Dead Space 2: First Trailer for PS3

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Hi everybody! I’m Steve Papoutsis, Executive Producer for Dead Space 2 at EA’s Visceral Games studio in Redwood Shores, California.

The team is hard at work on Dead Space 2, but today we are releasing our first official trailer! We are very interested in hearing what people think about the trailer as we are certain fans of Dead Space will have lots of questions. After you watch it, please post any questions here and, if the answers are not spoilers, I’ll do my best to reply.

The concept behind the trailer is to hint at one of the core elements in Dead Space 2, while also showing off new enemies, a peek at an environment, and some other sneaky things. Hopefully, fans of the original dig into the hidden stuff and new folks can get a glimpse at what the Dead Space franchise is all about: gruesome enemies and horror.

The team and I really enjoy all of the support we have been getting from the Dead Space community, and we are doing our best to create a worthy sequel. If you want to keep up to date on what we are doing, please join our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter. Looking forward to your feedback on the trailer.

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  • Launch trailer? You mean announce trailer right?

  • No gameplay in this trailer.

  • Can’t wait for this game!!

  • OMG YES! I’ve been waiting for Dead Space 2 forever! One question, how scary will it be? Because Dead Space 1 scared the hell out of me and I had to stop playing the game for two weeks due to an occurance in Chapter 5. Will Dead Space 2 be scarier? I just need to plan out my playthrough(s) is all.

  • Can’t wait to put on that RIG again. Has the upgrade system changed much? I liked being torn between buying ammo v nodes, upgrading RIG v weapon, etc. The desperation of the game was evident everywhere, even in this aspect.

  • I love the part where the woman says “It’s not over between us, you can’t run forever”. I am so excited!

  • Congrats to Visceral Games on what looks to be incredible! Dead Space was probably the best surprise I had ever played. A friend recommended it to me and I checked it out…and fell in love with it. I can’t get enough! Keep up the great work!

  • Looks amazing! I bought Dead Space Extraction when it came out (great game by the way!) and after seeing this, I need to play the first one for PS3! Isaac’s suit looks badass! Keep up the great work Visceral!

    • Thanks for the picking up Extraction and supporting the Dead Space universe. It’s super rad for the team and I to see positive feedback, it makes us even more pumped to be making the game. Thank you.

  • And great job on the scare factor in the original. I actually hesitated outside doors, fearful of what may be behind them. Keep it coming please.

  • I want to go to there!

  • oh I never finished dead space 2 because I couldn’t get past a certain area I think I had to lift up something but It never worked, I HATE THAT GAME IT SUCKS. But these forums are swell, THANKS SONY!

  • OMG EA dose it again! I might just get this game!

  • I keep hearing that DS2 is going to be more action focused than the original, that’s worrying, as the atmosphere of the first game was one of the best things about it. The first Dead Space had the right mix of action and adventure elements, it felt great, so hearing that the focus on the action portions is being ramped up is a bit troubling.

    • We are making a Dead Space game, it’s going to retain the atmosphere and elements that people enjoyed from the first game. Don’t worry Isaac is not being morphed into some sort of “Super Soldier”. That’s not what Dead Space is about, our focus remains on “Real Space Real Terror”. Hopefully the images in the trailer are inline with what you are expecting from DS2.

  • oh wait my BAD I MEANT TO SAY BLOGS! but the forums are cool though

  • Damm! Now I have to finish the first game.

  • I made another mistake I meant to say I never finished DEAD SPACE, not DEAD SPACE 2, HOw could I have played DEAD SPACE 2? THATS CRAZY TALK!

  • One of the best games I’ve played…….. hope that game play and scare tactics are not changed. I think it’ll be a different location then the RIG, and Issaac is a mental case…. sweet!!!!

    It’s not over between us. You can’t run forever!

    Goose bumps!!!!

  • i hope the cool DLC isn’t long behind the release of the game. lovved them extra wepons and suits last time

  • BRING IT!! That looks awesome. I loved the first game and can’t wait to get this sequel.


  • looks like resistance 2 enemies inside armored astronauts. silly

  • Uhm from a technicall point of view I really like the how he suits up…However from an art direction point of view I hate it. It felt too Iron Man. Too techie. Don’t get me wrong it can be justified since they are in the future and all. And if this is the military version of the suit then yes it makes even more sense.

    However, the fact that in Dead Space (1), Isaac was generally using non-military weapons (211-V Plasma Cutter,
    RC-DS Remote Control Disc Ripper, PFM-100 Hydrogen Torch Flamethrower etc.) made total sense since he was, you know, an engineer and not a soldier.

    Sure he could be better equiped this time around, hell, I would be. Just be carefull not to change him too much and alienate us from the character.

  • I just have one question. Will you guys work nights and weekends to have this game spinning in my ps3 by next week? Because the first was one of the best games of all time and the second needs to be here now. K thanks. (Obviously I’m kidding about the working thing, but the game really is one of my all-time favs.)

  • Is Dead Space 2 scarier than Dead Space?

  • I hope you make me pause the game even more so in the 2nd game as you guys did in the first game.

    That one part of the game with surround sound evil laugh…good stuff.

  • One of my favorite games this generation.
    Can’t wait!

  • There are rumors saying that ther will be an online multiplayer mode on DS2,me and a lot of friens would like to know if it is true!

    • I can’t say a ton about MP yet….but for now I can say, you will be able to strategically dismember your friends….Stay tuned for more on MP in the months to come.

  • @enormhi

    Why would it be an announce trailer? Dead Space 2 was announced a long time ago.

  • Please support PlayStation Move.

  • i never did get to finish deadspace 1..its one of themost scariest games ive ever played..and im greatfull for it..not many games make u FEEL anything..but this game gives me the chills..and the monsters just pop out of nowhere! kinda gets me madd but after i slice and dice them i feel alot better..:p well now that DS2 is comin out i GOTTA beat DS1..thanks for the motivation and goosebumps :p


  • i really liked the first one, can’t wait to play this one.

  • A few month back I remember reading an article on Kotaku where someone from the dev team or EA commented that Dead Space 2 is going to be more action focused, or something similar along those lines (I tried to find the link but failed before posting, sorry).
    Resident Evil 5 was critised for neglecting the horror aspect the franchise is famous for and focusing too much on making it an action title. How are the team being mindful of this in development and ensuring not too much emphasis is being placed on the action that may detract from the atmosphere and experience that made the first title so special?

    LOVED the original and looking forward to seeing more of DS2 at E3! :D

    • There have been some rumors floating around about DS2 and some of the info has become jumbled. The teams goal is to make a game that is an evolution and an improvement over the original Dead Space. One of the areas that the team really focused on and ejoyed creating where the horror elements. Dead Space 2 will be chock full of the scary.

  • Just wanted to take this opportunity to say Thank You Visceral Games. Dead Space is one of my favourite games. So much so that i’ll admit that i was so spooked at certain points that i squeeled like a little girl, provoking rolling eyes from my wife. Great game. Keep up the fear.

    • Thanks for the support and kind words. The team and I are dedicated to creating the best game possible. It really pumps us up to see so many people excited about what we are doing. Thanks a ton.

  • yea…. loved the first game till I got stuck and couldn’t finish it….. WTF!! bout time you fixed that little hiccup before making more games don’t ya think

  • got my dead space 1 copy new for 19 bucks but if dead space2 is as good i will gladly pay full price:)

  • Does anybody see the Modnation Racers countdown?

  • SOOOO awesome!!!!
    I loved Dead Space 1, and my hopes for this are just above and beyond anything!
    are you guys going to keep the survival horror aspect of it? or are you leaning towards a more action oriented? I REALLY hope you keep it survival horror~

  • Let me say that Dead Space is the Best horror game release this generation and nothing release compare to it. It was one hell of a game and left me wanting for more after I finish it 3 times :) The original scared the living hell in me and I absolutely love how you guys had no sound outside the space station, very realistic when compare to other game that took place in space.

    That said, I am worried base on what I read so far about DS2 being more action oriented than the first. I just hope you guys don’t take the route of Mass Effect 2 and make the game more appealing to a larger audience by compromising everything that was great in the original

    • I’ve responded to your concern a lot recently. Do not fear Dead Space 2 is a Dead Space game and will retain the atmosphere and horror elements that the people who enjoyed the first game are expecting. Thanks for the support of Dead Space.

  • Issac: I am Iron Man.

  • Very cool, the first dead space is one of my favorite games this gen.

  • Some questions:
    What’s the leading platform, PS3 or 360?
    Does the sequel start with the sequence DS ended with or is there a timegap between the two?
    Are there going to be more outdoor levels this time (SM Galaxy in brutal^^)?
    Does Downfall have any influence to the events of DS2 and will there be another (animated) movie?
    And most important: Did Isaac learn how to speak I think he does talk in the teaser, right?!)?

  • I loved the 1st game. Can’t wait for this :P [even tho it scared me to death the 1st one!] :D

  • Great trailer. Im a HUGE fan of the first Dead Space. Played the game about 3 more times. I don’t have a Wii but if i had the opportunity to play Extraction, I would. And this is coming from someone that hadn’t played horror games until playing Dead Space. ok a few questions-

    1.) Other then the plasma cutter, will we see any of the weapons from Extraction or Dead Space 1 return into Dead Space 2?

    2.) Since the game is taking place in a much larger gaming environment, will the game be like the firt one ( third-person over the soldier adventure) or will the game be a sandbox style game where you can tackle mission objectives any way you want?

    3. ) Will there be segments of variety or vehicle use in the game? for example, the asteroids shooting segments in Dead Space 1 were cool. i would love to see that or something similar come back.

    4.) Finally, will there be any chance of Dead Space Extraction coming to the PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Network?

    thank you visceral games. keep up the good work. and tell the dante team that their game is awesome to!

    • Thanks for all of the questions. Here are my answers, for now…:)

      1. DS2 will feature all of the original tools plus more. So far we have shown off the Detonator and the Javelin. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more details soon.

      2. DS2 is still a 3rd person game. Players will be able to interact more with the environment and use it to their advantage durign combat.

      3. We do have plans for some “oh [DELETED] moment’s” these are areas where we put Isaac in a unique situation that the player will not expect. I can’t go into details as that heads into spoiler town but again keep your eyes peeled for more info. Join our Facebook Fan Page or follow us on Twitter we tend to leak out some good stuff there… :)

      4. Hmm, that would be pretty awesome.

      Thanks again for the questions and support.

  • NICE! I’m ready now!

  • I really wonder how Isaac survived the ending of Dead Space 1.
    Dont get me wrong, its cool that he is back but i wondered if it wouldnt have been better just to leave Isaacs Faith unresolved and bring a new lead character in for dead space 2.
    Anyway looking forward to seeing more. I just hope you guys dont focus to much on the Action itself. Dead Space was more about Atmosphere then Action, and that was what made it stand out!

  • will issac talk

  • Wow, I loved the first one and Iam excited about the second.

  • yes he will. They allready confirmed that.
    BTW, in the end. Is that a marker in the background? Kinda looks like one

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