Killzone 3 for PS3 reveal: Guerrilla Games interview

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What’s going to change in Killzone 3? The answer: a LOT.

Fresh off their European Killzone 3 media event, Guerrilla Games dropped into San Francisco to unveil Killzone 3 to the North American press for the first time last night, 3D TVs en tow.

I grabbed a few moments (well, 11 minutes, actually) with Guerrilla Games‘ Senior Producer Steven Ter Heide to talk jetpacks, fan requests, new Helghast foes, and how Killzone 3 will improve upon Killzone 2 in terms of graphics, controls, combat, and more.

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  • split screen

  • split screen please

  • split screen

  • @33 I completely agree with you I hated the fact they change it has well the controls was perfect when the release the game I say screw the cod fans and their noob game and yes any game with auto aim or aim assist is for noobs

  • zombie-blog-neck!! damn bro havent seen u in a while thought u drop off the blog or somethin. thanx for the interview.

  • Beautiful day one buy

  • Awesome .. great stuff in this interview about the game .. keep these coming.

  • split screen?

  • split screen?

  • split screen?

  • split screen?

  • split screen?

  • split screen?

  • split screen?

  • split screen?

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  • split———screen?

  • Omg Jetpacks!! Wow, Bet Many Crapbox Owners Will Keep On Trading Their Stupid System And Getting a PS3 Bcuz No 1 Can Compete With Sony <3 It Just Gets Better & Better
    Great Interview Btw

  • split———-screen?

  • 174 combo breaker

  • @at lease their getting alitle more games with split————screen?

  • i miss split-screen u know playing with friends offline good times!!!

  • Looks great, definitely hyped for the MP.
    A prone position is just a no though. Even if it were just for the Scout class, they have their cloak, they don’t need to go prone, just crouch.

  • Is that a Killzone 3 footage at your back?

  • virgils_mustache

    Top notch interview! I loved the footage in the background. I’m not a huge fps fan but killzone 1&2 are absolutely awesome games. I can’t wait to see what guerilla has in store for us with killzone3.

  • As fellow Dutchie I have to praise Steven’s English skills. Most of us would perform much worse. Great job both of you! :-)

  • Nice review, I really want to play KZ3 in offline Co-op mode. :)

  • Excellent video + Yeah i really want 4 player off-line split-screen mode with bots PLEASE! ;)

  • No prone!

  • do i see a gameplay on the back? one of those gun look amusing

  • I’d love to see a bit of character development this go around. I know in the last game there wasn’t a lot of opportunity for it (and the FPS genre in general doesn’t usually have it) but Killzone’s back story is so cool that it really needs to get explored/discussed a bit more in the game. After playing the first two and then reading the back story on the Killzone site, I felt like I’d missed a big part of the story and reason for shooting the folks I was shooting. Would love if that gets explored somewhat now that they’re trapped on Helghan.

    As for other things I wanted to see in Killzone 3, as a modeler, I just wanted Rico to be a little easier to look at and as a gamer I wanted his dialogue to be a little less colorful. That’s about it really and it seems at least part of that is addressed. :D Great interview and cool peek at the game.

  • xx111ghostbuster

    awesome but are you guys saving any games for e3

  • They need more Female roles in killzone to many dudes are not a good thing. Female Helgest with big guns;) and bring back the DOGS.

  • Hey Jeff. Thank you for bringing up the laggy controls. Seriously though, if you guys dont fix that then this game is never gonna sell COD numbers. Im not saying take out they weight in the guns, but even after the patch, it was a game breaker for me. And no, the patch only seemed to mess me up even more. Coming from someone who has got the top 10 % for the week trophies, its not that I sucked by any means.

    Also, not having the cover system for the online makes me wonder why even have it? Just add a prone system and there will be no need for the cover system. Its broken anyways, having to hold L1 and L2 at the same time just to take cover and stare down the guns sights was a big deal to me. I dont understand why I had to do that?

    You guys at Guerrilla should make sure you dont let nothing like that happen again. Otherwise your game will not sell what it could. The game is beautiful though. Man I could give you guys a big list of things to fix. Starting with all that, and make the online more accessible please. Thank you.

  • OMFG




  • Killzone 3!!!!! day 1 buy!!!! i hope Resistance 3 can match those graphics or at least coming close to match them so if Kizzy 3 is coming out next year that means we get Resistance 3 this holidays right jeff? lol , superb interview btw , you getting better and better at doing ur job man, congrats. ohhh and please announce the Playstation Meet up details ASAP because we are waiting on u to say that most of the people who attend the meet up will get a pass to Sony E3 press conference so i can buy my airplane ticket , is it gonna be on sunday 13 or monday 14? i think this E3 will be one of the best from u guys

  • @ 190

    I don’t know what laggy controls your talkin about . The only ones complaining is people like you who wants everything to be like COD…PLEASE GO PLAY Call of Booty and leave killzone alone .

  • Superstrokey1123

    And there was much rejoicing

  • Hey zombie go buy Mod nation racer . I bought it and the four player split screen with friends ……OMFG hella FUN


  • Where can in see that gameplay video thats in the background?

  • I hope there is a Coop Mood for this game throw the Story of it.
    Its Always Nice to have a Real Buddy playing the game.

    ► PLEASE MAKE IT were you can copy your game Save from one PS3 to the next. “I Got a New PS3 Slim and couldn’t transfer my Game Save” :(

    ►► A Hope there is a Awesome Party System to make it easy to Join in with your PSN Friends and Enjoy both Coop and Multiplay.

    ►►► I Probly Wont Be Feeling the Experince with 3D tell Next year since my TV isnt to Old and I have to at least get some wear and tear on it first.

    @SONY I like to get a Bravia TV, and Surround Sound that it Fully Compatable with “3D” and “HDMI Sync” and have the Compatablity of HDMI v1.4

  • I HOPE that the multiplayer mode for KillZone 3 allows you to use more weapons and keep more than one rifle on you at a time. I was always very disappointed not to be able to use the Flame thrower in multiplayer mode. That is such a great weapon. Also any of us have worked long and hard to open up classifications and achieve medals and badges. That stuff should be carried over to KZ3.


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