ModNation Racers for PS3: Launched and Unwrapped!

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Hey everyone! I’ve spent the last couple years of my life working on ModNation Racers, and now I’m excited to sit back, relax and enjoy it!

Lets begin with our Launch Trailer!

So I’ve just unwrapped my copy and I’m about to check it out. Now there are a LOT of things you can do in ModNation Racers, so I figured I would help you out on your first day.

ModNation Racers for PSP: Box Unwrapped

Here’s a list of the five things I think are worth checking out right away.

ModNation Racers for PSP: Sackboy

1. Download Sackboy!

If you’re lucky, you scored a voucher for Sackboy and his Kart (one of my favorite karts in the game). The voucher is packed in with the game and manual, so make sure you don’t accidentally toss it out.

2. Career Basics

The first few races in the Career will teach you the basics: drifting, drafting, defense, boost, weapons and all the good stuff. A few quick tips:

  • Use Boost wisely! Once you get out in front of the pack, manage your boost wisely. Save some boost for shields if you want to stay out in front.
  • Learn to drift! Use the X button to drift. Drifting accumulates boost and it’s critical to getting around the tracks.
  • Shortcuts! Keep your eyes open and watch out for shortcuts. The risk is worth the reward.

3. Track Studio

Track Studio is the bread and butter of creation in ModNation, and is THE BEST track creator, well, ever. It’s super easy to use and makes creation really fun. Want to try something a little different? Try playing around with the terrain before you lay out your track. It’s a different experience than you have seen in most videos and happens to be my favorite way to build tracks. I was going to list out some tips, but it’s probably best if I just point you in the direction of the Tutorials, which are informative and fun to watch. You don’t have to leave the Track Studio to watch them — just press the Start button and select “Tutorials” in the circle menu.

4. Hottest User-Generated Tracks

If you want to see what the community has deemed to be the hottest tracks, then the best thing to do is check out the Top Tracks or Hot Lap events in the ModSpot.

ModNation Racers for PSP: ModSpot Events

The Top Tracks event is populated with the hottest user-created tracks. It’s really easy and fun way to dive in a check out what’s hot. It’s a series event, so may the best Mod win! Hot Lap is also populated with user-created tracks. It’s another way to check out the hottest tracks, but there is a twist to this event. You get to race against the ghost of the Hot Lap leader; it’s all about lap times! There’s a new track every day and, if you finish in the top 10%, you’ll get a nice little reward.

5. Creation Browser

Probably the fastest way to see just how cool the creative tools are in ModNaiton is to see what other players are doing with them. To do that, check out the Creation Browser. To access the Creation Browser, simply drive up to and activate the “Share” station in the ModSpot.

ModNation Racers for PSP: ModSpot Share

Each creation gets a thumbnail preview so it’s really easy to browse. If you see something you like, download it and check it out. It’s a good way to get inspired and see just how cool the creation tools are.

Oh… and don’t forget to leave comments and vote! A lot of people put tons of work into their creation, so if you’re going to download it be sure to give them some props!

That’s it for now, can’t wait to see you in the ModSpot!

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15 Author Replies

  • Relax, polo- that’s for those that picked up a used copy of the game. If you bought new, you get your online right out of the box.

    A question i have is why is the online play region blocked/ Went to invite a friend from the UK and got a message saying we can’t play people from outside our own region. Wazzupwiddat?

  • PLEASE ANSWER! i try to play online and it either doesn’t let me on it OR kicks me off…

  • installing!!!!!!!!!

  • Hey Kyle.

    I posted this on something that Chuck posted. Just want to make sure I get heard. :)

    The voting system for tracks needs to be changed. When you download a track, the only way to vote is to go back & find the tracks you’ve downloaded. For most this is too much! You should be able to vote on the tracks after you’ve actually raced them! People will be voting on pictures alone. The other day we downloaded 10+ tracks in a row. Going back to look for them tracks to vote is such a pain! You’ll find a lot of people won’t be voting for a lot of the tracks, unless they are really good.

    When doing quick races, why would I need to get sent back to the modspot after the race is over? Can’t I be taken to a track selection screen? Which would cut the loading times!

    The track creation is great, but it would be nice if you could put down a test drive marker. Then have a button dedicated for that marker. Say, I don’t know…hold select!

    Thanks for the great game. :)

  • Bleh, I Pre-Ordered this from Best Buy months ago, but they still managed to have it not arrive on release day. :(

    Hopefully They’ll ship it by tomorrow evening… Otherwise, I might have to write them an email.


  • Please HELP! I cant find my Ratchet and Clank MODS, i didnt receive any code that i know of, please, please someone HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I understand that you want people to have the best online experiance but some of us can’t have an experiance with friends at all if there is a region lock. Is there no way to open the lock so that friends can atleast race each other? It doesn’t matter if I have to be in a US modspot and they in a UK one. As long as I can race friends.

    Thank you for the answer. I will be having to sell/trade the game allready tho as I only have friends in other countrys. Great game be sure to mention if the region lock ever comes off. I shall think about purchasing it again.

  • Amazing game UFG, I hope to see some more PS3 exclusives coming from you guys in the future.

    I was absolutely hooked on the demo and I can’t wait for payday to pick up my copy!

  • we’ll in that case ths gme is really worth$29 but i was buggin when i saw that addon but if itis like u say then i can understand the add on for used items, sorry bout he raant be just be more specific with that, and thanks i was mad cus i really want it, ok closing pa3 brownser to purchase, BUY THIS GAME I was in closed beta open and payed it on a dev kit box to psp got thepsp version via QORE and Hellooo Mod Welcome tto my PSP GO!

  • Again Kyle, Congratson this game Release, Support these Guys.

  • Does this region lock also stop us downloading creations from other countries?

  • Why cant i connect online? And the few times i do get connected if i try to do an online match i get kicked off! Also when loading the game when it hits 65% it stops loading… Please fix this or at least tell me whats wrong. Unless i get an answer/it gets fixed im afraid im going to return it for a refund…

    • This is not the right forum for customer service issues, so I don’t think I can help with your problem here. I can tell you that I’ve been playing all day and have only had a couple disconnects here an there.

  • please reply kyle :(

  • Why does the kart feel like it is like a bicycle? it is way too slow! Not had a good impression so far. I hope the game grows on me.

  • Please make a patch to get rid of Region Lock. I want to play my UK Friends

  • Was just about to get this game then found out the MP is region locked.

    Sorry, that makes it worthless.

    NO SALE.

  • Any chance we will see a patch for faster loading times? I heard the loading times are VERY long.

  • I am loving this game, but what happened to the Mods, Karts, and Tracks that were in the Beta? I thought it would be in the final version, unless I missed something?

  • Congrats to you and the rest of the team for making an incredible game.

    Question, though. After seeing some of the mods published online (the most popular ones being of popular characters (shock and surprise)), will there be new mods and karts available as DLC? I mean, I’ve seen quite a few Kratos mods circling around. As much as I want the pre-order Kratos mod, will we see it in the form of DLC?

  • Kyle,

    it would be much appreciated if you could change kart/avatar anytime in the game without having to enter the Create station. You can do this before a MP race already, but you should be able to do so also in career and in ModSpot.

    Same with the kart settings. As it is now, if you want to change, say, acceleration/top speed parameters between career races, you can’t do that rightaway. You have to exit to the ModSpot first.

    Last thing, any news about the loading times patch?

  • >_< I deleted the demo before I installed the full game so I take it I lost my tracks and mods I made? That's what I'm assuming from the one comment. I thought they would have saved to a file independent of the demo data….

    • The content might still be in your Game Data folder even if the demo is gone. You might be surprised when you boot up the final version of the game and see your creations there.

  • Please give us the option to remove region-lock in online multi-player; At least on a case by case basis.

    You can show a warning message when a user invites a friend from another region. The user then can choose to proceed but is warned that duo to distance, he might not get the best experience.

    I understand that you want a lag-less online experience but please give us this option; I prefer to have a slightly laggy play session with people I care about than to play smoothly with people I don’t know at all.

  • georgecat315fat

    Got it this afternoon and its way better than mario Kart!

  • @ bloodymarcel just hit R1 in the mod spot to do that

  • It’s really good so far! Digging the game! I wish though that there was a way to look at all the levels that were out there like LBP does. The creation station is cool, but if there was a way that there could be XP races being done on user created levels that’d be awesome, or any races without having to download the level (or did I just miss a lot) I don’t know. Regardless, great job!

  • just got my copy ! lovin it to . now i know im not finished with my tracks from the demo .

  • I totally agree with thomaskohn (post 122)…

    Please at least give us the option to play with others worldwide! I’ve been looking forward to playing worldwide with all my old Mario Kart Wii friends overseas–

    I would rather deal with a little lag than not get to race with them! This is a huge disappointment to my friends and I! I would have never thought I could download their mods/tracks/karts but not get to race with them :'(!

    Please patch!!!!!!!!!

  • why do Canadian box art miss the inside box art? I just got MNR and the inside is blank… not that big of a deal but it is just mind boggling

  • to bad you couldn’t get the game to look as good as the launch trailer.
    didn’t like the beta or demo

  • On my old TV, the colors are oversaturated just a smidge, and that has never been a problem before. However, in any of the text parts where it’s white on red/orange, the contrast goes so low and the characters so blurry that I’m guessing with half of the words. The menu for picking the number of laps and AI characters is a joke, as I can’t read those digits at all. However, the subtitles for dialog are perfectly readable. I know, I know, I know, I should get a new TV (my parents have a better TV and the game is crystal clear on theirs), but I was wondering if there could be an option to boost the contrast.

    I also think it would be nice to have the option of a standard menu instead of having to traverse the ModSpot. Don’t get me wrong–I love the ModSpot and think it was a cool idea–but having to load between what is essentially a menu isn’t so hot. The loading for the levels doesn’t get me at all. I expected them to be longer, but was pleasantly surprised. However, an option there would be appreciated.

  • The game is otherwise brilliant. Although the AI has managed to beat me on a number of occasions, I don’t find it overwhelming, and I don’t find it unfair. The weapons can be brutal, sure, but they’re fair, and I like that. It still takes skill or patience to acquire the better weapons, so people in last aren’t being randomly given the blue shell at no cost and with which the competitors cannot dodge (I’m glaring at you, Mario Kart).

    I wouldn’t mind seeing some more themes (Arctic would be cool (see what I did there?)), but the extensibility of the current themes is already fantastic, so I feel bad asking for more.

    That’s all for now. I’m going to go back to the game now and play some more.

  • Taking a break from ModNation Racers after some intense races! Love the creation tools and had fun creating Bat-Mite! Awesome game that takes kart racing to a whole new level. Thanks for delivering another fun PS3 game! :)

  • was cyrus the main tester for this game, and other ps3 glitchy games out there?
    if so he should be fired

  • The store updated and already has DLC. I knew you guys would milk that DLC crap. Good thin I didn’t buy your garbage money hungry game.

  • @JAk_HAk There is a standard menu, you just hit start to access it.

    *sigh* Yeah, I lost my mods and tracks when I uninstalled the demo. Experience is okay I guess but still now feels like a waste of several hours. >_<

  • hey love the game . i wont say that the region lock will ruin this , because one way or the other it wont .. its just THAT FUN but as a third shift worker myself , it can get a little quiet around 3.:00 am online gaming wise , it would be kind of neat to broaden the player pooll. however it should be done in such a manner that ensures that players from one region dont hoard a sever from another . i have one game of which at times youll see enough U.S players to populate a U.S server , but their all populating a U.K . server , meanwhile U.S servers sit empty . so unlocking regions presents issues in itself . So lock or unlock … this games a keeper in either case . Thanks United front staff and SCEA for the foreseeable endless hours of entertainment .


    Yeah, you are aright. My mistake. I’d like to be able to do that between Career races tho, without leaving to the ModSpot.

  • Region lock has all but killed this game, had it since Friday in EU, only gotten one XP race. Unlock it, we can live with lag if it makes the game ostensibly more

  • Or at least increase the area the regions cover.

  • Kyle, I am going to ask you again. Why is this game region locked? It makes no sense to advertise the game with the ability to race anyone world wide(which they did on the back of the UK version) and then region lock it? I think we deserve an answer to why, and honestly your avoiding to answer, yet responding to other questions and comments looks like either you do not care or you do not know enough to answer. However a simple reply as to why would be more than sufficent instead of ignoring it and replying to other less asked questions?

  • This game is TONS of fun, ive been playing all day since I got it at 12pm today, ive only taken about 2 breaks just to eat and small ones for restroom use of course, but i am LOVING this game, great job, im focusing on career mode first before any hardcore online matches. I did jump into 2 games to try it out. The only thing that I can find wrong with this game is the load times are a bit long and the AI seems kinda cheap at times in career. Career is definitely challenging, but fun, im almost done with it, im at the second to last race on chapter 4. Excellent job on this game guys!

  • OK stop complaining about region lock @ people who only have friends in the U.K. MAKE NEW FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU GOT THAT

  • The game is pretty nice. I haven’t played much though just got it today. I went on and download lots of mod character. It’s pretty cool.

    However, there are three issues that bothers me.

    One is the fixed control button.

    Two is the loading time. I remember that there is a post saying that this will be fixed. Did it get fix? it is still taking a long time.

    Last issue is the fixed region online play. The second one is really disappointed me. I saw some comment that feel the same way as me. I have a friend back home playing zone 2 and I live in North America playing zone 1. We cannot join….and we really want to play this game together.

    Is it possible to at least make a private room and allow other region to join? This issue is the most disappointment of the game. I can tell you now that I am not happy with it. I would rather have some lagging than not be able to play with my friends at all.

  • It’s a legitimate complaint Supergamer247, just because you don’t like it does not mean the rest of us have to. Almost all of the PS3 library is region free except for a very few select titles. Why this game is region locked when it states clearly on the back of the box in other regions that you can challenge people all over the world is uncalled for without an explanation as to why.

  • is it have region locked for this game. i had bought uk version , but most of my friend will purchase asian version . if the game have region locked , i can not play with my friend . Would you mind answnering my question ?, thanks!!!

  • I just thought of another idea! How about, in the Creation Station, when you’re making your mods and karts, you can change the background world for calibrating reasons? It’s not really that big of a deal, but sometimes objects look far more metallic (or rubber, or whatever) in the rest of the game than they do in the creation station, so you can easily overdo it. Again, not that big of a deal, but I thought it might be good to throw ideas like this out there.

  • mousejack881982

    I would like to ask,
    the region lock is by PSN or by the game copy?

  • My roomate and I wanted to play on his PS3 with out friends online. But when our friends invite us we cant seem to login with split screen. There seems to be no option for it in the invite or were doing something wrong. can someone please explain how to accept an invite and let it know that we want to play in split screen.

  • region locked made me felt disspointed with the game developer, …………i have already spent my money to purchase the game, but i unable to play with my friend ………………….., i live in hong kong , my friend also buy asian version , but i also think that this is unverisal server that can connect with other player all over the world, so i choose to buy the game, Now, my feeling is not good………………………………………i made a decison that i will not spent money to buy the game developed by your game studio ……

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