ModNation Racers for PS3: Launched and Unwrapped!

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Hey everyone! I’ve spent the last couple years of my life working on ModNation Racers, and now I’m excited to sit back, relax and enjoy it!

Lets begin with our Launch Trailer!

So I’ve just unwrapped my copy and I’m about to check it out. Now there are a LOT of things you can do in ModNation Racers, so I figured I would help you out on your first day.

ModNation Racers for PSP: Box Unwrapped

Here’s a list of the five things I think are worth checking out right away.

ModNation Racers for PSP: Sackboy

1. Download Sackboy!

If you’re lucky, you scored a voucher for Sackboy and his Kart (one of my favorite karts in the game). The voucher is packed in with the game and manual, so make sure you don’t accidentally toss it out.

2. Career Basics

The first few races in the Career will teach you the basics: drifting, drafting, defense, boost, weapons and all the good stuff. A few quick tips:

  • Use Boost wisely! Once you get out in front of the pack, manage your boost wisely. Save some boost for shields if you want to stay out in front.
  • Learn to drift! Use the X button to drift. Drifting accumulates boost and it’s critical to getting around the tracks.
  • Shortcuts! Keep your eyes open and watch out for shortcuts. The risk is worth the reward.

3. Track Studio

Track Studio is the bread and butter of creation in ModNation, and is THE BEST track creator, well, ever. It’s super easy to use and makes creation really fun. Want to try something a little different? Try playing around with the terrain before you lay out your track. It’s a different experience than you have seen in most videos and happens to be my favorite way to build tracks. I was going to list out some tips, but it’s probably best if I just point you in the direction of the Tutorials, which are informative and fun to watch. You don’t have to leave the Track Studio to watch them — just press the Start button and select “Tutorials” in the circle menu.

4. Hottest User-Generated Tracks

If you want to see what the community has deemed to be the hottest tracks, then the best thing to do is check out the Top Tracks or Hot Lap events in the ModSpot.

ModNation Racers for PSP: ModSpot Events

The Top Tracks event is populated with the hottest user-created tracks. It’s really easy and fun way to dive in a check out what’s hot. It’s a series event, so may the best Mod win! Hot Lap is also populated with user-created tracks. It’s another way to check out the hottest tracks, but there is a twist to this event. You get to race against the ghost of the Hot Lap leader; it’s all about lap times! There’s a new track every day and, if you finish in the top 10%, you’ll get a nice little reward.

5. Creation Browser

Probably the fastest way to see just how cool the creative tools are in ModNaiton is to see what other players are doing with them. To do that, check out the Creation Browser. To access the Creation Browser, simply drive up to and activate the “Share” station in the ModSpot.

ModNation Racers for PSP: ModSpot Share

Each creation gets a thumbnail preview so it’s really easy to browse. If you see something you like, download it and check it out. It’s a good way to get inspired and see just how cool the creation tools are.

Oh… and don’t forget to leave comments and vote! A lot of people put tons of work into their creation, so if you’re going to download it be sure to give them some props!

That’s it for now, can’t wait to see you in the ModSpot!

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15 Author Replies

  • I’m about to play it and yes i got the mystery mod i want it
    thanks!!! for this game

  • @ reply on 15… SWEET!

    My go says thank you

  • I’m stuck at work and my copy is stuck at home (probably on my porch left for packs of mad dogs and small children to extirpate). Where is that five o’ clock whistle when I need it!

  • I think it’s kind of odd how we can import creations from the demo, but you couldn’t leave the creations from the BETA. You could have easily wiped the stats and left the creations themselves. I really don’t feel like spending 5 hours making Charlie Brown again.

  • why does the Canadian version does not have the inside disk box art. Totally disappointed in that respect, especially when the developer is in Canada

  • Arg, just need the PS Store update and I’m getting it on my PSP. UPDATE GUYS, WANNA PLAY IT TONIGHT !

  • How can we find all the creations made in the developer videos you guys released

    • Kevin Butler is available now. Look for the creator ArtistSpotlight1 to download the official KB.

  • Why can’t I play with my friends from other regions!? I really hope this is fixed…. it’s really disapointing :(

    Otherwise, I’m very impressed with the game so far.

  • Is the game really that hard? I havent played the full game but I played the demo and on the hardest level. For me the difficulty is just right drifts are pretty simple the incoming weapons from drivers are relatively easy to dodge once keep the boost at least half full. But for all i know it might really be hard just have to see when i get. Always up for a challenge

  • ModNation avatars please.

  • Just got it!!! Sadly I have to go to work, can’t wait to get off!

  • Can you switch the controls in this game?

    I played the demo and don’t really like how the gas is mapped to R2 while drift is on X. I prefer it the other way around like in Crash Team Racing. Can you change them in the full game, or are you stuck on the default ones?

    Nice trailer BTW.

  • I’m really loving this game

    Is there a way to turn off voice chat? some idiots just won’t shut up and they narrate everything that happens in a race, its really annoying.

    Are we going to be able to get the other preorder bonuses? I want all three but didn’t want to buy three copies of the game! I’d gladly pay a couple bucks for them as add on content

  • Another fun game, very well done, also very easy/fun to create things

  • I’ll pick up my preorder on friday!! My work schedule is crazy right now. Can’t wait to get it!! Man, i feel sorry for XBOX. lol

  • @ 53

    Thanks for answering my question about the Beta transfer, god forbid any of these staffers answer my questions here. Seems to be a pattern for them when it comes to ducking.

  • Awesome trailer!

  • Why is this so complicated? Are there any PS Home unlockables? Everyone is wondering this on the official forums. Someone surely knows, just let us know. I see PS Home logo on back. Thx.

  • I’m picking this up today!! I can’t wait to create my own tracks!!

  • hey kyle! is the track that sucker punch created in the game? i really wanna play it

  • Where can we get the other artist spotlights? (I really want the empire city from sucker punch). I already have the Kevin Butler stuff

  • @krypticknight so it’s random, that’s cool. I’m getting all three retailer codes so hope I don’t get dupes.

  • Having LOADS of fun with the game so far. Really awesome stuff that’s been created here, so if you don’t have it… go buy yourself a copy!!! Or two or three like I did.

    Two of them will be gifts and the other is mine, although I get the pre-order codes for myself.

    Only disappointment thus far is getting two of the same mystery-mods. :( I was really hoping to get Mouse Trap and Lil Tinker – but I got Cowboy and two Gophers.

    I spent over $180 on this game the 1st day it came out ($60 at three different places to get Drake, R&C, and Kratos)… is there any chance of me getting the other mystery mods or at least the two I was really hoping for?

    Would be VERY much appreciated. This is a great, great game that will surely go down in the history books of gaming.

  • IcEcReAm_KiLleR

    Getting it today can’t wait to play

  • Finally…time to create some MODS. Great job with the game…may it live long and prosper

  • what kind of multiplayer features for the pspthe reason i want this on psp so bad is because i will be on it for a long time and my psp is always in my hand ALWAYS and no matter what i am doing on the ps3 like gt psp this too will be running even while on ps3 lol but seriously does it have ad hoc and/or internet plays and uploads..also are psp tracks made in demo transferable to full ver on psp? thsnks and congrats on a great game, all my friends are getting this too.

  • Received a copy for review last week, it’s been pretty fantastic so far. The review is live at:

  • That trailer was epic. Lead to believe that was for all the marbles when it was only lap one. Gonna download the demo tonight. It may be time to utilize these GameStop gift cards. :)

  • I got the code but it doesn’t work?

  • I remember hearing that any creations we made during beta would be available as long as we uploaded them to the servers before it shut down. What happened to that? I had one kart I made in particular I was really attached to. :(

  • would be nice to get some Modnation avatars for PSN like Tag and the other elite racers.

  • :D Horray! Amazon said my order will come sooner! Instead of June 3rd to 8th, I’ll be able to play on May 31st!

    “I’m so excited, that I just can’t hide it!”

  • Ill be getting this on psp do to price difference. Id like to get both but its hard times. I think mod nation will be right up there with greatest gameplay in a game.

  • Great game! The track editor is phenomenal!! Love the little public mod spot when you start the game, nice way to get the community going. Very cool!!

  • Just unwrapped my copy and am playing it now!

  • BTW, sweet trailer! I love this game!!

  • awesome game cant wait!

    also, thx for the SF avatars capcom/sony!

  • How do you unlock the extra stuff from pre ordering? I saw the sackboy promotion code and i did that. But how do you unlock the other stuff like the god of war costume and the extra costume? Please Reply! :(

    • Just like the Sackboy. Redeem the voucher code that GameStop should have given you if you pre-ordered the game.

  • I Pre Ordered Mine at the 23rd but didnt get it yet

  • I downloaded the demo for PSP before- does anyone know if you can change the control layout in the options menu? It just feels awkward for me (at least on the PSP Go- might feel better on the older models).

  • This is game is going to be awsome. I lost track of time on the demo. Even though it was one track it was awsome. I can get 1st place on expert and elite speed with 11 AI karts. I am going to get this game as a graduation present next month hope their is Sackboy copies left. PS3 IS THE BEST!3!3!3 The game deserves 10/10 stars

  • i showed this to chuck already, but check out my mod i made for the beta kyle!

  • Hey Kyle Zundel, care to explain why the game is region locked when the vast majority of other games are not? I tried joining a friend from the UK but it would not connect us, yet in any other game we can connect just fine. Care to explain or are you just going to ignore it like all of the others do when people bring up legitimate problems or questions?

  • Yeah you have answered other questions but not the region lock question. Can we just know if the lock is staying? Thanks

  • I have a question. If you play with 4 players at home do the AI play as well…? Or is it only us 4.

    • There is no AI in 4 player split screen. If you haven’t played 4 player split screen, you should… it’s fun!


    • Nope! If you buy the full copy of MNR PSP for $29.99 you get an online entitlement code that opens online play.




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