Killzone 3 for PS3 reveal: Guerrilla Games interview

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What’s going to change in Killzone 3? The answer: a LOT.

Fresh off their European Killzone 3 media event, Guerrilla Games dropped into San Francisco to unveil Killzone 3 to the North American press for the first time last night, 3D TVs en tow.

I grabbed a few moments (well, 11 minutes, actually) with Guerrilla Games‘ Senior Producer Steven Ter Heide to talk jetpacks, fan requests, new Helghast foes, and how Killzone 3 will improve upon Killzone 2 in terms of graphics, controls, combat, and more.

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  • Looks stunning. I absolutely loved the feeling of weight in KZ2’s controls, shame so many people want the game to be something it’s not mean to be (which is Modern Warfare 2)

  • Are all these huge games being announced before E3 so that they can’t get leaked like the last playstation event?

  • OH MY GOD!

    Look @8:25 in the background monitor!

  • I love Killzone 2, and Killzone 3 is gonna be epic OMG !!!

  • !!!!! God damn, I love the guys at GG.
    Plus watching that TV in the background made my life! Did you see that boot and knife kill?! Really? SO BADASS.

    I hope they show something at E3. :)

  • It’s not often a developer is so on top of what people find lacking in their games and adjusting so accordingly. Obviously they can’t do everything people want for Killzone 3, but already you can see some of the things they’ve improved in the footage playing in the background.

    If you’ve played KZ2, you know that shooting more than a short burst generally makes your rifle bounce everywhere, even when using the scope. This already doesn’t seem to be the case in KZ3. From what I can see, you can fire a volley and not hit completely off target after the third shot, but still need to slightly adjust your aim while firing.

    I also love the apparent variety in game play. I imagine the demo level the chose is one of the best to demonstrate that, but if they have some of the same variety throughout the game, that will be a great improvement over KZ2.

    I hope the multiplayer team is working as hard as the single player crew.

  • Rico was cool character changing his style is to turn him into a pu**y.

  • Resistance 2 let me down but Killzone 2 brought me back up again. Even after playing such amazing titles like Bad Company 2, I still revert back to playing Killzone 2 from time to time. Amazing title and keep up the great work GG! Really looking forward to Killzone 3.

  • this game won’t blow that’s for sure
    also, ask them to add some home rewards jeff

  • @Jeff Rubenstein

    You forgot to add DEDICATED SERVERS to that “fan requests list”. It’s the most important thing regarding MP.

    By the way, melee system looks awesome, thanks for the video.

  • omg you can kz3 in the back

  • Awesome awesome interview Jeff! your interviews are honest, thorough and hard hitting. Love it.
    But please make sure that they get the point that we want split screen options. triple A shooters with split screen are way more popular than solo affairs. When friends and family come over we all wanna play with each other. WE NEED THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I really want custom soundtracks for single player as an option at least. its stupid to play custom soundtracks while playing multi player.

  • Good Job on the interview. Cant wait for more infos, i jope ill have a 3D TV by the time it is release loll

  • Just got my platinum trophy in Killzone 2, absolutely loved the crap out of this game, I will cry wonderful tears of joy when I unwrap KZ3 and play the MP all night.

  • Dudes at Guerrilla………..Killzone 3 MULTI PLAYER must include more vehicles for mass mayhem…Online/Off Line CO-op……4 player split screen and WEAPON mods! Please take ALL of those features into consideration. THANK YOU

  • Excellent Interview Jeff I want KILLZONE 3 Now

  • Great interview. Game looks absurdedly good. Love to see developers who listen to the fans!

  • 3 Questions Jeff
    1) Beta?
    2) Can we get this in or before November?
    3) Helghan or Sev Action figure?

  • I love it and I can’t wait to hear some more. Keep the information coming Jeff!!!

    Killzone 3 is defiantly a day 1 buy for me and I’ll love to get my hands on a Collector’s Edition!!!

  • Looks epic! cant wait

  • Hey Jeff,

    Great interview, love the footage in the background. I can’t wait for a new trailer at E3.

  • Jeff got furry. Looks good. Anywho can’t wait to see what happens as the Helghast government dissolves into chaos.

  • I am SO glad to see that they’re pulling back on the profanity and taking a greater interest in the story-development side of things. KZ2 was a very action-oriented game and the gratuitous profanity definitely made it difficult to take the characters seriously, but the potential for an engaging tale was definitely there.

    Thanks for passing on those recommendations, Jeff. Unfortunately, i truly doubt co-op is going to happen. My father and I enjoyed the hell out of playing Resistance together, but we haven’t found a single worthwhile co-op shooter since. Damn shame.

    I’m sort of in-between on the controls. It’s quite jarring at first, but once you get the hang of them they aren’t terrible. All the same, I suppose it’s probably best that they’re adjusting them to remove that transition.

  • if this is the vid u were editing lst night u good at it and the sound is wayy better than that mic from before, get these vids in the blog theater like u did b4 and the MNR Dev deadline vids are great too.

  • if they add 4 player offline split screen, 2 player online split screen along with a co-op survival mode and 2x the amount of weapons + 2-4 new classes then kz3 will have the best multiplayer out there no doubt

  • Killzone 3 is going to rape Halo: Can’t Reach lol

  • i hope they add coop and split screen


  • I also would love to see a special edition for the game :)

  • Oh, right, and I am so disappointed to hear that so few actually played through the campaign. It honestly makes me kind of ashamed, knowing that so many gamers are only interested in the mindless grind. I don’t think GG creating variety is going to fix that either.

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Dear GG and SCE, please don’t show a lot of the SP footage, we knew and saw 80% of the Killzone 2 footage before the game even released!!!!!

    Do like ND did with Uncharted 2 and show mostly multiplayer footage and demo.

  • Hopefully they will have some kind of cool special edition with like a little sniper action figure, if not im still preordering this game!

  • I want slightly faster startup on the multiplayer. I felt like it took a long time to get to medic, but once I did the game changed completely.

  • Great interview, I love how humble Sony’s 1st Party Studios are.

  • All Killzone 2 multiplayer needed was a party system!

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    I hope all the swearing is not gone because that would be lame, the swearing in Killzone 2 was excessive, it just needs to be cut down, not taken all out altogether.

  • I find it funny that SONY First Party Studios are competing with each others because Multiplatform developers don’t even challenge them.

  • Great work Jeff, I actually learned a lot from this interview. Super excited for Killzone 3, looks to be everything I could have hoped.

  • Great interview. I’m excited for this as soon as I see the Special Edition at Gamestop then all $60 is going down for my pre-order. I’m glad you asked for fan questions but instead I’ll wite down my requests.

    My requests:
    -Online Split screen; It’s awesome to play with friends. Sometimes it gets them to buy the game when they have so much fun playing together with people he/she knows. It’s even better when two people can split screen together while still playing with other people. This could make couch vs couch games, imagine that!

    -More classes; I would like to see different characteristics that really set Killzone 3 from other first-person shooters.
    -Weapon: Flamethrower
    -Primary: Any enemy who goes near him is set on fire
    -Secondary: Can set up small flaming barricades
    -Weapon: Basic assault rifles
    -Primary: Can teleport by selecting the ability then
    pressing jump
    -Secondary: Slowing down enemies in a medium-large radius

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Half of the people who posted here are on GAF lol

  • …continued from last post

    -Many more weapons. Since Killzone is set in the future, why not have futuristic weapons? Acid spitting guns, a tracking gun(like the Bullseye in Resistance 2), LAZERS, mini nukes, normal frags, and imploding grenades that creates a bloody mess.

    -Melee weapons for each class. A metal pole for the normal soldier, spiky bat for the assault class, medical saw for the medic, and a switchblade for the sniper.

  • KZ3!!! will pawn COD:BO and Crysis 2

  • Looks good. Not much of a Killzone 2 fan but I liked the multiplayer. And I agree with the suggestion to keep Custom soundtracks! In single player would be nice too(For second playthroughs of course).

  • i cant wach the video from my ps3
    this is silly .
    fix that jeff.

    and i also ask you to not
    show for KILLZON3 video
    you are a bad boy lol

    nooo the atnt signal is death
    i hope they fix it by the time im back home
    (my internet comes from atnt )

  • Damn! I see some CoD influence in that single player footage shown behind.
    First, the player moves pretty fast, which wasn’t the case with KZ2 and there is less recoil on the gun. Let’s get this straight. I haven’t played KZ2, however that is what I saw in the trailers so I’d like it to be realistic as it was in Killzone 2. :D

  • Great coverage can’t wait to see more at E3

  • You guys should have saved this announced for E3….

  • an-inFamous1337

    I am starting to get excited about the game, i hope the game is much longer this time.

  • No “colorful” language? But why? I would expect it, especially from Rico, in these harsh times. Put it back in, please.

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