ModNation Racers for PS3: Launched and Unwrapped!

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Hey everyone! I’ve spent the last couple years of my life working on ModNation Racers, and now I’m excited to sit back, relax and enjoy it!

Lets begin with our Launch Trailer!

So I’ve just unwrapped my copy and I’m about to check it out. Now there are a LOT of things you can do in ModNation Racers, so I figured I would help you out on your first day.

ModNation Racers for PSP: Box Unwrapped

Here’s a list of the five things I think are worth checking out right away.

ModNation Racers for PSP: Sackboy

1. Download Sackboy!

If you’re lucky, you scored a voucher for Sackboy and his Kart (one of my favorite karts in the game). The voucher is packed in with the game and manual, so make sure you don’t accidentally toss it out.

2. Career Basics

The first few races in the Career will teach you the basics: drifting, drafting, defense, boost, weapons and all the good stuff. A few quick tips:

  • Use Boost wisely! Once you get out in front of the pack, manage your boost wisely. Save some boost for shields if you want to stay out in front.
  • Learn to drift! Use the X button to drift. Drifting accumulates boost and it’s critical to getting around the tracks.
  • Shortcuts! Keep your eyes open and watch out for shortcuts. The risk is worth the reward.

3. Track Studio

Track Studio is the bread and butter of creation in ModNation, and is THE BEST track creator, well, ever. It’s super easy to use and makes creation really fun. Want to try something a little different? Try playing around with the terrain before you lay out your track. It’s a different experience than you have seen in most videos and happens to be my favorite way to build tracks. I was going to list out some tips, but it’s probably best if I just point you in the direction of the Tutorials, which are informative and fun to watch. You don’t have to leave the Track Studio to watch them — just press the Start button and select “Tutorials” in the circle menu.

4. Hottest User-Generated Tracks

If you want to see what the community has deemed to be the hottest tracks, then the best thing to do is check out the Top Tracks or Hot Lap events in the ModSpot.

ModNation Racers for PSP: ModSpot Events

The Top Tracks event is populated with the hottest user-created tracks. It’s really easy and fun way to dive in a check out what’s hot. It’s a series event, so may the best Mod win! Hot Lap is also populated with user-created tracks. It’s another way to check out the hottest tracks, but there is a twist to this event. You get to race against the ghost of the Hot Lap leader; it’s all about lap times! There’s a new track every day and, if you finish in the top 10%, you’ll get a nice little reward.

5. Creation Browser

Probably the fastest way to see just how cool the creative tools are in ModNaiton is to see what other players are doing with them. To do that, check out the Creation Browser. To access the Creation Browser, simply drive up to and activate the “Share” station in the ModSpot.

ModNation Racers for PSP: ModSpot Share

Each creation gets a thumbnail preview so it’s really easy to browse. If you see something you like, download it and check it out. It’s a good way to get inspired and see just how cool the creation tools are.

Oh… and don’t forget to leave comments and vote! A lot of people put tons of work into their creation, so if you’re going to download it be sure to give them some props!

That’s it for now, can’t wait to see you in the ModSpot!

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15 Author Replies

  • Congrat to all the team!!! Great release im sure this is going one of those gem we talk about for years! Just another amazing addon to the ps3 world!

    Thanks to all the team!

  • Loving it so far!

  • Got mine last night Been on it ever since. This game is so hard.

  • Sweet! I can’t afford the game right now (send me a copy, UFG! :D) but I made an MNR PS3 Theme! Check it out:

    • Make sure you get the demo. You can import all your demo creations into the full game when you get it.

  • Will be picking up my pre-order as soon as I can and will be downloading the PSP version as soon as it’s in the store!!! 8)

  • Great game keep up the good work!

  • Great trailer, well done guys. Really fun game.

  • Please do some good generic racing avatars!

  • lmao thats cute, sackboys bumper is the grabing bar in his game.

  • Awesome, I just picked up my copy and its amazing. Great job guys and the Kratos Kart rocks


    looks GREAT!

  • Picking it up after work.

  • The only thing I was a little dissapointed was that you couldn’t edit sackboy I really wanted to make him look like my Sackboy on LBP :(

  • will this be for the psp go aswel on psn today?

  • I’m European and I’m currently playing ModNation Racers. You know what? I LOVE IT!!! I was never going to buy it actually, but I heard this game is hard. And YES… it is in fact!!! I love what you guys did there for hardcore gamers. Winning first and completing all achivements is difficult. It makes me wanna play more and more. That doesnt mean that casual gamers will not enojoy MNR. I’m waiting for Arctic theme DLC (hope you’re working on it :D). THX 4 AMAZING game :)))

  • awesome video. Another Great add on for the already awesome library of games. When and Where can i get to download that awesome song in the video?

  • thats a great video of the game but i really want it for psp go

  • Come on UPS! I don’t want to do anything but play Modnation Racers and they are taking forever.

  • wheres ModNation Racers on the US store ? european store have it since yesterday u know

  • Nice trailer! I’m so excited to get this game! One question though, will we be able to download those tracks from the Developer Interviews? I really want to get my hands on the Infamous track.

    • The Kevin Butler content is available now! You can find it if you do a search for Kevin Butler. Favorite the creator ‘ArtistSpotlight1’ if you want to keep an eye out for more content in the future.

  • aaahhh Amazon hurry up!
    Can’t wait!


    Make a cool fun game and just destroy it by not letting people able to invite other people from different regions IMO i have wasted money and i bet alot for have because off this

  • That was funny! All that just on the first lap! LOL

  • Started playing this game and it WAS amazing. Played a bit more then went to join my friends online, found a region lock and the game was ruined. Way to ruin a possibly great game. .-. any chance on taking the lock off?

    • Hey Cirran. You get the best online performance when you race against other players in your same region. This was important to us, to provide as good a race experience as possible. This is the way it will be but there is a possibility we could look into this for the future if that’s what the community wants.

  • “If you’re lucky, you scored a voucher for Sackboy and his Kart (one of my favorite karts in the game). The voucher is packed in with the game and manual, so make sure you don’t accidentally toss it out.”

    What do you mean if I’m lucky?

    “The voucher is packed in with the game and manual…”

    Does Sackboy come with every new copy? Or is it a select retailer preorder bonus?

  • Ratchet and Clank have no kart!!! Their characters show up but not their kart. What’s going on???

  • Anyone know if the creations you made in the beta will be able to be transfered in the full version? I know the demo creations can, but what about the beta?

  • Is the Sackboy code a peel-off or scratch-off?

  • Sackboy code is a scratch off

    How is the PSP online mode supposed to work with the download version of the game? How are we supposed to get a code to activate the online features???

    • When you buy the full version of the game ($29.99)you get both the game and the online entitlement so you can play online.

  • sackboy is randomly included, Is far as I know.
    Waiting anxiously for my copy, CANT WAIT!

  • I really can’t wait to get my copy today. I’ve been waiting all morning for UPS to deliver my copy I bought from Amazon. Whats taking them so long!?

  • Cant wait to get my copy!!!!

  • Also for everyone who said their sackboy code is a scratch off, did it still seem to have clear peels at the ends? Because that’s what tripped me up, I thought it was a peel, and it probably was actually a scratch off unless you guys got a different version with no peels at all visible at any ends…

  • I picked up the last copy this morning at Target with the LittleBigPlanet Sackboy voucher (employee said they’ve been selling the game since last week by mistake?) now I just need to get off work to go play. Any idea how I can leave work early?

  • Is work over yet?!

  • Does this game reward you with “track parts” from playing or beating user-created tracks similar to littlebigplanet rewards?

  • I imagine the voucher won’t be in every used copy of the game. That’s what happened with the God of War collection & the GoW3 demo!

    I won’t buy it for a while; surely, there will be a GOTY edition next year I can get!

  • damn that looks so cool. im on vacation and i cant play till i get back which is another 2 weeks. i pre-ordered but still. dang man that looks so cool. you guys a ufg id such a good job on this and i can tell so many people are going to be jealous of ps3 now. (im looking at you wii and xbox) thanks !!!

  • You guys should advertise this like crazy. All people think kart racing is is Mario Kart on the Wii, and 360 has nothing. The track creator in the demo is completely amazing how easy it is to use too. And hopefully its something that will keep improving over time like what happened with LittleBigPlanet.

  • Anyone else’s code to download sackboy not working? The one I got from Amazon for ratchet and clank worked fine but the sackboy one doesn’t work.

  • I just got my copy, also got my Amazon Ratchet code and everything works fine. So any Home rewards? When does the official community launch? BTW did every Amazon customer also get the Tinker bonus mod?

    • nope, you just got lucky. It was all random. As for HOME and the Community, stay tuned to the blog and :)

  • My DLC worked, redeemed the codes and downloaded/installed Sackboy, Kratos, and my “mystery pack-in” (some guy with a pot on his head and x-ray specs). Oh, and “Air Raid”, who I got a free code for a couple weeks ago. Anyways, I can’t find them in the Mod Spot. Am I looking in the wrong place?

    • When you’re in the ModSpot, press the R1 button to change Mods and Karts. You can also select them from within the Creation Station.


    Been playing this a while (UK), fantastic game but myself & the 2 kids have become so frustrated with the poorly balanced difficulty.

    I’ve been a gamer for years & they can find their way around games with no difficulty but they’ve gone from loving it in the 1st championship to completely losing interest in the 2nd due to the frustration.

    It took me well over 10 attempts to complete one of the races, which is more than any racer I’ve played. I like difficult games but I do feel that a carefully balanced challenge and a poorly balanced frustrating one are worlds apart.

    We’ve shelved it now & will just keep it for split-screen.

    I was worried at first that it was just my family not getting the game but everybody I’ve spoken to has the same issues we do.

    They’re very, very different games but something along the lines of Mario Kart’s option for 50cc, 100cc & 150cc skill levels would mean that my family would have kept my family playing this for months. As we’re only going to play split screen it’s completely removed the need to buy future DLC.

    It’s such a shame and a waste of so much potential

    Any thoughts Chuck?

  • @SpyDudeFX i ordered from amazon and i got the mouse trap the one with the cat so cool :)

  • Are you guys going to be fixing the Hot Lap glitch anytime soon?

  • Is it possible to change the button configuration so that I can use X & O for accelerate & brake? If not will there be an update enabling you to so I can buy this game because I really want it but I can’t play racing games were you have to use R2 & L2.

  • Oh man! I am definately going to buy this game! I don’t have a PS3 (although I know I have GOT to get one) But I have the PSP and so by the way the demo and by the all the work United Front has put into the PSP version. It seems like I most likely will still get the same great creativity from the tracks, mods, karts, and all the other fun stuff on the PSP version!

    Cant WAIT to get this game.

    Nice Job United Front ;)

  • waiting for mine in the mail. i plan on finally putting in a 640 gig drive in my slim tonight.

  • Honestly, I was going to pass on this one but I decided to give it a chance. I’ll admit, I bought this game a week ago because Best Buy was selling it early by mistake. It was a nice surprise to see it on the shelf.

    I am totally loving it!

    Great Job

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