign cole! I platniumed the first infamous and i loved coles infamous look and hero look but im gonna be honest i completley hate his new look, it has lead me to the point where i dont even want to buy infamous 2. Sucker punch you still have time to change coles look back or atleast resemble the old look , me like many others agree dont dissapoint us loyal fans.

  • Wait where’s cole?

  • not the same voice, he let his air grow, and he looks younger…

  • wow. i can’t wait.

  • I’m still going to buy it since after the first one, I want to support you guys even more now.

    However greatly disappointed with the new art direction for the main character, and the voice actor is terrible. -_-‘

    I guess you wouldn’t care tho, since like I said I’m still going to be purchasing it anyways, but it’s definitely going to be a let down now.

  • Lol are you guys serious? That is not Cole, did you not hear the English accent? Plus the UK pants design?

  • I’m liking Cole’s new look. Is that a new voice actor as well?

  • I will definitely pick this up because it looks really fun, BUT I absolutely hate the new character design. He doesn’t look or sound like Cole, so I have a big problem making the connection that it’s the same character in my head. Please, at the very least, give us the option to use the original design as a skin.

  • C’mon.. what’s wrong with the new threads? It’s much more Nathan Drake now than some construction worker/space station reject.

  • How hard is it to theorize/hypothesize that this is an indirect sequel and that there are guys all over the world that mysteriously gained superpowers? There have been so much hints already that this is obviously a different character sheesh..

  • Hey guys @ Sucker punch, I don’t really mind what you do with your game but I trust that you will bring the best possible experience with this infamous like you did with the excellent first one. Don’t listen to those n00b gamers and haters,the audacity in them. You rocked ever since the first Sly Cooper,Keep up the good work.

  • *facepalm*

    So they swapped out the gravely voice for a guy with a lisp? Wow. Really progrethive Thucker Punch.

    How ’bout doing like Bionic Commando & having an option to play as the original Cole skin? Let it read your inFamous save file or something.

    Honestly, of all the things to fix that weren’t broken.

  • looking forward to Infamous 2, but I don’t like the redesign. Cole looks like a [DELETED], & I miss the comic book style, the voice is okay.

    I hope the choices between good & evil actually mean something & not just change the color of Cole’s powers, also I hope the save from Infamous 1 is somehow incorporated into the sequel.

  • Not digging Cole 2.0. He looks far too happy and smarmy, like some sort of original Cole’s cocky younger brother. I could see Cole #1 could kicking this guy’s butt easily. A change is fine, but this is way too far. Back to the art board, Sucker Punch.

    The melee weapon is unnecessary. Part of Cole #1’s absolute badassery was that he fought using just his body and powers — no other weapons. Cole 2.0 is weaker because he needs weapons.

    So…if water hurts him, why does Cole 2.0 seemingly have ice powers?

    Trailers made InFamous 1 a midnight release purchase from the get-go. This trailer and the Game Informer article have put me in a “wait for reviews and word of mouth” prior to purchase mode. Not good. Please change momentum and reassure us that you’re moving forward (like Uncharted -> Uncharted 2) rather than taking multiple steps backward as indicated by everything so far.

  • I really hope they put in a code to skin Cole back the way he was. I really hope Sucka Punch is reading all the internet buzz about how nobody likes the new Cole. This is the worst reskin of a main character ever and I want to play as the old Cole. I can get over the bad voice actor they have but looking at this new Cole makes me almost not want to get it.

  • Looking forward to it… the first one was great… the only thing I don’t get is why there is a different voice actor… but I’ll survive!

  • I don’t like what you guys have done to Cole. I’m still looking forward to the game, but changing Cole was unnecessary.

  • Looking great. I’m loving the new art style, looks much more alive than the first game.

  • the game looks awesome, but I don’t like the new cole… I hope you return the old cole :(

  • The New Orleans setting is what sold me on this sequel. I want a beignette mini game eating contest.

  • I could be mistake but to me ITS THE SAME COLE…..if u remember in the first one his hair was short (buzzed) and reddish /brown. It looks like he just grew out his hair and perhaps dyed it or its a product of his powers. The voice sounds the same too. Only major difference is now we can see his arms / tattoos. The game looks great so far and im not worried about them changing his look. Its still Cole :)

  • inFAMOUS became FAMOUS and lost it’s soul in the process.

    Sorry Suckerpunch, I will only be getting inFAMOUS 2 when it is on preowned for £10 or less.

    It is just sad to see that…thing Cole has become.
    What about inFAMOUS 3 then? Will Cole become emo and his power will be to be able to sparkle in the sunlight?


  • Agh, hate to complain but that voice actor is AWFUL!!! That voice is just… yuck.

  • The new cole sucks? wth is wrong with you guys? why change a good thing? why change the friggin main character? is this roseanne? And a weapon? it looks stupid. Ice powers? wtf does that have to do with cole? Seems like sucker punch ran out of ideas… WAS a first day buy for me now ill wait for the demo or buy it used, way to lose a customer guys.

  • inFAMOUS was a great game and inFAMOUS 2 looks like it will be even better!!

  • The game looks absolutely AWESOME and all, but PLEASE, for the love of all that is holy, rehire Cole’s original voice actor! Its not like it can’t be done! The Fallen in TF2 had his entire voice track replaced with someone else a short time before release. So its never too late! He sounds younger than in inFAMOUS actually! I don’t care how he looks as much (if you’re going for “blending in” you got it, I understand that) but the voice is not good for continuity! Please work out, what, if any problems you had with him and get him back! His old voice fit the role much better!

  • I waited the entire press conference to see this trailer. It’s not much to go off of, like gameplay could provide, though I’m positive I will fall in love with InFamous all over again. It’s safe to say dreams really do come true.


    anybody else hate the voice acting? i like the original one better

  • Love the new engine. Hate the new Cole look and voice. Bring back the original character model and voice.

  • This game looks amazing. I loved the first Infamous and absolutely can’t wait for the sequel. I trust everything that you are doing with the game, including the redesigns.

    Don’t listen to all of the negative comments. You guys rule.

  • It looks good, but i have to say that the voice actor is killing me. I can take the change of city, clothes and maybe the facial reconstruction, but the voice is just so different. I mean, i like change, and i know they’re trying to keep things fresh, but making a whole other character and naming him “Cole” is not what i had in mind.

    Either way, i’ll probably get this game. It’d be awesome if it had some multiplayer! Imagine headshocking your buddies online, epic amirite?

  • Why have you turned Cole into a Nathan Drake wannabe? I liked the dark and brooding ‘graphic novel’ style Cole of the original… :(

    Will be interesting to see how you continue the story from the original, and how the story explains his new ability to create ice as well as lightning…

    It would be nice if his change in look was explained in the story too, rather than the old style being quietly buried…

  • WHY?
    I loved the first game. I can understand wanting to take Cole in another direction. But that is not what you have done here, you have given him a completely new voice, completely new personality (from what I read in the game informer article), and a completely new face and since of style. So basically you just introduced a new character into the game and gave him the same name.

    I don’t know who decided on this, but whoever decided on completely changing the main character from a game has made the worst decision I’ve ever seen in the game industry.
    I’m honestly not sure I can get over this, I might not pick up this game because the main character was butchered.

  • Man, what a bunch of whiny…

    Ah, I don’t give a damn what any of you say- I think it looks damn good. Too many series have static characters. You’d think changing a characters’ clothes somehow instantly defiles him.

  • @90
    are you serious? It is very obvious that they changed a lot more than cole’s cloths. In fact, his cloths are the closest thing hes got in common with the old cole.
    Personality (according to the game informer article, his personality is going to be different)

    This is just a completely new character. Not the same character with some new cloths

  • I watched it a second time and it’s still… ugh… I really don’t think I’ll get used to it.

    I’m not even sure if I want to buy it now. Jesus H Christ! If it’s not broke, don’t break it dammit!

    Oh and what’s this I hear about you removing most of the comic-book cutscenes?! You’re breaking my heart, man! You’re breaking it hard!

  • Oh I get it now…This is not Cole but his younger/twin/british/mainstream/model brother. Or his half sister rather.

    I know I may be proven an idiot, especially if, you knowm, sucker puch us. I really like the way Cole looked acted and all. Where did it all go? Is anything left from Cole? Cole 2.0 seems so mainstream that I don’t know what to believe.

    What was it? Did you want the main character to appeal more in younger or wider audiences? Weren’t you thesame guys that said that enjoyed reading DMZ? Do you think that younger or wider audiences will have thesame passion about your game as we do?

    All the hate you get is not because we don’t like you. It’s the exact opposite. It’s because we like inFAMOUS so much. The least you can do for us, is provide an extra costume that allows players to play as the old Cole.

  • Been meaning to go back and platinum the first game. It is one of my favourite sandbox games (enjoyed more than GTA IV). Can’t wait for the second one. Surprised with the voice change and outfit change for Cole, but I have faith it will still turn out great.

  • FiremanLouvier21


  • Please bring “Cole’s” original voice and personality back. I can understand changing costumes/clothes/city but changing the entire character is just too much. Infamous Is my favorite game. If you wanted to make a new character just make a new game with a similar concept based around that “new character”, but changing the personality of the Cole that so many people loved is ridiculous and insulting to a Great game title. So please reconsider the changes you have made to Cole in one of the most anticipated games of 2011

  • The new Cole is terrible! I loved the first game, but the new look is ruining this game for me. Cole looks like a Backstreet Boy! And what’s with how he looks younger?

    Oh, and you thought it seemed like a good idea to fix Cole’s gravelly voice by replacing it with a gravelly, lispy, almost girly voice? No thanks.

  • @44 I KNOW!!! Fire is totally linked to lightning

    But about the whole redesign issue. I heard that the VA for cole from infamous 1 either quit or w/e so they got another guy. Which I guess makes sense to the whole redesign thing, thing is they made him look like a model or something (no homo). I mean I LOVE infamous 1 and mainly Cole, yeah I miss him but maybe this shouldn’t be a bad idea to “start a new story” a new design and technically a younger Cole.
    Just saying…

  • ChildrenOfBodom2

    not buying this game because of the changes they did on cole and the Ice? really such a dissapointment…Boo

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