God of War III Out Today!

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Fellow Spartans!

The wait is finally over! CHAOS has been unleashed nationwide as the highly anticipated God of War III releases on store shelves today. If you didn’t make it to the midnight launch events last night, make sure to call your store and get your copy fast. God of War III is set to take to the stage as the biggest entertainment launch event in PlayStation 3 history and will be remembered as one of the best action adventure titles of 2010. Now is your chance to take down the Gods of Olympus by wreaking havoc and spreading chaos through all of civilization. I’d like to especially thank our Santa Monica Studios for all their time, hard work, and energy in delivering this award winning video game. I’d also like to give a big thank you to all the fans who have stayed loyal throughout Kratos’ journey and continued to support all things God of War.

In celebration of today’s launch, I’d like to share with you our new trailer called “Chaos,” featuring kick-ass footage from the game.

In the End, There Will Be Only Chaos….

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  • Going right now to pick it up, cant wait!!!!!

  • Just got my copy of GOW3 in my mail box this morning!!!!

    Let the chaos begin!!!!

    in the words of Kraytos…”In the end, there will only be chaos!”
    thnx 2 all the ppl who created this game & u are d BOMBBB !

    – narnar =)

  • @46, assuming what you are saying is true, please by mindful of spoilers as you might have just ruined a big part of the game.

  • My copy of the Ultimate Edition is coming today, hope the codes work for the extra content.

  • I have one complaint; I just got the U.E. of G.O.W. III, and I had reserved it at Gamestop, so I got a code for the Phantom of Chaos Skin as well. And I got acode from 7-Eleven for the Morpheus Skin.

    The codes Worked for Morpheus Skin, Challenge of Exile Arenas/Dominus Skin and Unearthing the Legend.

    But I am still getting the Error Message for the Phantom of Chaos Skin, ad the G.O.W. Trilogy and Blood and Metal Soundtracks.

    When will tose two items be up, so my Two Codes for them can finally Function and I can have them?

    Please let it be TODAY!

    PSN: Sonichu

  • was at the mid night release and stayed up till 4 o’ clock in morning playing. jus woke up and now i have to go to work. . . arrrgghhh i knew i should of taken today off!

  • Got the game last night, amazing, just Epic. im playing on titan mode and im already half way done, cant wait for chaos mode. also won a Kratos mask from my local gamestop through a raffle drawing for the midnight release =) Epic

  • i picked up my ultimate edition just now…. but when i went to download the music it wont let me

    the reason being is that theres somethings wrong with the web site and wont take me to the redeem a code area… please find out if theres a fix going to come out for that and let us know

    thanks… now i have to play this!!!!!! GOD OF WAR!!!!!

    oh yea i heard your going to show off the PS move in NYC good that you guys are going to come here…. ill be at that showing just hope its not a weekend!!!!



  • @Fred

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Playstation, but you are the biggest fanboy I have met yet to date.

  • Awesome Game. I can’t wait to get back home and play some more.
    It kept me up until 3:00am this morning. Sleep who needs it!

  • Ummmm X-box what??? Lol

  • Dear PlayStation,
    I would like for you to know what happened yesterday at my gamestop at Midnight Launch. There were 32 people in line, all (including myself) pre-ordered the ultimate edition. However, the guys at gamestop claimed they only had NINE (9) Ultimate Editions, when 32 people actually pre-ordered. I’m not saying anytng bad about sony or PlayStation, but from now on I will NEVER pre-order games from GameStop. NEVER. Wal-Mart is 1000x better than that BS they gave me. Oh-& i cancelled it when they told us that-they were gonna do a draw to see who were gonna win the Ultimate Editions. Please Sony, tell me that you are still making those editions-i didn’t deposit $45 dollars for nothing you know. Thanks for readin this. Best Wishes,

  • I got my ultimate edition when Best Buy opened and its amazing. First of all the Ultimate Edition is easily the best collector’s edition of any in the video game industry (maybe Uncharted 2 could have competed if they actually released it :P), but GOW is unmatched even when it comes to packaging.

    The game is simply breathtaking, games like this are the reason I play videogames and the reason I am fanatically devoted to Sony and the Playstation brand, you continually outdo yourselves in every way and justify my devotion.

    Great Job! Now back to GOW3!

  • will pick up ASAP

  • Just picked up my copy at lunch time. It is going to be a long couple of hours before I can get home and play this badboy!!! Can’t wait!!!

  • the best game ever !!!

  • All I can say is WOW!!!! This is like the best game ever. I picked mine up at the Gamestop Midnight launch last night and haven’t put down the controller once, well, maybe except for taking the occasional release and refuel break. The new GOW3 PS3 commercial nails it totally (Great Commercial Sony…LMFAO). You will ignore everything (that means your soon to be leaving you girlfriend) once you start playing this Epic game. The best purchase I have made so far this year. I am humbled by the god who is Santa Monica! All hail Santa Monica Studios…you have truly outdone yourself this time! We are not ready!

  • @1:12 in trailer- EPIC finishing move X)

  • 2 and half hours into the game and all i can say is…..FUC*IN SIIICK!!!!!!

    BUT…and don’t hate me for saying this, but I believe the graphics are not as good as Uncharted 2 as some says. don’t get me wronge, the game still looks gorgeous, but grahpicically, Uncharted 2 has the upper edge.



  • Already? Wtf? I thought it was in like 2 weeks. Bad Company 2 and Final Fantasy XIII just came out… gonna have to hold off on this for a little bit.

  • Picked up the Ultimate Edition. I was hoping the music would be on cds but oh well. Loving the game so far!

  • The delivery boy just dropped mine!!! I’m about to die I’ve still got a ton of [DELETED] to do before going home.
    Someone knows what is the thing about the red controller?

  • Will the Ultimate Edition be on sale again? Best Buy botched my pre-order. Still disputing with them but I rather just purchase it and cut them off.

  • just got the game this morning and my jaw drop by how good the game is the combat is so smooth and the graphics are just unbelievable.

    thank you Santa Monica Studios for this game cant wait to see what you all do next cause i know im going to buy it.

  • I picked it up at midnight (Ultimate Edition and Collectors Guide) and there was a good crowd, on my way home I passed another Gamestop and there were about 100 people in line, this sucker’s gonna make a killing, literally lol!!! I’m taking a break from the CHAOS after playing this masterpiece for a few hours, I needed to catch my breathe and let it all in lol!!! WOW JUST FREAKING WOW, the game is incredible, the graphics OMG!!! I mean the first 15 minutes, FREAKING A lol, and the controls, it’s just soooo smooth, I was spamming the new grapple move that brings you towards whatever you grab with the blades, it’s my new favorite move, I was bouncing all over the place lol, the game FREAKING ROCKS!!! 8)

  • Thank you SO MUCH!!!
    I’ve never seen graphics as good as this. My mind has been BLOWN!!!
    I am loving every minute of it so far. The bar has officially been raised. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to play an action game as beautiful and as great as this.
    I’m just at a loss for words….
    Anyway thank you Sony and thank you Santa Monica studios!

  • @ EXTREME_rkmn (Post 25) – I’m having the same issues!

    I have GoW III Ultimate Edition and it takes forever to open chests with R1 and the Icarus wings just close whenever they want.

    It seems as though the game has a hard time recognizing a button is being held down.

    Is anyone else having this issue or just me and EXTREME_rkmn (Post 25)?


  • video does nt work on PS3 internet browser

  • Just picked up my pre-order at Best Buy and couldn’t believe that I got a $5 gift card and a GOW III T-shirt just buying this game.

    Can’t wait to play it !

  • Mine’s in the mail, yeah yeah yeah

  • Did anyone redeem the codes? Cuz it wasn’t working for me!. Whay I’d that?

  • Did anyone redeem the codes? Cuz it wasn’t working for me!. Why is that?

  • I turned off my system when I wrote my post. After being away for a while I wanted to get back into the game and now… I’m happy to say I’m not experiencing any issues.

    So if you have the same problem as me and EXTREME_rkmn (Post 25) – just try restarting (mine was off for over 30 mins).

  • Just bought my preorder from Gamestop have yet to play it still trying to finish God of War Collection to get caught up in the story first and earn the trophies. Finally the wait is over! This is the game of 2010 that I been waiting for when it was announced.

  • Where is my costume code? I would really like my costume code! Also i cannot play today but it is currently in my gaming library.

  • I just got past the first parts of the game and its EP!C so far. I’m enjoying the game so far. Thank you Sony and the team at Santa Monica Studio =D

  • I just picked this game up and its so intense i love the gameplay and all the intense warfare.

    Cant wait for a next one.. maybe kratos as a young child growing up?


  • I am trying to download God of War:Unearthing the Legend and get the message “This PS3 cannot be activated. This content cannot be used. 1 PS3 systems are already activated for your account. To activate this system, you must deactivate another PS3 system. Well the code is brand new and this is the only ps3 I have tried downloading it too so what gives? The skin downloaded fine.

  • I’m playing it right now, and it’s freakin awesome.

  • Pardon my lack of enthusiasm.

    6 RPGs outsold God of War on the PS2. Why isn’t Sony supporting RPG fans? 3+ years to get Final Fantasy… no Kingdom Hearts… pathetic. You’d think RPGs would be a priority for Sony, but once again Sony ignores their PSX and PS2 RPG fanbase.

  • I think I’m having a problem with this game, and I’m not sure who to talk to about this.

    I’ve entered Hades, and at the part where you burn the vines off the big door w/the bow, but I can’t seem to figure out what to do afterward.
    I’ve burnt the vines, then some “fighting music” starts, but nothing happens. I can’t jump off the platform anymore, can’t open the giant door I just unsealed, and no enemies pop up.

    So I’m pretty much at a stalemate right now, with no where to go, no other paths to walk, and no other save. Which means I might have to start over again (which isn’t THAT bad, since the opening is incredibly epic, I’d just rather avoid it if possible).

    Any solutions?

  • Is it just me or is the godofwar.com site really slow? I’d like to redeem my code for the music.

  • && @94

    Sony has tons of RPG’s coming out & already out, on PSP.
    Also, look to Level 5 for future PS3 jRPGs. Since they apparently have something, other than White Knight Chronicles 2, in the works for PS3.

    Not to mention 3D Dot Heroes comes out sometime soon, and Final Fantasy XIV is around the corner, with possible Versus XIII announcements at E3. Just be patient, they’re starting to show their A-Game again.

    You have to give them credit tho, Sony pretty much has AAA titles in almost every Genre now. Only thing missing is more AAA jRPG/RPGs and an AAA Simulation Racer (GT5 ;] ).
    Not just FPS’s or Casual games.

  • Picked up my copy about 2 hours ago. Still haven’t had a chance to play it though. I hate homework…

  • Got the ultimate edition right beside me, won’t play it till later tonight. Not in the gaming mood.

  • Got back from out of town yesterday at 11:58pm, so I just picked it up at 12:01am on my way home. Damn good timing for a damn good game.

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