Killzone 3 for PS3 reveal: Guerrilla Games interview

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What’s going to change in Killzone 3? The answer: a LOT.

Fresh off their European Killzone 3 media event, Guerrilla Games dropped into San Francisco to unveil Killzone 3 to the North American press for the first time last night, 3D TVs en tow.

I grabbed a few moments (well, 11 minutes, actually) with Guerrilla Games‘ Senior Producer Steven Ter Heide to talk jetpacks, fan requests, new Helghast foes, and how Killzone 3 will improve upon Killzone 2 in terms of graphics, controls, combat, and more.

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  • Great interview Jeff as always and thank you Steven and GG for one of the best series on the PS3!!! 8)

  • same here, the Gameplay in the background distracted me so i had to watch it twice :)

    Can’t wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • oh,time 2 bring out the rocket launchers,in game music,and shoot EVEYBODY up.The game will have ingame music,right?

  • jeff i forgive you
    i just saw the video on youtube
    search guerrilla games interview killzone 3

    the game look way faster and much better
    thank you , know let me wach it one more time
    for the interview lol.

    and btw the guy in the background ?
    is that dick tracy ? lol

  • I have a feeling you jeff, were part of the reason we actually saw any of this footage.

    Thanks, from those who just couldn’t wait to see this game.

  • please do widescreen correctly this time. Killzone 2 had such a narrow fov, it was terrible.

  • Cant wait. This one sounds a lot closer to killzone 1 in terms of environments and variety.

    One of my favorite franchises! NEED MORE VIDEO FOOTAGE!

  • Looking forward 2 KZ3 Gonna be bangin’

  • We need a direct feed trailer. Dunno why Sony thought revealing the best looking game ever with a few screens would make sense.

  • Swearing gone!?! Why!?!? That was cool!

  • I meant DEDICATED SERVERS before. It’s the most requested feature by KZ2 fans apart from a party system. Why no question? Sony’s BIGGEST ONLINE FPS should have dedicated servers. No excuses.

  • You know Jeff, this is starting to be real BS. ANOTHER damned video that I want to see so bad, this one of my favorite FPS franchise of all time aside from the original DOOM-Final DOOM. and I (and many other people) can’t watch it because you people running the blog refuse to use a video format the PS3 can play. Un-freakin’-believable.

    Does anyone know if this video has been copied onto youtube or something? Link please.

  • hey jeff i got a question will there be a killzone 3 demo before the game ships.?

  • @106

    Agreed. Killzone 1 was amzing when it comes to being packed with varied environments. It had everything. Urban environments, a village type environment, trench warfare surrounded by the fog of war, snowy environments, jungle environments, and my favorite was that level covered in the pink and white cherry blossom leaves. It really was amazing and many of the environments were present in multi-player maps.

    Killzone 3 is deffinitely bringing back the varied environs of Killzone 1, which is wonderfull. It’s just a shame that I don’t think those Cherry Blossom like things exist on Helghan.

    Also if GG reads this, I would LOVE if you did something like Capcom did with Super Street Fighter 4. Allow Killzone 3 to support the downloadable multi-player maps from Killzone 2. Or at least the Flash and Thunder pack, because with Killzone 3 having snow, you guys should make another Killzone 1 throwback pack including Canyon Crossing and Park Terminal. So then we could all have the 4 best Killzone 1 multi-player maps, which happen to be my 4 favorite MP maps of all time in any game.

  • Great interview. I really appreciate you passing along the suggestions. That’s a big plus in my book. You are my hero. The idea of them doing customized controls gets me excited, if they would do it. 5 Stars!!!!

  • Great interview! I kept looking at the video playing in the back! haha. Sounds like their improving the things that I didn’t really enjoy too much in KZ2. Definitely picking this up!

  • Thanks for the great interview Jeff.
    BTW, is that K3 in the background? It looks the same as K2 (which is a good thing).

  • damn awesome gameplay and still looks amazing. i guess they won’t put 3rdps [DELETED] that’s one thing i really wanted to see. mostly the questions i asked were anwsers well only about the cover system and pace of the game. i did see destructable objects but it seemed script like KZ2. i also want to see the play theme from LBP that would be so awesome.

  • What??!?!?!!??!

    How could you do that to us?? Teasing us with that small screen playing KZ3 footage in the far back??? You know how hard it already is for me to count the days to E3? *wave fist… >:( … :'(

  • lol did you guys see that helghast got melee and beat with the gun…OMG

  • great interview, hope to see more!
    to way in on the controls debate. i think alot of the hardcore fans of kz2 would b disappointed if they made the controls lighter., but idk, guess they have to do whats best for the average player,. hope they stay weighty tho, and if ppl tried for a couple of hours they would agree. but i wont b up in arms if they change them like they did, if guerilla thinks its ok, i think its ok:)

  • GOTY 2011

    This game will tear away all fps next year
    RIP Gears 3 and halo reach and crysis 2

  • OMG. Did he just snap that guys neck in the background. Wow.

  • @FFObbsessed 100% agree, this game is too big for P2P! We need some dedicated servers!

    That being said, I can’t wait for this sucker to come out!!!!!!!1

  • Nice,guerrilla is awesome they are about the fans.

  • OMG I cant wait for Killzone3. GG is the best. I hope there is co op. 4 player +. and Mp should have more players then Killzone2. More guns ,mmmmm I cant wait. WOOOO

  • More weapons, more rankings to earn or level up, more perks, more everything. Use that bluray to the max please. It seems like only MGS and maybe GT5 will be the only ones doin it.

  • I knew G Games started immediatyely after kz2!!

  • Nice can’t wait to see footage in HD.

  • This absolutely requires split-screen.
    The thought of flying in the air and sniping my friends in a JETPACK beats any game by far. Although I doubt split-screen will be available since screen cheating destroys FPSs. Oh well, back to Warhawk for my friends…

  • #46 never played killzone multiplayer because the clan was perfected it did include all those ideas / one thing booster clans i hate them

  • Where there be females? I hope so. If not in the campaign aleast for online. Also I would like to see custom outfits.

  • Thanks in advance for saying that you are fixing the laggy controls!!

  • Thank you very much for this interview, I really appreciate it, very well done, and very informative.

    It’s good to know Guerilla Games are listening to the fans. I really hope there’s Sigle Player co-op or something of the sort.

  • No prone! For the love of god, no prone! Also I’d love a party system, but please keep the server list!!! I hate games that just dump me into a random map.

    I want to be able to choose what maps I get to play, dammit!!!

  • This is Simply AMAZING!
    Thanks for the Interview Jeff, your awesome!!!!!!!
    I cant wait for this game, but have you ever had a chance to get an interview with polyphony, or anyone deeply related to Gran Tursmo 5?

  • Awesome!

  • Nice interviewer, good job Jeff. I wanna more demo video.

  • Nicely done Jeff. Great interview. Can’t wait for Killzone 3!

  • @127

    Thanks for the link. That video works perfectly on the PS3 browser. I can’t understand why these videos don’t work on the blog. It’s just so “wrong”


  • Nice interview and good to see Jeff passing on some requests from the players. Steven seems pretty cool. Really hope they don’t tweak the controls too much, they’re one of the things I like that sets KZ2 apart from the rest.

    Also, don’t cut all Rico’s swearing. That’s Rico, love him or hate him.

  • @10 i would buy it

  • 141 split screen would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m really psyched for this one, can’t wait!

  • i never played none of the killzone series… but this looks better than mw2… i might get it… it looks cool…

  • good to see. And to those who dont think the graphics look all that different. Well yr not wrong. But its not a reason to worry. KZ2 looked great when originally shown but if u compare it to launch footage u can see obvious enhance. Actually its almost staggering.

  • Thanks so much Playstation Blog and GG, Killzone rocks, from the first one to Liberation, to 2, and now this keep up the great work. Also @Jeff if you get a chance to can you pass a PSN avatar idea out to the GG team thanks abunch.

  • Excellent interview, I am impressed. Thanks for reading off some of those fan suggestions.

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