God of War III Out Today!

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Fellow Spartans!

The wait is finally over! CHAOS has been unleashed nationwide as the highly anticipated God of War III releases on store shelves today. If you didn’t make it to the midnight launch events last night, make sure to call your store and get your copy fast. God of War III is set to take to the stage as the biggest entertainment launch event in PlayStation 3 history and will be remembered as one of the best action adventure titles of 2010. Now is your chance to take down the Gods of Olympus by wreaking havoc and spreading chaos through all of civilization. I’d like to especially thank our Santa Monica Studios for all their time, hard work, and energy in delivering this award winning video game. I’d also like to give a big thank you to all the fans who have stayed loyal throughout Kratos’ journey and continued to support all things God of War.

In celebration of today’s launch, I’d like to share with you our new trailer called “Chaos,” featuring kick-ass footage from the game.

In the End, There Will Be Only Chaos….

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  • Picking up my Ultimate Edition on the way home from work, I can’t wait! :)

  • Thanks Sony and Santa Monica Studio for delivering such a good game!

  • Same here! I refuse to watch the trailer, I have been avoiding all of it. Want to suck it all in, on my HDTV.

  • I have to wait an extra day for my Ultimate Edition to arrive via shipping. :(

    Enjoy the game folks !!!!

  • they did a job with this one

  • True definition of the word EPIC.

  • Sony is doing what no one thought would ever be possible – topping the greatest console in history, the PS2.

    Even though the PS3 launched at DOUBLE the price of the PS2 and Wii, it is the third fastest selling console in history.

    Sony has built their first party development studios into a force that makes Nintendo and Microsoft look like anemic jokes in comparison:

    Sony: 21 first party development studios
    Nintendo: 10 first party development studios
    Microsoft: 3 first party development studios <- LOL! Fail…

    The rate major AAA exclusives are coming out for the PS3 is making the PS2 and its greatest library of exclusives look weak in comparison.

    The PS3 has so utterly graphically annihilated the 360 this gen that you aren't even allowed to talk about it anymore in gaming forums because it is considered bad taste to bring up the total graphical humiliation Sony has dished out to the wimpy and poorly designed Xbox 360.

  • Had an amazing time with the hands on at the GDC launch event… waiting for my release day delivery of the ultimate edition now!

  • Sony continues to embarrass Microsoft in online gaming:

    Free online gaming for all
    Dedicated servers for lagfree online play
    Massive player counts like 256 for the godly MAG, 64 for R2, etc


    50 dollar a year online fees
    Laggy P2P networking
    And joke player counts like 8v8 for Halo3 and 5vs5 for Gears of War 2

    Home has turned out to be a success beyond everyone’s wildest dreams with some 15 million people now part of the online world with massive amounts of content flooding in from Sony and game developers.

    BluRay destroyed Microsoft and Toshiba’s garbage HD-DVD format and dumped it on the thrashheap of computing history. And BluRay continues to out pace the VHS to DVD transition.

    And this brutal and epic masterpiece is on its way here to our homes today.

    My god Sony are you on fire this gen.

  • Will Last Titan Standing be on the PSN Video Store? I totally want to buy it.


  • Today there will only be chaos…and Kratos…and me…and the Game of the Year!!

  • you know im buying it

  • lol im getting da game today cant wait lol :]

  • Currently waiting for GameStop to open their doors so I can go in and pick up my Ultimate Edition!! Man, they should come into work early just for days like this!

  • Picked up mine at midnight, was playing by 12:15. The game is absolutely amazing. The opening sequence was the most intense gaming experience I’ve ever had. I can’t wait to get home from work and continue the story!

  • Simply Awesome

  • Oh my GOW!

  • I picked mine up @ midnight… played a good 3 hours once I got home – but then my eyes wouldn’t stop watering… not sure if they where tired or they where flooded with tears of joy… either way… AMAZING!! Can’t wait to get back home to partake in more GoW3!!!

  • In the end, there will only be me waiting till I’m done work at 5pm to buy it :(

  • Congrats on the launch! Now could you please make the “Music” page live so I can download my UE goodies…

  • UPS should be here any minute with my Ultimate Edition! Oooooh, that trailer gave me chills.

  • Currently waiting on my UE preorder shipment to arrive today. Thank you Santa Monica and thank you Sony for all you do for us gamers keep up the fantastic work.

  • what’s god of war 3?! never heard of it – kidding! going to bestbuy now!

    “epic” – please retire this word. god of war 3 is beyond that cliche of a term.

  • Great job on the intro! It’s fantastic in its style and tastefully done. All hail Kratos!

  • I’m having issues when playing, my Dualshock 3 is not responding properly, it was ffine last night and works perfect on other games. It is not responding to holding X so no icarus wings, and R1 is having trouble. BOTH of my dualshock 3’s are doing the exact thing and ONLY in my Ultimate GOW3.

  • i love this game soo much so far this is like playing a movie!ive been in awe playing this since last night… i think they should scrap clash of titans the movie remake and do a gow one i think u cant go wrong making a movie outta this game :)

  • Just got my copy this morning and GoW3 is sitting right next to me as I type this. gonna play this all day BABY!!!!!……until I have to go to work that is :(

    ..but when i get back from work, MORE ASS KICKING W/ KRATOS!!!!

  • getting my copy today!

  • FredPunella (7 & 9):

    You need to stop drinking the cool-aid brother.

    You sound like a lunatic fanboy with no basis in reality.

  • YES!!!!!! I can’t wait to pick God of War 3 up, but I can’t until 3 PM. I GUESS I could wait=(

  • When will the DLC codes be active from the Ultimate Edition?

  • RuthlessEd,

    The PS3 is the third fastest selling console in history behind the PS2 and Wii – check.

    The PS3 launched at double the price of the PS2 600 vs 300 – check

    BluRay killed off HD-DVD – check

    Sony 21 first party studios, Nintendo 10, MS 3 – check

    Uncharted, Killzone 2, Gran Turismo, Uncharted 2 graphically annhilate anything on the RRoDbox – check


    Get lost loser. Today is an amazing day for real Playstation fans.

  • Like I said, quit drinking the cool-aid.

    You sound like a hyped-up fanboy moron.

  • Picked it up at a midnight launch at my local Gamestop. Now, I don’t usually use expletives on the internets, but I’ve got to make an exception for God of War 3… HOLY SH*T!!! Must have game Playstation nation, must have game.

  • Did liddle Eddy get his feeling hurt?

    Poor baby…

    Go away loser. No one wants retards like you around.

  • I took two days off of work to play this masterpiece. Half way through the game already.

  • Gettin’ this after i finish FFXIII

  • i went to the best buy midnight launch here in NY , Kratos was asking everyone on line 1 question if you got it right he gave you a gift ( poster ) , kratos asked me who was the god he killed at the end of the first god of war , lol , pretty easy lol , anyways i think there was like 150 people at the midnight event , it was kool oh and they recorded everything , dont know if they were any video game magazine or people from sony but it was kool , i just wanted to thank Sony Santa Monica for this masterpiece , this game is like playing a movie .

  • Good job on the last titan standing last night. I was one of the 15 finalist for the show. but since i’m from VT they are slow on paperwork so i wasn’t able to compete. I would of diffidently would of been one of the final 2. The game will be badass so excited.

  • When can we download the blood and metal soundtracks? Its not up yet :(

  • It is on the way from UPS…

  • Apparently Amazon botched my preorder and my copy won’t be arriving until tomorrow…

    Oh well I’ll survive until then. Hope everyone who picks it up today has a great time playing!

    Back to FFXIII… (Never thought that would be a consolation lol)

  • cant wait to play i just got my ultimate copy. But unable to download the soundtrack nothing work …… http://www.godofwar.com/music this is good or not and why you dont put the download via psn ?????? Hope you guys work on this issue.

  • a little over 2 hours into the game and I already needed a change of pants about twice in that first boss alone! I stopped while battling the second boss(not saying any spoilers for those who have yet to play it so I wont say the order of bosses). Went to the midnight release, got my UE quick, I was second in line and I also bought the special edition strategy guide even though im probably never gonna use it just because its badass. Gonna go play a bit later, fantastic game and im just beginning!!!

  • WOW jus WOW!!! Is this real? are these really animations??? I saw and played Uncharted 2 and was blown away…still is! But my gosh Santa Monica Studios,.. (by the way, “Monica” is my moms name..lol) you took it another level of detail.

    What’s wrong with you people!???

  • `My vengeance ends now`after saying that he kills him self.I’m crying .:'(:'(:'(

  • Cannot wait to pick this game up soon! The way Stig mentioned it in an interview, this game won’t have much filler to make the people who think “game length = $ value”, so that makes me extremely happy.

    Also, I read “Dedicated servers for lagfree online play” earlier. If I remember correctly, I recall an article saying Sony and MS both have around the same amount of games that use dedicated servers. Not trying to sound like an ass or whatnot, just curious. I own all of the “current” consoles and love them all. Only thing I have against Sony is they’re releasing way too many games I want to own in such a short period of time. Poor wallet… :(

  • Spike called my house for the casting but the special airing at 1138PM last night was sick! Glad I didnt participate as I would have gotten hurt and embarrased on national tv! Congratulations to the winners. Hades battle looked awesome! FIGHT! SPARTANS UNITE!

  • Dear Playstation, can you get the guys in charge of the official site to fix the download of trilogy and blood and metal for the UE buyers, many of us cannot download them and now our codes are rendered useless

  • @FredPunella


    Uh, 1 GOW game that looks pretty is hardly topping the PS2. PS2 had a massive selection of games to choose from at this point in the life cycle. The Ps3 is doing fine, but it isn’t the PS2.

    Also WTH at the fanboy comparison.

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