God of War III Out Today!

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Fellow Spartans!

The wait is finally over! CHAOS has been unleashed nationwide as the highly anticipated God of War III releases on store shelves today. If you didn’t make it to the midnight launch events last night, make sure to call your store and get your copy fast. God of War III is set to take to the stage as the biggest entertainment launch event in PlayStation 3 history and will be remembered as one of the best action adventure titles of 2010. Now is your chance to take down the Gods of Olympus by wreaking havoc and spreading chaos through all of civilization. I’d like to especially thank our Santa Monica Studios for all their time, hard work, and energy in delivering this award winning video game. I’d also like to give a big thank you to all the fans who have stayed loyal throughout Kratos’ journey and continued to support all things God of War.

In celebration of today’s launch, I’d like to share with you our new trailer called “Chaos,” featuring kick-ass footage from the game.

In the End, There Will Be Only Chaos….

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  • got mine today and played thru the first hour or so. I love the first 2 games and the first level in this one was f’ing sick but some of the dialog is really really cheesey. seriously almost cringe worthy. and why did they change athena’s voice? i still have a long way to go in the story though so let’s see how it all pans out

  • anybody know if that um *cough* mini game is mandatory to get through the story?

  • Why does my copy of God of War is missing the second box art in the insider was this a Ultimate Edition or U.S exclusive?

  • This week has been nothing but God Of War for me. I mean I have played so may great games in the past few months just trying to get em out of the way just so that I won’t be disturbed play GoW3. Heavy Rain Bad Co.2 Borderlands Bioshock 2 AC2 and not to mention the gaming marathon I’m having with the GoW Collection

  • I got home from work today to find my package from Amazon.com. Excited, I opened it up and saw my large Ultimate Edition box. Slowly opening it I found a lonely artbook inside the Pandora’s box replica. THERE WAS NO GAME. I removed the bottom panel and…more NOTHING. The rage of Kratos flowed through me. I called Amazon and they informed me that the best they would be able to do is have me send it back for a refund.

    The worst part is I had preordered this way back in October. God damnit.

  • About my previous comment, there were supposed to be Cerberus (?) there.
    I just restarted and it was alright.

    But I’m actually happy I played it from the start again, I missed a Gorgon Eye my first time through lol.
    But I gotta go play Hockey now, just as I started getting somewhere haha, that’s life for you!

    And anyone on the fence about buying this game: BUY IT.
    It is almost like history in the making with the technical showcase that is God of War 3. The scale of this game is just, unreal (they didn’t lie when they said it’s borderline CG Movie quality).

  • been playing all day since midnite… man im tired! cant wait till the movie come out… when eva that happen

  • Okay seems like there has been nothing but problems with the ultimate edition. To my frustration i don’t have any of the the promo codes for the downloadable content. who do i contact and has anyone else have this problem or others?

  • who rates low on this? >:(

  • Anyone been able to download the unearthing a legend video that comes with ultimate edition?

  • My code to get the 2 soudtracks is not working after the GOW site bugged. PLZ Sony make something about it as fast as possible.

  • Can we get some avatars?! And dynamic themes that are actually cool

  • I don’t know if it’s because the code only works once and was therefore invalidated when I entered it while the site wasn’t loading properly or if it’s just broken, but my soundtrack code from the special edition does not work. Please provide a fix. I didn’t care about the rest of the stuff in that special edition. All I wanted was the music, so please fix this.

  • The audio is the best I have heard in a game yet.

  • great job sony and santa moncia i love this game did great job at im going play more this game

  • As a GOW fan I’m so excited, but it sucks that I won’t be able to play GOW 3 because of some issues. But whenever I get my hands on it, i know it will be amazing. Congrats Sony Santa Monica.

  • Hades Hermes And Atlas I Cant Wait 2 Check Dem Out…F Poseiden

    Hades All Day



  • bought it beat it normal 8:38

  • Picking up my copy this friday! :D

  • got my copy at a midnight launch in jamaica queens ny last night…the game is awesome…im gonna play it nice and slow, enjoy every bit of the stella game…thank you santa monica studios.

  • I just finished this game, and wow, amazing…until the end. This is easily the most disappointing, and frustrating endings to a game in many many years. Way to fail Stig, way to fail. Looks like we really did need Jaffe and Barlog back.

  • Anyone having a problem downloading the soundtrack? I got the ultimate edition and put in the code. The blood and metal downloaded fine, but i had to restart my download of the OST a couple times because it kept stopping. Eventually it downloaded, but now it’s not authorizing me to unzip the file! What’s worse, I can’t redownload because it says my code has already been used! Is there anything I can do to fix this?

  • wow this game is awesome… This was totally worth the the $100.. yeah i got the ultimate edition and the Ultimate Guide from Gamestop at midnight. But sucks cuz tomorrow I have to return there since they forgot to give me the Phantom of Chaos code. The guy said it was inside the game. He was wrong. This is like when they forgot the give me the preorder bonus for Bioshock 2 last month.

  • anyone else having problems with the ultimate edition dlc?

  • wow this sucks… I just entered the code for the soundtracks and after waiting for about 5 minutes I got this standard message … “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage”. Guess I’m gonna try again, hopefully this time it will work.

  • I’ve got a question:
    Why don’t you release an .pdf alternative boxart for people dislike the cover, just like you did it on Heavy Rain?
    It’s a shame that you didn’t do it
    I hope will you do

  • That’s a good idea #124. I approve and also hope it happends

  • For everyone having trouble with the free downloads,i called sony and there is a problem that they are aware of and they said it would be fixed soon and everyone will get their downloads..Hope this helps

  • Hey so I tried to download the music and the page didn’t load after I put the code in so I reloaded it and put the code in again, but then it said it has already been redeemed…. kinda frustrated. Can you guys help at all? Or am I just basically s*** out of luck?

  • Picked up my Ultimate Edition this morning from Best Buy… Nearly had to steal the thing to get it out of the store! The lady claimed that I had cancelled my preorder… even though I was the first in line with my reciept… She proceeded to tell me they made a mistake in the computer and only had enough copies for those that preordered…. To say the least, I walked out the store with my Collectors Edition in hand… and I was not going to take no for an answer.

    So anyways, been playing it all day… and it is an amazing game! I am shocked that crap like Mass Effect 2 scored higher in Metacritic, when it is clearly not as great… but whatever. GOW3 is the best PS3 game this year. I love it! Great job Santa Monica Studios!

    For some reason I thought the sculpture was made from carved wood, and not chinese plastic… but whatever. It still looks cool.

  • This game is very awesome! Can’t wait to finish it.
    On a side note: Had a little issue with downloading the soundtracks. I was able to download the GOW trilogy soundtrack but not the Blood and Metal soundtrack. I would like to listen to that soundtrack asap.

  • Freaking awesome, picking this up tomorrow.

  • not getting sound thru triton headphones? I get sound at the xmb but once game starts no sound. Any ideas?

  • Plz help all the codes I got from my copy of God Of War III Ultimate Edition and Preorder are not workin plz fix…

  • #121 eddieMX07

    I believe the Gamestop site said the Phantom of Chaos would be unlocked once you complete the game.

  • I too tried to use my code at the site per the pamphlet in the Ultimate Edition and got a Error 503 message after hitting submit. I hope the code will still be valid or if not, that Sony offers it to everyone via PSN (it should have been on PSN to begin with) free of charge due to the problems faced.

    The game itself is great and the Unearthing the Legend video (two vids but really one) were sweet. I would like my music though if that’s at all possible. I did email the webmaster about it but I don’t expect that to have any bearing on my codes – just on getting the site fixed. Please – PLEASE – put the soundtracks on PSN for those of us who got screwed.

  • What’s Worng With the CODES!!. Sony fix this!!. None of my GOW3 UE Codes are not working!. What the hell?! I spend $103 for a Game I love and get treated like this? What’s going on?! If none of my codes don’t work of SONY can give out some free for us that just should of just paid $60 for the game!. I been trying all day to put the codes and nothing is working!!. This just kill the mood to play the game!. So PISS!.

  • I bought the game when it came out and I was playing the first part and the sound kept skipping and then when I tried to start over it just froze on me it seems to do it at the beginning of a new level. don’t get me wrong I love this game it is freaking amazing so i checked on the internet and it seems that there are other people having the same problem both slims and fatties so i don’t think its a hardware thing ill just get a new copy today hope that would fix the problem but just bringing this too the light so this won’t shadow the game because it is a really good game great job nothing less expected from santa monica studios, sony and the ps3.

    ps3fangirl 4 lifeXD

  • Thanks you santa Monica studios for such an epic game
    the intro and first fight were insane. I had to save and go to sleep, it was late for me
    the saga will continue!

  • oh my god….god of war 3 overload, had to take a break to catch my breath. This game, there’s no words to describe how awesome it really is, great job Stig and everyone who was involved in creating this masterpiece.

  • The game is fantastic. Sony deliver us a God of War III theme or suffer the consequences.

  • IM SOOOOO FRIGGGGIINNNNN EXCITTEEDDD!!! Cant wait to get home and play this!!!!!

  • Im having serious problems with the game that render it unplayable almost from the beginning: Starting from the second time you fight Poseidon, the sounds overlap, the music turns into a loop, and then the game freezes. Eventually the problem crashes my PS3 (slim, 120Gb), and makes it go weird even after I restart the system. I dont have this problem with any other game, this is the first time and it always happens with God of War 3. I see other people report similar problems around the web. Just to let you know, because really I can’t play this game right now.

  • Played through the (roughly) first 2 hours of the game last night. I really like the environments so far. There is so much going on in each area. There is a good sense that you are in the middle of a war zone while playing. The art design, the lighting, the colors, the sound – it’s all good.

    IMO – a must-have game for all PS3 owners 16 and older.

  • I got the game yesterday. Played just a little bit of it—and love the new feature—especailly the graphics display.
    Like all of God of War series—it has the the same begining…..
    First you fight,….then you lose all of your abilites,….and then regain all of it back….and then the extra stuff later on.
    If there is another God of War or a spin-off,…I hope they make it differently

  • OMG this is the best freaking trailer to show of GoW EVER!!! Glad to see that this is getting advertised very well. Keep up the fantastic job. This game blew my mind from beginning to end…non stop. This game was beyond epic. let’s call it epic square lol. ;)Thanks for this fantastic game. Easily my favorite game of ALL TIME!!!

  • picked up my Ultimate edition and Ultimate strat guide at my gamestop I work at midnight launch!!! So epic!!!! Already beat the game and going to play through again 1000 times!!! LOVE the Ultimate box, love the art in the Ultimate strat guide and the Helios Litho it came with!!! LOVE THE GAME!! Hope ya’ll release the epilogue DLC you were talking about though, if you beat the game you know why

  • OH, and where are PREMIUM GOD OF WAR avatars heh???

  • WOO! im getting this game on friday i cant flippin wait itz gonna be AMAZING!!! in the end there will only be chaos

  • kratos has finally retured!! sniff sniff im so happy!!

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