Dead Space 2: First Trailer for PS3

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Hi everybody! I’m Steve Papoutsis, Executive Producer for Dead Space 2 at EA’s Visceral Games studio in Redwood Shores, California.

The team is hard at work on Dead Space 2, but today we are releasing our first official trailer! We are very interested in hearing what people think about the trailer as we are certain fans of Dead Space will have lots of questions. After you watch it, please post any questions here and, if the answers are not spoilers, I’ll do my best to reply.

The concept behind the trailer is to hint at one of the core elements in Dead Space 2, while also showing off new enemies, a peek at an environment, and some other sneaky things. Hopefully, fans of the original dig into the hidden stuff and new folks can get a glimpse at what the Dead Space franchise is all about: gruesome enemies and horror.

The team and I really enjoy all of the support we have been getting from the Dead Space community, and we are doing our best to create a worthy sequel. If you want to keep up to date on what we are doing, please join our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter. Looking forward to your feedback on the trailer.

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  • just saying, the way his mask comes on reminds me of the iron man 2 trailer

  • That looks EPIC!!! I love the first one; just keep the scary moments in there.

  • So……. Hopefully you guys read up on allot of the reviews and complaints with the first Dead Space. As much as I liked the game, it still remains one of those games that sits on my shelf left near the end waiting for me to finish it. Hopefully I’ll do just that before Dead Space 2 releases.

    In other Dead Space related questions, any possibility of us getting Dead Space Extraction once the PS Move releases? I’ve been putting off the purchase for the Wii hoping to get an HD version with better graphics for PS3.

  • The loss of one feature, is by no means crippled. It is obvious you are just irrationally angry.

  • I personally found dead space to be predictable and not very scary. I think i jumped once the whole time. Don’t get the wrong idea, though. I loved the gameplay and the story – even though it was paper thin. I wasn’t a huge fan of that indestructible boss, though. I’m hoping that with this game, it’s more open world feeling. I also hope there’s some awesome stasis attack that chops off limbs. just sayin.

  • @KazeEternal

    I could have sworn they talked about that already, and for some reason I have it in my head that they were going to do that.

  • Looks awesome, Can’t Wait to play. I hope you guys have a 4 co op online mode (separate from the campaign) so I can play along with friends:)

  • Loved the original, please keep all the good horror stuff and don’t turn it into another generic action game. Kthnxbai

    Very excited!

  • wow. very nice. i was such a fan of the original especially because of the interesting story. the comics that were available for download were awesome. any chance of seeing any more downloadable digital concs available for the game? and can you say how long after dead space 1 does dead space 2 start? almost got to come and see the first footage showing at pax. was 30 people from getting in. and i had a media pass to. dang but thanks for stopping by and showing this. gotta fix my recent ylod and pre order this soon. adios.

    • Dead Space 2 picks up 3 years after the original game. We loved doing the comics and all of the other fiction extensions. If you have not heard we have our first Novel coming out later this year.

  • a date i need a date

  • I loved the first but one thing….

    LESS INVENTORY MANAGEMENT. It gets old, its everywhere now. What ever happened to the bottomless bag:( I miss that.

  • Pretty sweet need more of gameplay please!

  • Hmm, a little Rorshach, a little Iron Man, interesting trailer though. I look forward to playing it, it’s only PS3, right?

  • YES!
    Will Dead Space 2 explain what happened to Issac at the end of Dead Space 1?
    Will we have an opportunity to win that Issac suit shown at the Dead Space 2 webcast?
    When can I play Dead Space 2?

    Dead Space scared me even when I knew what was going to happen!
    I LOVE IT!

    • I don’t want to give away any spoilers but Dead Space 2 will fill in many gaps for fans of the story.

      We need our Isaac suit…. =P

      Keep your eyes peeled for our release date.

  • i can’t believe no one on here has deciphered the hidden message at the end. obviously i’m the only real dead space fan here ;). anyway it says: ‘REBORN AS ONE 614’. what does it mean?

  • Looks like Issac has loss some weight.

    1. Will zero g be on DS2?

    2. Should we expect more mini games?

    3. I didn’t play Extraction, can we see like a summary of what happened in-game(if it’s important) or something else before DS2 launches?

    • 1. Yep, Zero-G is a go and we are hard at work making sure it kicks ass.

      2. Hmm…..stay tuned

      3. You didn’t play Extraction? You need to check it out, see if a friend of yours has it, maybe you can play co-op together.

  • Cooooool. :)

  • Hello Steve:
    Loved dead space and now dead space 2 is coming? ohh yes baby bring it on :)
    1. Ok i want to know if when i die is there going to be more blood and guts?
    2. Are the baddies going to die in more gruesome ways “blood splatter” and can i still stomp the heck out of these guys? I loved stomping/squashing in part 1.
    3. From the video it looks like we are going to play in a city if so do we still have some form of interaction with spaceships?
    4. loved the over-the-shoulder, third-person perspective view, is the camera still going to be in the same position?
    5. Can we expect november release or at least this year?
    6. Thank you for creating dead space and dead space 2, it will be an honor to play.

    • Hi,

      Thanks for the questions, see my answers below.

      1. Yep, blood and guts galore are in the plan. We loved making the death sequences and are working on even more gruesome ones for DS2.

      2. Yep, in fact we have dialed up the responsiveness in our “Curb Stomp” attack, it will feel even more fun to stomp the [DELETED] out of the Necromorphs.

      3. You will be playing in the Sprawl, and as far as space ships, you will need to stay tuned.

      4. We played around with a 4th person camera but that was sort of crummy…j/k…. Yep, the game will have the same 3rd person perspective.

      5. Stay tuned for a release date

      6. Thank you for supporting the game and the team. Having people who are into what we are making is very important to us.

  • This is awesome news!! Loved the 1st one it was one of the first games i purchased w my ps3, and I thoroughly enjoyed the expierience! I don’t think i did much runnin cause i was always lookin for what was comin next! Been waitin on this day 1 buy for me, thanks ea and visceral for releasing a welcome addition to survival horror!

  • the main guy(Isaac) looks slightly like James Stevenson from Insomniac games lol.

  • when is it going to be released?

  • Really looking forward to DS2!

    I absolutely loved Dead Space, and it was actually the first game I ever platinumed… I can’t wait for the sequel.

    I wonder what hidden things are in the trailer. Someone pointed out that the first letter of each chapter title in the first Dead Space create a certain message about a certain someone (spoiler)… very clever :)

  • the trailer looks kool and his suit looks awesome and i thought for sure he was dead from the last game and one question are they gonna give him a voice this time around since they went to so much trouble making him look decent

  • i think it’s going to be a challenge to make a sequel of the same caliber as DS1. i don’t like the new suit in the trailer. sure, that may be an updated suit. but the general audience MAY NOT recognize it from the original. he almost looked like iron man in your teaser with the helmet “transforming” onto his head.

    anyways, i was skeptical about DS1 at first. then the demo came out and we HAD to go buy it that day! please prove me wrong again. :)

  • Now I have to risk my life because I have to play Dead Space that could cause heart-attack, and if I was lucky enough to get through the first game without that happening, I don’t think Dead Space 2 will make me live any longer, but for some reason, it seems to be worth the effort.

  • Such an epic game series. Really looking forward to this one as the first literally is the best survival horror i have played.

  • Hello,

    I only have one question:

    Do you know the launch date?

    Best regards

  • Dead Space was my first platinum trophy. Can we expect some online game modes this time around? Or carry over gear between games?

  • Never played the 1rst one maybe I should.

  • Oo i`m so excited! I wanna hear Isaac talking! Seriously, this is gonna be kickass! Got platinum trophie from the first one ;) Hopefully they´ll make the second one harder… Dead space 1 was too easy -_-

  • The first game was awesome so I can’t wait for the second. This series is already better than the Resident Evil series. In Dead Space you can even walk & shoot!

  • why havent you answer our questions?! youre liar a big fat liar :)

  • think you guys might be able to start cutting back on the profanity some? i have small children ages 3 and 6 and with the overloaded amount of swearing on some games i do not get to play the games i might otherwise want to play… Ala call of duty the one with WWII starting with the marines on the island hopping campaign where i heard no fewer than 45 f-bombs. i was a marine in the 1st gulf war in 1990-91 and i never heard so many profanities!

  • Is there any benefit for translating the alien script?

    • It gives you some clues into some things we have in the works, and its fun to decipher codes and stuff.

  • @ megalodonshark

    easy fix man, pick up a decent headset. there are turtle beach headset’s for very reasonable prices. or, if you want something a little bit on the upper level, check out the Tritton ax720’s. they are a little pricier (about $130) but i absolutely love them. full 5.1 surround headset. They REALLY get you in the game too. i am actually starting another playthrough of deadspace and fear 2, and let me tell you, MUCH scarrier with the headset on.

  • @_@ sweet…. it looks like we are going to know more of the story, awesome, and also i want to see how he survive at the end..

  • Absolutely loved the first game; my favorite new IP this gen.

    eagerly awaiting the sequel.

    I hope Isaac doesn’t become some super hero though. I thought one of the best aspects of Dead Space was that Issac was just an average space miner/engineer who got caught up in this whole mess. Please, Please don’t turn him into a space marine. It already looks like he is an Iron Man knock off with his new suit…I hope he retains some normalcy of being just a man.

  • Steve, thank you for your response, it’s appreciated. I look forward to hearing more about the game. :)

  • SWEET!!!!

    As soon as Dead Space 2 was announced, and the listing was put up on Amazon, I pre-ordered that Ish! I can’t WAIT for this game to come out. To me, the anticipation level matches God of War III. I must say, this is definately part of my Top 5 All-Time PS3 Games. K2 being the first, Dead Space being the 2nd.

    Good Job! I’m so happy there’s some sweet news about this!

    Have there been discussions about supporting future DLC?
    Will there be any special pre-order bonus goodies?

  • ooh heellll yeeeaaa baby!!!! if you guys can deliver this game just as good if not better then the first and have it released by this holiday, this game will be HUGE. but no rush :)

  • oh my god this looks so awesome!! i loved deadspace when it first came out and it was actually the first game i got a platinum on. i cannpot wait for ds2. thank you so much for making a sequal.

  • What an awful trailer, it didn’t show anything.

  • This is my most anticipated game right now. I LOVED DS1. Got the platinum and everything. :]

    I am a huge fan of Horror games and Dead Space has been the only legit horror games since like… Silent Hill 3 IMO. I’m glad to hear you guys at Visceral are turning up the horror even more. Can’t wait to play this in the middle of the night with the volume high!

    One question, too. Is there a release date?

  • I’m very excited to see this trailer. I Thoroughly enjoyed the first title and played it until I got the Platinum. I enjoyed every playthrough even when I knew what was lurking around the corner. I have been contemplating getting Extraction, and I might do it before DS2 comes out so I can have a complete perspective of the DS universe.

    Are there any plans to do a PSP version of the game? My job is keeping me extremly busy lately to the point that my PS3 only sees action a couple of days a week. If it wasn’t for my PSP, I would be experiencing gaming withdrawal symptoms.

  • I have a question:
    Steve are you Greek?(Papoutsis is a Greek name you know)
    Please answer!

  • How much have you “upgraded” your engine?

  • is there a release date window in mind O.o?

  • Awesome trailer. I loved the first game, and I’m sure DS2 will be a lot better.

  • When will we be seeing the first gamplay video? (I can’t wait to see)

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